True Story Cousin Love


Me and my cousin have always had a bond. I've always found her really attractive and she felt the same way about me. She lives in another state so we would visit on once in a while. She is four years older than me. This story took place when I was 18 and she was 22. We were visiting our relatives like we do every couple years. It's my uncle, aunt, a girl cousin and two boy cousins. Since me and my girl cousin were a bit older, we would stay up longer. While everyone was asleep, me and her started watching a movie on the couch. I soon began to drift away into asleep. I then woke up to my cousin rubbing my thighs and near my crotch. She saw me waking up but continued to rub anyways. As soon as i wake up she tells me she doesn't wanna pretend she doesn't want it anymore.

She then sits on me cowgirl style and we start passionately kissing. This happened for a couple minutes until she started kissing me lower and lower. She removed my shorts and boxers and started giving me oral.

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   I couldn't be believe my penis was in my cousins mouth. This is what we've wanted for so long. After a couple minutes I asked her if she wanted to take this to the bedroom. She agreed and we went inside, locking the door. We kissed again as she was taking of her clothes and mine. i put her on the bed and proceeded to give her oral. I soon after started kissing her up from her stomach to her breasts and lips. She whispered I want youinside me to which I started to plunge my penis inside her. We both proceed to let out a pleased moan as I thrusted my hips. We had passionate sex and afterwards looked at each other in amazement. We put our clothes back on, we gave each a kiss goodnight and i went back to the couch to sleep. Just like that, my night of fantasy and amazement was over. Till this day, we haven't done it again nor attempted it. We both are in relationships and still have a normal cousin relationship. I will never forget the events of that night.

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