The Castle... Part 1


Jackie Roberts was in high spirits… it was her daughter’s wedding day and everything had worked out perfectly thus far. The weather had been kind to them… and the service was beautiful. She looked out of the small bedroom window onto the small quadrangle of the mid twelfth century castle where the final photographs were being taken of her stunning daughter and equally striking new son-in-law. The small group of wedding guests was assembled in the grand hall on the other side of the stone fortress, sipping drinks waiting for the seemingly endless photographs to be taken and the wedding dinner to be served.

It was what her daughter had wanted all her life… to get married in a real castle. It was well worth the journey north just to see the smile on her daughter’s face. It certainly was worth the cost and being just a party of twenty all the guests could stay in the castle rooms to make it an extended wedding celebration… lasting from the Friday through to the Monday morning.

As the Bride’s mother looked out at the happy couple her thoughts drifted to her own wedding… and the disastrous wedding night. She was a virgin… her new husband was drunk and the consummation of the wedding was not effected until the following night and the disappointment was beyond her worst hopes. The sex life had not improved since that first time.

The likelihood of her daughter’s wedding night being a reflection of her own was improbable as she had often heard the stifled moans of ecstasy coming from her daughter’s bedroom when Jason stayed the night. As her daughter’s fiancé’s nightly visits increased in frequency so did the sounds of their lovemaking as they both became more at ease with their surroundings. The mother even thought they were deliberately intensifying the sounds so they would be heard through the thin separating wall.

During these regular visits, Jackie was intrigued by the different sounds she heard… wondering what exactly they were up to. Though personally she was very inexperienced sexually she was not so naive that she did not know what the noise of oral sex sounded like… or the sound of buttocks being slapped or spanked. She knew that her daughter was fond of anal sex by the repeated verbal encouragement her lover received whilst he was using that most private of orifices.

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The corners of her lips turned up in a contented smile as she recalled the times she lay in her bed slowly masturbating her engorged nipples and aroused clit as the sounds of seemingly uninhibited sex went on for hours as her husband lay snoring next to her. She used to imagine Jason using her in such animalistic manner… forcing his cock into her mouth and making her suck and swallow his cum… or even forcing his erection into her tight virgin asshole.

Of course once her fingers were coated with the secretions and juices from her orgasm her mind was full of guilt as she drifted off to the sounds of her daughter still getting pleasured.

From the high vantage point the room offered, the 44 year old jaw dropped.

The photographer had positioned Jason standing behind his bride with her head and body twisted around in a deep and passionate kiss… beautiful… except her lily white perky breasts were exposed and firmly grasped in his dark skinned hands.

Satisfied with that photograph he directed the groom to completely pull down the bodice of her wedding dress whilst Chloe raised and held up the front of her white gown. Pictures were being repeatedly taken until the final one in that series had Jason’s hand partly hidden by the lacy panties… his fingers obviously embedded deep in the aroused bride’s pussy.

The shocked mother’s gaze did not wander from the photo shoot as each set of photographs slowly advanced… from her son-in-law raising his bride’s leg high whilst three fingers worked themselves into a pussy that appeared to devoid of pubic hair… to her daughter fully clothed in wedding outfit on her knees with her new husband’s huge cock obscenely pulled free from his pants whilst she teased it with lips, tongue and mouth…

Somewhere along the sequence of photographs, the mother of the bride found her own hand inside her panties with the lilac skirt raised high on her thighs… disbelieving her own eyes as she watched her 25 year old daughter bent over with the beautiful dress bunched up over her waist whilst the Jamaican born man was being photographed from all angles with his cock embedded in his bride’s cunt.

Jackie Roberts held on to the cold stone deep sill with her left hand as her knees started to grow weak with her orgasm; watching her beautiful daughter in the open garden of the castle, stripped out of her wedding gown and wearing only bra, shoes and garter set, being fucked from behind by her fully clothed husband, whilst sucking on the cock of the equally well-endowed dark skinned photographer as he continued to shoot with his tripod held camera controlled by a small hand held remote.


Faultless and sumptuous as it was, Jackie Roberts was relieved that the wedding dinner was over. Throughout the meal her mind was pre occupied with what she had seen earlier…and what made it even more prevalent was she was seated next to the man who was the object of those debauched images. Her eyes continued to drift to the lap of the groom who made no effort to hide the huge outline beneath his pants. At one time she let out a small gasp on seeing her daughter’s small hand grasp and slowly stroke the sleeping phallus through the dark grey trousers… hidden from all the other seated guests except the two women seated either side of the groom.

The majority of the wedding group milled about as they waited for the tables to be cleared away for the evening festivities, a few left to go to their rooms to freshen up and perhaps use the washrooms.

Jackie did not go to her room to alleviate a bloated bladder… she was there to attend to the itch that had never been abated, even though three hours earlier she had brought the erotic voyeuristic show to an end with her own fingers bringing her to orgasm.

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Knowing her husband was not likely to leave the well-stocked bar the horny 44 year old lay on the huge four poster bed sans suit and blouse, with fingers once again purposely playing with quim and nipples… fingers that were slick with juices and eyes closed as images of her new son-in-law using her own daughter’s mother in the most obscene ways flashed through her mind. Such was the intensity of her fantasy that she never heard the knocks on the door… nor the door opening and the two pairs of footsteps on the dark oak floorboards.

Lost in a world of sexual depravity she let out a shriek on hearing the soft deep tones of the intruder, sitting bolt upright on the bed and clamping her thighs shut, trapping her right hand beneath the silk material as her left arm flew across her bared breasts in an attempt to cover them. Embarrassed beyond belief she stumbled through an incomprehensible series of words until she felt the finger touch her quivering lips.

‘It’s ok … Jason’s cock has the same effect on me. ’ The smiling girl in the long white dress walked over to the small stone window. ‘Quite a nice view you have from here… I would imagine you see all sort of things from here’

Jackie could feel her embarrassment grow… if that was possible… knowing exactly what ‘view’ her daughter was referring to. She must have been noticed as she stood masturbating at the window watching the bride and groom’s photo shoot. The near naked woman eyes could not look up at either of the two that had invaded her private moment, and in her mortified state, did not realize where they were directed… on the groom’s groin.

‘Don’t tease my mother Jase… take it out and show it to her’

The shocked woman’s head shot around to look at her daughter’s grinning face, before swinging back on hearing a zip being eased down and a dark skinned hand fish out the semi rigid penis. She wanted to say something…to stop it… but her tongue instinctively peeked out to moisten her dry lips and although words of objection were loud in her head, no words were heard coming from those lips.

The disbelieving woman looked up at the pair when she saw her daughter return to stand by her new husband and take the huge… well enormous in comparison to her husband’s… cock and slowly slide her hand up and down the dark shaft…wanking it… watching it growing in thickness and length, until it stood hard… angry… veined… and inviting.

‘Do you want to suck it… mum… let Jase know he is truly welcome into our family? Besides … it might be nice to see a prim and proper lady of society suck on a black cock’

Before the stunned mother could respond to her daughter’s words she gasped as she saw her daughter draw the glistening knob to within a few inches of her moist lips.

‘Suck mother… welcome Jase into our family… let me see those lips wrap around my husbands cock’ there was a coarseness… a horny rasp to her daughter’s voice

As if transported into a dream, robotically the 44 year old opened her mouth and let the bell-end slip between her lips… only the second penis to enter into her mouth since she married her husband.

Jackie used to enjoy giving head when she was a teen.

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   The first time she did not know what to expect and when the boy she was fellating, ejaculated in her mouth she instinctively swallowed. She did not mind the taste so always swallowed every cock she sucked. She could recall giving head to a total of eight boys…well seven boys and the husband of a couple that she used to babysit their baby son for when she had just turned fifteen.

As her mouth was stretched and her tonsils tickled the aroused mother, not used to cock in her mouth lately, started to gag whenever her daughter tried to force more of her husband’s dick into her throat. Although not a stranger to oral sex …and deep throating… she was not used to taking such a huge member down her throat and struggled to get used to the size.

‘Maybe your slut would like to feel what a real man can do to her cunt if her mouth can’t take what I have to offer?’

The wanton woman again wanted to object…she was not a slut… well she never thought herself as a slut even when she was a teenager sucking off every boyfriend she went out with…and no she didn’t want to be fucked by him…she wanted to express her objections but instead just found herself trying to get more of the glistening dick down her throat.

‘Do it Jase… breed my horny fucking mother… give her a black bastard like I have in me…’

Jackie Roberts’ eyes widened in shock… surely her daughter didn’t expect her husband to fuck her…and fuck her unprotected and even more shocking was that was her daughter informing her that she was going to be a grandmother???

Dazed and unable to take everything in the mature woman found herself responding to the continual barrage of degrading words that were being thrown at her by her dominating daughter… until she found herself at the foot of the bed leaning over the high tailboard… still devoid of the wedding suit and dressed only in the basque and stockings, her tits being mauled by two black powerful hands as she was being fucked from behind. Such was her arousal she even joined her daughter in encouraging her son-in-law to fuck her harder and plant a black baby in her womb.


As the groom took his bride for the first time on the dance floor, the bride’s mother stood still… her thighs tightly clamped together and the muscles of her vagina clenched. The mortified woman was scared that semen might ooze out of her adulteress pussy. She had wiped herself after the shafting but without the benefit of a douche there would be still some traces of spunk in her.

The horrified mother could not believe she had just fucked her daughter’s husband within hours of them getting married and not only fucked him but encouraged him to make her pregnant and all in front of her perverted eldest daughter. She knew she had every chance of conceiving but thought a quick visit to the pharmacy to get a morning after pill would hopefully solve that problem.

The fucking she had had was totally unbelievable. Not only had her vagina been stretched to capacity, the invading phallus had briefly… painfully… touched her cervix a few times before slipping past into the tight fleshy cavity alongside the uterus… a deep part of her vagina that she had not dared push her vibrator into.

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   It was painful… but an unexplainable sexual pain that gave her pleasure… and after a few strokes of that enormous phallus, it slipped easily into the depths of her vagina. She let out a scream that she was sure would be heard throughout the castle as she had her first uterine orgasm in her life.

She stood red faced as if everyone knew she was not wearing panties… at the insistence of her new son-in-law who suggested it would be easier for him to get access to his new ‘piece of cunt’. The blushing mother-in-law was shocked on seeing her daughter laugh at her husband’s comment and mocked him not to fuck the bitch too often as she didn’t want him too shagged out to fuck her later.

The suit she was wearing to the wedding was chosen by her daughter… in fact she had been talked into buying and wearing the whole outfit including the sexy underwear by her daughter when they were choosing her daughter’s wedding gown. The skirt was much shorter than she was used to wearing as a mature woman and she was conscious that if she sat down or bent over the wrong way her stocking tops could easily be seen.

She did feel sexier than she had for a long time… not that her husband would have noticed who was now in the latter stages of drunkenness. She did not particularly like seeing her husband drunk but at least he was not aggressive or obnoxious when he drank too much… in fact he just used to go quiet, find somewhere quiet and drift off to sleep.

Knocked out of her thoughts she jumped when she felt her arm being gently taken by Jason’s father… it was time for the parents to join the couple on the floor. Babs the chief bridesmaid took her husband onto the floor.


The small wedding party consisted of Jackie and her husband …her youngest daughter Diane who had just turned 18 and looked gorgeous in her bridesmaid dress, her sister Elaine (who had just gone through a bitter divorce), and her niece and nephew, a girl of 18 and a boy who had just turned fourteen. On Jason’s side of the family were his father, his two brothers and an uncle and aunt. The remainder of the party consisted of Chloe’s best friend and chief bridesmaid, two couples that were friends of both Chloe and Jason and two male friends who were providing the disco music for the reception… and of course the photographer, a close work colleague of Chloe.

As the small party started to relax and enjoy the music, drink and occasional dance, Jackie still could not get over the shameful adulterous act she had committed…and to make it even more deplorable was that it was her own daughter watched and urged her new husband to fuck the slut hard and give her the fucking that daddy couldn’t. The truth was… Jackie’s husband had never given her what Jason had … an orgasm whilst being fucked… a uterine orgasm at that. 


In the dimmed lights she could see that both her sister and her youngest daughter sitting laughing and chatting away with Jason’s brothers… the rest of the group circulated and chatted, danced or drank at the small bar. The castle owner tended the bar whilst his wife was preparing a light snack for supper; the rest of the catering staff had left once the meal had been cleared away. It was a very pleasant and intimate evening.

Jackie could not stop her mind from drifting back to earlier events nor could she stop glancing at her new son-in-law. She was starting to get those nasty naughty thoughts again and she could feel the itch starting to return… she could not shake them from her mind. How could her daughter take the whole of that cock down her throat…or even in her small tiny butthole… perhaps it’s not so tiny now she smiled to herself.

Sitting at a small table by herself getting a wee rest having been on her feet most of the day, she smiled when she saw her daughter and the best man…Jason’s brother walk over to her… but also a little worried for her daughter sported a facial expression that spelt trouble. . She glanced over at her husband who was already halfway drunk as usual talking away to the barman.

They both sat down either side the nervous woman… but soon the nervousness disappeared as they both started to thank her and just generally make pleasant conversation. They discussed the day but avoided the only thing that Jackie was pre-occupied with.

It was a few minutes into the conversation when Jackie froze. Carl’s hand rested on her leg just where the skirt hem met the leg… just above the knee. The tone of chat changed in that instant and totally out of context.

‘Carl wants you to suck him off’.

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   Jackie’s daughter’s voice sounded as though it was natural thing to say without a hint of shame

Jackie swallowed unsure of how to respond to such a request. . .

‘Of course you don’t want to offend my new brother-in-law … I know fucking my husband again is all you have been thinking about … but it’s only fair that Carl gets his oats off since you got his brother off…mother?

Before the stunned woman could reply Carl’s hand slid higher under her skirt and his index finger slipped between the moist lips of her pussy and penetrated the aroused cunt in one slick movement. She let out a small gasp and looked about her to see if anyone had noticed.

‘Fucking hell…she’s even fucking wetter than you fucking get… she’s a fucking horny fucker’

‘Don’t look around… look at us when we are talking to you’ it was a harsh command that Jackie had not heard in the tone of her daughter before.

Again stunned into silence the compliant mother looked at her beautiful daughter who seemed to change once the wedding band was placed on her finger.

‘You need to learn how to deep throat a real man mum… that’s if you want Jase to keep on fucking you. Even Di can swallow Jase’s dick’

‘Di… you mean our Diane…’ the disbelieving mother spoke for the first time since she felt the hand upon her knee.

‘Fuck… you didn’t think Di was a fucking virgin did you… she’s fucking lost that when she was fucking thirteen. We often have her in our bed… who did you think likes getting the spanking and ass fucking’

Jackie sat in disbelief… come to think about it, it was fuck HER ass that she used to hear through the walls. She had forgotten about the fingering she was getting and had even parted her knees slightly without realizing.

Carl pulled out his finger from the excited cunt and unashamedly licked the juices off as he stared at the stunned woman…

‘Sweet… lets go … ‘

The numb woman meekly rose and followed the black youth hearing her daughter warn Carl that’s it’s only a blow job he is to get as she wants to make sure her new brother is Jason’s.


When returning to the main room she was informed by her daughter’s father-in-law that in the ten minutes or so she had been ‘missing’, he and one of the other guests had taken her husband up to their room as he was a little ‘under the weather’. Being grateful and apologizing for her husband’s behavior she gratefully accepted his request for the next dance. gay escort erito.girls ellen saint escort slovak beauties escort elite rome escorts escorts girls escort russia veronica carso independent escort girls 


The couple remained on the dance floor making polite conversation for a further three dances. It was halfway through the third dance when Jackie started to feel a little uneasy.

Mo’s smooth deep voice was intoxicating as they slowly rotated around on the spot… nearly all of the guests were dancing now…and as far as Jackie could tell… no one was with their respective partners. Nearly all of the dancers were being kissed or they had their tits felt or their bottoms fondled. She did not notice where Diane was but was too concerned about her own predicament to worry about her promiscuous daughter.

Jackie felt like a teenager on her first date with someone on the dance floor… she responded to her partner’s talk and did not object as he pulled her close into his body letting her head rest upon his shoulder as her belly felt the stiff cock sandwiched between them. Nor did she object when she felt his hand slip down the small of her back until it rested upon her soft fleshy ass.

Jackie had meekly followed Carl into the gent’s washroom, and in the small confined space of a cubical she had dropped to her knees and sucked off only the second black dick she had ever seen in her life, until it spewed its sticky seed down her throat. Not quite as large as his brother’s cock she had managed to deep throat this new member of the family as his short wiry pubic hair was squashed against her face.

Jackie Roberts could not explain why she was so horny and for the first time in her life she felt she was a slut…and she liked the feeling. Sucking off the young man had only aroused her passions even more, and when she swallowed his copious cum he simply zipped up and left leaving her totally sexually frustrated. She started to masturbate there in the cubical but was interrupted when she heard the outer door open and someone slip into the next stall. The horny woman took her chance to leave when she heard the sound of piss hit the water in the bowl.

During the third dance Jackie was fully aware that the muscles of her pussy started to pulsate as her dance partner started to knead the fleshy orbs. She could feel him pull on her ass drawing her in closer to his throbbing cock and then release the pressure as if he were slowly and rhythmically dry humping her.

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   He slowly pulled up the hem of her skirt with each squeeze and she was powerless to stop him…

She knew that her stocking tops were clearly on view, and rather than become alarmed it only fueled need to feel her dance partners cock deep inside her pussy. Her nipples ached to be caressed… no not caressed…pinched and pulled and bitten… at that precise moment she did not care if he raised her skirt any higher… she just needed that big black cock in side of her.

Glancing sidewards she noticed that one of the female guest’s dress’s had been raised high enough to see Jason’s other brother’s black finger embedded deep into the woman’s asshole. As the contrasting pair of black hands held the lily white butt cheeks apart it was clear that the female guest was fucking back on the dark finger deeply embedded in the tight back passage. She also noticed the girl’s partner just watching as his wife was getting her butt fingered.

All Jackie could think about was that she probably would not stop her newly acquired son-in-law’s father from doing the same to her… in fact she pressed her lower body harder against the monster cock she could feel trapped between their bodies.

The brazen woman surprised herself when she whispered into the slightly overweight elderly gentleman to finger fuck her and bring her off.

There on the huge four poster of the bridal suite Jackie lay naked and content. She slowly massaged the copious semen that seeped out of her well used cunt to soothe the rawness of the second hard and brutal fucking she had just received by her son-in-law. She enjoyed cleaning the cock… licking their combined juices of the semi flaccid dick. She had even managed to let it go deep inside her mouth and with just a little gagging reflex had relaxed enough to let it be sucked into her throat. She knew that to please the new family member she would have to learn to deep throat him. For at that precise moment she also knew she would not be able to refuse any sexual demand made by him.

She watched his muscular body and his gorgeous tight ass as he bent over and rummaged through the overnight suitcase in search for something. She looked at small puckered hole and could only think of something that would have repulsed her twelve hours ago… she wanted to lick and stick her tongue deep in his tight asshole.

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The fallen woman clenched her ass cheeks together recalling when in the throes of her being used, she felt first one then two fingers force their way into her own ass. It was something that she had on rare occasions done to herself when she listened to what she thought for all those months to be her eldest daughter having anal sex but only to be told a few hours earlier that it was indeed her youngest girl that was being so debased.

Jason turned and smiled as he held something small but thick in his hand. . .

Jackie Roberts returned to her own room to freshen up a little. She was allowed to wash her pussy this time. She walked a little uneasy as her ass got used to the 4” long 2” diameter black anal plug that was eased into her by her daughter’s husband. She felt embarrassed as she was told to get on all fours and spread her ass cheeks apart, when he first coated the hard rubber dick in their juices by fucking her pussy with it, and then forcing the huge bulbous knob painfully into her tiny asshole.

As she was drying her lower body, draped in the fluffy white toweling gown, she looked at her husband who lay sleeping blissfully unaware of his adulterous wife’s behavior. She jumped when she heard her door open and her daughter and father-in-law walk in.

‘Dad is out for the count again I see?’ The bride still in wedding dress unnecessarily stated to her mother.

‘Mo told me what you wanted him to you on the dance floor…fuck I didn’t know how much of a slut you really are. You really are a fucking whore mother. Jase said you should be ready for his dad…’

The naïve mother looked at her daughter questioningly.

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‘Lose the gown … and get on all fours on the bed next to dad… let’s get that plug out so dad here can have your virgin ass since your cunt is out of bounds for everyone but Jase tonight’

The humiliated mother gasped out aloud as she looked in shock as the grinning overweight man start to undo his trousers.


The Bride’s mother lay next to her husband stunned. She could not believe how far she had fallen and so easily under the influence of her perverted daughter. She started to believe she always was a slut at heart and only now did it surface its ugly head.

Her bottom was sore after the anal fucking it had just received. She gently touched her tender ring feeling it twitch at her touch. Once she had gotten used to the huge dong that was thankfully well oiled before it penetrated her tight orifice the anal virgin soon started to enjoy the heavy man thrusting from behind.

As she started to push back onto the black cock, her daughter became even more mean and made her suck on the dirty plug that had semi prepared her for her anal shagging. She objected when it was at first offered to her to suck knowing that it was soiled with a light smear of her own back passage juices, but such was her own depravity that she parted her lips and took the short stubby cock into her mouth after being encouraged by both her daughter and assailant.

As she lay next to her husband… his trousers and pants about his ankles she could not believe how easily she was talked into taking her drunken spouse ’s dick out and sucking it as she was getting shafted from behind. Nor could she believe on Mo’s instruction, her daughter instantly took over from sucking on the semi rigid dick and sticking a finger into the murmuring prostate’s asshole. She wondered if her daughter would do as she was asked to do in the morning…and suck her father’s small cock under the table as he was having breakfast.

Although not particularly keen on what she was made to do once Mo had shot his thick cream into her bowels she did so when told without question. As she lay on the bed, it also did not stop her from gently wiping the seeping mixture from her tender hole and licking her fingers clean of the slimy deposit, refreshing the taste that she had newly been introduced to.


Jackie entered the main hall feeling rather ashamed and thinking that everyone knew what she had been up to for the past hour.


   Although feeling refreshed after her shower she felt dirty. . . not in an unclean way but a whorish sluttish way. She had changed into the outfit that was laid out on the bed by her daughter. She had not seen the outfit before but knew by the labels and style that it was bought from the same outfitters that she had bought the wedding outfit from.

The longish pink dress hung beautifully on her…the only problem was it was just held together at the front by a simple wrap around belt and every time she walked it parted just above the knee showing ample thigh and stocking. Similarly above the waist if she was not careful it would gape and show the quarter cup bra supporting but concealing nothing of her ample cleavage and tits and exposed engorged nipples.

The guests were divided and eating at three separate small tables in a small section of the room, along with a slightly larger table that held an impressive spread of finger food. They all seemed perfectly at ease with each other as they ate and chatted. What surprised Jackie was there was no sign that only an hour ago the women were being openly groped by the males of the party.

Not hungry, Jackie walked over and sat at the empty chair made vacant by her nephew, Alan, when he was asked to move to the other side of the table. With her sister and her niece… both of whom appeared to be equally guilty of some misdemeanor sat either side of her, Jackie smiled at the others around the table. Seated next to her sister was Jake, one of the DJ’s and sandwiched between him and his fellow companion Chris, was Babs, the chief bridesmaid. Alan completed the number sat at the table.

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The conversation was unrestrained and natural, everybody apparently at ease and enjoying the day. Even when Jason and Chloe came and stood at the table there was no hint of anything to suggest that any improprieties had taken place in the casual chat that ensued and yet Jackie suspected that she was not the only one at the table who had been iniquitous.

It was a casual ‘pity dad is missing out… but never mind he will enjoy the wedding breakfast’ remark made by Chloe just as the newly-weds were moving on that made Jackie blush profusely.

As the group continued to chat quietly… Jackie jumped when she felt the hand upon her shoulder.


In the subtly lit room the small group sat in the plush chairs. The glow from the large open fire made the setting romantic and sensual. No trace of the disco down the narrow hall could be heard as they sat drinking their wine. No one knew why they were gathered there.

On the couch with Jackie was Mo… his hand resting on the exposed stocking tops. She placed her hand initially on his when she first felt it there in an effort to object but rather than make a scene she removed her hand and allowed his to stay.

Opposite her was her sister sat between the best man and her daughter. On the floor at her feet sat Alan. Jackie felt a little uneasy and yet amused at the continual sly glances he made in her direction… obviously enjoying looking at her aunt’s legs…and perhaps hoping for a view of something else.

Jake sat in one large chair and Babs occupied another. The remaining member of the group was Mike, the photographer, who stood by a camera in the back of the room.

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   The remaining large sofa was left unoccupied as instructed by Charles as he initially led them into the room.

Jackie jumped when the door to the side opened and Charles the proprietor walked in, requesting us to stand whilst announcing the bride and groom.

Jackie watched in total disbelief and yet totally transfixed… as were all the others.

Walking through the door dressed in just her stockings and garter belt followed by her naked husband whose cock stood hard and upright they made their way to the vacant sofa. Chloe sat down with her knees parted wide exposing her puffy glistening pussy while Jason sat next to her with his legs equally spread.

Charles walked over to Mo and repeating his introduction to the bride and groom and with a wave of his arm indicated that he should greet the seated couple.

As Mo moved forward, Charles touched Jackie on her arm instructing her to follow.


Jackie could still taste her daughter’s pussy juice on her lips as she watched each of the assembled guests greet the newly married couple. The men congratulated Jason by shaking his hand before they moved on to kiss Chloe passionately on her lips and then each breast in turn before dropping to their knees and orally kiss her sopping cunt. Chloe did not try and stifle her moans of pleasure as each man greeted her in such an intimate manner.

Jackie… the first woman in line… was led to Jason and kissed him on his lips. She was shocked when he forced his tongue into her mouth and turned what she thought would be a quick peck into a full and passionate French kiss.

Although embarrassed she knew what she had to do when Jason released her head from the kiss and pushed her downwards to his cock. Bending and taking her weight on her arms as she rested them on the legs of her son-in-law she first kissed the glistening head gently before sucking it slowly between her open lips. Before a gathering of his family and her own, Jackie shamelessly performed oral sex on her new son-in-law as he guided her head up and down on his erection.

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   After about a minute he pulled her off his cock and thanked her for his welcome to her family.

Jackie rose from her stooped position and moved to kiss her daughter’s cheek.

Chloe raised her hand and shook a finger at her before pointing it downwards to her exposed pussy.

‘My cunt… mother…kiss my cunt and help prepare it for my husband’s …wishes…’

Realising that she could not sink any further the mortified the mother of the bride knelt between her daughter’s legs and reluctantly performed oral sex on a woman for the first time in her life…

After what seemed an eternity she felt a tap on her shoulder by Charles and told to rise.

The shamed mother rose from her feet and moved towards the end of the sofa where Mo stood waiting. She was shocked to see that his flies were undone and his semi flaccid cock poked obscenely out.

There was no passionate kiss this time. She meekly sank down to her knees and knew what was expected of her. Out of the corner of her eye she could see Carl next in line performing oral sex on her daughter as once more she moaned her pleasure.

Jackie Roberts glanced at the bride and groom as each of the remaining guests greeted them in a similar manner. Somewhere along the procession as her swollen and aroused pussy was kissed and teased, her belt had come loose and the dress she wore was gathered at her feet. She did not try and hide her own arousal as she openly played with her erect nipples cursing every time the vaginal kiss was prematurely stopped.

Jackie did not care if it was a man or a woman that was between her legs… and was not sure how she would react when her sister was next in line, but something inside her erupted when her sister softly took her clit between her lips and gently sucked it… she forced her sisters mouth hard against her sopping cunt and had an orgasm to equal any she had previously had.

The embarrassed woman could only smile apprehensively as her sister looked up questioningly at her from her kneeling position. Thankfully she did not have to look long before Elaine was moved on to orally please the next cock but was even more embarrassed when she saw the small head of her nephew move towards her sopping cunt.

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As they all took their seats again… Charles left the room. For the first time Jackie wondered where her other daughter was and was rather glad that she was not present to witness the debauched proceedings that had just taken place.

She looked across at her sister who seemed to have recovered from her son ejaculating into her mouth when she was ‘forced’ to kiss his erect cock during the greet. She was technically not forced as she reluctantly agreed at her own son’s pleading to first be allowed to kiss her mother’s vagina and then for her to similarly kiss him. The poor lad could not contain himself when his mother took his cock between her lips.

She smiled and wondered if her sister was not bisexual and the quizzical look she received from her when she was on her knees was one of equal questioning. Sat next to Elaine on the sofa was Babs… who had an arm around her sister and innoxiously fondling her breast.

Jackie jumped when she felt her hand being taken and placed on the erection of the man seated next to her. She did not resist as stroking the black man’s cock was tame in comparison to what she had just done.

Looking around she saw equally debauched actions… in fact Nancy her niece was seated astride the lap of Carl who, although her dress hid the fact, obviously had his cock deeply embedded in her pussy.

The door suddenly opened and Charles re-entered. He spoke a few words which certainly peaked Jackie’s and probably everyone else’s curiosity. Only Jason and Chloe appeared to know what the proprietor was talking about. All they knew was that it was to be a show and that the ‘performer’s’ were very willing and keen to perform and that it was the girls first time.

Charles walked back to the door and opened it. 


Jackie, along with everyone else, gasped when she saw her youngest daughter enter… trailing a handsome Dalmation dog on a short lead.


Jackie sat stunned…and yet totally aroused. She had watched her youngest daughter lay over the low pouf with Charles pulling her bridesmaid’s dress over her back exposing her bare ass and cunt. Taking the dog by the lead Charles led it around and instinctively the creature started to lick her daughter’s cunt and ass. At first the stunned mother was repulsed by what she was seeing but soon she became curious as her daughter became more and more vocal at her approaching orgasm at the tongue of the dog. It also did not go un-noticed that the dog was getting aroused at licking his human bitch, as the large red wedge shaped penis started to peek out of its furry sheath.

When the breathless girl had recovered sufficiently from her orgasm she rose from the pouf, smiling proudly at what she had just done. Charles still holding the dog by the leash drew back slightly and allowed Diane to move to the side and slowly started to strip out of her bridesmaid dress.

Charles led the dog towards the stunned mother and at a slight nudge by Charles on her ankle she parted her knees. She knew what was Charles was intending and she did nothing to stop him.

She let out a loud gasp when the coarse long tongue rasped against her tender cunt.

As the dog started to lap at her flowing juices she glanced at her daughter and realized how her daughter could climax doing such an obscene act.

The moaning woman oblivious to her surrounding closed her eyes and started to approach an orgasm of her own when she was suddenly brought back to reality by the dog being tugged away from her. She let out an objectionable groan.

The dog was lead back to the poof where Diane sat on the floor with her back against the padded leg rest.

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   Instinctively the dog jumped up with its fore paws resting on the poof either side of girl. With its cock already starting to squirt pre cum the pretty demure bridesmaid leant her head forward and started to fellate the shiny red cock as the dog let out a satisfying whine.


The door closed behind Diane and her lover as the applause for the show started to diminish. Everyone except three in the room were surprised when the bestial lover chose her ass for the dog to fuck instead of her pussy. . . her mother, sister and her new brother-in-law new her preference for anal sex. She did let out a gasp of pain when the dog forced its knot into her tight orifice.

As they all waited patiently for the dog to untie … a side show where Elaine and Babs carried away by the bestial show performed oral sex on each other. Jackie even went down on the overweight Mo and readily licked his hairy balls and ass when she was told to.

Knowing that her cunt was not allowed to be fucked by anyone but Jason she directed Mike to her recently fucked asshole to satisfy his primal needs.

It took twenty minutes for the sound of the dog cock to pop out of its bitch’s ass… and in that time Elaine had had her ass filled with hot cum and had swallowed two loads of semen… Mo’s and that of her fourteen year old nephew.


As Elaine made her way to the main hall she could not help but worry. She had not spent the night with her husband but had spent it in the bridal suite. She did not know where her daughter… the bride slept… but she knew it was not with her new husband… he was with her most of the night. gay escort erito.girls ellen saint escort slovak beauties escort elite rome escorts escorts girls escort russia veronica carso independent escort girls 


He had fucked her three times during the night… each time lasting longer than the last and each time she had multiple orgasms. Her cunt was sore… as was her jaw and throat where she had to pleasure her lover before and after each fuck session.

She wondered how Husband would handle the fact that she was to tell him that she was her new son-in-laws whore… and she was to be available for him at any time he chose… and not only him, but anyone he told her to be with.

She knew she must be pregnant with her new lover’s child… and that her marriage…if she still had one… would be totally different.

She entered the silent hall and all eyes turned towards her. She was the only one naked and conscious of her newly shaved pussy, now devoid of any pubic hair.

She looked at her husband who stared back at her in shock. His mouth open in stunned silence, Jackie recognized the feet that were sticking out from under the table between his legs.

It was only Saturday morning and the castle was booked until Monday morning…


Depending on response to the first part I will decide if I wish to carry on writing parts two and three.

I lost interest in my previous stories (There Can Be Only One and The Park) but may start them up again in the future.

Please contact me at Nastymann@hotmail. co. uk





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