Uncle Joe Chap. 06


This is a work of complete fiction. It just popped into my brain so I wrote it down and share it for free and make no money off of it. No one under legal age may read this, if you know what's good for you. No one over legal age should read this for the same reason. All characters used in this story are a parody of any real or fictional person. I don’t know Eliza Dushku, Jennifer Love Hewitt or have anything to do with them. Comments are always welcome and appreciated and you should feel free to share.

Story Code: M/f, Teen, M Dom, Noncon

Uncle Joe
Chapter Six: Eliza Dushku (Jennifer Love Hewitt)
By Muhabba

Jennifer Love Hewitt stood in the middle of her teacher Joe Smith’s living room dressed as a sexy French maid. The young student wore 4 inch spiked heels that forced her to stand straight with her round ass stuck out. Her legs were showcased in fishnet, thigh high stockings clasped with garters hidden under her short skirt. Her skirt was flared out with white ruffles underneath that barely covered her ass and her crotch was snuggled in a transparent black thong. Above her flared hips was a black cloth wrapped around her waist and tied in a large bow behind her and held a small, white half apron in front of her. Her stomach was completely bare and the only top she wore was a black, lacy push-up bra that lifted her breasts up and out like a shelf on her chest. To complete her outfit she wore black lace gloves and a white head piece holding up her dark, curly hair. She stood with her hands clasped behind her back, pushing out her chest and causing her overly large, jiggling tits to nearly fall out of her bra with each breath. She looked nervously at her teacher’s feet.

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Joe had spent weeks training his young student to become his own personal, submissive sex slave. He had turned sex with her into a near violent rape whenever she acted with poor or unacceptable behavior. He had tied her up, strapped her down, spanked her, whipped her and verbally abused her until she finally bent totally to his will. Now at his command she would fall to her knees and plead with him with tears in her eyes to fuck her. And today was his last test for her.

“Now, Jennifer, you’ve been doing a very good job. You’ve become a very good servant. ”Joe began to slowly circle Jennifer as he spoke.

“Thank you, sir. ”Jennifer stared down with her head bowed demurely like she had be taught but a blush of pride crept across her face.

“At the rate you’re going, by the time you graduate, you’ll have all your grades worked off. ”Joe trailed his fingertips down Jennifer’s exposed back and caused the young girl to shiver.

“I’m glad, sir. You’ve been very kind to train me and let me work for better grades, sir. ”Jennifer flushed more as her tender pussy warmed and her nipples hardened.

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When Joe walked back around to the front of the demure girl he reached up and gave her large, nearly exposed tits a gentle squeeze and caused Jennifer to moan out loud. “Now, since you’ve told your parents you’ll be staying late to study we have the evening to ourselves. I wish to be comfortable. ”

“Yes, sir. ”Jennifer gave a sharp nod of her head and walked off into her teacher’s bedroom.

Joe watched Jennifer walk away, her short skirt swishing back and forth and exposing just the tiniest bit of ass flesh with each step. When the subservient girl returned he licked his lips at the sight of her massive tits, so large for her build, jiggling in her small bra.

Jennifer returned with Mr. Smith's robe and began to undress him. First his shirt, then his shoes, followed by his socks and finally his pants and underwear. She helped him into his robe and then took his clothes to the laundry so she could wash them later. She hadn’t bothered to close the robe in order to better service him and as she returned she saw his naked cock, already semi-hard, as well as his chest, torso, groin and thighs.

Jennifer knelt down and with one cloth covered hand began slowly jerking Mr. Smith's cock and using her other hand to massage his heavy balls. As his cock quickly hardened she guided it into her warm, open mouth and past her moist lips.

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  She closed her ruby red lips around his now hard cock and gripped his waist with both hands and began bobbing her head back and forth.

Joe gripped the back of his tender, young, subservient student's head to guide her as he moaned and reveled in the wet slurping sounds coming from Jennifer’s sucking mouth. Normally he liked a bit more fire in his conquests, but the power he now held over this young girl was intoxicating. His niece, Jessica Alba, was at his beck and call sexually but by far not nearly as submissive as Jennifer. But with Jennifer he could play out any sexual fantasy or urge that slid across his mind. He held complete power over the fresh, young girl. Well almost complete. There was still one last lesson.

As Joe felt his orgasm approach he tapped Jennifer on the top of her head. “That’s fine for now. You can start your chores. ”

Jennifer pulled Mr. Smith's cock from her mouth and kissed the velvet head. Looking up at him she quickly and obediently answered, “Yes, sir. ”

Joe sat down in his favorite chair, his robe still open, as Jennifer brought him a whiskey.

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  She made sure she bent at the waist as she placed his drink on the table beside him. He kissed each of her large orbs as she bent forward and placed his whisky down with one of her hands and stroked his cock twice with the other before walking away to complete her chores.

Joe watched the young girl walk around his house cleaning and straightening up. He enjoyed watching her fishnet clad legs, her giant breasts jiggling and her round, thong covered ass and pussy exposed every time she bent over. Every time he felt his dick start to soften he snapped his fingers and she would return, kneel without looking him in the face and suck his cock back to hardness. This routine went on for over an hour before he saw his opportunity to teach his student her last lesson.

As Jennifer was cleaning Mr. Smith's dining room table she dropped her cloth on the floor and bent at the knees to pick it up. Standing back up she went back to cleaning, her round ass pointing directly at her teacher.

Joe took a moment to admire the way Jennifer’s thong disappeared into the crack of her soft ass-cheeks as she was bending over. “Don’t move!Freeze right there," he barked out.

Jennifer froze immediately, exactly like she had been taught and fearing what was going to happen next as she heard her teacher rise and exit the room. She began shivering in a mix of fear and anticipation, cursing herself for forgetting to bend at the waist and not the knees. A moment later she heard her teacher return. “I’m sorry, sir.

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  Truly. I simply forgot. It’ll never happen again. ”Tears of shame began to fall from the young girl's eyes.

Joe walked up behind the frightened young girl and removed his robe. “I’ve gone over this with you again and again, Jennifer. I guess there’s only one thing left I can do to remind you. ”He dug into the cleft of Jennifer’s ass, gripping the flimsy material of her thong, jerking it off and causing the frightened young girl to squeal out.

Jennifer shook in fear of whatever was going to happen next. She desperately hoped it wasn’t another whipping. Suddenly she felt a cold splash across her naked ass and puckered asshole and a familiar scent filled her nose. “Lube?” she thought to herself. “What does he need lube for…?”“Oh God no, sir!”Ice seemed to run down her spine as she felt Mr. Smith place the spongy head of his dick against her virgin asshole.

“I’ve tried being nice about this.

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  But if this is what it takes to get you to remember your lessons, then it’s your fault. ”With a quick lunge Joe buried the first two inches of his thick cock into Jennifer’s tiny, tight, puckered asshole.

“AAAAGGGHHH!!!” Jennifer screamed out as her formally virgin ass was violated. Her massive tit’s spilled from her bra as she was thrown forward, her impressive chest pressed against the hard wood of the table.

Joe placed one hand in the middle of Jennifer’s back to keep her from moving and his other hand at her hip to steady her as he violated her soft body. He pressed inch after inch of his hard, thick, throbbing dick slowly into her tight ass. When he had first started fucking his young student he had found out she was a anal virgin and after deciding to turn her into his own personal sex slave he also decided to hold onto her anal cheery for a special occasion. And now he had one.

“Oh God, Sir!You’re ripping me apart!I’ll be good!I swear!I’ll never do it again!Please, sir, please. No more. ”Jennifer was crying at the pain and pressure of her teacher slowly shoving his massive prick into her tight ass. Her tears fell from her eyes, down her face and made small puddles on the table.

Joe took his time violating Jennifer’s sweet ass. He wanted her to feel every painful inch as he slowly raped her round rear-end. As he finally pushed the last of his cock deep into his student he could feel the heat radiating from her pussy as his cum filled balls pressed against her moist opening.



Jennifer continued sobbing as Mr. Smith released her back and gripped both of her hips and began to slowly pull back. A small squeak escaped her mouth as she felt another cold splash of lube at the stretched out entrance to her ass as he pushed back inside her and began raping her ass in earnest.

Joe eventually quickened his pace, his groin making slapping sounds against Jennifer's jiggling ass-cheeks with each thrust. As he built a rhythm he jerked her torso up by yanking on her hair and causing her to yell out again. The young girl screamed out in pain as her teacher rode her like a pony. “Fuck, Jennifer. You got the tightest little ass. This is it, Jennifer. From now on every time you misbehave, this is what happens. You understand me. Bad little girls get a cock shoved up their asses. Scream if you understand. ”

“Ohgod!Ahhh!I understand, sir!I swear I understand!” Jennifer screamed as Mr. Smith continued to yank her hair and rape her ass.

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Joe felt himself approaching orgasm with each thrust. He had turned this beautiful, young girl into a sobbing mess and he was enjoying the power he felt. He released Jennifer’s dark hair and reached both of his hands underneath her to grip and squeeze her dangling jugs.

“Oh God it Hurts!” Jennifer screamed as Mr. Smith squeezed hard on her large tits. Thrusting into her ass one last time he groaned out and came inside her while mauling her sensitive breasts. His thick cum filled her ass as he pumped his cock in and out of her tight rear-end two more times, making sure he drained every last drop. He released her pendulous tits before smacking her ass and letting her fall forward.

Jennifer collapsed on the table and then slid to the floor, going fetal and trying to use her hands to cover her painfully throbbing asshole and breasts.

“Jennifer… Jennifer…”Jennifer opened her eyes and raised her tear streaked fact up to look at her teacher as he whispered her name. The sight of her ruined mascara caused a small smile to tug at Joe’s mouth. “I’m talking to you, Jennifer. Don’t make me punish you again. ”

“N… n… no sir. Not again, sir,” Jennifer sobbed.

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“Good girl. Now clean my cock. ”

Jennifer shook as she got to her knees and her hands trembled as she softly grasp the base of her teacher’s now soft cock and began to slowly tug. She used her moist tongue to draw in the head of his sticky prick and sucked it into her mouth. She used her tongue to cover every square inch of her teacher’s sensitive dick, making sure she got every bit of lube and cum. She took the cock from her mouth and used her tongue to clean his dangling ball sack completely before letting the large orbs swing free.

When Jennifer was sure she had cleaned him she looked up expectantly,“You’re… you’re clean, s… sir. ”

Joe smiled down at the you girl’s tear stained face. “Very good, Jennifer. You may refresh my drink and then get back to work. ”

“Yes, sir. ”Jennifer tucked her large, abused tits back into her skimpy bra and straightened her skirt but her underwear was a complete loss so she used the remains to clean off the globs of lube and cum covering her ass and thighs. Mr. Smith had returned to his recliner and sat down completely nude as she refreshed his drink and began returning to her chores.

Joe lightly stroked Jennifer’s dangling tits as she bent at the waist to refresh his drink and then went back to work.

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  He loved the sight of her naked cunt-lips peeking out from below her ass every time she bent and snapped his fingers. She immediately returned to him, knelt down obediently and began sucking his semi-hard dick. He stroked her tits until her nipples hardened and pleasurable coos escaped from around his now hard cock.

Joe tapped the girl’s head and she immediately got up and went back to her work. He started following Jennifer around the house, stroking the soft flesh of her lush body and building up her arousal. He had raped his servant's ass just a short while ago and now because of his skilled fingers he could see her excited juices running down the insides of her thighs and soaking the tops of her stockings. He continued to follow her around the house, waiting for her to bend over and as she bent forward to place his laundry in the washer he slowly slid one of his talented fingers into her juicy pussy.

“Ooohhh…” Jennifer moaned as her greedy pussy was penetrated. Her teacher pulled his finger out to the last knuckle and then kept still, letting her begin to buck against his finger, using it to fuck herself. She was ashamed to be so horny for the man that had just raped her but what could she do?He was her teacher and she belonged to him.

Joe removed his finger from Jennifer’s wet cunt and licked her juices from his hand. He loved the sound of her moan of disappointment as he let her slide off his finger. “Finish the last of your chores and meet me in the living room. ”

“Yes, sir,” Jennifer breathlessly whispered and began straightening up as she heard her teacher leave her.

Joe moved to the couch and sat down in the middle, wanting plenty of room.


  He watched Jennifer enter and then kneel down in from of him with her hands clasp on her lap. He stroked her disheveled hair as he spoke to her, like an obedient pet. “You did very well tonight, Jennifer. Outside of that one episode, you were nearly perfect. ”

“Thank you, sir,” Jennifer made sure she kept her head bowed as she spoke.

“Yes. Very nearly perfect. I think you deserve a reward. What do you think, Jennifer?Do you think you deserve a reward?”

“Whatever you think, sir. ”Jennifer’s nipples throbbed and her needy pussy sizzled at the thought of getting a reward from her teacher.

“Yes. You deserve a reward. Would you like to cum, Jennifer?” Joe grinned as he continued to lovingly stroke Jennifer’s hair.

“Yes, sir. I want to cum.

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  ”Jennifer lifted her head up a little as she glared hungrily at Mr. Smith's hard, throbbing cock and licked her lips.

“And how would you like to cum, Jennifer?Would you like me to finger your wet, little cunt until you cum and then send you home?”Joe scratched behind Jennifer’s ear before leaning back on the couch and grinning.

“N… no, sir. ”Jennifer was about to scream in frustration. She needed that cock. She hungered for it to fill her pussy, the same cock that had raped her just a short while ago.

“Then what would you like as your reward, Jennifer?”

“I want you to maul my tits while I ride your cock until I explode. ”Jennifer began to unconsciously stroke her thighs as she stared hungrily at Mr. Smith's erect dick.

“Strip. ”

Jennifer leapt to her feet and quickly stripped off her bra, the movement causing her pale tits to dance around on her chest. Joe was constantly amazed by how firm her large tits were. Not a hint of sag at all. She pulled out her hair piece and her long, dark, wavy hair cascaded down to just past the middle of her slender back.

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  With a quick tug of the black bow and a shimmy of her hips she lost her apron and skirt.

“Leave the shoes and gloves on, Jennifer. ”Joe said as he took a moment to gaze at Jennifer’s naked body. His gaze started at her cute little feet encased in her black heels. His eyes traveled up to her lean legs and slender thighs wrapped in fishnet stockings. She kept a bit of pubic hair cut and shaved into a triangle pointing down to the top of her wet, swollen pussy lips. He licked his lips as his gaze went from Jennifer’s wide hips and flat stomach to her slender waist and up to her chest. Her large, succulent tits had stopped jiggling and stood large and proud on her chest as it rose and fell with each expectant breath. Lastly he gazed at her face, her mascara stained eyes were locked onto his hard cock. “Come get your reward, Jennifer. ”

Jennifer lunged at Mr. Smith, shoving him into the back of the couch and shoving her massive tits into his face as she climbed onto his lap. She gripped his rigid dick in one hand and lined it up to the entrance of her dripping cunt while using her other hand to hold his head to her quivering tits. With a quick downward thrust she impaled herself on her teacher’s throbbing cock and screamed out in lust, “OHFUCKYES!”

Joe gripped Jennifer’s hips as she started to buck against him and wrapped her arms around his head, pulling him tightly against her massive chest. He loved the fact that just a short while ago he had raped this tender, young girl and now she was so hot and wet for his cock.

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Joe enjoyed the feel of Jennifer’s large tits surrounding his head, the feel of her soft, warm, sweat slick flesh rubbing against his face as he tried to lick and suck every square inch. He was a little frustrated he wasn’t in control of her swinging breasts but contented himself to being nearly smothered in her heavenly tit flesh. This was her reward and if she wanted a quick and hard ride then that’s what she would get. He began thrusting his hips upwards in time to her downward thrusts and making the young girl squeal.

“Yeeesssss…” Jennifer squealed out. “Suck them!Suck my tits!Squeeze them!Please!”

Joe smiled in between Jennifer’s stifling breasts. He slid his hands up from her bucking hips and up her sweat slick back and up her front to her mountainous tits. He squeezed hard on each fleshy orb as his young student continued to ride him like a horse. Keeping her bouncing tits steadier he began sucking hard on her erect nipples as he kneaded her heavenly jugs.

“Yes, sir!Yes!Thank you, sir!Thank you!”Jennifer was lost to pure lust. All that mattered to her was the feel of her teacher’s hands and mouth on her tits and his large cock stretching and filling her burning pussy. She didn’t care about his teaching her to be his submissive fuck-doll, or his raping her and stealing her anal cheery. All that mattered to her was that he was rewarding her for her good work by letting her finally cum. Later she may feel slightly ashamed that he could turn her on so much, even when he was abusing her, but she knew she would quickly shake the thought out of her head. He was her teacher and she needed to make him happy.

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  Because whenever he was happy he would make her cum.

All that mattered to Jennifer was the feel of her teacher’s hard cock stretching her tight pussy or filling her warm mouth or sliding in and out in-between her tits. She loved the feel of his cock, anywhere in her or on her or even near her. As she lurched up and down on his dick she would scrap her hot cunt against his groin, stimulating her hard, erect clitty. The subservient young girl felt her orgasm start to build and began moaning deep in the back of her slender throat as she fucked herself on her teacher’s wonderful, throbbing tool.

Jennifer slammed her needy cunt down hard on Mr. Smith's erect dick, grinding her clit against his groin and burying his head inside of her massive cleavage as she came hard. Her burning, drooling pussy gripped his throbbing cock as she screamed out in pleasure. Her juices exploded out of her cunt and covered both her and his groins, soaking the couch. “Fuck Yes!I’m cumming!Thank You!”

As Joe felt his impressionable young student seize in the throes of her orgasm, he bit down on her tender tit flesh as he shot his load into her hot cunt. His thick, hot cum filled Jennifer’s gripping pussy, mixing with her juices as she collapsed against him. Her sweat slick body melded itself against his and her large tits nearly completely engulfed his whole heard. He continued to lightly suck and nibble at her heaving chest, occasionally causing the young girl to whimper or shudder, and smiled to himself. The fact that he could actually suffocate in her delicious cleavage amused him to no end.

Joe stroked Jennifer’s flanks and back before giving her a playfull pat on one of her glistening ass-cheeks.

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  “Up and attem, Jennifer. You need to get me cleaned up before you leave. ”Joe would never let Jennifer clean herself up at his house before she left, he preferred to send her home soiled and cum-streaked.

“Yes sir, Mr. Smith,” Jennifer breathlessly responded as she began disentangling her nude body from her teacher. As she lifted her chest she heard one of her nipples “pop” from his mouth and felt their cum slide out of her well fucked pussy. She knew her job well: Run the water, gather the towels and washcloths, dry him completely and then dress him. She took great pride in the fact that she had never been disciplined for her technique and had often used her large tits to rub and clean her teacher.

“And one more thing, Jennifer. ”

“Yes sir, Mr. Smith?”

“I think you have finally learned everything I can teach you. ”

“Really sir?”

“Yes, Jennifer. Tonight you have graduated. ”

“Oh Thank you, sir!”Jennifer hugged her now former teacher. So proud and so happy to no longer be his student.

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“Now, Jennifer. I’m no longer your teacher. ”Joe patted Jennifer’s back as she continued to hug him with her tits pressed hard against his chest.

Jennifer quickly released her former teacher in embarrassment. “No, no. You’re right. Sorry. It won’t happen again. Master. ”Jennifer nearly skipped off to the bathroom to prepare it for her new master. She was so excited and proud of herself for graduating from student to slave.

Joe chuckled to himself as he stood and watched the naked ass of his sex slave. A sense of pride filled him for a job well done.


Eliza Dushku was a young school girl known as a “townie” in a rundown neighborhood in Boston. She made good enough grades in school, not great but good enough, and was planning to head to a local community college and get out of her shitty life.


  She liked her friends well enough even though most of them were stoners or worse, but her parents were a whole other story.

Her family had started out like any other working class family in a low class Boston neighborhood, but as work dried up her parents were forced to work more and more for less and less. Eliza’s mother had eventually become a prostitute and a crack whore, spreading her legs for whoever had 50 bucks or a big enough rock. Eliza’s father slowly became a drunk, and a mean drunk at that. Now whenever he was home Mr. Dushku drank himself into a stupor, yelled at her mother whenever she was home or berated Eliza for anything he could think of.

When Eliza had come home from school today her father was already there and looked as drunk as usual in his recliner. She had to endure his insults that she was a prissy little bitch who though she was better than her parents and that she was going to end up a whore like her mother and that as soon as she was old enough they were going to pull her out of school and force her to get a job. The second her father shut up long enough to get a beer she ran to her room, locked the door and turned her stereo up loud to cover up the sounds of him ranting and raving outside her door. After beating on her door for 18 minutes and yelling at her to let him in her father left after calling her a “whore and a bitch”. She quickly started her homework, wanting to keep her grades up, but found it hard to concentrate. Not because of her dad but because she had a big date tonight.

Eliza had been going steady with her boyfriend for several months now and had been taking their relationship slowly. They hadn’t had sex yet but had pretty much done everything else. She was so scared about getting pregnant and stuck in her neighborhood that she’d insisted and her boyfriend was very patient since she’d wanted to wait on extra month for her birth control pills to kick in before “going all the way”.

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  And tonight was that night.

It was easy to see why Eliza’s boyfriend was happy to wait for a chance to sleep with her. She had long, dark brown hair and deep, dark eyes. She had a generous mouth with deep dimples and her hair framed her face in cascading waves. She had large B-cup breasts, almost a C, that jiggled easily whenever she moved but didn’t sag a single inch. She had an athletic body with only the slightest hint of baby fat, a taunt abdomen and a small waist with a firm ass and slender legs. Even though she was a knock out to look at it was her sexy, rasping voice that turned her boyfriend on the most. He got a hard-on every time she moaned his name.

Eliza decided she couldn’t concentrate on her homework anymore, she was just too turned on. Tonight was the night she’d giver herself to her boyfriend. Tonight she was going to lose her virginity. She quickly put up her books and stripped naked, throwing her clothes in a pile and taking a moment to look at herself in her full length mirror. “Not bad,” She thought to herself as she lifted her breasts up and jiggled them at her reflection as she made kissy faces to herself. She cooed to herself as she pinched her nipples and released her plump tits. She turned around so she could see herself from behind and looked at her ass.

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  She gave herself a quick slap and winked at her reflection. “Not too bad either. Not too bad at all. ”Eliza grinned to herself as she walked away from her mirror and started to pick out her clothes.

Eliza already knew what underwear she’d be wearing, having shop-lifted them from the local mall’s Victoria’s Secret earlier that week. Her panties were a dark red, lace thong that was nearly transparent so you could see her bald labia and the little hint of pubic hair right above her slit. The thong disappeared between her pale ass-cheeks and fit snuggly against her groin. Her bra was a push-up bra the same color as her panties and lifted her tits up, making her large B-cups look like moderate C-cups. She bent over in front of her mirror, looking at her bra covered tits and smiled. “I don’t know how long I’ll be wearing this, but my tits will look fabulous in it. ”She palmed both of her meaty orbs and cooed again, “I’m so hot I’m turnin’ myself on.

It took Eliza a little longer to choose her clothes than her underwear. Being poor meant she didn’t have a lot of fancy clothes and she was having to make due with whatever she could find. After trying on nearly everything she owned, which wasn’t much, she finally found what she thought was the perfect outfit for having sex for the first time.

She wore her good pair of Mary Jane shoes over her thigh high pair of socks with pink stripes at the tops.

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  She’d settled on the short, nearly white denim skirt that barely covered the tops of her thighs and gave tantalizing glimpses of the pink stripes whenever she moved her legs to far apart. “I wonder if he’ll want me to keep the socks on when we make love?I hope so,” she giggled to herself. She wore a black leather belt to match her shoes and to help keep her skirt from moving around too much. “Nope. Nobody gets to see my thong tonight except my special guy. ”Her top was a plain, white spaghetti strap T-shirt a size too small to showcase her impressive amount of cleavage and a gauzy light blue shirt over that.

“God. I’m wicked hot,” Eliza said out loud to herself. “Who wouldn’t wanna fuck me?”

Eliza ran her hands up and down her young body, smoothing out her clothes and then kept the motions after. “Oooh, yes," she whispered. Ever since she had decided to lose her virginity Eliza had become a chronic masturbator. She couldn’t help herself. Something would strike her as vaguely sexual and she’d have to go and fuck herself. She masturbated at least four times a day at school and then three or four more times after she got home. And her weekends had become nothing more that locking herself in her room and spending the whole time with her hand between her legs.


  A few times she’d even invited her boyfriend over to watch. Also, she was embarrassed to admit, she’d even started humping her furniture. There was literally not a piece of furniture in her room she hadn’t humped and came on. And only last week she had finger-fucked herself until her hand had cramped.

Eliza bit her lower lip as her hands rose up and began to squeeze her plump tits. She loved the way the satin bra felt rubbing against her hard nipples and cooed to herself. She moaned deep in her throat as she closed her eyes and smiled and felt her virgin pussy begin to get wet.

“Oh shit,” she suddenly blurted out as she released her full tits and quickly pulled her scarlet thong down over her pale thighs and to her knees. “Can’t ruin these yet,” she thought as she pulled her tight skirt up over her wet pussy and pale ass-cheeks, baring her groin. “Just in case I squirt. ”

Eliza hobbled over to her bed post and placed her drooling pussy against the cool, round, hard surface. “Oh baby. I love you so much,” she cooed, pretending the bed post was her boyfriend’s muscular thigh. She slowly began grinding and humping her hot cunt against the bed post using one hand to steady herself and the other to palm one of her heaving tits.

“Ohohohoh…” Eliza began chanting under her breath as she rhythmically humped the bed post.

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  She licked her lips and tried to raise one of her slender legs up, nearly ripping her thong.

“Shit!” Eliza gasp as she finally got her leg free and wrapped it around her bed post and began humping harder and harder. She squeezed her tits harder and harder, freeing them from their red cups, switching between palming the succulent flesh and pinching and twisting her pink nipples.

“God!I’m horrible. I’m gonna be a one man slut,” she thought to herself and grinned. “I’m gonna wear my sweetie's cock out. ”Eliza pulled her T-shirt down, giving her tits more room to sway on her chest and slid a finger on her other hand down to her puckered asshole. She had discovered she liked having her asshole played with during one of her more adventurous finger-bang sessions but was still a little nervous about the idea of anal sex. Still, she gathered some of the slick fluids from her pussy and slid her middle finger slowly into her tight ass.

“Oh yes!Such a slut. ”She thought she’d eventually learn to love anal sex. She thought her boyfriend would like to try it. She thought he would be her first, last and only. She also thought she was alone.

Eliza had no idea that her father had drilled small holes in her room so he could watch her.

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  In the weeks since she had started masturbating, her father had stood outside her room and watched every second of it. Eliza’s father had went straight to her door after she had locked it and used the hole he had drilled into the door frame and started watching her as she changed clothes. “Fucking little slut," he muttered as he stared, bent over spying and jerking his cock.

Eliza and her mother didn’t know her father had stopped looking for work. Now he just stayed at home all day waiting for Eliza to get home so he could watch her. He hadn’t even touched his wife in months due to the idea of fucking her after so many other men made him sick but here was his daughter, so young, so fresh, so tight and so ready to fuck. He had even cut down on his drinking, not wanting to miss a second of jacking off to the sight of his daughter’s nude body. And what a body she had. He hadn’t seen a tight body like that in years.

Mr. Dushku was amazed when his daughter had given up using just her hands and fingers to masturbate with and started just humping her furniture. “Bitch is like a fucking dog in heat. Nah. Not a dog. Not old enough yet.

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  Bitch is like a little, horny puppy,” he thought as he watched his daughter raise one of her legs up, free it from her little slut panties and wrap it around the bed post.

“Fuck, baby. You are one hot, little young slut just waiting for it, ain’t 'cha?” Mr. Dushku whispered to himself as he continued to fist his throbbing cock. The sight of his inexperienced daughter with her panties down around her ankle, her slender leg wrapped around the bed post, the little peek of her juicy pussy, the sight of her ass clenching as she humped against the hard wood and her swinging tits was nearly too much for him. The last straw was when she reached her hand down and started fingering her little asshole.

“Fuck it,” Eliza’s father said as he stood up and quickly stripped his pants off.

Eliza whispered as she chewed her lower lip with her eyes closed and approached her orgasm. “So close. Almost here. Almost… mmm… yes…”

With a sudden bang Eliza was startled out of her daydream of making love to her boyfriend as her bedroom door flew open. “Fuckin’ slut!I’ll teach you to think you’re too good for us!” her father yelled.

Eliza was stunned. Her father was standing in her doorway wearing just his socks and a dirty, white T-shirt and had a massive erection. Her father’s cock bobbed up and down for a second before becoming still and pointing straight at her.

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  “Daddy, whaa…?” she began before realizing what this could mean. “Daddy No!” she yelled in fear.

Eliza tried to run for her window to escape but with her leg wrapped around her bed post and her panties around her ankle she tripped. She landed face down on her bed, her naked ass pointing high into the air and presenting a tempting target for her enraged father.

Her father leapt at Eliza, tackling her and pressing her down flat with his ridged cock sliding up the inside of her thighs. “Ooowwww Daddy!No!Please no!” she screamed as her father gripped her legs and spread her thighs. The muscles in her legs burned with the pain of her father forcing them so far apart and baring her gleaming, pink pussy.

Mr. Dushku pushed the spongy head of his throbbing dick into the hot entrance to his daughter’s pussy. “This is it, you little bitch. This is what happens to stuck-up little sluts like you,” he whispered into his daughter’s ear.

Eliza noticed the absence of alcohol on his breath, meaning he was sober, meaning he wasn’t just drunk, meaning her father actually wanted to rape her. Her heart plummeted at the thought that her own father believed that his daughter deserved to get raped. “Oh God, Daddy, no!” she screamed as he lunged over her, thrusting his hard cock deep into her pussy and tearing away her virginity.

Eliza’s hot pussy was so juicy and wet that Mr.

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   Dushku bottomed out with one thrust, his cum filled balls pressing against her swollen labia. “Sweet Jesus. So fuckin’ tight,” Mr. Dushku gasped in surprise. “Maybe you weren’t a slut like your Ma. ‘Course, I’m about to change that real quick. ”

Mr. Dushku kept his ridged prick buried inside his daughter’s formally virgin pussy. He hadn’t felt a cunt this tight in years and none of the girls he had back when he was younger were nearly as hot as his school-age daughter. He just laid there for a moment and basked in the hot, wet, tightness of his young daughter’s beautiful body.

With a quick lurch Mr. Dushku began jack-hammering away into his daughter’s tight cunt. “Fuckin’ take it, you bitch!Take your Daddy’s cock like the whore you are!”Every rapid fire thrust caused Eliza to gasp out in pain and her father loved every sound she made in her husky, sexy voice. “Make some noise, slut!You love it and you know it. Squeal for me.

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  Squeal for Daddy. ”

Her father thrust harder into Eliza’s vulnerable cunt and caused her to yell out. “Oh Fuck, Daddy!It hurts!Pleasepleasepleaseplease stop!” she screamed with tears falling from her eyes, smearing her mascara and staining her sheets. “Uhuhuhuhuh…” she gasped as her father continued his rapid fire rape of her body. “How much longer can this last?” she thought to herself, just wanting the assault to end. Fear coursed through her as she felt a familiar tingle in her pussy. “No!”With every thrust her father was forcing her pelvis down onto her mattress, stimulating her clit while his thick cock stretched her tender pussy and rubbed against her G-spot. With every piston like movement of her rapist father’s angry cock her body was responding more and more to the erotic stimuli.

“Oooohhhh…” Eliza moaned out as she felt her pussy throb in unwanted pleasure. Her erect nipples rubbing against her sheets were sending electric shocks of pleasure down her spine to her tight cunt which was practically drooling in pleasure. “Don’t cum, don’t cum, don’t cum…” she pleaded to herself, but she knew already it was going to be a lost cause. She had been so turned on and already about to cum when her father had burst in that her body was simply responding to any erotic stimuli. Her body needed to cum. It craved a cock thrusting into her, even if it was her rapist father’s.



   Dushku was in heaven. His daughter’s tight cunt was gripping his cock like a vice, it was the absolutely the tightest he had ever felt. He changed his position slightly, rising up more on his knees and raising his upper body slightly. He gripped his daughter’s long, brown hair and yanked her up off the mattress. Eliza was now resting on her elbows and screaming out in pain at having her hair pulled. He thrust his prick down straighter and was hitting Eliza’s G-spot with every thrust. Not that he cared about the unwanted erotic sensations he was giving his daughter, all he cared about was reaching up his daughter’s chest and kneading her swaying tits. Her warm flesh felt like silk in his hand.

“Oh God!No!” Eliza screamed. Her father was molesting her sensitive tits and his probing cock was stimulating her pussy and clit. Stretching her wet cunt, filling her hot pussy, making her scream out.

“Oh Fuck. Nonononononono!” Eliza screamed out as she finally came. Her juicy pussy clamped down on her father’s raping cock and her body spasmed and twitched as her sweet juices covered her and her father’s groins and soaked her sheets.

“Fuck Yes!” Mr.

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   Dushku yelled out. He buried his cock as deep inside his daughter’s clutching cunt and came. He shot thick load after thick load of cum into Eliza’s pussy, draining his balls and yelling out with a sense of triumph. “Fuck. Hell. God, baby. If I knew you were this good of a lay, I would’a rode your ass years ago. ”He gave a playful slap to his daughter’s pale ass. “Even got ya off. Guess there’s no dick like your daddy’s dick, huh?”He pulled his now soft dick out of her abused pussy with a wet slurp, his and his daughter’s cum draining down onto her ruined sheets.

As soon as her father’s oppressive weight lifted Eliza curled up in a ball and great racking sobs escaped from her chest as she tried to talk, “F… fuck… fuck you, you… bastard!”She pulled her stained bed clothes up to cover her exposed body.

Mr. Dushku smirked as he used Eliza’s scarlet panties to clean off his and his daughter’s cum. “Now don’t be like that sweetie. ”He threw Eliza’s panties at her head and began pulling on his underwear and jeans.

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“Fuck… fuck you, you fucking rapist pig!”Eliza couldn’t tell if she was more upset by her father raping her or the fact she had cum. “I’ll fucking kill you!”

Mr. Dushku finished dressing himself and glared at Eliza. She looked even better crying. “Ain’t nothin’ more than a slut like ya ma. I been watchin’ ya for weeks. Humpin’ yourself up against every piece of furniture that I spent hard earned money for. Act like a slut, ya get treated like a slut. Just consider this payment for food and rent, bitch. I’ll be seein’ you next time ya wanna eat," Mr. Dushku chuckled as he turned around to leave.

“You pig!” Eliza screamed. “You fucking raped me you fucking bastard!Your own daughter!”Eliza leapt up and threw her pillow at her father, her breasts still exposed and heaving as she panted and her father left her room.

“Like I’m your real father. Your mother was always a slut.

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  By the way, no more doors on your room or bathroom, bitch,” Mr. Dushku sneered.

Eliza’s mouth hung open in shock. “Not my real father?”“I gotta get outta here. ” she whispered as she collapsed on the bed and cried herself to sleep. She didn’t even wake up when her father came in hours later in the middle of the night to stare at her exposed body, jacking off and cumming on her slumbering face.

To be continued….





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