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I sit up quickly in the bed of my cell, I hear footsteps echoing in the hallway. A chill shoots down my spine, part anticipation and also because of the temperature of the room.  I slide off the bed and onto my knees on the floor assuming the presentation position, my knees spread and my arms holding the opposite elbows behind my back which thrusts out my breasts. The cold concrete makes my knees ache and a cold breeze makes my bare nipples stand up straight. My breathing speeds up as I hear a key turn in the lock and the door opens. In walks a tall middle aged man with dark hair. He doesn't look at me immediately and I quickly remember my place and stare meekly at the floor. He says nothing but pulls the one chair in the room over and sits down a few feet to my right. I can just see him from the corner of my eye. He is staring at me. Another chill shoots down my spine and goosebumps break out all over my naked flesh. "Position two" he barks suddenly. Instinct taking over I quickly drop my face to the floor spread my knees further and arch my back. I turned my face towards him and I stare at his boots as he stands and walks around me. His first touch nearly makes me break position, his fingers lightly trailed over my back. "Stand and present" he says.

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   I quickly jump to my feet keeping them shoulder width apart I put my hands behind my head and thrust my chest out. He stops circling to stand in front of me and I get my first look at his face. I almost stop breathing all together. He has a plain face, small crows feet by his eyes and a few wrinkles. But his eyes, they are dark, and absolutely pitiless.
He grabs the tag dangling from my collar and reads it. . .

Slave #145
Age - 20
Captured - North America
6 months since capture
5' 4" 110lbs    35-24-36
Basic training - passed

I recite the information in my head as he reads it. This collar has been on my neck for the last 6 months and I have been told that I will most likely wear it for the rest of my life. I break out of the almost trance that I fell into and I realize that I have been looking at this man directly in the face. I immediately drop my gaze to the floor and my stomach drops as well when he says "you forget yourself slave". He walks around behind me and says "position 4". I immediately bend at the waist and put my hands on the floor. I hear the sound of a buckle and the whisper of leather on denim as he removes his belt.


   There is a pause and my breath catches. WHACK! His belt leaves a burning stripe across my ass, and I yelp from the pain. He walks back and forth behind me, the anticipation of the next strike is almost worse than the pain. WHACK! Another burning line crosses my cheeks, slightly lower this time. The spanks keep coming. There is no rhythm to his strikes, leaving me waiting sometimes for what seems like forever and other times there would be no time between them. After the tenth strike I let out a little sob and a tear drops onto the floor. He continues for another five strokes. By the time he stops my ass is on fire and I have left a small puddle on the floor.
"Stand up"
I quickly return to the previous position and remember to keep my eyes on the ground this time.
He walks around me and wipes a tear off my cheek with his finger.
"That was just a warning, if you disrespect me like that again you will feel some real pain. Do you understand?"
"Yes, sir" I say quietly.
"I am trying to decide if I want to buy you slave. What do you think of that?"
"I hope I can please you sir"
"Good" he says and sits back down in the chair.

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"I need to decide if you are worth my time. Any girl can learn a few positions, what else have you been trained to do?"
My mind races as I keep myself from just blurting out information.
"I learned massage, dances of many styles, belly dancing, and pole dancing being the focuses. I learned- "
"Stop" he said "I don't care about your other talents, I am looking for a sex slave not an entertainer. "
"Yes sir, I have had throat training, I have learned to suppress my gag reflex most of the time, I have been trained to hold all of the positions. . . I also have had some brief anal training as well sir, but that has been difficult for me. I have a very tight ass and it is very uncomfortable for me. "
"How high is your pain tolerance? Not high I'm guessing based on this display" he said pointing at my tears. "Have you ever been brought to orgasm with pain?"
"I have been disciplined before sir but I don't know my tolerance, and no I have not been brought to orgasm with pain sir"
"So your not a pain slut then. In the end it is the same for me and worse for you. You see I enjoy causing my slaves pain. I like hearing the screams and the pleading and continuing anyways. Does this scare you slave?"
"Yes sir" I said with a quavery voice.

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   I had heard about men like this from some of the other girls, some men who buy slaves are rich and are looking for a pretty girl to keep around and fuck once in a while. But others the sadists are a slaves worst nightmare.

"I haven't decided if I want you yet… I want you to demonstrate your skills, position one in front of me NOW"
he yells the final word and I quickly turn and drop to my knees in front of him, he unzips his fly and pulls out one of the largest penises I have ever seen. It looks to be as wide as my wrist and it is about 18 inches long, it also isn't fully erect yet. "Suck" he says in a very short and curt voice. "If I am disappointed in your performance there will be consequences"
I open my mouth and wrap my lips around the head of his penis, it is HUGE, I can barely fit the whole head in my mouth. I begin sucking and twirling my tongue around it, I lick the shaft from bottom to top it has grown even more now and is about a foot long. My mind is racing trying to think how I can please a dick of this size. I go back up and get it as far as I can into my mouth, I get the head and a little bit of the shaft before I gag and can't go further. I keep trying though making myself gag over and over again. Spit is bubbling up around my mouth and my eyes are tearing up. As I go his expression never changes and I am getting increasingly frantic because I don't think I am pleasing him. The next time I go down I shove a bit harder than I have before and the dick slides another inch further into my throat. I gag violently but try desperately to keep it in my throat. I manage to keep it there for three seconds or so before I pull back gasping for air.

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   I spit a huge blob onto his dick and try again with similar results, I managed to stay on it for four seconds this time though. During all of this he has adopted a thoughtful look on his face. After a few more tries with no more success he said "stop, turn around and take position two" I immediately spun around put my face on the floor and my arms behind my back. My most private and delicate areas were now pointed directly at him exposed for him to do whatever he wanted to them.
First I felt a delicate stroke on my outer labia then nothing for another couple of seconds. Then a finger slowly inserted itself inside me. I was very dry and he tisked at me "you are going to have to learn to make yourself wet on command if you don't want things to be very painful. It is a slaves job to be ready at a moments notice. "
He then pulled out his finger and I felt another light touch, this time on my clit. It made me jump, I immediately started groveling "I'm sorry sir please forgive me sir!" Again he tisked and out of nowhere a blazing stripe of pain streaked across my ass leaving me breathless. He had strapped me with the belt again. Immediately afterwards I felt his rough finger poke directly into my asshole I gasped yet again and screwed up my face as his finger pushed its way inside me with a burning roughness. I wanted to squirm and pull away but held myself as still as I could. "you are incredibly tight back here, You will have to learn to relax or you are not going to enjoy my attentions. I enjoy anal sex very much and girls who enjoy it as well don't often want me in their ass due to the size, you however won't have a choice in the matter, so loosen up.

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  " He said as he twisted his finger and pulled it out with a faint pop. "Oh and you have about 30 seconds in order to get yourself wet bitch before I start fucking you. "
I started panicking and immediately tried everything that my instructors had taught me about getting ready, I tried to slow my breathing and think of something anything to turn myself on. Nothing was happening I was too scared, so I spoke up "sir may I please speak"
"May this slave please play with herself in order to make herself ready?"
"Thank you sir"
My hand then went straight to my clit and began rubbing in quick circular motions.
I felt myself beginning to respond almost immediately. Much too soon however he got down behind me and slapped my hand out of the way. I started panicking again my heart rate spiking. I felt his hand briefly grab my whole mound and squeeze briefly as he pulled my ass back further. Then his head was at my entrance and began pushing hard. I felt shots of pain as my body struggled to accommodate his enormous width. There was a sudden POP and his head was in. I let out a low groan and tightened my fists. Trying to keep my breathing slow was very difficult as he slowly pushed himself into my pussy. Much too soon he bottomed out. He stopped and said "still two inches left.

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   that's a shame, that means I will be using your ass much more frequently. " I started imagining what having this monstrous thing in my ass would feel like and I started to cry yet again. I must have been a combination of the pain in my pussy and the fear of what was to come. I tried to keep my sobs silent but he noticed almost immediately. "Cry all you want it won't do you any good" and with that he pulled out almost all the way hesitated and then thrust hard. I let out a squeal as his cock punched into me. I scooted forward from the thrust which seemed to displease him. "No running away now" and grabbed my ponytail and pulled back on it hard lifting my chest up off the floor and pulling me back into his dick. He then began thrusting much slower and shorter than the first thrust but not softly. My pussy ached and stretched around him, I kept sobbing as he thrust again and again into me. Every once in a while he would almost pull out then push all the way back in violently. I felt him start to tense up and his tempo and force increased as he pounded me harder than I had ever been fucked before. Just before I was sure he was about to explode inside of me he stopped suddenly. Pulling out and letting me go leaving me in a quivering heap sobbing and gasping on the floor. "Not done yet"
He then grabbed me by the hair and with surprising strength hauled me to my feet then threw me onto the bed.

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   Laying me on my back and hanging my head off the side he said "open up"
A shot of fear went through me. Would he be that rough with my throat as well?
I open my mouth and immediately his wet head fills my mouth and he begins to push further in. I see the full scale of his cock as I stare at the underside of it and it scares me. How much of this is he going to shove down my throat? He grasps the sides of my head and says "don't move" then pushes hard. His head slides in and I can't breathe anymore, yet he keeps pushing. I make a choked strangled sound as my gag reflex freaks out and try's to get his cock out of my throat. Yet he keeps pushing. I really start to panic now spots flickering across my vision. Then with one final shove I feel his balls hit my nose. My vision starts fading in and out. Then all of a sudden I can breathe again. I gasp and wretch I throw up a bit but it all falls onto my own face. He reaches down with a towel and wipes off the majority of it and then says "again, open" in one big push he shoves half of his cock into my throat and then he begins making short thrusts giving me very brief moments of air, he starts fucking faster until with a big push he shoves his entire length into my throat and I feel warm cum start filling up my throat. He then pulls out. I start retching and coughing and some cum oozes out of my nose.

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   My face is covered in spit mucus vomit and cum. He backs up wipes off his cock with the towel and pulls his pants back on. "I am satisfied. I will buy you" then he leaves. I listen to the echo of his footsteps in the hall not moving slowly I get up and attempt to clean myself up. I am crying softly as I contemplate my life to come. .





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