Slechts Groot Part One


The Story. . .

Slechts Groot (part one)
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M+/F, Intr, Slut Wife, Size, Exh, Brothel, Orgy, SM, and is Pre-Viral.

In late spring, the canals, the many little bridges that ribbed each canal into the distance, and all the walkways leading to and from were framed with blooming trees and flowers, a scene that deserved to have been painted by one of the classic painters. But this was Amsterdam, and such scenes had been famously recreated by many Masters, over hundreds of years. An extra little flower from America was a part of today's scene. Jaimie was central on one of the up and over bridges. There she was leaning upon a stone wall railing, peering onto the canal scene of barges. There was even a classic Keeshond, a Dutch barge dog, down there on one commercial boat. In total, a very busy route of commerce.

"Hoeveel voor een uur" Interrupted her relaxed view of the waterway.

"Hoeveel voor een uur" Again, from a sliver headed fellow with a matching silver beard.

Jaimie was confused. And, actually, it was many seconds before she even realized that he was asking something of her. And he was asking whatever it was, kindly, but with a noticeable self interest.

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   That was particularly reflected in his face as he scanned Jaimie from head to foot. He twisted his head, as in puppy dog fashion, and asked again.

"Om fysieke liefde te maken. Hoeveel voor een uur" All said with focus and precision.

Another man, who was between Jaimie and her husband Dave, intervened. He put his palm up to the man with the question, and addressed Jaimie.


Jaimie nodded quickly and with some relief that someone at least knew that she spoke English.

"He wants to know how much you charge. How much for an hour of sex"

"Me Why is he asking me"

"Well. . . oh, what is your name Miss

"Jaimie. "

"Well, Jaimie, the RLD is less than a mile away, and, sometimes, the girls will come as far as over here for a break. He just thinks that you are one of the girls. "

"He thinks that I am a professional whore" And she looked down at her short black jacket, with nothing but legs extending from the bottom of the jacket to the lace up leather bootlets.

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   She thought that this outfit, with the mini hiding beneath the jacket was absolutely nothing to be ashamed of. The length of the skirt and the exposure of the legs was ultra common. Every day in the USA and England, this type of outfit pranced up and down streets all day and night. It was accepted as either business or leisure clothing, as far as she was concerned. After all, it was 1970 now. And she was not limited to a grandpa and grandma type of archaic vision. With her initial anger calming, she began to feel that a weird kind of compliment had been given to her. And she needed to deal with the man asking the question. Her husband Dave was coming over to her, as she told her personal interpreter to tell that man who requested sex that she was flattered, but that,

"Uh, er, I am married. ", and she held up her wedding band, so that the solicitor might see it.

Almost at the same time, the friendly interpreter was telling the man what she had just said.

And the man replied, "Hoeveel"

"Jaimie, he still wants to know how much. " And the interpreter, smiled upon seeing her exasperated face, then quickly turned around and in some, apparently, direct manor, terminated the other man's request for sex. The solicitor walked away with his hands up in a frustrated 'what can you do' manner.

Dave arrived, just as the man was leaving.

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   "What the hell just happened"

"Oh, that man thought I was a professional whore. He was asking how much I charge for an hour And this nice man. . . " She opened for him to give his name.

"Kees (pronounced Kayes)"

"Well, Kees was nice enough to help straighten things out. "

Dave never took any of what was reported as negative. Rather, with a twinkle in his eyes and a mischievous smile he asked, "Well, how much"

"Oh, you. With comments like that, Kees is going to think that we are awful. "

Kees jumped right in with, "No, I think no such thing. I think that you are a young couple, full of energy and enjoying the fun of the moment. "

Dave formally thanked him. And Kees said that he needed to leave. But before he left, he looked at Jaimie once more and gave her his card.

"Should you two need income while you are here in Holland, I might have work for Jaimie at one of the clubs that I run.

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   I say this, only just in case funds are ever needed. . It was very nice meeting both of you. " And he walked away.

Jaimie was still more than a little aghast. "Wow, I won't forget being on this bridge "

"Ah, I kind of think that it was all pretty polite, and, well, up front and direct. Now I know how we can make money to fund the rest of this trip and travel even more "

"Funny. Funny. " And she looked at the card that Kees left.

The only sense that she could get out of the card was that it involved two different clubs at the same address. Strange, but the card was divided right down the middle, with a different club name separately listed on each side. But each side had that same address and same phone number printed out. She had no idea what it meant, but one club was called 'Aardbei Club' (Strawberry Club), and the other was called 'Slechts Groot' (Only The Large).

So, one man sees this American and immediately wants to fuck her. Another saves her and gives her his card, just in case she wants to work in a sort of 'Venice of the North' city.

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   Perhaps the action had something to do with the way this American looked It was not just the outfit. If you peeled away the jacket, then the mini, you had a gorgeous woman. A perfectly balanced face of delicate features, topped by a feather hairdo of the day, ala Farah Fawcett, only jet black. An amazing 34B-20-32 body that was toned by college cheerleading, and then, later, professional dance. She was used to attention.

She put the card in her jacket pocket and left the bridge with her husband. After some more sight-seeing, they arrived back at the little room that they had rented. That room was equivalent to an early hostel, and the basic part of a trip plan that was created over the last two years. They were making the most of it, using the room as a hub for many short range adventures. Amsterdam, alone, was enough to keep them entertained. But Kees just happened to be prophetic about the limiting factor. Indeed, the couple's finances were quite small. A low, but safe, limit of their funds would be met within the week. Then, they would only have enough for plane fare to the states.

Getting a local low pay job was an idea that Dave had last week.

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   Then, the intention was that he be the one to do it. Such a job would stop the hemorrhage of funds and extend their stay. But he approached the quest without dedication; so, it was no surprise to either of them that the associated lack of effort assured his failure to obtain any job.

Almost simultaneously, both developed a new curiosity about Kees's club offer. She pulled the card out, and, together, they looked at the address again. In the short time that they had been in Amsterdam, they had learned enough about the city to realize that the street was not that far away. The address seemed like it would be very close to the Red Light District. But, then, many restaurants and businesses thrived on the traffic generated within that entire section of town. A down the street, or around the corner, club could take good advantage of such pedestrian flow.

She had never worked in a club; still, she knew some general information about clubs. Usually, there were many different jobs for a woman in a club: greeter, coat room attendant, waitress, even office and kitchen help were common possibilities. For a moment, she fantasized that 'dance' could be an added possibility. The type of low pay job did not really matter to Jaimie. She was never afraid to do her part. And she thought that, maybe she could be the one to extend their stay.

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Two Very Special Clubs

The evening adventure would be finding Kees's clubs. They could check them out and see if there might be any sort of real job for Jaimie. A quick snack in the room, and a clothes change for both, then off to the evening streets. Jaimie had fluffed her hair up, and replaced the jacket with a longer silver dress coat which had a white rabbit fur collar. Under it, for nightclub flair, she had on a little blue mini. It had six tiers of tassel like fringe that started under her breasts, and went from that point down to the hem. The effect was to swish around in the air, with her slightest movement. The skirt's length was 18 , but the last tassels extended it all the way down to 18 . Her earrings matched, as they were single blue tassel designs. Then, the bare legs went on down to the blue wide based 4 heels. It all had a nice go-go look of the era. She looked sharp enough for any upscale nightclub.

Searching for the address took them straight into the Red Light District. Rather than dampen the quest, that fact actually increased their curiosity. In all their daily activities, they shared youth, inquisitiveness and an acceptance of the many cultural differences that might be possible.

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   This evening's limited quest seemed to be an exact fit with their definition of a fun exploration. After walking past many shops, many other pedestrians, and many prostitutes, they found the address.

They stood in front of an old three story row house. This complex was unusual, since it was, at least, four units wide. There seemed to be lighting and activity all along that width and through every level of its height. One tall double door entry was positioned central. Above the entry were two separate signs. One read "Slechts Groot" and the other, "Aardbei Club". So, they had found them. It was not what Jaimie was expecting. Still, the building had more prominence than any other within the block, and there certainly was activity within. The voices and music carried beyond that entrance, and into the street. The doorman was tall, stocky, and dressed with a checker jacket and thin tie. Evidently, these clubs were private, for the doorman was closely inspecting a certain card that was always in the possession of anyone who might be attempting to enter.

All that Jaimie and Dave could show to the doorman was the business card that Kees gave to Jaimie.

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   He looked at the card, nodded his head in some sort of approval and actually winked at Jaimie. She somehow found that action to be in perfect sync with the other strange events of the day. He opened one of the doors wide for both to enter. And then he directed them to the rear of a central lobby. There were plush seats in variations of straight singles, lounges and even some circular ones that enveloped columns. Overdone clusters of ornaments and hung artwork finished up the space. While Jaimie thought that all furnishings were probably costly, she also thought that the lobby bordered on being gaudy.

As they walked straight through, they noted that swinging glass doors were on their right. They were not swinging at the moment. And they provided a crystal clear view into what was labeled the "Aardbei Club". The couple stopped and peered through into the atmosphere. There were a large number of men, perhaps 25 to 30, each with his own table or booth, and each with his own beautiful girl. The girl was either sitting close to the man or sitting directly upon his lap. Most girls were wearing mini skirts and heels. Very sharp outfits.

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   Some girls had on less clothing. Those wore variations that included, blouses, thongs and heels, just thongs and heels, and some who only had heels. Dave was smiling, and appeared very happy. Jaimie was startled.

Kees had been notified by the doorman, and was coming from his back office to meet them. He noted them looking into Aardbei, and the surprise on both of their faces was obvious to him.

"Jaimie and Dave, I am so glad that you decided to drop by. Oh, and I see that you have already looked into my Aardbei Club. Let's see, in English, it would be 'Strawberry Club'. "

With no sound coming from either Jaimie or Dave, he continued, "I can also see that I need to talk with you both in my office. To, at least, explain a few things to you. So, come on back with me. "

Jaimie started toward Kees, then, realizing that Dave was not moving, she reached back and grabbed him. Hand in hand, they followed Kees to his office. Once there, he asked them to sit and be comfortable, while he explained.



"I did not think that I would ever need to explain my business to you. As much as I hoped that you would drop by, I had resigned myself to our brief encounter today. But, you are here And, now, I must admit that I am only slightly different from the man who wanted you today at the bridge. "

Jaimie knitted her brow and now focused closely on every word that Kees was saying. Dave did the same, but without the knitted brow.

"I also noted your beauty, today, Jaimie. I was contemplating how to slip you my card, when the other fellow actually helped me do it. In offering work to you, I truly had no confirmation that you might need money during your visit to Amsterdam. But I knew that budgets frequently run dry, and just thought that I would cover the unlikely possibility. "

Now that Kees could see that he had the attention of both Jaimie and Dave, he went straight to the truthful definitions.

"Aardbei is a men's club. In that club, the women are highly paid to entertain the men. And we obtain very beautiful women, as I am sure that you noticed. We always hope that they have a good time, while giving a good time. In reference to the men They are screened well, and to maintain high standards, they must pay an annual fee that eliminates all but the most sincere and, perhaps, you would say, the most rich or best kept.

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   We share that income with our girls, according to the number of men who she entertains. "

He noted a quizzical look from both Jaimie and Dave, and decided to make it absolutely clear.

"How many men she has sex with. "

The last shock was removed, and he was pleased that he still had their attention.

"It is not an ugly activity here. It is not a sin in our little world. It is pleasurable good business. Jaimie, do you like sex"

"Uh, yeah, sure I like sex. But. . . "

"And Dave, do you like for Jaimie to have good sex Have you ever had thought of her being with another man"

Dave, in a rather matter of fact manner, "Yes, to both questions. "

Jaimie took his answer and all of the other radical input, and processed it fast, but also as accurately as she could. She had once thought about whether she could have survived as an upscale hooker. It was only a fantasy, especially in the USA.

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   But, here, in this place and time, and with this particular husband, there was an air of possibility. She, at least, needed to consider her fantasy once more. That she might be able to make a nasty fantasy come true, while gaining more than survival money Well, that might prove to be the proverbial frosting. Now, she was able to shock Dave a little.

"Just how much do the girls make"

Sensing a long shot success, Kees answered quickly, "In Aardbei, she earns a straight 50 guilder, about 72 American dollars, per service. Sometimes that is earned within a very short period of time. "

In showing a bright facial response, Jaimie also showed why she did so poorly at poker.

He smiled and covered the other extreme. "Sometimes it is earned after a sexual duty that is intense and lengthy. In all cases, the girl only need earn what she is comfortable earning. I never worry, for there is always a girl who is ready to earn her portion. It all averages out. There is no concern by either the member or the girl about price negotiations, which makes it all more enjoyable for both parties. The members are not to tip the girls. It is all a straight forward and a very clear service.

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   It is up to me to earn the trust of the girl. If I ever error, I promise the error is always to pay the girl more than is expected. "

Jaimie looked at Dave. He smiled real big, tilted his head and opened his eyes wide with a type of 'Well' attitude.

Jaimie had a difficult time believing what she asked next. "Can you show me what it is like to work here Is there a girl who can talk to me and politely explain what and how things happen here I do have lots of questions. "

Kees looked at Dave, who was still wide eyed and positive. Then he took immediate action.

"Of course, come with me. You too, Dave. Let's all go get educated "

He walked them back to the Aardbei Club. Jaimie now just noticed that there were solid doors across from the club. They were large, fancy, oak doors with carvings. She looked closer and could see that the carvings were all sexual topics. Above the doors was "Slechts Groot".

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"Oh, that is the other club. What does its name mean And what is it like"

Kees paused, and contemplated how to approach the topic. He decided that the absolute truth was the best to start out with.

"It means 'only the large'. It has to do with any man who has a large penis, men who sometimes scare their would be partner, men who normally must be very cautious. The final effect is a man who must sexually restrain himself. I see that Dave has little sympathy. He almost laughs. But it is a real concern for a small portion of the population. The club allows them to relax and feel free to use what nature has given them. The sex in that club is more open, and, of course, much more intense. " He looked into Jaimie's eyes, as if to try to lock in her attention and emphasize. "My girls who work there must be special. They must be able to and want to accept large penises and rough sex. The men must pay an annual fee that is more than three times what the Aardbei fee is.

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   And the girls are rewarded that same multiple. Here. "

And Kees opened the glass door to the Aardbei Club. He seemed very happy to take up the 'Strawberry' topic again. He actually wanted to drop the 'only the large', and not emphasize that narrow topic, rather to deal with the more general concerns that Aardbei addressed. He was still very unsure of any participation at any level by Jaimie; he had no desire to push his luck.

Before going any further into the 'social' area, Kees offered to personally take their coats. Actually Dave took off his own and handed it to the coatroom 'lady'. Kees helped Jaimie off with hers. Out popped her 64 inch go-go look. Of course, though the room was already filled with beautiful women, everyone's head turned her way. Her puffed up black hair, the bod inside that frizzy outfit, those long legs; it was all quite distracting. Kees had already thought of who should show Jaimie around.

"Angie. Come here for a moment, please.

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A little redhead, with a completely nude creamy white body, told her guy that she would be right back. Then she popped up on her glowing green stilettos and headed toward Kees and his guests. Dave was impressed. Kees introduced both Dave and Jaimie, and quickly addressed the need for Jaimie to be shown just exactly how things go in Aardbei. He winked at Angie.

Angie grinned and extended her hand to Jaimie. "Come with me Jaimie. I would like to show you what the draw to Aardbei is all about. "

Angie indicated they were going back over to Omar, the fellow who she had been with. Jaimie took Angie's hand, as if in a dream state. After all, this whole day and night had already been one big sex fantasy. She thought, 'Why should I bring it to a halt now' And they did walk back over to the booth where Omar waited. Omar came from Afro Mideast mixed heritage, had a dark tan skin color, stood about 6 foot tall and had a medium frame body. He could not be more pleased that Angie was bringing another beautiful woman to his table. As the two girls were arriving at Omar's booth, Kees had decided to distract Dave in a major fashion.

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   He called over a blond about the same height and build as Jaimie, to join Dave. She had on a black mini and black heels. Her name was Rhonda. She and Dave headed for their own booth. At that moment, Dave was quite distracted.

Angie introduced Omar to Jaimie. She told Omar that Jaimie was trying to get to know all about Aardbei.

Omar pledged, "I would be most happy to help. "

Angie raised the first digit of her right hand to his face, and gave him a rule for the night. "With me, Omar. With me. Jaimie is our guest. But, I am sure that you would not mind having her watch. "

"Not at all. Not at all.

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Angie had her left hand squeezing his crotch, as he stated his desire to cooperate. Angie turned to Jaimie, explained how Omar and Angie already knew each other, and that they had already planned the next part of the evening before Jaimie arrived. They would be glad to show her an example of the little rooms where the girl and guy could get more intimate. Jaimie was going with the flow of the evening.

"Sure. I promise to observe closely, in case Kees tests me later. "

Angie laughed, took Omar by the hand, and walked him to one of the many doors along side of the lounge. Jaimie looked over at Dave as she followed Angie. Dave was too absorbed with Rhonda and what she was doing with her hands to even notice Jaimie leave. All three of Angie's party entered a room the size of a small pantry and closed the door behind them. Kees was watching from the bar. His face beamed satisfaction.

In the USA, the mattress on the bed within the little room would be called no more than a single. Maybe even just a long juvenile's mattress. It did fit in the room, and, at least, leave a few inches of space for the walk around it.

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   Jaimie stood close to the lounge door as Angie took Omar around to the far end of the mattress. There was another closed door at that end of the room. Angie looked at Jaimie, then looked at Omar. She positioned Omar so that he was facing Jaimie. He seemed to immediately like that direction. Angie sat on the edge of the bed, in front of him, and began taking off Omar's clothes.

Jaimie found herself immediately turned on by the exhibition. Soon she was staring at an Omar who had only briefs on. Jaimie was mentally helping Angie pull those briefs down. A semi hard penis flipped out. It was about two inches longer than her Dave. And it had a defined and very large head. Angie stroked it, and it got even larger. Jaimie felt very turned on. Angie decided to put Jaimie on the spot and get just a little kinky.

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"Hey, Jaimie. What do ya think of this"And Angie held up his now rigid penis.

Jaimie was not shy at that moment, and wanted to be complimentary. "I think that it is very nice. Very nice "

Omar's chest and penis may have both stuck out even more upon hearing Jaimie's praise. He was delighted.

Angie baited Jaimie a little more. "Is he bigger than your husband"

"Yes. He is bigger. "

"A lot bigger"

"Yes. Y_E_S, a lot bigger. ", said with an air of an embarrassing admission about the true difference.

"Just wondered. " And Angie plopped him into her mouth and began giving a truly professional blowjob.

She did that for a few minutes.


   But she could sense that Omar was too stimulated by the situation and the visitor. She took his penis out of his mouth and looked up.

"Whoa boy. Settle down just a little, or you won't be able to show Jaimie what is supposed to happen next. "

And Omar did breath deep and try to relax just a little. He too wanted his control back. He certainly wanted Jaimie to see him fuck Angie. After a few more minutes of slow stroking, in order to only maintain the erection, Angie slid back on the bed, into a missionary, and with her head near Jaimie. From Jaimie's point of view, she was unable to see Angie's red labia spread on their own, like self opening curtains. She also did not see the large irregular opening between those labia. She did see all of Omar quickly disappear into Angie. Jaimie noted that the insertion was smooth, very easy, and immediately completed, even with the size of Omar's penis. She watched as many details as she could. Not even in college, had she been able to watch another couple so closely. She found herself in a moment of envy, as she watched a man, who was much larger than her husband, bang away at the woman.

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   Jaimie really could not help but wonder what that penis might feel like, if it were stuck into her own pussy.

Angie came several times. And Jaimie saw cause for and believed in each one of them. It looked like a great workout for both Angie and Omar. Omar had her flip over and did her doggy for a while. Finally, he looked right at Jaimie as he unloaded into Angie. Jaimie felt the need to do something sweet, but, at the same time, sexy. Something that hinted of something else All she did was lean over and kiss Omar on the lips. That seemed to send a shiver through him and up into Angie. It was good for one last spasm.

Jaimie watched Omar pull out of Angie. A bunch of goo dropped to the sheet. Both got up. Angie held a wash cloth over her opening, which, only by chance, continued to keep Jaimie from observing that Angie had a very large gaping pussy. Angie told Jaimie that she could go ahead back out to the lounge.

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   But before Jaimie left, Angie wanted Jaimie to know what was required. That Angie was going to clean up a little. That the restroom was behind that inside door. And that, if Jaimie were doing all this, and wanted to douche, she would do that during this time period. Then Angie told Jaimie that the last thing she would always do before leaving is replace the sheet with a clean one from the cupboard and toss the soiled one in a bin just inside the small restroom.

"Just wanted you to get the rest of the picture without staying through it all. See you in a few minutes. "

After Angie said that, Jaimie carefully opened the door and stepped into the lounge area. Dave was still in the lounge area with Rhonda. Rhonda had not taken Dave to a sex room. She was being as friendly as she could, without fucking the husband of another possible coworker. Rhonda knew that Kees did not allow the husbands to be there for free. Kees felt that, if Dave had the money, he could pay a monthly or annual fee like all the other members. Since he knew Dave and Jaimie needed money, Kees had no suspicion that Dave would become such a member.

Jaimie walked over to Kees, who was still sitting at the bar.

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"That was very interesting, and, I guess you could say, educational. " She smiled.

"Were you offended"

"No. Angie was very nice, informative, and, well, they looked like they were having a great time during sex. "

"Can you see yourself doing that And getting $72 dollars each and every time, in addition"Kees tried to keep his tone neutral, and not let Jaimie know how much he would love for her to come to work for him.

"Funny, but I can see myself doing this. Angie made it seem so natural, so relaxed. Not at all what I thought it would be like. I really believe that I could make something similar happen for men. " She smiled and looked confident.

"But would your husband feel comfortable with you having sex with other men, lots of other men"

"That is a very good question. Dave and I have a lot to talk about. I cannot predict his reaction. "And she looks over at him joking and laughing with Rhonda.

"Jaimie, I find that I cannot let you leave without telling you that I would be honored if you would come to work here.

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   If you two decide 'yes', then I want you to know that I would personally be here for your first work shifts. At a professional distance, of course. And that your first work would be a slow part of the day shift, so you can adjust. "

"That all sounds appropriate. I just don't want to do anything, including becoming excited, until I speak with Dave. " "Perfectly understandable. " And Kees purposefully speeded up the couple's meeting of minds by going for Jaimie's coat.

Dave saw that, said goodbye to Rhonda, and went for his own jacket. Jaimie and Dave said goodbye to Kees. Her final communication to Kees was that she would 'let you know, either way'.

On the way back to the room, they discussed the proposition. Jaimie told Dave of what she saw Angie and Omar do. The most immediate effect was that Dave became very turned on and fucked Jaimie several times that night. He could get another erection in short order, just fantasizing about other men fucking Jaimie. He quizzed her about what she was thinking when she saw Omar's penis.

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   Her truthful answer just turned him on more. And it appeared as if Dave's hormones were going to make his decision.

Their joint decision was that Jaimie could try this, primarily because of the controlled environment that Kees had developed. That control, the rather fixed and traceable membership, its upscale clientele and their healthcare, possible support from, at least, some of the girls and a specific well organized work place were positive factors for both Jaimie and Dave. Those factors moderated what would normally be a scary and rather impossible activity for Jaimie. Once the decision was made, Jaimie allowed herself to finally get excited, very excited.

At noon the next day, Jaimie went to the phone at the street level and called Kees. Though a woman answered, Kees was there. Jaimie was pleasantly surprised that she 'caught' him at the business. But then he told her that he actually lived in that rear central section, between both clubs. So, she should always be able to 'catch' him there. He seemed thrilled that the couple had decided she could try working at the brothel. He told her to drop by at 4:00 PM. As much as he liked Dave, he reminded her that she should come alone to work. Dress casually to get there, but bring hot outfits to choose from.

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   Then, he admitted that the type of heels might sometimes be the only choice needed. The phone conversation ended with him telling her that he greatly appreciated the cultural distance that she was spanning.

A few minutes before 4:00 PM, Jaimie arrived at Aardbei. Kees met her in the lobby and showed her to the simple dressing room. He told her to put on what she thought was a sexy outfit, and that he had someone who he wanted to introduce her to. She put her curly black hair into two frizzy ponytails, put on a black sparkle top, a black mini and black heels. Kees came in to the dressing room just as she was finishing getting ready. He told her that he would be the one to show her around and get her started today.

Then he prepped her by saying that, in all his years there, he had learned that a new girl just needed to get past the fright, to get those first fucks done. And he walked with her into the lounge area. There were a couple of other girls there, and they were occupied. Up by the front booths were six men without women. Omar was one of them. Kees acknowledged that Jaimie already knew Omar. Then he introduced a Turk, Jim, Bob, Harry, and Dave.

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   Of course, this was not her husband Dave, this one was a quite different Dave. While Jaimie was shaking each man's hand during Kees's introductions, Kees was also admitting that he had invited all of them there to be the first ones with the new girl.

All the men seemed star struck, as Jaimie was standing there in exceptionally beautiful form. Out of the group, Kees acknowledged Omar first.

"Well, fellows, since Omar put in his vote yesterday, during Jaimie's first visit to Aardbei, he gets to be first. "

And Omar extended his hand to Jaimie. She took it and walked with him to the very same small room where she had seen him perform yesterday. Once inside, he wanted to do the honors of unwrapping her. He unbuttoned the back of her top and pulled it forward and off. He massaged her perky breasts, and tweaked her nipples lightly, then sucked on each while he was unzipping her skirt and letting it fall to her ankles. She stepped out of the skirt and Omar went directly for her black thong. He carefully pulled it down, had her step out of it and tossed it across the room. He stood there rubbing up against her front as he held her tight butt cheeks.

She returned the favors by removing his shoes and socks first, his shirt next, then his pants and finally his underwear. Now that she could grasp it herself, she had extra admiration of his penis's size and hardness.

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   It was a lot different to simultaneously see and hold such a penis. She began to breath heavier. She stroked, and it quickly finished filling to its maximum. She loved the feel of this penis. It was not Dave's, which, by itself, was a turn on. That it was bigger and harder, well, those were extra special turn ons. His male curiosity made him ask,

"You say that I am bigger than your husband"

"Oh, yes, quite a lot bigger. And harder, too. "

And she started sucking on it. With her tongue, it was even easier to verify that Omar was big. She licked around the head and lubricated it well. Then he wanted to try it in her. He had her lay down in the exact location where he had done Angie the day before. The head was difficult to get into Jaimie. She was very tight.

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   Omar, thinking of Angie, knew that Jaimie would be much easier to get into within a week or two. Jaimie had already cum during his entrance. She kept bucking, over and over, searching for still another orgasm. She thought that this was absolutely great. She did not dream that it could feel like this. Omar almost came quickly. He had to look away from this beautiful black haired woman for a moment, just to try to maintain any control at all. He kept sliding in. Jaimie could not believe that there was more to slide in. Omar was already at a much deeper point than Dave had ever been.

But Omar pushed in another inch. He was as far as he could go. She looked so great to him, and she felt so great to him.

He flexed and jerked his penis within her, "Hello there "

She giggled and arched, massaging herself up and down on him. They seemed to have a strong agreement that this was much better than a hand shake.

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   That it was more personable, more physical, more everything. He rolled her over on her side and went deep into her sideways for a while. Then, he put her in his favorite 'cum' position. He had finished Angie with a doggy type position.

With Jaimie, he was slightly deeper when he readied to cum, for he had her advance the doggy position slightly and tuck her knees up under her chest, placing her beautiful flexing ass into a high rise. Then he watched that ass of hers very closely, as he speeded up. He made certain to take her right along, when he came. They both shivered and jerked.

Omar's demonstration with Angie yesterday was not unusual in one respect. This was 1970 and few, if any men, used condoms. It was a luxury freedom of a pre-viral time. Even bacterial infections were at a low during this era. All that it all meant was: he could unload in her and fill her with his cum. This was another difference that she noted with Omar; unlike with Dave, she could feel Omar squirt her. That just made for a more shocking rhythm of breathing, twisting and giggling at the very end.


   He produced a good amount. As he pulled out, just as it had with Angie, some drained down her inner legs and some just gushed straight to the sheet. Jaimie was wondering how often it could happen, more importantly, how often it would happen, where the prostitute and the client could be so synchronized in their satisfaction.

While Jaimie finished up the room, she decided that, today, her lounge appearances would be as in stages of a strip off. So, for her next appearance, she put back on her top and her thong. Of course, her heels had never come off. And she popped back into the lounge. Omar was smiling, and everyone, including the other girls, gave Jaimie a round of applause. It acknowledged her very first prostitution.

Ironic that the acknowledgment was the only time of embarrassment for Jaime. Her more serious thoughts were briefly about all the other millions of women through history, who at sometime prostituted themselves, even the many hundreds of millions, for whom marriage is, today, actually only a formally accepted prostitution. And she seriously concluded that she was extremely lucky to have such a very positive start.

Walking up to the remaining five, she jokingly feigned the tiniest of bows. All five reflected approval of her reduction in outfit. As she arrived at the group, Turk and Jim felt it necessary to feel those butt cheeks of hers.

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   And a simultaneous 'nice ' was the response to that look and feel. While Jaimie was fucking with Omar, the remaining five had drawn numbers. They just wanted to get sequence questions out of the way and provide some order to the fucking of Jaimie.

The results of the drawing were: first Dave, then Jim, then Bob, then Turk and, finally, Harry. These men were dedicated to fucking Jaimie. They already committed to taking time off from whatever type of work that they were supposed to be doing, just so they could be a part of Jaimie's first day on her job. And next was a Dave who looked nothing like her own Dave.

Dave took her hand and they walked right straight over to another one of the many doors on that side wall of the lounge. Dave was white, very stocky, with not too much, but some abdominal girth. Stocky, along with a height of somewhere in the 6 foot 4 inch range, made him just plain large. Dave stripped off Jaimie's top and thong, and was very happy feeling her up everywhere. She and he both helped with the removal of his clothes. His penis was about the same size as Omar's. Maybe just a little wider, but also slightly softer.

Jaimie was thinking that she could really get into this job.

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   Up to number two now, and she actually did not feel that it was a type of work, yet. Dave asked if she liked to kiss. She said sure. She would not reject some other signs of affection. Besides, they were going to share a lot more than saliva

Dave and Jaimie fucked in several positions. After a total of 18 minutes, the last position was missionary. She carefully built with his intensity, and came with him. She thought, 'two out of two'. However, she admitted to herself that this fuck required her first professional planning and, perhaps what might be interpreted as the use of her dance timing. She was the one, so to say, that allowed them to 'end on the same note'. Dave did a minor personal clean up, kissed her again, and left for his own work.

She did the bathroom visit, drained a lot, cleaned herself generally (certainly a lot more than Dave did), changed the sheet, put on her thong and entered into the lounge. She took her blouse over to the corner that was used for temporary drop off, and hung the blouse with the previously removed skirt. Then, she walked over to the remaining four, showing only her good form, a thong and a pair of nice black heels.

Jim was smiling, sort of bouncy, and just barely containing himself as she walked the last few steps.

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   He grabbed her hand and twirled her as a supposed dance partner. This twirl was primarily to show off that body of her's throughout 360 degrees. He brought her out of the next fraction of a twirl, just in time to be headed toward one of the small 'fuck' rooms. Once inside, he almost mauled her from the top of her head to her feet. In fact, he slipped off her heels and pulled up her feet and legs, flipping her onto the mattress. She landed with her back on the mattress, just as he began sucking on her toes. Now, this, she thought was kinky. Kinky, cute, and it tickled Even though she was not a toe freak, well, not yet, she did appreciate this variation in introduction. But it did lead to the more expected form of sex.

He rolled off her thong and began to finger her strongly. She became quite alert and her eyes widened big time. Jim liked working her bottom in several ways. Soon he had three fingers in her pussy and two fingers in her ass. She was responding with heavy breathing, and, as he bent over her, she played with the hair on his head. Then he was able to get four large fingers into her pussy with one hand, and four large fingers into her ass with the other hand.

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   She still was giving signs that it was quite pleasurable. Since they were free, he used the thumb of each hand to reach over into an opposite hole. He softly pinched and chewed her with his hands, using the thumbs as anchors to pull one hole towards the other.

Jaimie was thinking that this must also be a form of kink. However, she enjoyed the massage and stretching very much. She even went along with the technique, when he got more powerful and pulled harder on the two holes. After sustaining that activity for a minute or two, he let go of her, and quickly took off his clothes. Her mind went 'wow', when she saw the long and thick penis starting to stick out towards her. What she was looking at might explain the stretchy massage that she had just received. Jaimie had no idea what the measurements of this man were (8. 75 inches long and 2. 5 inches diameter). She only needed to know that he was very big, and that she had never had a man that big. Jaimie believed that was enough to know. A little pure fear mixed with a lot of desire had Jaimie opening her legs wide.

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   She wanted to try this

Vaseline was provided on a little shelf nearby. Jim's experience had taught him that, in his case, he needed to start with Vaseline, not use it after it was already needed. He put a little just inside Jaimie and then jacked himself with some more. Because of the nice prep, he was able to slide in smoothly. Jaimie's eyelids fluttered, her breathing became a series of pants, and her pelvis squirmed and twisted. With him only a fraction of the way into her, she came; the width was over stimulating to Jaimie. She even thought up a new phrase to try to explain its effect, 'Absolutely sensually fantastic'. It was one of the moments, during that afternoon, when it was necessary for her to again remind herself that Kees was actually going to pay her, to have those sensations.

He kept stretching deeper and wider. She kept cuming. Her voice had become rather loud. Even the recorded music in the lounge could no longer mask her sounds. She also bucked up and down on the bed, occasionally shaking the door that opened into the lounge. One of the girls in a booth near the door, suggested, in Dutch, that 'she does seem to enjoy her new job'. Her client agreed strongly.

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Jim was having a great time getting there. To get the rest in, he began actual deep strokes when he was at about 75 percent into her. This all was so much more simple with the more experienced, more used, girls. But he smiled at her, when he had that thought. After all, this beauty was worth the extra time and the extra restraint. And being tightly stuck on Jim, well, Jim was not complaining at all. Another 5 minutes of stroking, and he buried it in her. She lost control and began grinding down on Jim wildly. Up to now, Jaimie had no idea that she could even react this way during sex. But now she did know. She was very happy that she could reach such intensity. Very happy.

Other details that Jaimie did not know earlier included the sounds that her pussy could make. All the slurping, popping, snapping and more. She had never heard those sounds coming from herself before.

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   And each sound was associated with an intense pleasure pain sequence, a sequence now happening so quickly that it all became sort of one big orgasm for her. Jim was stroking to the hilt now. Her pussy was stretched out more thoroughly inside of her than it had ever been. As well, her lips were spread wide, with constant tension on the remainder of her hymen and inner labia. All those internal rings, and more, stretched like taunt rubber bands. Jaimie interpreted it all as not just good, but wonderful. 'Hope this guy becomes a steady customer of mine ' was a good example of Jaimie's thoughts at that moment.

She came another couple of times on her own. Another ten minutes later, and while in all the way and grinding her good, he came. He brought Jaimie along with him, for her major and final orgasm. He twitched inside her as he smiled down at her. She smiled back up and returned the favor with a little clench.

When she came out into the lounge next time, she had on only her black high heels. Everyone in the lounge could now check out anything anywhere. For instance, one jet black small vertical bar of fur was the trimmed presentation just above her pussy.

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   Sort of a tasteful presentation of old standards that were very modified to the modern times. As she walked to the remaining three men, she glanced over at Kees. He was still sitting on the same stool at the bar. He was just nursing his straight Cola and playing babysitter. He gave her a proud smile and a big thumbs up. Well, well, well, the boss was happy.

Bob was a fellow who was not much taller than Jaimie. Trim, with delicate features. He had been quiet every time that Jaimie encountered the group. Now it was Bob's turn. After they got behind the door, Jaimie found that Bob did not change He was still quiet and tentative. Jaimie quickly realized that she was in charge. She sat on the bed, and patted her hand beside her. He sat down. She hugged him, cuddled with him and slowly put his right hand to her breasts.

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   After he was comfortable softly playing with them, she moved his hand down to her pussy. She grabbed his middle finger and folded back the others. Bob took responsibility for putting it in her, and getting a rise with the finger fucking that followed. She removed his shirt, and then, just as quickly went to his pants. They came off. Finally, she removed his briefs. His penis was in proportion, really only slightly smaller than what her husband had.

As he fingered Jaimie, his penis became erect. She stroked it. She would have eaten him, but he seemed to want to go quickly to the missionary position and fuck. He mumbled an admission to Jaimie. He indicated that her beauty had him all flustered. She grabbed him by the back of his head and pulled his face down to hers. She gave him an extremely sweet kiss, winked her right eye at him, and smiled. In five to ten minutes, it was over.

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   Bob seemed very happy and said enough to confirm that he was. A quick guy clean up, and he left. Jaimie busied in cleaning up the room and herself. When she sat on the stool, she had the classic moment to think. During that moment, she decided that Bob was just an example of the famous needy 'john' who so many little stories are written about. She wondered about how many of that type paid for a special membership in such a club. The number really did not matter, because she felt comfortable dealing with such situations. But for a personally satisfying fuck, she realized that she would need 'more guys like Jim'

And back to the lounge she went. Two guys were left. Turk and Harry. Turk was supposed to be next. But Jaimie really did not understand that the so-called drawing was slightly fixed. Indeed, most names were in a sort of order. But the order was shuffled around slightly, so these fellows could be last. She went over to greet Turk.


   But Harry was just as much front and center. When she grasped Turk's hand to lead him to a room, he stopped her, and wanted to make sure that she knew Harry was coming too.

"Oh " And she looked inquisitively at both.

Turk just held up two fingers. Jaimie thought that she might have suddenly understood the plan, and she spun her head around to find Kees. There he sat, on the same bar stool. He smiled, opened his palms to her, and gave the two handed gesture that sort of says 'Its all your show. You can now take the stage. So, take it ' It was an old vaudeville message.

She thought to herself as she grabbed one hand from each man and began leading them to a door. 'OK. Are they going to paw me one at a time and fuck me one at a time, or are they going to do that double thing Can I even do that double thing' One of the girls was in a booth near the doors. She had no one with her at the moment. And she had watched this whole event build up, and thought she should indicate a proper direction for the parade. She pointed to the last doors.

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   There were four doors down there that looked quite different. With the size of the lounge, they must have been at least 40 ft. further away. Jaimie looked back at the girl in the booth. The girl nodded, and Jaimie took her 'two' guys to one of those doors.

When she opened the door, she found a slightly larger room. Its bed was much larger and very sturdy. This type of room could obviously be used for more than two people. Harry was the last one in and he closed the door behind him. By now six other girls were working the lounge. When Harry closed that door, all six turned their faces to Kees. Each then looked at Kees in a very accusing, perhaps even slightly hostile, manner. He gave an innocent 'what did I do' response, and then allowed his left hand to fall and cup his mouth and chin. It was a 'thinking man' pose. Hidden under that hand was a broad self satisfied smile; this particular smile was Kees's best example of an unrepentantly pure smirk.

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In offering the trial of a new beauty to some favorite customers, he tried to be fair. Not necessarily fair to Jaimie, but fair to high paying customers. Turk and Harry were black men from across the hall. They were members of the much more expensive Slechts Groot. And the three girls in the lounge knew that. Inside the sex room, the plan for Jaimie had already begun. Before the two men did anything, Turk pulled out a blindfold and told Jaimie to put it on. She looked at it, smiled, sighed, and immediately slipped it on. The men quickly stripped, and displayed the first kind of information that the blindfold stopped Jaimie from seeing: massive black penises.

She was evidently a strong turn on for both men, since both sported rock hard erections that were already between 18 and 18 inches in length. They stood Jaimie up, used a small leather strap to tie her hands behind her back and began heavily greasing up both of her holes. The blindfold, and the attention that she did not see coming, was a turn on for her. A pleasantly slick double surprise. All of that action, however, just happened to the first double surprise. Turk laid down upon the bed and flopped his penis upstream, so that it remained flat across his belly as it extended past his belly button.

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   That kept it a surprise just a little longer.

Harry took Jaimie over the bed, had her straddle Turk's lower legs and then shuffle on her knees, up to the level of Turk's pelvis. All that effort, just to make sure that she did not get a hint as to what was up and across Turk's belly. As she stood on her knees above him, Turk positioned his penis at her opening. Even while up on her knees, the spread of those knees lowering her, and with Turk's now straight upward length, his penis already began to touch her lips. A single, "Oh. "And she shivered.

Then Harry began to sit her down onto Turk. Many umms and ahhs at the start of the process, as the head popped into her pussy and began to slide. Her response changed quickly as she kept sliding. Thoughts like, 'Is there an end to this' ran through her mind. She settled down solid on Turk with more than a few inches still to go. With the amount that was in her, Jaimie began oscillating up and down a little and wiggling. That is when Harry, gravity and tied hands began to assist. Harry grabbed her pelvis and began to push her down, while Turk grabbed her knees and spread them apart at the same rate.

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   With her hands behind her back, she could not reach forward for support or easily pull up her ass.

The push and spread method was having its desired effect. Think of it as a little limited impaling. The top of her pussy finally stretched enough to allow her to come down to and sit upon Turk's pelvis. He disappeared inside the beautiful little thing. Jaimie was gasping, breaking into puffing and, if she received even a minor extra poke, occasionally squealing. Till Turk purposefully twitched his penis, she had not been sure that she was not stuck on a forearm. The twitch confirmed that she was now stuck on a penis that was even bigger than Jim's For the moment, being overfilled that way, she could not oscillate or wiggle much. Harry pressed her forward so that her pretty face and breasts came directly down upon the front of Turk. Both Jaimie and Turk appreciated the extra sensations.

Of course that position and Turk pried her pussy big time. Pushed it back and apart. Her little asshole was spread perfectly. In addition to the lube that was on and in her, Harry lubed his erection. He knew that the multiple dosing of Vaseline would be quite necessary.

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   Jaimie's thoughts ran through 'Oh, my God. They are going to double me ', and that she had so rarely tried even basic anal. 'Maybe, at least, the other guy will be smaller'

Harry started in, and Jaimie realized that the 'other guy' was not smaller. Squealing, a multiple series of 'ow,ow,ow,ow,ow', breaking for gasps and then into panting, all done over and over as Harry pushed in. Harry was very thankful for Kees's invite. In spite of the high cost annual and monthly fees, he was even considering a separate 'finder's fee' for Kees in this case. Each time he looked down at Jaimie's tight rounded and now splaying ass, he felt even better about where his penis was going. He certainly would not have wanted to miss this. Turk and Harry were in their realm as they, effectively, divided Jaimie. One beautiful leg on one side of a black wall of penises, and another beautiful leg on the other side of that wall. At least that is what it looked and felt like to the two guys.

For Jaimie, it was a more real division. She never thought about the ability to do such a thing, or more importantly, to survive such a thing. As Harry, so to say, bottomed out, Turk began moving a lot more. Then Harry started to move back and forth.

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   Jaimie was making one of those laugh or cry decisions. The positive won, and she gasped loud chuckles out of her mouth. Turk thought that was cute. And since she was nailed in place with her hands behind her, he decided to take off her blindfold so that she might start to see some of the action that she already felt so well. As he looked straight into her face her big fluffy black ponytails fell across his chest. He reached around her back and over her arms to pull that beauty closer and tighter.

That allowed both of them to start plungering her in earnest. She screamed a lot now. Everyone in the lounge, music or no music, could her. They could even hear the bed start to shake back and forth. Soon the two men were seriously sawing the young woman. Jaimie made another basic wild animal type decision. Her body started to cum. She could not tell if it was the combination effect, or some single item like a clitoris rub. She was just cuming, and cuming way beyond her control.

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   Turk signaled Harry, that, from her sounds and the look in her face, they had themselves a natural double penetration 'slut'.

And they banged away. For over 20 minutes, they poked deep, and reamed wide. Her ass and pussy took turns making smacks, slaps, slurps and low frequency thumps. Then, after she lost count of her own cuming, Turk and Harry came in rapid succession. Big jerky cums that produced a lot of goo. They slowly pulled out, and undid the leather tie at her wrists. Volumes of cum dribbled out of Jaimie's holes. Harry reached down and spread her ass and pussy. Both were, at least temporarily, red, and gaping, with a tiny trickle of blood from each. Jaimie was exhausted. She was also still trying to fathom the total effect of what just happened. They had been huge, and like nothing that she had even felt for one brief moment. But, here, it was like being held at that highest peak of an orgasm for one continuous half hour. She was now sitting on the edge of the bed, periodically gaining more sense.

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   She spread her legs and looked at her ass and her pussy. The guys watched her check herself out. She looked up, stoned from the sex alone.

No one said anything. Then she smiled, giggled and finally laughed. Both of the guys smiled back at her, and fluffed the top of her head as one might do a beloved puppy dog. Turk and Harry left. As they walked past Kees, they stopped and each shook his hand. Reports of 'excellent' were echoed between the two. Harry did palm Kees another 200 guilder as he and Turk left. Kees did not see how much. Rather he crumpled it up and put it into a pant pocket. The resulting attitude might not have been appropriate, but his demeanor became that of a proud father.

Ten or so minutes later, Jaimie came out of the room. She did not immediately go for her outfit.

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   Instead, she walked over the boss. Worked out Worked out well But appearing game. Still, rosy facial cheeks, a rosy mons, a rosy slapped look groin and a red ass were the details that well publicized her recent work. Kees looked at all the reddened areas. Everyone in the room was focused on the pair, as he very slowly spun her around looking at her condition. He whispered into her ear, and she turned around toward the lounge booths.

She gave a strange look to the lounge group; it was a look that included a roll of her eyes. Then she bent over, with her rear pointed up towards Kees face. She spread her ass and pussy, so that Kees might examine their conditions. Her ass was swollen and slightly pouched out, with a red coloration. Her pussy lips were all a deeper red, her center hole still gaped, and was now rough around its edges. Through the gape, her canal appeared moist red.

"And are you going to survive", said with a little baiting sarcasm.

She spun around and up. "Are Turk and Harry regulars"

"Yes, they are.

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  . . across the hall, at. . . Slechts Groot. "

When he saw her start to possibly flame, he realized that he needed to use his best sales techniques. "Jaimie. They are the highest paying type of customer. And Turk and Harry desire to try any new girl. But when they heard of your beauty, they were overwhelmed and said they had to be here today. "

Jaimie knew that little of what he said was true. Still, there was no major violation in 'her book'. But she did not want to let him off the hook immediately.

"Yeah, right.


   They did a good job of letting me know how they felt all about me and inside me " Following that comment, she found that she could not maintain a stern attitude. She displayed one of her pretty smiles.

"So, you are going to be alright. " Kees said it as a statement of Dutch certainty.

During that same moment, he pulled an envelope from his inside jacket pocket.

"Now that was your introduction. You did very well, Jaimie. Take this home with you and tell your husband how things went. Who knows There may even be a chance for you to make more sex today. "

Surprised. Actually expecting to be required to have more customers today, she took the envelope. Going into the dressing room, she stopped and checked the contents of the envelope. It contained American currency: four $50 bills, eleven $20 bills, one $10 bill and two one dollar bills. $432. 00, in less than 3 hours.

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Kees stuck his head into the dressing room at that moment, "Oh, forgot to tell you to be here at 1 PM tomorrow. "

Back in her jean and shirt disguise, she walked to her apartment. As she passed couples and single males, she could not keep herself from wondering about the male. Jaimie, like most young women, had always considered the unique differences in their faces and their builds. But now her wonder more directly involved what might be hiding at in their crotch. For now, she realized that the differences there were just as varied and perhaps more significant.

Jaimie arrived at the apartment at about 8:00 PM. Dave was pleasantly surprised. He had not expected her home so early on a Saturday. He thought that her starting on a Saturday evening would mean a late night. She grabbed him and hugged him. He did not know how to interpret the early arrival home and the hug.

"You're home early. Did everything go alright You OK"

"Honey, I'm fine. Just a very different day for me.

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   I think I did well. "And she handed him the envelope. "Wow. Let's see. . . $432 Since 4:00 PM"

"Kees had 6 men waiting for me. That works out to $72 each. "

"Six guys Tell me Tell me all about it. Every little thing. "

And Jaimie did tell him, with as much detail as she could provide. She watched him get turned on more with every step of the story. That is when she stopped feeling apologetically sinful. Instead, Jaimie started taking delight in what she had done. And the telling to her own husband reinforced the nastiness of the event.

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   She was able to do a kind of reliving through her story telling. In fact, her body seemed to remember some the orgasmic type feelings very well. She would get tingles and almost come just telling some of the highlights.

She would try to tell her actual feelings toward each man. Dave, of course, was most interested in finding out how these first customers of his wife were equipped. He wanted details. And he said that he did not want her to hold back. So, soon he found out that Bob was smaller than he was, and that the other five were all larger than he was. He asked for the absolute truth about her orgasms, and told her that it turned him on just to hear about her having a great time. She had known Dave about 5 years, though they were just married 2 years as of last month. She considered what he said, thought that he meant it, and thought that he could take the truth. She even thought, like he was saying, that he would be turned on by the truth. So, if he asked something, she would tell him that truth, as she remembered experiencing it.

He asked, of the six today, did she cum better with any of those men than she did with Dave. She told him that she remembered cuming intensely with most of the men.

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   At that point, he obviously wanted more information. He wanted to know how many men that day, took her to stronger, longer and more frequent orgasms. She told him that five out of the six did. She was not quite sure why that turned him on more. But she knew that she might soon be learning a lot more about male sexual desires at Aardbei. This evening, such discussion resulted in a very hard Dave. He wanted to have sex. But he was wondering if she felt like she could still function, so soon after such a workout.

With a little chuckle, "Well, I had better get used to multiples. " And she looked to see when the realization of that hard core pro statement would finally hit.

And within seconds it did hit. Dave looked up sheepishly. "My beautiful wife is a whore That's right. My wife is a whore "


"Good. Very good.

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   Very nasty. Very good and nasty. "

He took over to the little bed, stripped off her shirt and jeans for her, while commenting that though the other guys got the full nasty outfit treatment, he only got blue jeans. That was all tongue-in-cheek. He really seemed quite jovial. He immediately noted that her nipples were red and slightly stretched. Then, when he removed her briefs, it was absolutely impossible to ignore that her pelvic and ass areas were still generally pink from the action. He spread her legs. Her pussy was red and swollen. Though not pouching out now, and though reduced greatly in degree, her ass still remained slightly red.

"Hey, are you sure that you're alright"

Jaimie thought that he was trying to be sweet, but her thoughts also joked around i.





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