Torture is Love by TomiTank


Contains BDSM, Femdom submission. But is essentially a love story.

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     "I'm sorry Mistress. I can't help it. I love you. I will never say that to you again because I know it hurts you. " But Mistress Emma wouldn't listen to me. My pleading and begging was of no use. I was lying on my back, in the middle of the street.  My arms wide open, legs spread-eagle, both tied to metal pins on either side. I was unable to move.

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   Then Mistress Emma started to open her boots. As she slid her sexy legs out of her boots one by one she kept her gaze fixed on me. She smiled at me. I love to see that sexy evil look on her face.

     Mistress Emma took her boots in one hand, and with the other hand she started to open her sweaty black socks.  She put one sock into the other, and then bundled them together. "Open your mouth slave!", she commanded.

     "Please don't do this" I begged her. This made her very angry and she kicked me on my balls very hard. It made me scream and Mistress Emma forced her thick smelly socks into my mouth. Now I couldn't even talk! I was helpless. Her stinky socks wouldn't fit inside my mouth, so Mistress Emma used her right foot to gag them further into my throat.  I could hardly breathe, and whatever air that did go in, was filled with the leathery aroma of Mistress Emma's toes.  Then Emma walked back to my motorcyle that was parked a few metres ahead of where I was bound and gagged. I was very scared when I saw her coming back towards me with a roll of duct tape in her hands.

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     Even though Mistress knew that I was struggling to breathe, she wouldn't let me have enough.

She wanted to torture me more because I had the guts tho tell her that I truly loved her. Emma said to me "Close your lips".

     I tried my best to force my lips shut, but her socks had filled my entire mouth.  I tried harder. Just as my lips touched, Mistress slapped tape very hard over my mouth. I was now lying bound and helpless in the middle of the street, unable to move, and unable to speak. I had no choice but to constantly taste her wet socks. The stink of her socks filled my skull, and all the sweat and filth of her feet went directly into me. Her socks really went deep in my throat. I was seriously struggling to breathe. I tried to shout "Mistress please don't hurt me anymore! I might die Emma!". But all that came out was muffled noises.

     I raised my head a little, and looked at Mistress Emma's face. She was really enjoying seeing me suffer.

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   She had that merciless look in her eyes. That sexy look which I fell in love with. She smiled and said "You like what you taste, cutie?" I didn't know what to do. But I knew that she knew I loved anything she would do to me. "Hahah! Don't try to talk slave, the only purpose of your throat, is the be gagged by my filthy socks!" Mistress then cruelly placed her right boot on my face, then put her right foot in it. She wore her left boot in the same manner. Then she turned around.  Lying under her, I saw the most breathtaking sight in the world, the sight of Mistress's warm ass. Then she walked away from over me.

     I heard her foot steps getting softer. I raised my head and saw her getting on my motorcycle, and then putting on ignition. I was scared to death. She spoke loudly so I could hear "Don't you dare move slave!" I couldn't if I wanted to. I wouldn't even if I could, because she told me not too.

     Oh God no! Mistress was going to use me as a human ramp! She was going to drive over my balls and kill me! I was gonna' die today! Mistress Emma was looking straight into my eyes and said "You really are the cutest slave.

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   Maybe in a different world, we could've been together.  But never mind. " She smiled and put the motorcle on gear. "Don't worry slave, I promise it's going to be a very slow and torturous death. Hahaha!" From over my legs, seeing her getting closer and closer, my eyes were begging for mercy.  But Emma had none in her heart. She aimed the front wheel of her motorcycle over my groin. I tried shout out "Emma please stop! I love you! Don't kill me!" I was completely helpless. She rode the front wheel of her motorcycle over my dick and braked.  The entire weight was on my dick and balls. The pain was unbelievably intense. I saw my life flash before my eyes. I screamed but not a sound came out.  It made me swallow her socks deeper into my throat. Emma began to laugh out loud.



     She looked down from over the handlebars, and her beautiful red hair fell over the left side of her face. She stared at me naked. I looked at the beauty spot on the side of her juicy lips. It made me feel better. Then she started laughing again "Oh dear baby, does it hurt? My poor slave.  Mommy will make it all beter". She released the brakes and the motorcycle slowly started moving forward, grinding my penis into the ground. The excruciating pain only kept getting worse. Even my past lives started to flash before my eyes. Then her motorcycle's rear wheel crashed over my groin so hard that blood exploded from my groin. I couldn't breathe anymore. Her socks went deeper into my throat.

     As her motorcycle's rear wheel drove over my groin, my sternum broke and the wheel collapsed into my chest. My heart stopped beating. The last thing I could hear was her joyous laughter, and the last sight I saw was that of her sexy body on top of mine.

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   Lying under her-the world's most beautiful sight, tasting the sweat of her feet, I died at that instant, still in love.






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