Visiting Aunt Nancy


There are some things that you're forced to do when you're young that
you dread. For me, it used to be the annual journey I would have to make
with my folks to visit my Aunt Nancy and Uncle Doug each summer. The
visits only lasted four or five days but to me they seemed to be never
ending, and it was an annual event through the late 60's and 70's for us.

I was an only child, and my mother's sister and her husband were
childless, so while my mother yakked incessantly with her sister and my old
man played cards on the back porch with Uncle Doug, I had to make do with
playing a game I made up behind their garage, where I would throw my ball
up onto the sloped roof and catch it when it came down.

It's one of those things you do for hours when you're a kid, but as the
years passed it got less and less interesting. How long can you pretend
you're Mickey Mantle waiting to see where the ball would come off the roof,

One year, things changed. My Uncle Doug wasn't there. Nothing was
explained to me, but later I found out that Uncle Doug had been cheating on
my Aunt Nancy. Much later I was to learn that the person he had been
canoodling with was a man, but back then all I knew was that things

My old man, crafty SOB that he was, turned Uncle Doug's absence into a
plus for himself. Declaring that without Doug there, he would have nothing
to do and no reason to go, so he excused himself from the trip. I thought
that was a good plan, so I tried to use the same excuse.

No dice. "You need to keep your mother company on the drive," my old
man explained, sentencing me to the three hour ride each way and the
interminable four days in between, while he got to stay home and sit around
in his underwear and watch F-Troop and the Game of the Week.

Years passed. I was a teenager, and stuck with my mother and my aunt
out in the middle of nowhere, but I was in the process of discovering

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   It was about then that I started to find myself becoming attracted
to my Aunt Nancy. Perhaps because she was the only woman around. My
mother didn't count, of course, because while I loved her and all, she's
kinda plump and drab looking.

Not that my Aunt Nancy was a raving beauty or anything, but there was
something about her that got my interest. Maybe it was the fact that she
was forbidden fruit, or perhaps just the beginning of my infatuation with
older women that would last beyond my teenage years, but it started to
become clear that I was really attracted to my Aunt Nancy.

In the summer of my 18th year, I think my folks were surprised when I
didn't put up a fight when the yearly trip was mentioned. I was starting
college in the fall, and they realized that they couldn't force me to go
any longer, needing to rely on the promise of my getting to drive to and
from Aunt Nancy's house as an enticement. I showed token resistance only
because I felt it was expected when the trip was brought up, and when we
pulled into the driveway, I was even happier to see Aunt Nancy on the porch
waving to us than her sister was.


My Aunt Nancy was my Mom's older sister, and I figured her to be in her
middle 50's. She had begun to show some signs of age by that summer; a
touch of grey in her hair and a little bit of wrinkling around the eyes and
neck, but she was still in great shape.

Never a large woman to begin with, she had become quite slender in the
years since Uncle Doug had hit the road. "Petite" is what Aunt Nancy
insisted she was when my mother would comment about how skinny she had
become, but I thought she looked really good.

"My favorite little man!" Aunt Nancy exclaimed when we got out of the
car, giving me a big hug and smothering me with kisses. "And he drives

"Has been for a year," my mother was saying, and while it had been two
years that I had been driving I was too busy enjoying the affection my Aunt
Nancy was giving me to correct her.

"Getting almost as tall as me too!" Aunt Nancy declared, making me blush
as she put her hand on top of my head.

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It wasn't that Aunt Nancy was that tall, being about 5'8" or so, but I
was that short, and was destined to be that same 5'6" my whole life. I was
sensitive about being such a little twerp, but I endured the humiliation,
instead concentrating on the sweet scent that emerged from under Aunt
Nancy's shapely arm when she raised it and the faint hint of peach fuzz
that covered the deep hollow of her armpit.

I tried to keep my interest hidden as I took inventory of my Aunt's
body. The long down on her forearms and the abundance of fuzz under her
arms - did that indicate Aunt Nancy had a hairy pussy?In my mind it did
at least.

I imagined a wild thicket of light brown hair between those skinny
thighs of hers, which was alright by me. Back then, in the 70's, women had
hair between their legs, and some had it in other places, and then as now,
that was fine by me as well.

We went into the house and while Mom and her sister started talking, I
sipped my soda and tried not to look at my Aunt Nancy, who had no idea of
the fantasies that were going through my head. If she did she probably
would have fainted.

Excusing myself to go the the bathroom when I started getting aroused to
an extent that it would be visible, I took a leak and then did a little
snooping, as was my custom.

I went through through the clothes hamper and dug out a pair of my Aunt
Nancy's panties. Holding the worn undies to my face, I inhaled the musky
aroma inspired by the discoloration in the crotch of the panties as well as
knowing that they had just been between Aunt Nancy's legs not to look ago.

The guys in the neighborhood always said that divorced and widowed women
were always horny and were easy, although nobody in my group had ever
learned that first hand. It was one of those urban legends or something,
but since my Aunt Nancy was by herself, it was easy to fantasize about her.

My ears perked up when Aunt Nancy mentioned that she had gone out on a
couple of dates over the winter, a twinge of jealousy actually going
through me as I pictured her with somebody else, but she said that it
didn't amount to anything.

I watched Aunt Nancy go to the refrigerator, eyeing her perky little
butt as she bent over a little and the way the muscles in her slender legs
bulged as she moved, and when she dropped a piece of paper on the way back,
my eyes strayed to the top of her blouse as it bowed open, revealing her
little treasures.

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How little they actually were surprised me when most of her tiny hangers
were revealed as she bent over. They looked to be the size of pears as
they dangled there, briefly free from the cups of what appeared to be a
heavily padded brassiere. I could see the darkness of what appeared to be
very large aureoles and just a hint of the crimson nipples at their

I loved little breasts. Hell, I loved all breasts, and there was
something about seeing my Aunt Nancy's tiny buds like that as she bent over
that made me hard. I was so enthralled that I wasn't as careful about my
peeking as I usually was, and it was only when I saw my aunt's hand come up
and clutch the top of her scoop neck blouse that I realized she had caught
me leering at her.

Aunt Nancy seemed embarrassed as she straightened up quickly, and it was
all I could do to keep from telling her that she shouldn't be embarrassed
or ashamed. More than a handful - hell, more that a mouthful is a waste
when they're attached to someone you have the hots for, and I wanted
nothing more than to tell her that as she sat down and began to lose the
flush in her cheeks.

"Mind if I take a shower?" I asked, feeling the stickiness of the long
drive on me, but most of all needing to get into the shower and rub one out
while the memory of seeing my Aunt's titties was still fresh in my mind.

I went down the long hallway with my suitcase, heading toward the guest
room that would be my home for the next few days, swinging the door closed
behind me. I noticed that the old creaky door didn't close and was ajar,
but I didn't bother to close it, instead just unpacking my stuff and
tossing the clothes into the cedar dresser.

Who knows, I thought to myself as I pulled my t-shirt over my head.
Maybe my Aunt Nancy had noticed me staring down her blouse and was so
turned on that she had to have me, and would charge down the hall and into
my room.

Funny thing happened just about then, after I stepped out of my shorts
and was reaching for the elastic of my underwear. No, my Aunt Nancy didn't
charge into the room, but she was there, out in the hall, looking at me.

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I don't think Aunt Nancy had come down there intending to watch me
undress. Out of the corner of my eye I saw her out in the hall, a stack of
towels in her arms, and was probably just on her way to the bathroom with
them when she saw the guest room door ajar.

It only lasted a short time, not even a minute, but they were the most
erotic seconds of my young life. Managing to pretend that I wasn't aware
of the door being ajar or Aunt Nancy's presence, I peeled down my fruit of
the looms and stepped out of them, making a big show out of picking up the
underwear and untangling them while standing there naked for her

What possessed me to stand there and pretend I didn't know Aunt Nancy
was standing there, her mouth wide open as she stared at the guy she had
called her "favorite little man" a little while ago?Why did a skinny kid
with the body of a "before" subject in a Charles Atlas" bodybuilding ad,
allow his mother's sister to see him in the raw?

It was my cock that gave me the confidence I had. I had learned several
years ago that while I wasn't the sharpest knife in the drawer at school,
and wasn't very athletic at all, what I was blessed with was a rather large
penis, the size of which was flattered even more by my small frame. When I
learned in the locker room that despite my scrawny body, I had more down
there than most of the other guys, I suddenly became a lot less modest.

Having been so aroused earlier by the peek down my Aunt's blouse, while
I wasn't sporting a boner, I was sporting what I called a semi, so what
Aunt Nancy was gawking at swinging between my legs was pretty close to me
at my finest, probably close to being the eight inches that it would become
when fully erect.

I stretched as nonchalantly as I could, posing for a moment before
turning slowly around to face the doorway, preparing to act shocked when I
saw her standing there. Instead, I heard Aunt Nancy hustling down the
hall, calling out that there were fresh towels in the bathroom as she
whizzed past, looking at the wall as she went.

I hadn't been in the shower more than five seconds before my fist was
wrapped around my cock, stroking it while pretending that it was Aunt
Nancy's hand.

"I just passed Kenny's room, and I saw his cock. He's hung like a
horse, and if he wasn't my nephew I would have sucked him off just now," I
imagined my Aunt Nancy telling my mother, and even though it was the most
unlikely conversation imaginable, it helped get me off.

"Swallow it, Aunt Nancy," I grunted as my cum spurted into the tub, my
knees shaking as I came hard and fast. "That's it.

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  Take it all. "


34A. That was what the tag said on the back of my Aunt Nancy's bra that
I had fished out of the hamper after dinner. My first girl friend, Shawn
Hermann, wore a 32A, but her harness wasn't padded, at least not like my
Aunt Nancy's was. These bra cups were as thick as quilts.

Those were the thoughts that I fell asleep with later that night.
Images of Aunt Nancy, and every other woman that I ever longed for.

Miss Cross, the school nurse, wore a 44DD. I found that out on the
evening after I had gotten injured at gym, getting hit in the nuts during
dodge ball. The teacher insisted I go to the nurse after I rolled around
on the gym floor while the class laughed hysterically. That was fine with
me, because I hated gym anyway.

This had happened a couple of months ago, during the last gym class I
would ever have to endure. As my balls ached I thought that this was a
hell of a way to celebrate turning 18.

Down at the nurse's office, the chubby middle aged nurse insisted that I
let her check to see if I had a hernia. I let her bring me behind a
curtain, and when I took off that goofy jock strap that they made us wear,
I got the first double-take of my life from a woman when Nurse Cross saw my

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Nurse Cross did the most through job of checking for a rupture that I
ever had. I was used to the quick squeeze along with the request to cough
we got from the doctor each year. Miss Cross was much more caring, rolling
around my balls and asking me if it hurt.

"No," I said, because it didn't hurt any more, and the proof was that my
cock was pointing straight out in a matter of seconds, the product of her
tender pudgy hands and her huge tits against my shoulder, and she didn't
even blink when she saw the long string of pre-cum hanging from the opening
of my dick.

Just then, the door to the office opened, and Miss Cross let go of my
nuts to run around the screen to take care of some stupid little shit who
had a nosebleed, ruining what I thought was going to be a very interesting

As it turned out, my pleasure was only delayed. After school, a car
pulled up alongside me as I started to walk home. It was Miss Cross, who
was concerned about my injury. I told her that I was still a little sore,
and after I refused her offer to take me to the hospital, did take her up
on her offer to continue treating me.

That afternoon, I experienced just about everything a guy could. Miss
Cross gave me a massage, fretting over my testicles which she insisted
looked swollen. After she insisted I call home to tell my parents that I
would be late, I returned to her bedroom to find her stark naked.

My first naked woman. Her breasts were gigantic, huge watermelons that
hung down to her waist, and she had a jungle of hair between her legs. She
even had hair under her arms, like a couple of the "hippie" girls at school

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  To me, she was gorgeous, and by the time I left her house that night,
I had experienced just about everything possible.

Filled with confidence, my life went on, but even though I dated girls
my own age, for me there was nothing like older women.

I guess looking at the bra tag on Aunt Nancy's harness brought back that
memory, because nothing else about the two women was remotely similar.
Miss Cross was built more like my mother while Aunt Nancy was built along
the lines of Miss Hathaway from The Beverly Hillbillies, or Tiffany Bolling
from The Mod Squad.

My mother and Aunt Nancy were sleeping in the same bed, the bed that my
aunt had shared with her husband for years. What were they doing in there?
Were they doing what I imagined all women did when they were alone?
Playing with each others tits?

It was that part of the dream that woke me up, because my mother was not
the kind of woman I had those thoughts about. I don't even know if my
father did any more. Regardless, I was awake, and with nothing else to do,
I got up and turned on the light by the side of the bed and pulled an old
magazine out of the drawer, figuring that reading the magazine would tire
my eyes out so I could get back to sleep.

"Karen Valentine," I sighed to myself, looking at the perky TV actress
who was featured in an article. "What I would like to do to you. "

I added her to the list of women that fit that description, which was in
the millions by then, and my hand reached into the fly of my pajamas and
fished out my dick, which was already awake.

I realized that I was going to have to get up and get something to clean
the mess that was bound to occur eventually, but while I slowly stroked my
dick under the sheets I heard the sound of footsteps out in the hall.

At the space between the door and the floor, I could see the shadow of
somebody. It could be a burglar, I supposed, although out here in the
sticks that was highly unlikely. It also could be my mother, asking me if
I had taken my allergy medicine.

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  Possible, but not what I was hoping for,

What I was hoping for?Did I just imagine the tap at the door?

"Kenny?" came the whisper from the other side of the door.

"Come in," I whispered back, pulling my hand off of my erection as the
slender woman in the frayed bathrobe came into the room, closing the door
behind her.


"Saw the light on," Aunt Nancy said by way of explanation, while I slid
up the bed so that my shoulders were leaning a little bit against the
headboard. "Can't sleep?"

"Woke up for some reason," I said, not telling her that she was the

"Your mother - she snores worse than ever," Aunt Nancy said, easing down
on the bed next to me.

"I know. Dad says that too," I agreed, the scent of whatever lotion my
mother's sister was wearing making me shiver.

"I was happy that you decided to come up again this year," Aunt Nancy
said, patting my leg through the sheet, and although it was an innocent
gesture she had no idea what it did to me. "You're heading to college
soon. I can't believe how the years have flown by. It's sweet of you to
come up and spend time with your old Aunt Nancy, even if you do need a
haircut. "

My hair was long in the fashion of the era, coming down to my shoulders,
and while it made me look a little feminine, girls seemed to like it that
way on other guys so I was willing to try it. If Aunt Nancy wanted me to
though, I would have shaved my skull.

"You're not old," I said. "You still look as pretty as ever.

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"What a fibber!" Aunt Nancy said with a chuckle, grabbing my foot
through the sheet and squeezing it, and it was about that time that she
noticed the tent that I was making out of the pale blue sheet, just a few
feet up from where she was touching me, and although she quickly averted
her eyes, she knew I noticed where she was looking.

"You're sweating," I said when I noticed the beads of perspiration on
her brow. "Take off your bathrobe and stay awhile. "

"I should get back to bed. Your mother will wonder. . . "

"She's dead to the world," I assured her, and as I watched her let the
robe fall off her shoulders to rest on the back of the chair she sat in, my
heart raced even faster. "Her snoring wakes up everybody but herself. "

"She tells me that you're quite popular with the girls back home," Aunt
Nancy said. "I'm not surprised. You're quite a handsome young man.
There's a young girl that lives down the road some. Her name's Ellie -
Ellie Paterson. Maybe I could introduce you two.

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"I'm not interested in young girls," I informed my aunt, shifting my
weight so that the tent in the sheet became even more pronounced. "My
tastes run to older women. "

"Oh really?" Aunt Nancy said, chuckling nervously. "You like the
college girls already?"

"No, I was thinking more along the line of somebody around - say - 50 or
so. "

"50?Lord, your mother is 49!"

"How old does that make you then, Aunt Nancy?"

"54 - 55 now, I mean. "

"You don't look it. Mom looks older than you. "

"Kids do that to you," Aunt Nancy explained.

"I wanted you to come in here before," I blurted out. "This afternoon,
when I was undressing. "

"I was just bringing you. . . "

"Don't apologize. I saw you looking at me.


  I enjoyed having you see me
like that. I've wanted you to see me naked for a long time. "

"I'm sorry," Aunt Nancy said, blushing and looking past me to the
window. "It's just that I wasn't expecting - I always think of you as the
baby of the family. "

"But I'm not any more, am I Aunt Nancy?. . . Aunt Nancy?"

"No," Aunt Nancy said, her hands shaking, and I saw the outline of her
nipples against the bland white nightie she was wearing. "You're not. "

"Did you like what you saw?" I asked, and without waiting for an answer
I continued. "I saw you today too. Only saw a little though. "

"I didn't mean for that to happen," Aunt Nancy said. "Besides, there's
not much to see. "

"I didn't like what I saw.

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  I loved what I could see, and it made me
want to see all of you. "

"Kenny," Aunt Nancy said in a pleading voice.

"I love you. "

"I love you too, honey, but. . . "

"Pull down the sheet," I asked, and when she hesitated I repeated it,
adding the word, "Please. "


"If you don't pull it down, I will," I cautioned Aunt Nancy, who was
gripping the arms of the chair like she was going to get up but couldn't.

"Please don't go," I begged Aunt Nancy when she rose from the chair.
"Before you knocked, I was thinking about you. I want to show you what you
do to me. "

I saw her moving her hand very slowly toward the sheet, and then ever so
timidly eased the cotton off of my body. My pajama bottoms were open and
had been nudged down to my thighs, leaving me very much exposed. I didn't
look down, because I knew what I looked like. Instead, I watched Aunt
Nancy's reaction, and was not disappointed.

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"Kenny," Aunt Nancy said, glancing away for only a second before
reurning her eyes to look at my cock, which was fully erect and was arching
back onto my belly, exposing my balls as well.

"See, Aunt Nancy?" I said as I parted my legs a bit to let my hefty nut
sac ease down. "Look at what you do to me. Touch me. Please. "

Aunt Nancy said nothing but shook her head violently from side to side,
and when I asked, or more accurately begged her again to touch me she shook
her head even harder.

"Then just take your nightie off," I pleaded, gingerly lifting my cock
up by the tip, afraid to hold it for fear it would explode, and as she
gawked at seeing my cock standing straight up I lowered my expectations.

"Then just lift it up for me," I practically begged. "Want to see you
so bad. "

I was giving her my best sad puppy dog expression, one that usually
worked years ago when trying to get her to give me some of her homemade
toll house cookies for a mid-day snack, but this was different. Way

"Please," I mouthed, and it was then that Aunt Nancy took the fabric of
her nightie in her hands and lifted it upwards, so slowly that it was
hardly moving.

Thighs - pale white thighs that had always been hidden by her shorts or
housedresses - were now in my sight. Skin so smooth and white, and her
legs were slender but shapely as well - and now the nightie went higher.

"Beautiful," I cried out as Aunt Nancy stood there with her knees
knocking together and her nightie held in her grasp at her waist.

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beautiful. "

I reached down and grabbed the shaft of my cock, desperately trying to
stop the inevitable as I felt my orgasm surging through my loins.
Helplessly I cried out while staring at the most incredible pussy I had
ever seen.

The light brown hair, almost reddish in hue, grew in a high and wide
triangle between Aunt Nancy's legs. The hair was not as dense as I had
guessed it would be, and I could see her very prominent labia through the

Aunt Nancy's eyes bugged out even more as she watched me ejacualte, and
while I was very preoccupied with Aunt Nancy's pussy, I suspect that I must
have cum with all the power and fury of the average 18 year old guy.

I could actually hear my cum hit my stomach and chest, so I'm guessing
that I must have really gone off like a cannon. The orgasm was as intense
as they get, even with me holding my tool in a death grip, before finally
giving up and milking it out.

"Thank you," I said softly as my eyes blurred with sweat and tears,
having fulfilled one of my favorite fantasies, while I silently cursed
myself for not being able to have any self-control.

Aunt Nancy might have lifted that nightie up and off had I been able to
control myself, but now the nightie had been dropped back down and Aunt
Nancy was leaving the room.

Her bathrobe was still on the chair as she left the room, but I was
unable to form any words. Instead, I just stayed on my back, my cock
deflating and the load of cum cooling fast on me. I was just about to get
up and hit the shower when Aunt Nancy returned with the damp washcloth in
hand, and when she came back in she closed the door behind her.

Closed it, and then locked it behind her.


"I'm very ashamed of myself," Aunt Nancy said as she sat on the bed next
to me.

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  "I don't know what got into me. Must have been one of those senior
moments. Forgive me, Kenny. "

"You're kidding," I said. "Forgive you for the greatest moments of my

Aunt Nancy took a deep breath and then took my hand that had been
wrapped around my cock and cleaned the cum that was covering the back of

"Quite a mess," Aunt Nancy mentioned as she wiped the semen off of my
scrawny, hairless chest and then worked downward. "Should have gotten a
bigger towel. Is this too warm for you?"

"Perfect," I whispered while savoring the sight of Aunt Nancy's hand on
my stomach, even if there was a warm washcloth between us.

"Here," Aunt Nancy said as she offered the cloth to me after she got
near the little Brillo-pad sized tift of hair above my dick. "You had
better. . . "

"You finish, Aunt Nancy," I said. "I want you to touch me down there.
You want to as well, maybe just as much as I do.

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"Kenny," Aunt Nancy said, trying to give me the look she used when she
thought I was being silly. "I think you are misunderstanding me. "

"I understand you perfectly, Aunt Nancy," I assured her. "You came down
here hoping that this would happen. Maybe not even consciously, but just
the same. You came down here hoping to see more of what you saw this
afternoon, and you wanted to show me your body as well. "

"Me?That's silly. "

"Is it?" I asked. "Look under your arms. "

"What?" Aunt Nancy said, lifting the hand that was holding the washcloth
and examining her glistening armpit. "Oh. I'm sweating. "

"Not that," I said as I reached over and let the back of my finger slide
up and down the deep recess, reveling in the feel of the smooth and slick
surface before Aunt Nancy pulled away. "I mean that you shaved under your
arms before you came down to see me. "

"Sure you did," I said with a knowing smile as she shook her head no.

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"This afternoon when I arrived, you had a little peach fuzz there, like you
get a couple of days after shaving. Ordinarily you wouldn't have shaved
for another day or two, but I think you wanted to look your best for me. "

"Don't be embarrased," I said as I watched her freckled nose twitch and
her face flush. "For the record, it doesn't matter, because you have
gorgeous arms and shoulders, in addition to having the most delicious
looking armpits in the world. "

"Kenny," Aunt Nancy sighed. "We shouldn't be talking like this. What
can I do with you?"

"Finish cleaning me up, I hope," I said while nodding down to the mess
in my crotch and then held my breath. "Don't be embarrassed. Every inch
of you that I've been able to see all these years - it's all still in my
memory. I've memorized every pore of your body I could see.

The only sounds in the room were our breathing as Aunt Nancy gently
cleaned the cum out of my pubic hair while trying to decide whether to
continue. My dick was hanging to the side, and while it was still very
limp and not nearly as impressive looking now than it was minutes before, I
knew that if Aunt Nancy kept going, that would change.

So sweet was the situation we were in. It was as if she was the 18 year
old and I was the elder, the way she so timidly touched my dick. She
cradled it in one hand while rubbing the cloth around to clean it off.

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made an involuntary grunt as her skin touched mine, and we exchanged
nervous glances as she continued.

"Had no idea you paid such close attention to me," Aunt Nancy opined
about my earlier observations about her while she fastidiously cleaned my
cock, which was already coming back to life.

"You didn't?"

"Well, I knew that you looked at me a lot, but I thought that you - oh,
I don't know. It just seems

you're such a cute boy, and your mother has told me how you have the
girls lined up for you back home. I can't understand why an old lady like
me would get your interest. "

"Your nightie," I whispered. "Please take it off. "

"I'm not like the girls you date," Aunt Nancy said as she let go of my
cock and stood up.

"I know," I said.

Aunt Nancy had her eyes screwed shut as she lifted the nightie up over
her head, and tilted her head to the side when she had it off, covering her
breasts with her hands while I visually devoured her.

"Your hands, Aunt Nancy," I whispered as I looked at the gently
weathered fingers clutching her tiny breasts in an effort to shield them
from me. "Take them down. Let me see all of you. "

Aunt Nancy was like a lithe ballerina, really looking nothing like a 55
year old woman. She had no stretch marks or other real signs of age; her
stomach was flat and while her hips were more full than her top, her body
was trim and pretty tight.

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Her breasts though. That was what she was obviously ashamed of, and I
had to ask her again to take down her hands. She did, with great
reluctance, and I was relieved when I saw that she wasn't hiding them
because of some scars or disfigurement (although to be honest I dodn't
think that would have fazed me much either).

Apparently she was embarrassed because they were small, and while out of
the half dozen or so pairs I had seen in real life they were by far the
smallest, they were very erotic looking. Her breasts were the size of
peaches, and they drooped a bit, looking lost on her wide chest, but her
nipples were incredible, with the crimson aureolas taking up most of the
tits and the fat nipples jutting way out.

"Why would you don't want me to see your tits?" I said, momemtarily
reverting to the more primitive language I used around the guys. "Breasts
I mean. "

"Not what they used to be," Aunt Nancy said, her arms twitching as she
fought the urge to cover them up again. "Not that they ever were much to
begin with. "

"Nonsense. They're amazing. "

"You would say that no matter what," aunt Nancy said. "Because you're
such a. . .

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I nodded down as Aunt Nancy was speaking, and when she saw what I was
trying to get her to notice, her words stopped.

"Talk is cheap," I said as she looked down my rapidly re-energizing
cock, the evidence that proved that I really thought she was as hot as I
said she was.

I patted the part of the bed that Aunt Nancy had just gotten up from,
and I was pleasantly surprised when she sat back down. The warmth of her
body next to my hip told me how close she was, and as I handed her the
washcloth again, she didn't hesitate.


"Funny how I used to clean you like this when you were a baby," Aunt
Nancy said softly as she ran the washcloth along the underside of my cock.
"You used to giggle whenever your mother or I would clean you around here. "

"I'm not giggling now. "

"Please don't ever say anything about this," Aunt Nancy said. "To your
mother I mean. I can't believe I'm sitting her naked next to you like
this, and as for what I'm doing. . . "

"Of course not," I assured her, sighing as she cradled the head of my
cock in her palm. "This feels so nice. "

"I didn't mean to get you all - aroused.

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"You can't help it," I told her as I put my hand on her forearm and
stroked the soft down. "You're so beautiful. I want you so bad. "

"Kenny," Aunt Nancy said, stopping her cleaning and staring at me as if
the thought of our relationship going beyond this point had never occured
to her. "I can't. . . "

"You can," I told her. "You can and you will. We will. You know you
want it - maybe even as bad as I do. "

My hand moved off of her arm and cupped her breast, making her jump as
my palm cupped her tit. I gently squeezed the little orb, delighting in
the softness of the flesh as the oversized nipple got hard. Not even a
handful, and barely more than a mouthful, but it excited me way more than
any of the bigger ones I had experienced before, even Diane Sager's D cup

"I love your breasts," I assured her as I continued to knead her tit
while my breathing got louder and more rapid.



"Kenny. . . "

"Kiss it," I asked at first and then begged. "Just put your lips on it
once. "

Aunt Nancy was holding my cock while her eyes darted back and forth
between my eyes and my arching prong, trying to decide what to do. I
brought my hand from her tit and put it on the back of her head, pulling
her down toward my dick.

"OH!" I groaned as I watched Aunt Nancy's tongue slide along the
underside of my cock, which was so stiff that it was curling back toward my
belly button as she cradled it in her palm.

Slowly her tongue made the long journey from the crack under the glans
right down to where the skin at the stump of my tool streched tautly from
above my nuts, and then back again.

"Suck it - please," I pleaded. "Suck my dick. "

With a deliberate slowness, Aunt Nancy pulled my cock to an upsright
posiiton and then started to put it in her mouth before stopping. Another
false start, and then another as she looked to me with a dazed expression
on her face.

I was beside myself, nodding as I tried to coax her toward my member,
and then it happened. Her lips parted, and then my dick went into a very
warm and wet place.

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  Aunt Nancy had my cock in her mouth.

How many times had I dreamed about this moment?How many times had I
jacked off like a deranged chimp just imagining this happening?Aunt
Nancy's slightly weathered hand was wrapped around the base of my cock, and
her mouth was sliding down just a couple inches, barely beyond the head of
my tool.

"That's it," I gasped as I kept trying to enjoy this as much as I could
without cumming, my hand still on the back of her neck. "Go down further.
Take it all. "

Aunt Nancy made a choking sound after I put a little pressure on the
back of her head, and her head jerked up off of me.

"Sorry," I said.

"Not good at this," Aunt Nancy said as she swallowed hard.

"You're great," I said. and while what she was doing was far from
great, the fact that it was her doing it was what made it sensational.

She tried to move her lips down the shaft further, and was doing fine
until she hit her throat with it and gagged a little.

"Your penis - it's so big," Aunt Nancy gasped before moving her mouth
back down on my dick.

In a way, the fact that she was probably out of practice made it easier
for me to control myself, and when she went back down on it, she began to
improve her technique even if she only went a bit more than halfway down
the shaft.

"Gonna cum Aunt Nancy," I grunted after I could hold back no longer, and
when she didn't stop I repeated myself. "Aunt Nancy.

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  . . "

I was cumming, and although Aunt Nancy's head lurched back when I
started ejaculating, it wasn't my hand that kept her going down on me. She
was taking it willingly, and as my body tingled from head to toe I watched
my cum roll down the shaft of my cock as it trickled from the sides of Aunt
Nancy's mouth.

It was over, and even though it might have been the most prolonged
orgasm I had ever experienced, I wanted it to never end. As my dick was
deflating, Aunt Nancy seemed to realize what she - we - had just done and
she let go my cock and lifted her head up.

"No," I hissed as she started to wipe her mouth off with the back of her
hand and then I pulled her face toward mine. "I love you. "

Aunt Nancy seemed shocked when I pressed my lips against hers, so I
don't know what she felt inside when I forced my tongue into her mouth and
started dueling with hers, but I didn't care. I knew where her mouth had
been and wasn't queasy about tasting my own seed.

Taken aback by my aggressiveness, Aunt Nancy was putty in my hands as I
moved her onto her back and spread those slender thighs, gazing at the
furry triangle that framed her sex as I lowered my face into her delta.

Aunt Nancy's pussy was dripping wet before my tongue hit it, and within
seconds I felt her hands grabbing my scalp and clenching it tight. Not
pulling me away and drawing me closer, and it didn't take long before she
was squirming and thrashing while I licked her clit.

When she came, the stifled squeal that came out of her sent shivers down
my spine, and with my hands cupping and squeezing her ass cheeks I tongued
her like a madman until she she had to pull me away from her when she could
take no more.

I was still between her legs with my face just above the steaming
cauldron that was her pussy, looking up through her bush at Aunt Nancy's
rib cage rising and falling rapidly as she tried to catch her breath.

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breasts, flattened with her on her back, were barely visible from my angle,
with just the fat nipples in sight.

My eyes examined what was in front of me, looking at the way the hair
grew beween her legs, thinning out as it grew out to her thighs, and just a
little trial of hairs at the timberline growing up just short of her belly

Lower, the hair continued below her opening, and as I found myself
wondering whether it grew all the way to her anus, I felt my cock tingling.
Now was the time. I had just cum twice in a short period of time, so I
wasn't sure whether I could get it up again so fast, but I knew that there
was no guarantee that I would get the chance again. Guilt might set in -
on Aunt Nancy, sure as hell not on me - and she might decide that we would
never do this again.

So with that in mind I got onto my knees and looked down at my aunt.
She had been lost in the moment, staring at the ceiling with a dazed look
in her eyes. That look changed when she looked up and saw me pulling on my
cock like it was elastic as it began to get hard.

"Kenny - honey - no," Aunt Nancy said as I ran the head of my cock up
and down between the lips of her pussy, slapping her clit with it while I
concentrated on getting hard enough to put it in. "We - I can't. "

"Can't or won't?" I asked while continuing to stroke her pussy.

"It's not - it's just that I haven't - been such a long time," Aunt
Nancy said as her eyes bulged while she watched what I was doing.

"You didn't do it with those guys you dated last year?" I asked, buying
time as I struggled to get stiff.

"No," Aunt Nancy said.

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  "Not since you-know-who, and that's been eight
years. I wouldn't be able to. You're too big. "

"Don't you have toys?" I asked, amd she shook her head no.

"Don't tell me you haven't played with yourself all that time?" I asked,
and when she said, "yes, just fingers," I knew this might be tough,
especially if I wasn't hard enough to get inside of her. Once in, I knew I
would be as hard as blue steel once those pussy lips squeezed my cock.

"Show me, Aunt Nancy," I said while rubbing the tip of my dick over her
clit. "Show me how you play with your breasts when you're alone. Show
me. "

Amazingly, maybe because my dick playing around her pussy was making her
hot, she did as I asked. Those deicate hands came up and squeezed her
tits, kneading the little sacs with her eyes screwed shut. I began to feel
my cock surge from the sight of Aunt Nancy playing with her tits.

"That's it," I said. "You look so beautiful. Squeeze them.

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  That's it.
Pull them straight up. "

The more I talked the rougher she handled her tits. Soon she was
twisting them, lifting the doughy orbs by the fat nipples straight up, and
it was then that I put the head of my cock at the gateway and pushed.

Aunt Nancy let out a cry as the head of my cock popped inside her pussy,
and then her eyes were wide open as they rolled back in their sockets as I
forced my cock inside of her. It was tighter than a virgin's sex, but I
was determined, and by the time I managed to get most of it into her I was
every bit as hard as I had expected.

"I'm sorry," I said when I saw the tears that were rolling down the
sides of her face, but when I felt her legs wrap around my hips and her
eyes rolled back to normal, I smiled with her.

"Easy honey," Aunt Nancy said as I began to move a little bit. "Omigod!
Thought you were all the way in before. "

"Sorry," I said, pulling myself out a bit before beginning a gently
rocking motion, and soon Aunt Nancy was doing fine. More than fine, and
she wasn't shy about talking about it either.

"Oh Kenny. . . honey.

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  . . so good," she mumbled as if she was speaking in
tongues as she actually staryed moving herself into me as I moved into her.
"Feels so good. "

"I know," I said as she took her hands off of her tits and grabbed my
biceps. "Your pussy is so tight. "

Together we rocked, and soon Aunt Nancy wa speaking in tongues again,
babbling about how good it was before thrashing around on the bed below me,
arching her shoulders off the bed as she reached back and grabbed the top
of the mattress.

Every muscle and tendon in her neck, shoulders and arms bulged as she
came, and while she was biting her lip sounds were coming out of her

"Omigod," Aunt Nancy said. "No more. Can't. "

I started thrusting into her harder, trying to make myself cum, and
either because I had cum twice before or had fought not to cum up until
then, I wasn't quite there.

"Please," Aunt Nancy whimpered. "No more honey. "

She might have thought I was teasing her, but the fact was that at least
for the moment I couldn't cum.

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  Almost, but not quite, and then she was
going at it once more.

"No. . . omigod," Aunt Nancy cried as her body started to convulse, and
then she was grabbing me by the head and pulling me down, stifling her cry
first by burying her face in my neck and then sinking her teeth into my

That did it for me, because after Aunt Nancy let go of the death grip
she had on me and went back down hard onto the sheets, her flushed body
fighting to catch her breath, my orgasm arrived.

"Coming," I grunted as I shot my load into my aunt, and Nancy's body
quivered each time my cock jerked inside of her, unless I finally went

I raised myself up and watched my cock slide out of her pussy, and I was
surprised when I saw a trcikle of cum follow my dick out and then roll down
the crack between her cheeks.

"You okay?" I asked, because Aunt Nancy looked out of it, buit she
managed a weary smile while my sweat rained down on her chest.

"Yes honey," she sighed as I eased myself down on her and hugged her,
our soggy bodies feeling good together. "I couldn't stop having orgasms.
That was so - so. . . "

"I know," I said, figuring that she must have had a lot of energy stored
up inside of her after all that time.

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"I'm going to take a quick shower down in your bathroom," Aunt Nancy
finally said as she eased herself out of the bed and got up on unsteady
legs. "Can't go back to your mother looking and smelling like this. "

"Let me help you," I said, although I was beat myself.

We tiptoed out to the hall and into the bathroom, and as I turned on the
water and adjusted the temeprature Aunt Nancy leaned on my shoulder.

"I felt like 50 went I first went into your room," Aunt Nancy explained.
"Then you made me feel like I was 20 again, but now I feel 80. "

"Then it all averages out," I said as I helped her into the tub. "Can I
join you?"

"I can't. . . "

"Neither can I," I said. "Just want to be with you, and I need a shower
too. "

We washed each other up, being tender with the intimate places, and
after we stepped back out we dried each other off.

"I wasn't your first, was I?"

"No," I admitted. "You were the best though.

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"You're sweet," Aunt Nancy said. "I can't imagine what I must look like
compared to the girls you've had. I looked like they do now once, you
know. "

"You're beautiful now," I said as I started to respond to Aunt Nancy's
toweling of my cock. "Can't you tell how horny you make me?"

"Oh my," Aunt Nancy said. "How do you do it?"

"You did it. I'm just standing here looking at you, but maybe tomorrow
night you could visit me again?"

"Okay, if I'm still alive," Aunt Nancy said, and my face showed how
happy I was at the thought of another night like this. "But what about

"It will go away. "

"Knowing you, you'll probably make it go away yourself," Aunt Nancy
said. "Can't have that. "

With that she first looked down at the rug beside the tub, and then led
me over by the cock to the toilet, where the dropped the lid and sat down.

"You don't mind, do you?" she asked as she held my cock in her hand.
"Pretty sad, but in my whole life I've only been intimate with one guy
besides your uncle. Yours is as big as theirs were - combined. "

With that, she leaned forward and put my cock in her mouth.

έρωτας στην θεσσαλονικη 

  I rubbed
her freckled shoulders as she sucked me, first tenderly and then with
savageness that surprised me. As she twisted my nuts I came, and although
the volume wasn't much the feeling was great.


We made love each night of our visit, and even once during the day when
we snuck out and did it behind the barn, with Aunt Nancy bent over while I
took her from behind.

Our visit turned out to be 6 days instead of 5 because Mom was having
such a good time with her sister, and Mom thought I was such a good son for
going along with staying another day that I scored points there besides.

"It's going to take a awhile for me to recover from this," Aunt Nancy
said, since we weren't getting much sleep at night. "Your mom thinks I'm
getting old because I've been taking naps during the day. "

"I have too," I confessed before we made love one last time.

One last time for that visit, I mean. I made a point of paying Aunt
Nancy visits every time my school schedule permitted, and that continued
all through my college days.

My senior year Aunt Nancy mentioned that she had been seeing a local man
and it was going well. When I asked how long that had been going on she
admitted that they had been dating for over a year.

"I'm happy for you. That's great, but how come - I mean - why didn't
you say something before?" I asked, since I had made probably 3 visits
during that time. "Don't you two - you know?"

"Oh yes," Aunt Nancy admitted. "We do, but it's not like it is with you
and me.


  We're special together. "


She was right. It's been almost 40 years since then. Aunt Nancy is
gone now, but not forgotten, and while I've had a couple of wives - two
very good women mind you - and a few experiences in between those
marriages, I can honestly say that she was right. We were special.


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