Two Girls, One Dog


Two Girls, One Dogs I liked play with my older sister, Jane, even when we was younger and shared a bed at our Aunties place, our fingers never leave one another pussies. A few months before my 13Th birthday my parents when and stayed with friends, leaving me, my 18 year old sister and our dog alone for the weekend. We both agreed that we sleep in our parents bed, being much bigger then both of ours. The first night our parents was away Jane and me when bed bout 1am, both getting in bed naked and running our hands over one another bodies, rubbing her 34C boobs and slipping my fingers round her pussy as she kissed my lips and rubbing my bum hole. She got on top of me and tie my hands to the bed with our mums underwear before sliding down my body to my pussy, I let out a little moan as I felt my sister pulling my pussy lips open and fingering my hole. I felt her fingers get deeper pushing against my hymen. I let out a painful moan, Jane looked up at my biting her bottom lip “found it baby sis” she said in a sexy voice. “dont brake it Jane” I told her worriedly. “i wont” she giggled as she got of the bed and opening the door. Jane called for Tiger, our German Shepherd dog, he ran in and jumped all over me licking my face and chest. Jane close the door and I watched her as she tied my legs apart and putting two pillows under my bum pushing my pussy up in the air. As tiger licked my faces my sister when back to sucking my clit, I felt myself getting close to cumming, my pussy get wet with my juices.

Jane stopped and called Tiger to her. Tiger when right to her, Jane patted my tummy and tiger got up between my open legs. I tried closing my legs fast but it was no use, tied to a big bed I couldn't get then close to far. I scream Jane's name as I saw her rubbing Tigers dick making it grown out of him, it was the longest I ever seen.

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   Jane stuff her underwear in my mouth making me gag a little I tried pushing it out with my tongue but it was no use. I looked down at Jane and Tiger with tears in my eyes and running down my face. I started screaming into the underwear as Tigers dick pushed into me ripping my tight pussy open. I looked at my sister and she was watching Tiger going in as she was fingering her pussy fast. I felt Tigers dick hit my hymen and he pushes really hard and his dick ram all the way in braking my hymen in one go. I screamed into Jane's underwear as Tiger ripped apart my pussy as he when in and out fast, blood raining down on to the bed and at the point Jane come to me and held me tightly saying sorry over and over and kissing me as she watched tiger pushing and pulling his dick in and out. Tiger pushed deep in and then he stopped, I felt something hot and fast empty into my womb. I moan out into Jane's underwear as I felt his hot cum feel my pussy up. I felt Tiger slowly pulling out of me, as his dick come out so did his cum. Jane when between my legs and started sucking and lucking the cum from my pussy. As i laid there tied to my parents bed with my legs wide open as my sister drink our dogs cum from my ripped open wide pussy and I thought to myself, next time its her go and she don't even know it yet. .





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