Trip with mom


Hi Rahul here and regular reader of sex stories specially incest, but never thought it could happen in my real life. My age is 24 and living with my widow mom (Kavya) who is 46 years in a high profile apartment. She works in a software company in good position and after my graduation I too joined same company as she helped to get job there by her influence. Now both together go to office and come home regularly and gradually we became close friends, there is nothing mom-son relationship between us its just purely friendship between us, and during weekend we both used to have parties in our house (only we both) have drinks and sometimes visit pubs too. So by her looks is concerned she used to do regular exercises and keep herself fit and curvy, and even I too visited gym and keep myself strong. During my free hours when I was in house I used to surf nets (especially hot things) and read lots of sex stories, but never thought of happening with me.
Once it happened that during December we had little work in office and mom planned to take leave for a week and go to some other place for refreshment. So we both took leave from office and went tokullu manaliit is very cold place and that too in December it’s very cold. There is snow fall during that time so that we can play in snow and have good site seeing and refresh ourselves. First we booked hotel single room for us and stayed there. First day we went to Rohtang Pass and enjoyed the beauty of it and later visited other place.
So second day we visited Nehru kund where we had lots of snow games there and while returning we saw few tents where the couples spend their nights in cold with fire camps ETC. then mom suggested hey let’s stay her tonight and I said yes. Then we have rented a tent house which is sufficient for both of us and we selected a place bit far from others near water beside a big rock. Around night it was about 9 pm we bought Vodka and having that in our tent at night. She was wearing a sleeveless skirt covering a shall over it, but her skirt was upto knee so when she sat down in front of me I can see her knees and sometimes thighs.

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We are talking casually about work and all, and then suddenly she asked me do you have any girlfriends. I said no then she asked as your good friend I am asking you, do u like sex. I was shocked to hear this and said I like bit.

Mom “ you like bit or more tell me dear”
Me “ yes I like as all like it na”
Mom “ I think u like bit more Iknow”
When I asked how
She told “I saw many books under your bed and also I know the sites you visit in your computer”
I was bit ashamed and put head down. Then she came near me and said
“ hey no worried it happens at your age and even I too see those sites some time” then I was bit relaxed and was comfortable talking with her.
I said “u too like it and how you control as dad is not there now”
She was bit upset and I asked do u miss him.
Then she told yessss but not fully as you look same like him only and I always see him in u and I smiled and hugged me. And said when it comes to bed (means sex) I really miss him a lot. i too said ohhhhhhhhhhhh sorry

Then suddenly she told
Mom“Can you fill his place and be ur dad”
Me “what”
Mom “Only you can fill his place as you are like ur dad, can you be my hubby”
Me “but how come me its not good”
Mom “you read many incest stories na, I too read those kept under your bed, and u liked right, and few stories are real, tell me u like me”
I was quite
She slowly removed her shawl and made her skirt up and thighs visible, and it a hottest thing and slight my cock was up.
Then she kept hand on cock over my shorts and said if you feeling this things with my thighs u like na
And slowly I too smiled and suddenly she was happy and hugged me tight and kissed, slowly our lips met and started kissing lips then tongue met and she inserted tongue in my mouth and having my saliva. Then we stood up and again started kiss, later heard somebody’s voice and separated. I went out and saw people still awake and having fun sitting near fire camp then I came inside closing our tent zip and when I turned I saw she rmoved her top and skirt standing in bikini for me. I was stunned to see her such a wonderful figure in bikini, like a model, but model are bit thinner, she is not thin but perfect figure.

After closing our tent I just imm removed my short and tshit and stood in underwear went her to hug.
As its cold when I hugged I never felt its cold felling its very hot season and kissing her neck, she was saying ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmmmmmm
Suddenly she sat down and pulled my underwear down and took in hand and said
“woooooow really ur manhook is huge and strong, even ur dad don’t have such”
Then kissed it everywhere and took in mouth, sucking, I was like in heaven and moaning mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm yeeeeees kavyaaaaaaaaa yeeeees.

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   Then after some time she stood and removed her panty and slept down and told
“My pussy is waiting for such a huge cock after ur dad died, plz satisy it”
Then as she slept slept I saw hairy cute small (Not so big) pussy and inserted my figure and went to kiss
Then she stopped and said
“Plzsatisfy its hunger and we have all the and u do what ever u like later so fuk me plz”
And I slowly inserted my cock insider pussy half has gone, she started moaning ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhh, insert fuullllllly
Then I rmoved it and again pushed and it went fully inside then she had a loud maon uffffffffffffffffff u killed meeeeeeeeeeeeeee ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. I was about to removed and put again, she told wait for a moment let it be inside my pussy I want to feel it so I kept inside and later slowly rmoved and againg started
For my each and every shot she was making sounds ahhhhhh ahhhhh rajjjjj yeeees haaaaa fuck fuck fuckkkkkk hardand lifting her ass so that its usefule for me.
Before her legs are straight then bent her legs and locked over my ass and saying harderrrrrrr harderrrrrrr harderrrrrrr ahhhhhh ahhhhhh yeeeeeeeesssssssyeeeeeeeesssssss yeeeeeeeesssssss uffffffffffff hmmmmmmmm hmmmmm. I was fking and fking and within few second l was about to cum,
I too moaning and ahhhhhh kavya I was abt to cum now , she told cum in my pussy only plzzzzzzzzzzz so I cummed there inside pussy all my cum went there and I kept cock inside and fell on her kissing and saw her very very happy saying thanks and looks tired, I never such happiness in her face. When I rmoved my cock I saw bit my sperm coming out of hr pussy and wiped with towel and we both slept there, then we got up and had drinks and again we had 2 more wonder ful sessions with I tell later if you like this plz mail to daskavya1@gmail. com






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