The End Of Sleep Over Games


The End Of Sleepover Games

The 1st part of this story started over 4 years ago, Now i give you the Ending of this story

Over the past for years me andJosh went from expermenting with each others cocks to sleep over cock sucking through out most of the night, we however would never do anal or kissing and did not get into a relationship, keeping our sex life a secret which made it more interesting, that was the line we would not cross, but what we did still was so enjoyable
and over the years i had become the cock whore for him, but all good things come to an

For those who have not read the first part, Josh, a tall, fit twink with brown hair, firm ass and a nice meaty 7 inch cock, now Ray "me" i was just a bit taller with shaved dark blonde hair, slim thou over the years i did gain a bit of meat..not alot lol, with a round ass and a 7inch cock but looks and feels smaller then Joshs, anyways back to the story

Josh was starting to find liking another guy and he wanted to find himself in a relationship which would make an end to our fun, i understood where he wanted to go and we had a good run but we both decided one more night of fun to end things on a high note, so we dicussed and organised it and the date was set, having the house to myself i had set up everything before he arrived and we were going to spend the day/night gaming and sucking each others cocks

i had it planned out too, first thing when he let himself in, i was going to be in the shower with the door open wait for him to join me but i he didn't cause he was on the phone when he arrived unfortunetly, how ever i took matter into my own hands, we had had fun in the shower before, sucking each other in the shower and i wanted to expereince that again, so him just coming over right after finishing work, knowing he had to have a shower, i waited a bit then "reminded" him

"Hey josh didnt you need a shower?"

"Haha thanks Ray i completely forgot about that"

"Well i still gotta load up this game so you might as well do that while i set this up"

so after that he gets up, gets his bag grabbing his clothes and heads to the shower, i wait a minute for the water to run, get undressed and my cock hardens in excitement, i walk up to the door and its just open enough for me to see the mirror and see his reflection in the shower, his naked wet body, his cock looking semi hard, i had to have it, it looked so good, so i slowly walk in and open the shower door

As he turns around im already on my knees and hands wrapped around his cock while i look up at him, his cock goes rock hard so quickly and just look up at him while i jerk is hard
cock, slowly moving my lips towards it and as it touches, his shaft slides right into my
mouth, slowly sucking and bobbing down on his cock, one hand grabbing his balls and the other jerking his cock, i had wanted his cock so bad i was sucking and jerking it so fast i knew i had him close to cumming

we had never tasted each others cum, specially myself, i could never want the taste of cum in my mouth cause i thought it taste bad and we would normally warn each other when we are about to cum, this time josh forgot to warn me, i was sucking and jerking so fast, his cock tasted so good to suck on, time to time i would lick down is shaft and suck on his balls then lick back up then slide his tip back into my mouth, either the shower was to loud to hear him or he didn't say anything, i felt a pulse in his cock then the taste of warm cum in my mouth

"oh crap ray im sorry i forgot to say anything"

"its ok dude maybe next time say something haha" as i said while spitting out the surprisingly tasty cum, when the taste of his cum entered my mouth it was a shock, it didnt taste bad at all, cause of that we totally forgot about my cock being left out of the fun, so we got out of the shower, got ourselves dry and dressed, went out to the lounge room and started gaming for a bit

While we were playing on the laptop playing some SNES Emulators, i kept thinking to
about what happened in the shower, him cumming in my mouth, the thought of it made
me want to try it again and see what happens, so i teased him a bit, constantly rubbing my cock making it look like i was "adjusting" myself and each time i did, he kept looking over,
his pants were a bit tight and i could tell he was getting hard when his bulge was bigger
then mine and i saw my chance

"Hey dude im grabbing a coke, you want one?"

"sure thing dude, if theres any snacks can you get them too"

"sure ill give you a snack" i thought to myself as i walked past him, i walk outside and grab the drinks and put them on the bench before going back into the lounge, i strip down all my clothes and get my cock hard again, i ask out to him

"dont care what the snack is dude?"

"yeah anything dude"

with that said i walk out to him sitting on the floor eyes fixated on the screen with my cock rock hard, then walk right infront of him and force my cock into his mouth, like he was expecting it he already knew what to do, working his tounge around the shaft and knob of my cock, fuck it felt so good, he had experince with more cocks and had more practice then i did, from sucking deep to licking the shaft then sucking hard on the knob, fuck it was good, but i wanted something else, i wanted to taste his cum again

As i told him to lay down i was already taking his pants and underwear off to reveal his
hard tasty cock spring out as his underwear was removed from him, i was licking my lips
for his cock and i got to have my snack, without wasting time i had his cock deep in my throat and it tasted so good, bobbing up and down on his hard shaft, my fingers running up and down his body, josh would time to time thrust his cock into my mouth like he was fucking it or push my head up and down like a fuck doll, my tounge wrapped round his cock and fingers massaging his balls

"ray im going to cum soon im really close" josh warned me but was ignoring his warning, i wanted to taste his warm cum and maybe even swallow his load, so with knowing he was close i picked it up, sucking and bobbing down on the tip of his cock while my hands jerked it, i wanted it and i knew he had to be so close as he was starting to thrust his cock into my mouth and i could start to feel his balls tense and his cock started to pulse

"Dude move im bout to cum" he tried to move his cock out of my mouth, but i held him
and his cock still as i continued to suck on his cock then just like that, his cock was puslating and cum was shooting into my mouth and i kept sucking while shot into my mouth and with the last drop, i slowly slipped his cock out of my mouth and swallowed his load which to my surprise was nice to do, josh was in awe of what happened, he looked at me which such relief and surprise to what i had done

"dude that felt so fucking good but why didn't you move" josh asked

"when i tasted it in the shower it wasn't as bad as i thought so i thought id do it again and if i liked it id swallow it" i replied

"wow dude..just wow, that was great man i need a breather" he laughs as we relax back on to the floor, he didn't finish me and make me cum but to me it never really mattered, all i cared about was making him cum and i knew this wasnt going to be the last

We spent the next couple of hours playing games and talking and time flew by quick that we didnt realise the time was already 1am, we were so tired thou we couldn't do a 3rd time and we decided to move some matresses out to the lounge room so when we were done playing games we could just fall asleep right there which after the day we had we pretty much did
later in the night i woke up and needed to go get a drink, i check the time and its 3am and as i come back i notice josh is still asleep and his blanket was barely on him, thou i could barely see him the street lights were shining on him and revealing his "lack" of pajamas, where he was just in his boxers that even when he was soft could still reveal his package, i laid back down on to my side of the makeshift mattress bed we made and laid there thinking about what we had done over the years and that after tonight it would happen no longer as he would be off to relationship land

but i had to have it just one last time, i wanted to see how long i could go with his cock without waking him, i know he would eventually wake up to it but i wanted to see how
long i could go doing it, so as he laid there on his stomach, i gently brushed off his blanket and gently moved his hand away from his waist, i kept checking to see if he would wake up but his eyes where closed shut

he had the boxers where you could unbutton it in the middle which made it easier for me, but first i wanted to have a bit of fun before i had that cock deep in my mouth, i gently rubbed his cock for a bit to see what would happen and josh would still be asleep, after a while i slowly moved to have my head less then an inch away from his now semi hard cock he had still yet to awake, so i took it a step further and laid my lips on the out line of his cock, slowly and gently kissing it and carressing it with my lips

after a minute or so of doing that and checking to see if he would awake, it was time to wrap my hand around his cock, so as i carefully tried to unbutton his boxers, he started to move a bit, still trying to do this secretly i stopped immeditatlty and went back to my side of the bed, i waited a bit to see if he had awoke or moved, still asleep but he had moved to his side facing me, which wasn't a problem for it still gave me access to his boxers, so i move back to it but instead of unbuttoning him, i decided to take off his boxers and have him there naked

so inch by inch i slowly removed his boxers, i had them finally off and i looked at josh to see if he had awoke which didn't but while doing that my fingers were slowly caressing his
nice cock that started to harden, it looked so good i was licking my lips to taste it and i had to have it in my mouth, so without wasting any time, i carefully moved down to his cock, josh was still laying on is side which kinda made it easier for me to position myself, i guided his cock on my lips and just licked and kissed it for a bit, with that it hardened fully and it looked so hot

with my eyes looking back up at josh, i sucked his tip gently and danced my tounge around it, i couldnt tell if he was faking asleep or actually asleep cause there was soft moans i could hear from him, but that made me start to suck a bit more deeper, my tounge sliding up and down his hard shaft and his tip so hard and big that sucking on it felt so good i decided to stop checking to see if he had awoke and focus all my effort on his cock and have my way with it, slowly jerking it with one hand, the other cupping his balls, my tounge wrapped around his cock, i was in heaven and i was his cock bitch

all of a sudden, his cock was deep into my throat while he had awoke and started to thrust deep into my mouth, his hands on my head pushing me up and down, i never used to be able to deep throat him but the position i was in made it go down so much easier that he could face fuck me so good and i loved it, it satisfied him just as much as it satisfied me, maybe more, i was his cock slut and i loved it, his hard thick cock being thrusted into my mouth

i had to have his cum again i needed it one last time, my hands were on his ass grabbing and pushing it forward thrusting into me, i would make gagging noises that would make him fuck my face harder and faster and i loved it, i knew he was close to cumming again cause i could feel his balls tense up again and without warning and constant fucking, he shot his load down in my mouth and down my throat and it tasted great

after that i continued to suck his cock for a bit till it got soft and just let it sit there in my mouth till we both fell asleep, waking up before he did in the morning with his cock in my mouth still. i knew last night was the last time so i gave it a kiss and gave him his blanket

to this day i still wish we could have our fun but hes now happy with someone and im glad to that, but if i ever had a room to myself with just him and me... his cock would be in my mouth quicker then his pants would hit the floor





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