Wife takes a walk on the Wild side part 01


     It was the day after our 15th anniversary, and my wife Kathi, had told me about a long standing fantasy.

     The day before, to celebrate, we had gotten a fancy hotel room, and after dinner, we went to our room and spent hours feasting away, sucking, licking and fucking wildly, Kathi was almost on fire with desire, fuck, she used me like a sexual plaything, she couldn't get enough. I didn't mind being used like that, but I finally reached the point where I just couldn't get it up anymore, and I used my oral skill to give her body one last orgasm, her voice crying out in pleasure as she crested to one more climax.

     The next day, before we checked out, Kathi told me what had got her so worked up.

     "Dave, you know how much I love you. During our anniversary romp, I was fantasizing about fucking guys that I don't know, just anonymous guys with hard cocks.   The more I fantasized, the more excited I got, it was like my lust was a fire that would never stop. "

     I replied, "Yeah, I noticed, the way I got used, sure felt good to me!"

     She smiled, I could see the relief cross her face that I wasn't going to get all jealous, or ass-holish, and she continued.

     "It's just a fantasy, that I like to use to get myself even more revved-up. But, I wonder. . . " she trailed off.

     "Would you like to see that fantasy become reality?" I jumped in.

     Her eyes lit up, and I could see the fire of lust again.

     She whispered softly, "Yes, yes, I'd really like to.

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     It was not too surprising, Kathi and I had been high school sweethearts. We lost our virginity to each other, on prom night, in the back seat of a limo, after the driver agreed to take a coffee break, and left us with the limo. After high school, we dated exclusively, and got married when we turned 22, without ever having had sex with anyone else. Now, at 37, Kathi's need to find out what sex was like with someone else was coming to the fore. I had felt those same stirrings within myself, I must admit.

     Kathi said, "But if we do this, I want you to be nearby, and if possible, to watch. It turns me on, to think of my wonderful husband seeing me spreading my thighs, taking another man's cock, and watch as your horny wife gets a ride. Think about it honey, your wife having a strange new cock nudging against my lips, watching me as I get mounted, impaled by a hard, curving cock driving in, splitting my tight pink walls apart. Watch as the cock pushes in and out, watch as that hard, eager cock rams in, right to the balls, over and over again. Listen to our combined grunts and cries of pleasure, and my cry of orgasm as the throbbing cock bursts deep inside me, your horny wife getting another man's sperm pumped right into her horny, eager cunt, his thick load splattering my cervix. "

     My cock had gotten rock hard, as I listened to my wife's sexy voice saying such deliciously nasty and hot things. My condition did not go unnoticed, and Kathi eagerly took to her hands and knees, her eyes flashing with desire as she positioned herself.

     "Do me from behind baby, fuck my cunt, I'm so hot again, fuck the horniness right out of me!"

     The sight of Kathi in the doggy style, ready for me, made me as hard as possible, and I eagerly took the position. Nudging against her, I gripped her hips tightly, with a low growl of desire, she rolled her hips back a little and the tip of my cock pushed harder against her opening, with a low moan, she thrust her hips back further, and buried my hardness into the fiery wet heat, as I joined in, pushing forward, my 7 inches surging in, right to the balls.

     "Yes, oh yes, so deep! Fuck me, fuck my heat, fuck me, ram me, FUCK ME!!"

     With encouragement like that, I drove in and out, my cock driving like a piston, listening to the squelch of her juices flowing around my cock.

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   Her cunt was a soaking mass of juicy heat, the wet squelch of her cunt being pounded towards orgasm drove me on, power-fucking the eager clutch, listening to her growls, squeals and grunts of pleasure made my balls tingle, my cock was sizzling, getting ready to explode. I felt a hand wrap around my balls, giving me gentle squeezes.

     "Now, now, my husband's watching, oh fuck, my husband is watching me fuck another man, so hot, so, so, fuck, fuck, YES!"

     Her voice rose to a shriek, and I felt the tight clamp as her pussy clenched around me like a vise, eagerly milking at me. The idea of watching her fuck another man made me explode, my growl of pleasure joined as I erupted, my cock spewing thick sprays of sperm deep inside her, our bodies joined in the hot implacable lust of our orgasms. We fell together in a tangle, sweaty an oh so satisfied.

     I wanted it to happen, it sounded so fucking hot, and I wanted to see if it was as hot as it looked.      

     I said, "Well, next Friday, how about if we head over to that new nightclub that opened a few months ago? We can walk in separately, pretend we don't know each other, and you can let yourself get picked up. "

     Kathi was smiling, as she replied, "That sounds great. I can blow off the losers, by showing off my wedding ring and saying I'm married and waiting for my husband, until the right guy comes along. "

     Friday night, and we got dressed to go. My wife would have no problem getting picked up. Her thick chestnut hair hung in soft curls down to the middle of her back, her face had an angelic look, that made her look even hotter when that angelic face was in the middle of orgasmic ecstasy, grunting and shrieking with pleasure, urging me on to blow my load up her fucking cunt. She was wearing a tight white blouse, with the top two buttons undone, giving a splendid view of the deep cleavage of her 38's, nestled in the cups of her fire engine red lacy bra, her matching red lacy panties were just barely concealed by her black leather miniskirt. Her outfit would certainly urge on the lucky stud to fuck her, fuck her good.

     "If something comes up that I need to tell you about, I'll give you a little signal with my hand, and meet me in the hallway that leads to the rest rooms.

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     We took our camperized van, just in case, so that Kathi would have a place to take her stud, and I could watch through the windows. At the door of Rusty's Road House, my wife gave me a lust filled smile, and she entered. I gave her 30 seconds, then entered. She was at the bar, and I was lucky enough to snag a bar stool next to the one next to her. She had more than enough offers, but she turned them down, until a hot looking man with blonde hair and piercing blue eyes sat down next to her.

     They seemed to be getting along well, I heard my wife ask him, "So Roger, how old are you?"

     When he said 23, she giggled and said, "That's crazy! I'm an old married lady of 37, and you want me?"

     He grinned and said, "Ah, you're a cougar on the prowl! Married ladies, who are a sexy hot cougar, need some hot, good loving! Let's go over to my friend's table, I'm sure Dan and Burt will think you are just as hot as I do!"

     I watched as he led her to a table where two other guys were sitting, and I casually strolled to a small table that was closer to their table, pretending I was scanning the room, looking for my date.

     My wife was the center of attention, with 3 hot, young studs paying her their undivided attention. The band started playing, and Kathi hauled Roger on to the dance floor. It was a slow tune, and I could see Roger's hands wandering down, stroking over Kathi's back. They paused, as if deciding whether of not to chance it, then I saw his hands move down, and lightly cup at her sexy cheeks.

Kathi responding by grinding her hips forward, her pelvis pressed tightly against his, grinding at his, no doubt by now, hard, throbbing cock. He cupped her cheeks tighter, and they were grinding against each other. When the song ended, I saw Kathi pull Roger back to the table, no doubt his cock was eager for more.

     When they sat down, I saw Kathi's hand disappear, and Roger let out a growl of pleasure.

     "Oh my God, you cock feels huge, how big is that fucker?' my wife said, just loud enough for me to hear.

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     "It's 9 inches baby, and once you get a taste of it, you'll just want more!"

     The band swung into another song, and I was not able to listen in on the conversation. Kathi was animated, talking to all of them, I saw her rise up, and head for the rest rooms. I followed casually, and in the hallway, Kathi grabbed me, and pulled me into a vacant restroom. Rusty's had 4, that were all unisex, so we could take one all for ourselves.

     She pressed tightly against me, grinding her hips against my cock.

     "When I told them I had a van, they all want to take me for a ride. I'm not comfortable with having 3 men with me at the same time, though" Kathi said.

     "How about you take them out to the van, one at a time, and let them fuck you one by one?"

     Her eyes lit up, and she exclaimed, "Yes, oh yes, I want them all to fuck me! And, to give you something good for letting me have my fantasy. . . . "

     Her hand reached down and my pants and boxers were quickly around my ankles, Kathi was on her knees, her eyes full of heat as she grasped my surging cock, licking her lips, she pulled down on the foreskin, my cock head popped up, and I felt the exquisite sensation of her hot, wet mouth wrapping around my prick. Thrusting her head forward, Kathi's hot sucking mouth eagerly swallowed my cock right to the balls. I growled as she took me in, and I ran my fingers through her thick chestnut tresses, she loves that, and I could hear the little noises of passion she made around my cock as I stroked her head, her mouth gliding up and down my cock. I looked down, I could see her head bob back and forth, my cock shiny wet with her spit, and I could feel my cock stiffen to rock hardness, my balls moved up into firing position.

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     "Yeah, oh fuck, keep sucking me baby, I'm gonna fill your sexy mouth".

     That spurred Kathi on, she was sucking my prick wildly, wanting the thick cum. I felt my cum hit the boiling point, then my cock jerked, Kathi felt it, and she pulled her head back, keeping half of my prick in her mouth, her tongue flicking rapidly over my cock head, just as my cock erupted. I let out loud grunts, my load pouring hotly into her mouth, she sucked out 6 sprays, and kept her mouth around me as I poured out the last few dribbles, not ready to release me until she had every drop. She swallowed me again to the balls, clamped her lips tighly together, and drew back slowly, the milking tightness of her lips pulling every drop out. She released my cock, smiled up at me, and swallowed the big mouthful I had poured into her. I pulled her up and she plastered her lips against me, her tongue, still slick with my cum, eagerly met mine.

     When we broke the kiss, I told her, "go on back to the table, and give those 3 studs a fucking they'll remember!"

     She left, and I followed about 30 seconds later. I saw her talking with them, and nods of agreement. Kathi took out the van keys, grinned at Roger, and said, "Let's go!"

     We had parked in the last row on purpose, furthest away from the lights, so I could watch them, and not have someone call the cops about a Peeping Tom. I watched as they left, then followed them. I trailed slowly, not letting Roger see that I was following by approaching the row on a paraellel course. I came to the last row, and I could see Kathi opening the side doors, Roger helped Kathi up into the van, climbed in, then the doors closed. I quickly approached, and I saw a dim light come on in the back of the van. That was another thing we had done, put in a reading lamp, Kathi wanted me to see, and the porthole window beckoned.

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   I cautiously peeked in, then you wouldn't have been able to tear my head away.

     Kathi and Roger were in a heated embrace, his mouth feasting on hers, clothes being removed here and there. Kathi was now naked, and she sat down on the bed, and motioned Roger to come over. She had left one of the windows open just a bit, so I could also hear.

     "Show me that big beauty, let me see it!" I could hear her say.

     She then gasped loudly, and as the prick come closer, I saw it, and saw why she gasped. It was a whopper, holy fuck, like a big fat sausage, and Kathi was getting that glaze of passion in her eyes.

     "I want to suck that beauty, then I want you to fuck my ass off!" she growled.

     I watched, my own cock quickly growing, as Kathi wrapped her lips around him, and quickly sucked in 6 of his 9 inches. She started to bob her head, back and forth, until with a slight twist of her head, she did it, taking in that entire fuck stick, right to the balls. He grunted, growled, and I could imagine the feel of being buried in my sexy wife's hot, sweet mouth.

     Kathi pulled back, and said, "Now fuck me, ram that fucker up my cunt, and fuck me good. I want that load right up there, let me have it!"

     Roger was happy to do so, and Kathi manuevered herself into a postion where I would see right between her spread thighs. Roger climbed aboard, and I could see that stiff fucker ready to go.

     "Oh yeah, fuck me, fuck me with your huge cock", Kathi urged, "Fuck me until you cum, I want to feel your huge cock exploding and squirting wildly in me, filling me up with a huge load of hot spunk! Give it to me, let me have it!"

     Roger was happy to oblige as he notched his cock against Kathi's needy opening.

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   She humped her hips up at him as he surged forward, and my wife's squeal of pleasure filled the van as Roger buried his throbbing cock, balls deep. Kathi wrapped her legs around Roger's waist, tilting her hips up, eager to get every last fraction of an inch deep inside. Roger began to began to ride my wife, rhythmically, he drove his hugeness into her, over and over. My position gave me a porn video view, peering in right between my wife's spread thighs, as his huge cock fucked her. I could see her pussy stretched wide around his massive cock. Roger would pull back, until he was halfway out, then thrust forward, burying his big cock balls deep in my wife's burning fuck-hole. I imagined the feel of that huge pussy splitter, stretching open the walls of my wife's horny cunt, fucking her deep. My wife grunted with pure pleasure at every plunge. It was wildly erotic seeing that huge tool stretching my wife's cunt open, watching that huge curving cock splitting open my Kathi's burning fuck-hole, over and over. I saw her legs tighten around his waist, and I knew what was about to happen.

     Kathi howled,"Oh fuck yes, I'm gonna cum, shoot it, blow your burning load, so deep, fill up my womb, yes, oh fuck yes, yes YES!"

     Roger grunted, "Oh yeah baby, I'm cumming too, oh fuck, YEAH!"     
     Their cries of orgasm filled the van, I could see Roger's thick shaft pulsing as he exploded, filling Kathi's cunt as he pumped his thick cream deep into her burning pussy. I could imagine the tight grip of her inner muscles, milking greedily at Roger's big cock, my cock was harder than steel watching Kathi take another man's cock and get filled by another man's cum, I'd never seen a more exciting sight. As they flopped down, I pulled away from the window, lest Roger see me peeking in. A minute later I peeked back in, and Roger was standing up, my wife was on her knees, he was sighing and moaning as Kathi's mouth took him in, she sucked him up to a renewed hard-on.

     "Now that you cock is nice and hard again, feel the tight grip of my mouth, I want you to blow a gusher, I wanna taste your load!" Kathi growled.

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     She clamped her lips around his cock, and making her mouth a tight, sliding ring of pleasure, she slid down his cock, her mouth taking in 6 inches, she pulled back, and surged down again, working on his prick, until she had his entire 9 inches stuffed in her mouth again, her chin hitting his balls. Roger took her head in his hands, growling with pleasure at the feel of those tight lips clamped around his cock.

     "Oh yeah, baby, you got great cock-sucker lips, so nice and tight, keep on sucking me baby, make me cum!" he growled.

     Kathi liked the encouragement, and her mouth gave him the suck job of a lifetime, she could feel his cock thrumping, ready to blow.

     "Yeah, yeah, oh fuck yeah, gonna cum, gonna flood your mouth baby, yeah, yeah, FUCK YEAH!"

     Kathi pulled her head back halfway, she wanted to taste his load, and I could see her cheeks bulging as he spewed another thick volley, man, he just unloaded a gusher in Kathi's cunt, now he was filling her mouth. She pulled her head back, her mouth full, and a thick string of pearly cum spewed out of her mouth, his cock blew one more spurt, splattering against her chin, the cum from her mouth joining, and dripping down onto her stiff nipples. She swallowed the load in her mouth, then used her fingers to scoop up the rest of his load, so she could gulp that down too, she didn't want a drop wasted.

     As they started to get dressed, Kathi said, "Can you order me a drink, I'll be back in 18 minutes or so, just want to call my husband. "

     Roger said, "Call your husband, what for?"

     "To tell him how well I got fucked. He's eager to hear all about how I'm getting fucked, how other guys are getting their cocks into me, he'll have a raging hard-on when I get home, and he'll fuck me until he can't get it up anymore!" Kathi said, grinning.

     "Hot damn, sure, I'll head back inside, don't be long!"

     I quickly ducked out of sight, then when he was out of sight, Kathi held the doors open for me. She was still naked, her face flushed, her breathing deep. I tore off my clothes, as she lay back, bringing her knees up and spreading her legs for me. I could see her pussy, the slick lips slighly parted, glistening with her juices and another man's spunk. The idea that I was going to fuck her hot cunt, with another man's load of hot sperm inside her, gave me a raging hardon, my cock was harder than it had ever been before.

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     Kathi growled, "Fuck, fuck, my god, I feel so fucking hot, your wife has another man's cum spewed up inside her fuck-hole, knowing that my husband was watching another man fuck me drove me crazy! Fuck me, fuck the cunt that just had another man's load filling it, ram my cunt, fuck I feel like I'm burning up!"     
      I leapt on her, and notching my prick against her entrance, I thrust in, right to the balls. Kathi howled with pleasure as my 7 inches split her open, she wrapped her legs around my waist, so I could thrust every last bit in. The feel of her fiery tightness wrapped around my cock drove me wild, and I hammered my throbbing cock into her over and over. Her cunt was filled with another man's load, and I could feel the mingled slickness of her juices and his semen around my cock as I reamed her out. It drove me wild, and I gave her a real power fucking, reaming out her steamy fuck hole, hammering into her over and over. My cock was swollen and throbbing, aching to blow my load.

     "Yeah, give it to me, let me have it! Another man's semen is up my pussy, you saw your horny wife spread her legs for another man, and saw what a little slutty bitch I was, letting him fuck my horny cunt until he blew a thick, hot load right into my womb! Feel the slickness of my cunt! Feel your burning prick surrounded by his thick load! Now I want your semen to join his load! Explode your hot load, fill my burning cunt, do it, do it, yes, yes, cumming again, oh FUCK!"

     That did it, and the cum surged up my shaft, as my aching cock exploded. My wife's shriek of pleasure filled the van as I felt the tightness of her spasms clench around my cock. I growled, my orgasm erupted, my whole body felt like I was cumming in every cell, my cock pulsing and squirting wildly inside her hot tunnel, over and over, as I blew a massive load up her fiery fuckhole. Her cunt quivered and spasmed wildly around my shaft, greedily milking my spurting cock for every last drop of cum I could pump into her.

     After I had shot my load, I collapsed on the bed next to her. After a few minutes, we started to get dressed, and I quickly left, and went back into the club. A few minutes later, Kathi returned, her eyes glittering with sexual heat, ready for more.






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