The sex maidens



After the collapse of the world government and its iron fist terror grip on power for 7 years mankind had been nearly decimated..

The remaining survivors vowed to never again make the mistakes of the past opting for the first time in human history for a stateless society where people would organize themselves as they see fit a panarchy.

Out of the ashes of the old world many of the survivors specially women had been sold as sex slaves by the former ruling elite and of those most had no skills other than prostitution. A group of these women created the order of the sex maidens

Like post apocalyptic Geishas and Scorts combination they differentiated themselves from everyone by never wearing any clothes only high heel shoes and a belt in which they carried whatever currency they preferred be it gold,silver or bitcoin the only surviving fiat currency of the old world, a sidearm and pepper spray for protection as the order vowed never to be victims again but the biggest currency they used to trade goods and services was sex itself.

At any moment they would be fondled,suckled and made to cum in exchange for just about everything under the sun if they wanted to use their sex as currency.

After many years the order rose in both prestige and popularity many girls dreamed of becoming Sex Maidens the order set 18 as the age limit and this where our story begins.





Read The sex maidens to enjoy enticing twists from our creative writers

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