The Backroom Celebrity Casting Couch: Camren Bicondova


This is a work of complete fiction. It just popped into my brain so I wrote it down and share it for free and make no money off of it. No one under legal age may read this, if you know what's good for you. No one over legal age should read this for the same reason. All characters used in this story are a parody of any real or fictional person. I don’t know Camren Bicondova or have anything to do with her. Comments are always welcome and appreciated and you should feel free to share.

Story Code: M/f, Exhib, Anal

The Backroom Celebrity Casting Couch Starring Camren Bicondova
By Muhabba
Inspired by RandyPan

The camera clicks on to a familiar office with a familiar desk and a familiar black couch. From off camera a man’s voice, the Director, says, “Casting for ‘Gotham’ season 01. Camren Bicondova, final audition. ”

There’s a knock on the door and the Director says, “Enter. ”

A young woman comes in a closes the door behind her before flopping herself nonchalantly on the couch and smiling widely at the camera. Her wavy, light brown hair frames her face and her smile makes her wide, light blue/green eyes sparkle and she waves energetically at the camera before straightening out her loose fitting, white T-shirt and black, break-away athletic pants.

“How do you do, young lady,” the Director asks by way of a greeting. “Why don’t you introduce yourself?”

Camren smiles wide at the camera before answering. “I’m Camren Bicondova.

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  I’m 15. I’m a dancer and I’m auditioning for the part of ‘Cat’ in ‘Gotham’. ”

The camera pulls back to fully show Camren on the couch, from her extremely wavy hair to her pink sneakers. “So you’re here to hopefully play the part of young Catwoman. You nervous?” the Director asks.

Camren blushes slightly and nods coyly as she fidgets a bit and stares down at her sneakers.

“And you’re a dancer?” the Director adds.

Camren perks right back up. “Oh yeah,” she says enthusiastically, “I’m part of a dance troop and everything. ”

The camera pulls back a little more and moves slightly more to the side. “Wanna show us some moves?” the Director asks.

Camren’s eyes shoot wide open in glee. “Can I?You won’t be disappointed. ”

“I’m sure I won’t,” the Director responds. “Why don’t you stand up and show us those moves.

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Nodding her head joyfully the young actress shoots to her feet quickly and removes her T-shirt to reveal a dazzling purple spaghetti strap sports bra covering her slight chest and bare, amazing abs.

“Holy shit!” the Director gasps. “You’ve got better abs than most people I know at the gym. ”

“You think so?” Camren asks with pride, showing off her well developed mid-section. “It’s from all my years of dancing. ”

The camera shakes momentarily and moves in closer to the young star’s flat stomach. “You mind if I feel?” the Director asks.

Grinning knowingly as she playfully chews on her bottom lip Camren nods. “Sure, have a feel. ”

The Director’s hand reaches out from behind the camera, his fingertips lightly caressing the young girl’s mid-section before placing his palm flat. His hand slides slowly over Camren’s stomach, his fingers reaching up to the hem of her sports bra before trailing down, dipping into her belly button. Working farther down the actress’s amazing little body the fingers slide across the elastic of the teenager’s pants and she moans slightly. The camera darts up to the young girl’s face, her eyes fluttering as she continues chewing on her bottom lip.

“Did you like me touching you?” the Director asks as his hand disappears back behind the camera.

Camren’s eyes open back up as she nods and giggles while the camera pulls back again to show her whole body.

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  Her thumbs slide into the elastic of her pants, playfully sliding them up and down as she stares deeply at the camera and smiles wolfishly. With a practiced yank she pulls her pants away to reveal her bright pink volleyball shorts with purple stripes.

“Holy shit!” the Director gasps again, the camera shaking momentarily again before hurriedly zooming in on Camren’s tight, muscular, teenage ass. “Your ass is. . . is. . . I’m at a loss for words here. ”

“Really?” Camren giggles in pride as she thrusts out her well developed rear-end. “That’s from all my years of dancing too. ”

“I’ve got to get a feel,” the Director says as the young dancer begins flexing her ass.

“Feel free,” Camren giggles as the Director’s hand reappears, sliding up and down one of her slender thighs to just below the hem of her shorts and then doing the same to her other thigh. She giggles knowingly as the hand slides up and over one of her muscular ass-cheeks, squeezing it before releasing it and moving to the other cheek.

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  The teenage girl moves her legs farther apart as the hand slides it fingers between her tight cheeks before giving her ass a playful slap.

The hand disappears back behind the camera as the camera pulls back again. “That is just amazing,” the Director says. “That’s just the best ass I’ve ever seen on a girl your age. ”

Camren giggles and jiggles her ass as she asks, “Really?You think so?”

“Oh yeah,” the Director says, “Now lets see that ass move. Show me some steps. ”

Her nipples are now obviously hard beneath her sports bra as Camren starts to move. “This would be easier with some music,” she says.

“I didn’t think that far ahead,” the Director admits. “I’ll bring a tape deck next time. Now show me what your body can do. ”

Camren’s young body begins to move faster and harder as she giggles innocently. “What’s a tape deck?”

“Ask your parents,” the Director chuckles as the teen star’s arms fly above her head, pulling her top even tighter across her small tits. As her arms come down one of her slender legs stretches up in an arch, flashing the juncture of her thighs at the camera. She turns around to show her tightly covered ass to the camera as she begins tugging on her shorts, pulling the material across her tight ass-cheeks.

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Turning back to face the camera Camren smiles wolfishly as she begins sliding her hands up and down her teenage body. She chews coyly on her bottom lip as she slides her fingers below the hem of her sports bra, turning her body quickly as she yanks it up so that by the time she facing the camera again her flamboyant top is off. She begins tugging at her hard nipples as she sways her slender hips, bending down low to the ground before popping back up, her tiny tits barely moving on her chest.

The aspiring star makes an exaggerated kiss towards the camera as she pinches her nipples one last time and then slides her hands to the top of her tight shorts. The teen star tugs playfully on them before bending down and sliding her shorts over her hips and then slowly standing back up, letting her shorts pool around her sneakers and baring her hairless pussy to the camera. Her body glistening with sweat, the naked Camren winks at the camera before saying, “Why don’t you have a seat on the couch?”

The Director finally appears on camera as he moves to the couch with a smaller camera in his hands, his head blurred and a obvious erection tenting his pants. “You are a great fucking dancer,” he says as he sits on the couch and spread his knees.

“Thanks,” Camren says huskily as she presses her naked body against the Director and kisses him deeply. His hands wander to her small chest, squeezing her firm tits and pinching her nipples before sliding down to cup the hopeful young girl’s tight dancer’s ass. She slides down his chest, keeping herself pressed to him until the tent in his pants is between her tits before sliding back up and grinding her bald pussy against his erection as they kiss again and the Director returns to squeezing her ass.

Camren turns around and presses her ass against the lump in the Director’s pants before the camera switches angles to show his pants encased cock sandwiched between her cheeks as she slides her rear-end up and down his length. She turns around and stares at the camera with her large, wide eyes as she deftly unbuckles his belt and unzips his pants, smiling widely.

Reaching in the Director’s pants Camren quickly pulls out his thick cock. “Wow, that’s really big,” she says with admiration as she begins to fist it.

“All the better to fuck your little ass with,” the Director says with a chuckle.

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“If you can last that long,” Camren says with a hint of defiance while she gets down on her knees and the Director holds her hair away from her face. Her pink tongue circles around the tip of his prick and makes it gleam before she licks down the shaft to the base and then back up. She slides her wet tongue up and down the entire shaft before wrapping her lips around the throbbing cock-head and sucking it into her mouth. She stares up at the camera and smiles around the shaft before beginning to bob her head up and down on the Director’s cock.

The camera switches back to show both of them completely as the Director guides Camren’s head up and down his pole, his hands holding her hair up. His shifts his knee a bit to give the camera a unobstructed view of the actress’s naked body, her head bobbing up and down in his lap, her lips sliding over his prick, her ass stuck high in the air, and her pink sneakers tucked underneath her slender legs. She pulls his cock out of his mouth and tugs his pants down, taking off his socks and shoes as well while he removes his shirt.

The camera switches again to Camren’s face as she once again begins tugging on the Director's cock while tonguing his balls, her free hand lifts his sack up and she runs her tongue around his balls before releasing them and kissing up his shaft. When she reached his cock-head she sucks his prick back into her mouth, swallowing half his length and resting there for a few moments before beginning to bob her head again, slurping noisily.

“Oh wow. Dancing isn’t your only talent,” the Director gasps as Camren giggles around his cock in her mouth. “Get up here,” he says before the camera switches back to show her getting to her feet and climbing up on the couch. He grasps the young girl’s ass and pulls her to his face before she begins to hump against him as his mouth works against her groin.

“Ow wow. Directing isn’t your only talent,” Camren coos as she enthusiasticly humps the Director’s mouth.

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The camera switch to a new view, this time to Camren’s back and ass as the athletic teen straddles the Director's lap, his hard cock pointing straight up between her legs. She reaches down and grasps the base of his shaft with her delicate hand as she lowers her self down. Her bald pussy lips stretch tight as her cunt slowly swallows his thick shaft while his hands grasp and knead her clutching ass.

The camera switches back to the Directors point-of-view of Camren’s wet pussy as it slowly envelops the last in of his prick. “Jesus you got a tight little pussy,” he moans, causing the young star to giggle with pride before moaning in appreciation. He begins pushing up with his pelvis, encouraging her to start riding him as he moves the hand not holding the smaller camera to the front of her groin and begins circling his thumb over her erect clit.

“Mmm. . . ” Camren moans as she begins riding the Director’s cock before the camera switches to her graceful back and ass again. The Director puts his camera down and uses he hands to hold the young girl’s bouncing body to him. His hands wander over her slender form again before once again resting on her ass, spreading her cheeks apart to show her pink, puckered asshole.

The camera switches back to the Director’s camera to show Camren’s back and ass now in a reverse cowgirl position, the tip of his cock pressed against the entrance to her ass. She moans as the spongy tip pops through the tight ring of her hole and she begins sliding down it. Slowly her tight ass takes in inch after inch of the Director’s hard cock until she reaches half-way down his shaft.

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  She begins softly pistoning up and down, easing her ass down the hard prick until she finally takes in the whole thing.

The camera switches again to show Camren facing away from the Director on his lap, his slender chest heaving, her small tits rising and falling, her hairless pussy dripping, and her ass stretched tightly around the cock now buried inside of her. The Director lifts her legs up and out, his hands behind her knees as he begins slowly thrusting in and out of her, causing her to moan lustfully. The teen starlet bounces up and down on his lap faster as he thrusts into her harder and harder, causing her to moan louder.

Camren pants and moans in lust as her ass is pounded from beneath her. “Oh God, oh God, oh God!I’m gonna. . . I’m gonna. . . Cum!” she shouts, her body seizing and her abs twitching while the Director never stops thrusting into her convulsing body.

The Director quickly buries himself deep inside of Camren’s ass and holds her there for a few moments before helping her off of his lap. The camera switches to show the Director standing over her naked body, her wide eyes locked onto his prick as he fists himself. He points his cock down and grunts as he cums, showering the panting actress’s flat stomach and small tits with his thick load.

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  Camren begins using one of her fingers to wipe the cum up and bring it to her mouth, licking up every drop.

Panting, the Director says from behind the camera, “And that was Camren Bicondova auditioning for the part of ‘Cat’ in the series ‘Gotham’. Why don’t you tell everybody ‘bye’. ”

Camren licks the last of the cum from her fingertips as she camera pulls back to show her entire naked, gleaming body and pink sneakers, her wavy hair plastered to her head. “Bye,” she giggles.

The End. .





Read The Backroom Celebrity Casting Couch: Camren Bicondova to enjoy enticing twists from our creative writers

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