The Backroom Celebrity Casting Couch: Chloe Moretz


This is a work of complete fiction. It just popped into my brain so I wrote it down and share it for free and make no money off of it. No one under legal age may read this, if you know what's good for you. No one over legal age should read this for the same reason. All characters used in this story are a parody of any real or fictional person. I don’t know Chloe Moretz or have anything to do with her. Comments are always welcome and appreciated and you should feel free to share.

Story Code: M/f, Exhib, Anal

The Backroom Celebrity Casting Couch: Chloe Moretz
By Muhabba
Inspired by RandyPan

The camera clicks on to a familiar office with a familiar desk and a familiar black couch. From off camera The Director's voice says, "Casting for 'Kick Ass 2'. Chloe Moretz, final audition. ”

There's a knock on the door and the Director says, "Enter. "

A young actress comes in wearing Mary Jane shoes, knee high socks, a pleated skirt, and a button-up nearly transparent white blouse with her blonde hair done up on pig-tails. She closes the door and then sits demurely on the couch, her bee-stung lips smirking at the camera.

"How do you do, young lady," the Director says,"Why don't you introduce yourself?"

"I'm Chloe Moretz," the young girl says, "I'm 16, I'm an actress, and I'm auditioning for the part of Hit-Girl, again, for the movie Kick Ass 2. "

"Did you read the script?" the Director asks.

"Yep," Chloe says as she nods her head, her pig-tails waving in the air, "I read it cover to cover.

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"And what did you think?"

"I thought it was funny and cool, just like the first one," she replies.

"Did you understand it all?" the Director asks the young girl. "There's a lot of adult words and material in there. "

Chloe playfully rolls her teal colored eyes and giggles, "I wasn't any worse than the first one. "

"So you understood all of it then?" the Director asks again. "You sure?"

Chloe sheepishly giggles before saying, "Well, most of it. "

The Director moves in front of the camera and sits next to the aspiring actress, his head blurred out. "How 'bout I help you with some of the adult stuff then?" he offers.

Nodding her head enthusiastically Chloe says, "That'd be great, thanks!"

"So tell me something you didn't understand," the Director offers helpfully.

Chloe chewed on her bottom lip thoughtfully for a moment before saying, "I didn't really know what a 'cocksucker' is. "

Unbuckling his belt the Director pulls down his pants and underwear before pointing at his lap. "Do you know what this is?" he playfully asks.

Chloe blushes and giggles before answering, "It's a penis. "

The Director nods his blurred head and says, "That's right but it's also called a dick or a cock and if you can make it hard I'll show you what a cocksucker is. "

Thinking it over for a moment, the Hit-Girl actress finally nods her head before wrapping her dainty hand around the soft cock and slowly tugging on it.

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  The Director's prick quickly hardens and he leans back to allow her plenty of room to jack him off.

"Use your other hand and play with my balls," the Director says as he places an arm around the young actresses slender shoulders. He moans in appreciation as she continues her hand-job and fondles his balls, a drop of pre-cum now visible on the tip of his prick. "Now I want you to bend down and put my dick in your mouth and lick and suck it," he says next.

The camera angle switches to show a close-up of Chloe's head bent over the Director's lap as she obediently licks the top of his cock while continuing to tug on the base with one hand and his balls with the other. She swallows the first few inches of his meat and begins bobbing her head up and down his shaft, her plump lips stretching tightly around his girth as her pig-tails wave wildly in the air.

The Director can't stop himself from thrusting up into the teenage actress's sucking mouth, fucking her beautiful face. Her cheeks hollow as she slides her pink lips up and then bulge out as she takes him back into her talented mouth and rubs his cock-head along the insides of her cheeks.

The Director groans, "Wow, I'm about to cum already," before tapping the top of Chloe's bobbing head. She instantly releases his cock and sits up, smiling in pride at the camera as it switches back to show both of them on the couch. "And that's what a cocksucker is," the director announces, "And you're a natural born cocksucker. "

"Thanks" Chloe says happily. "Although I don't understand why it's a insult, I like doing it. "

"Me either," the Director says. "Were there any other words you didn't understand from the script?" he asks while she never stopping her hand-job.

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Chloe stares at the Director's cock as she thinks over his question for a moment. Suddenly she blurts out, "Pussy!" as she looks up at him and smiles widely.

"Ha!You really don't know what a pussy is?" the Director asks with a quizzical tone in his voice as he lovingly toys with Chloe's pig-tails.

Chloe smiles coyly as she answers, "Not as far as you know. "

The Director chuckles again as he says, "I hate to say this," he says as he straightens up, "but let go of my cock pussy and stand up so I can show how you what a pussy is. "

The camera switches to show a rear view of Chloe with her body blocking the Director. "Let's get rid of theses and I'll show you what a pussy is," he says as he pulls down the teen girl's skirt, showing the camera her pink underwear wrapped tightly around her ass. Then he pulls down her tight panties to show the camera her pale, little bubble butt. His blurred head pokes out from around her half naked body and he says, "You got a pretty great ass. "

"Thanks," Chloe giggles from above the camera.

"But I need to show you about a pussy," the Director says before the camera switches to a close-up of the young actress's tight little slit with just a hint of pubic hair above it. "So what are we looking at here?" the Director asks from behind the camera.

From above the camera, Chloe giggles again and says,"That's my vagina. "

"But it's also called a pussy or a cunt," the Director adds, "Let me show you what it does. "From behind the camera his hand reaches out and his fingertips begin caressing Chloe's delicate labia and causing her to shiver.

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  His fingers flow over the Hit-Girl actress's pink pussy-lips as she moans and his thumb starts circling around the top of her pussy. Her little clit starts to peek out from it's sheath as the teenager groans and his fingers begin to slide up and down her moistening slit.

Chloe groans as the Director slides a finger part way into her wet cunt, pushing slowly in and out of her. Her juices start to drip down his finger as he finally managed to slide it in all the way inside if her and his thumb circles her hard, little clit until she shudders with a small orgasm.

The Director's hand goes back behind the camera before it switches to show Chloe's taunt ass. "Since you're going to be wearing a new super suit in the movie, turn around and let's get a good look at your body. "

Chloe turns around as she begins to unbutton her blouse while the camera pulls back to show her from the knees up. Her blouse flutters below the camera and she stands unabashedly naked, her small tits capped with hard, pink nipples. The Director's hands come back out from behind the camera, palming her small tits and pinching her nipples as she coos in pleasure.

"Don't mind me," the Director says from behind the camera, "I'm just getting your measurements. "Chloe giggles at his joke as one if his hands travel down her fit body to the juncture of her legs again. Her breathing becomes more erratic and ragged as she pants and moans in pleasure as the Director asks, "Were there any other words in the script you didn't know?"

"Uh huh," Chloe playfully pants as she smiles wickedly at the camera

"And which one was it?" the Director asks as he fingers the young girl.

"Fuck," Chloe groans.

"I think I can help with that one too," the Director chuckles as the camera switches to show the horny actress laying down on the couch. Her slender legs are spread wide with her pink pussy dripping wet, her chest heaving, and the tip of the Director's cock resting at the entrance to her cunt.

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The Director slowly pushes his thick cock into the horny actress and she groans in pleasure. When he slides his dick part way out and back in he looks down at her panting face and says, "Now this is fucking. "

"It feels so fucking good," Chloe gasps as she raises her slender hips up to meet the Director's cock. She begins toying with her small, jiggling tits, squeezing the firm flesh and pinching her nipples and he begins going faster and harder into her.

The Director holds Chloe's coltish legs apart as he fucks her deeper and faster. "Now why don't you use all those new words you've learned," he says as he pumps in and out of her.

The camera switches to show a close-up of Chloe's panting face and she looks into the camera with her teal colored eyes. "Oh fuck me. Fuck me hard. Fuck my pussy and make me cum you fuckin' cocksucker. Fuck my little teenage pussy and make me cum!" she shouts out at the camera.

The camera trials down Chloe's young body as it's shoved back and forth with each of the Director's thrusts until it gets to her hips. The Director let's go of one leg and pulls the other over his shoulder and the camera zooms in to his hard cock shoving in and out of her wet, tightly stretched pussy.

The camera switches back to a wide angle showing Chloe riding the Director's cock in a reverse cowgirl, her completely naked body pistoning up and down. Her small tits jiggle wildly as she fucks herself up and down faster and faster, her pig-tails swaying forcefully.

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  The Director slides his hands up from her slim waist to her firm tits, squeezing the firm flesh as Chloe calls out, "You fucking bastard!You feel so fucking good!"

The Director pushes Chloe up onto her feet and she stands and turns around to straddle his legs. She reaches down, her plump ass pushed out towards the camera, and grabs the base of his cock. She lowers herself down until she riding his cock again, her juices sliding down his shaft and balls. "Fuck yes," she cries as she rides him faster and harder. "Fuck that cock feels good!That's my cock you motherfucker!That's my fucking cock!" she yells out in pleasure as the Director holds onto her jiggling ass.

The camera moves to the side to show the Director sucking on Chloe's wildly moving pink nipples. He looks up from her chest and asks, "Were there any other words you didn't know?"

Chloe stops riding the Director's cock and smirks down at him. "Asshole. "

"I think I can help you with that," the Director says before the camera switches again.

Chloe is bent over the couch with her heart shaped ass out thrust and the tip of the Director's cock, shiny with lube, pressing against her tight, puckered hole. He pushes in slowly and she grunts and moans as he slowly fills her ass with his hard cock. She rocks her hips back and forth to help as he slowly shoves himself in until his balls are resting on her wet pussy lips.

The camera pulls back to show Chloe's back with her flushed face looking back at the Director from over her shoulder. "Fuck me, you fucker!" she shouts back as he begins to slide back and forth inside of her. She begins rocking herself back and forth, fucking her ass with his rigid prick, her small tits jiggling beneath her.

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  "Fuck my ass!Fuck my fucking ass, you mother-fucker!"

Sweat drips down from the Director onto Chloe's ass as he gripped her slender hips and tried to match her pace. He grunted as she threw herself back at him and continued swearing at him while ordering him to fuck her harder and faster.

The view switches to show the Director sitting on the couch with Chloe riding him in a reverse cowgirl, her tight asshole stretched around his dick as she thrusts herself up and down. Her small tits jiggle around on her small chest as she thrust herself up and down on his shaft. "Fuck, your cock feels so good in my ass!" she shouts out as she thrusts herself down, keeping him buried inside of her ass as she cums, she small body twitching and her muscles seizing on his lap.

As Chloe's body begins to relax, the Director moves her off of his lap and stands up next to her. He points his cock at her panting face and begins to jerk himself off until he cums, his thick, white load raining down on her smirking face and heaving breasts until he goes soft in his hand.

Panting, the Director says from behind the camera, “And that was Chloe Moretz auditioning for the part of ‘Hit-Girl’ in the movie ‘Kick Ass 2’. Why don’t you tell everybody ‘bye’. ”

As Chloe begins rubbing the Director's cum into her chest she looks up into the camera and winks with a wicked grin on her flushed face as the camera pulls back to show her naked body gleaming with sweat. "Bye, bye," she says before blowing a kiss at the camera.

The End. .