Sorority Hazing


Hi, I am Jan and now the president of the top sorority on campus, I have to monitor our pledges to make sure they are up to our standards. They have to be great looking and smart. Did I mention that they also have to be a fantastic fuck(both with men and our sisters). This is the story of my pledging.
During the first week of pledging about ½ of the pledges either leave on their own or are ask to leave. This year there were 8 of us left. This weekend was our first big test. It started at 9am on Saturday. We were brought into the living room and told to strip. We all did but 2 (Deb and I) were very slow. We were all holding their hands over our pussy and tits. The pledge master, Kim, said hands by your sides sluts. We all moved our hands. She then told us we would do what we were told with no questions and do it fast. She looked at me and told me to go over to Deb. Since you two were the last to strip you will be the first to make each other cum.

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   Have either of you fucked another woman. We looked at each other and said nothing. Kim said I do not expect to ask you twice. Both Deb and I said no. So you are pussy virgins. She looked at the others and asks who had done another woman. 3 (Donna, Ashley, and Mindy) of the pledges raised their hand. Very good ladies. You can make some of your sisters cum later. She told Deb and me to suck on each others tits and pussy. Both of us were not sure we wanted to do this but knew we must if we wanted in. It did not take long for both of us to start feeling horny. I was about to cum (I think Deb was also) when Kim said enough. Both of us wanted to go on but had to stop. That was not too bad for the first time but you will have to get much better if you want to be one of us Kim said.

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Kim then said we need to know more about you. We already know which ones have never fucked a woman. Now we need to know who has never been fucked by a man. Only I raised my hand. Kim looked at me and said “Are you ready to have your cherry popped today?” I looked at her without saying anything, Kim said answer me now. If you are not ready, you can leave now. My head went down and I softly said “yes sister”, So all of the rest of you have been fucked in your pussy. Who allows him to cum in you? Only Ashley raised her hand. Who has not been fucked in you ass. Deb, Donna, Lee, Ann, Joan and I raised our hands. Who has not sucked of a guy. Again only I raised my hand, Before the day is over each of you will be fucked in all of you holes several times. For your information, you all take their cum in what ever hole is being used. Also after they cum in you pussy, you will clean their dick with you mouth. Do any of you have a problem with this? If you do, there is the door.

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   You could tell several were thinking about leaving, but we all wanted to be in this top sorority.

As the day went on, we were made to do things like make one of the sisters cum by using toys on her. We were tied up and spanked, Our tits were pulled and nipple clamps attached. We were made to serve lunch on our knees. About 5pm we were given a 30 minute break and told when it was up we were going to enjoy getting fucked in front of the entire sorority. Kim suggested that we take the time to make sure our pussy were good and wet. Playing with each other would help. Kim then left. I told Ashley I not was sure I wanted to go through with this. Ashley told me that sex was fun and she would hate for me not to get in. Ashley put her hand on my leg and leaned over and kissed me. I responded and Ashley hand moved up to my pussy. I responded and did the same. The other girls were all fingering, eating and sucking on each other. This went on for the entire time and I know I was really wet.

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   At the end of the 30 minutes Kim came in and ask us if we were ready to become the sluts she knew were were. All said yes.

Kim said now we have to see who goes first. She looked at me and said I think we will do the virgin first. Come over here and put on the blindfold. Blindfold, I ask. Yes each of you will be blindfolded the first time you get fucked here. Do you have a problem with that? I just said no. Kim said “lay on your back and spread you leg wide. Kim told all of the pledges that they were to say nothing. Then she told me that your man will here in a sec. Kim looked at the door and said “First”. I did not know at the time but this was a big black man with an 8 to 9 inch dick. I could hear the pledges all take in a deep breath but none said anyting. Kim said this is Bob and he is going to fuck the hell out of you.

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   He will not be gentle so I hope you cunt is good and wet.

I felt his hands on my legs and then his cock pushing at my pussy. As he tried to get his cock in, I said I can’t take it. Kim told me to shut up and enjoy it. She told Bob to put it all in and fuck her. Bob pushed hard and popped my cherry. Most men would let the lady get used to having a cock in her but Bob just started pounding me. I was crying it hurt so much. The sisters were all clapping and telling Bob to fuck me hard. Then an amazing thing happened, the pain started to turn into pleasure. It still hurt but I thought it hurt so good. Bob pounded me a few minutes and then let go of his cum. He filled my pussy. As soon as he pulled out, Kim told Ashley to clean his dick and for Donna to clean my pussy. She told me to take the blindfold off and see who fucked you.

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   I looked up and saw Bob. All of the color drained from my face. He fucked me? Yes and did a nice job said Kim. Kim told Donna to put on the blindfold and to stay on her knees. She was going to get fucked doggy style. Donna put on the blindfold and a man about 50 and overweight came in. He got on his knees and put his cock in Donna’s pussy. Again no foreplay this was just a fuck. Donna didn’t even start to get aroused when he shot his load in her. Again one of the pledges cleaned up his dick and another cleaned her pussy. This went on until each of the pledges except Connie had been fucked. Kim looked at her and said I have something special for you slut. Put on the blindfold. When it was in place Connie was led to a chair and bent over it. Kim slapped Connie’s ass.

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   Then several of the other sisters did the same. Kim said I must admit that I love to see our pledges with red asses. Kim said “do you want to quit Slut?” No sister, Connie said. The next guy came in. He was the in his 60’s. Mindy and Ashley’s mouths dropped open because they knew him as chairman of the chemistry Dept. He still looked good and was about 7 inches and very thick. One of the sisters slapped Connie’s ass again and then he shoved his cock in her. Again there was just a hard fuck. After he shot his load, I was told to clean is dick and Deb had to clean Connie’s cunt. When she took off her blindfold, her mouth dropped open. Dr. Davis what are you doing here. Fucking pledges he said. You will find that most of the instructors fuck come over to fuck and are very good friends of ours said Kim.

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   All of this took about 45 minutes. I could still feel the cum coming out of my cunt.

After Deb finished cleaning up Connie’s cunt, Kim said everyone on their stomach. I looked over and saw one of the sisters putting lube on Joan’s ass. This really scared me. When she got to me, I clinched up. She slapped my ass and said to open up or I would get ass fucked with no lube and that would not be much fun. I tried to relax and she slid first one then two fingers up my ass. After each of us had been lubed up, Kim OK the sluts are ready to get their ass fucked. I looked up and saw a guy get into position behind me. Kim said remember just ram your cocks in and fuck them hard. Now sluts reach back and spread your ass. I did and then I felt the cock at my ass hole. I heard several of the girls in pain and then he pushed hard and his cock went into my virgin ass. I screamed and he slammed his cock all of the way in.


   He started pumping and I thought I was going to die. I was again surprised that after a short while it again started to feel better, just like it had in my pussy. He was going faster and harder and then slammed hard into me and held it there. I could feel him cumming in my ass. He pulled it out and walked around to Ashley’s face. She was still getting fuck and Kim said slut do you see a cock? Ashley said yes and Kim told her that if a cock is in her face she will clean it. She took it in her mouth and started to clean his cock as the guy came in her ass. The next thing I knew was a cock in my face. It had just come out of Mindy. I opened my mouth and took his cock in. I could taste her ass. I thought I was going to throw up but kept on going. He finally pulled out and I just laid my head down. I was thinking that only a few hours ago I was a virgin and now I had been fucked in each of my holes and was just getting started for the evening.

When all of the guys had finished, Kim told us we would have another 30 minutes to rest.

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   We were not to clean up at all. When we come back we will be fucked for the next 3 hours in whatever hole the guy wants. We may even have a cock in each of our holes at once. If anyone wants to quit there is the door. I wanted to leave but I had gone this far I may as well keep at it.

Kim was true to her word. After the 30 minute brake we were taken to the living room and told to lay down. The door was opened and all I could see was nude men waking in. They were from about 18 to 65, black and white, cocks from about 5 to 18 inches. The first one on me rammed his cock in me and came very quickly. After that it was just one after another fucking me in one of my holes. After 3 had fucked my pussy and 2 my ass, a big black guy with a huge cock, both long and around, laid down and told to climb on. I did and was slowly going down on his cock. He grabbed my hips and forced me down hard. My pussy was already sore and this hurt.


   He pumped a few times and pulled me down on his chest. I was happy he had stopped pumping until I felt a cock pushing at my sore ass. As soon as it went in, both of them started fucking me hard. While this was going on, another cock was put in my face. I let it slide in my mouth and was now getting fucked in all of my holes at one time. They all shot their loads in me. We all got fucked by one after another guys until Kim said Times up. Alright guys finish what you are doing and then get dressed and leave.
The guy fucking me lasted about another 5 minutes (it seemed like an hour). Deb was the last one to finish. Kim said stand up sluts. We all got to our feet very slowly. My cunt and ass were hurting so much. Kim said to spread our legs. She then went to each pledge and rubbed our pussy and ass.

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   She got a big gob of cum and fed it to the next girl. She said Who is sore. ” We all raised our hands. All of the sisters laughed. That is all of the fucking for today Kim said. Does anyone want to quit. We all answered as one NO sister. ” She said “Good, you all did fine. You will stay here tonight and you will serve us tomorrow until noon. Those of you who are not on birth control will then go to the campus medical and get the morning after pill. Anyone who gets pregnant will not be allowed to join. Now you can go to bed. There are 8 of you and 4 twin beds. Decide who you want to sleep with. Since you are all sore, there are cold packs in the room.

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   There is only two rules, your cannot clean up and you cannot rub or put the cold pack on your own cunt or ass. That will be for you bed mate to do for you. We want you to get to know your pledge sisters very well. Any questions? Good go to you room.

Joan and I picked a bed and slowly sat down. There was cum running out of our pussy and ass. Joan said she thought she need a cold pack. Me too I said. Each of us got one out of the cooler. I put mine between her legs and she did the same. . It felt soo good. As sore as I was, I felt sexy with our hands on each other. After a little while everyone wanted to go to bed. Joan leaned over and rubbed my tit and kissed me.

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   We lay down in each others arms. I knew I was going to sleep well.

I fell asleep quickly. The next thing I know is two pans being banged together and Kin ordering us to get out of bed and stand with our legs spread and our hands by our sides. I got a look at the clock and noticed it was 5am. She walked over to me and put her hand on my pussy. She slid a finger in my very sore pussy. I jerked a little and she smiled and said “How is my little ex virgin’s pussy this morning? Is it good and sore?” Yes I said. OK there will be no fucking today. Who need to pee she asked. We all raised our hand. You may pee one at a time while everyone else watches. You will make sure you legs are spread so everyone can see. You will also notice that the TP has been removed. After you sit down I will tell you to start to pee.

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   After you are finished your bed mate will lick your pussy dry. Joan was told to go first. I had never seen anyone pee before. I must admit that it was interesting. When she was done, Kim told me to go over Joan and lick her clean. I did and it really did not taste too bad. Then it was my turn. I didn’t have my legs spread enough and Kim said “Are you shy or something. Since you cannot spread you legs enough sitting down, stand up put the seat up and straddle the pot. Hold you lips apart. ” I was sore and it hurt but as soon as I did she told me I could pee. It felt like I peed for 18 minutes. When I finished I started to move and Kim stay where you are and told Joan to come over. She licked my sore pussy dry. When everyone had finished we were told to go downstairs.

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   We had to fix and serve breakfast to all of the sisters. It seemed like every time we got close to one of the sisters she would slap our ass, pussy or tits. Some would stick a finger in our pussy for a few seconds and then slap our ass and tell us we were too slow. We were allowed to eat when they were all finished. We cleaned up and were told to come into the living room. They told us we would be allowed to leave at noon and it was now about 10am. I was so looking forward to noon. There were 8 chairs with each having a towel on it. We were told to sit. For the next 2 hours we just sat there and were told all about the sorority and what we stand for. As pledges, we would strip as soon as we walked in the house and stay that way until we left. From Sunday noon until Friday at 5 we would learn all about the sorority and have help with our studies. The rest of the time if anyone wanted to fuck us we would not refuse them. As I said I am now the president. This was the beginning of a great 4 years.

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