Sister Hardy Enjoys A Sexy Moment Alone.


Sister Hardy is a sweet Utah girl with a strong testimony, big breasts, and a crush on her companion. Of course, she can’t say or do anything about her feelings. But when her companion pops into the shower, Sister Hardy can’t help but notice that she left her worn garments on the bed. She has to know how the garments smell. When she hears the shower start, she clambers over to her companion’s bed and picks up the garments. She knows the underwear has been against her companion’s skin all day and all night long, and she presses them to her nose. They smell like her most intimate parts, her pussy and her boobs. The smell makes Sister Hardy fantasize about climbing into the shower with her and kissing her, touching her breasts, slapping her ass, and eating her pussy. She lets out a little moan.

Surely her companion wouldn’t notice if she put on her garments? With a quick glance at the door, Sister Hardy slips out of her underwear and into her companion’s. She feels really naughty, but she can’t stop. Her face is flushed, her nipples feel sensitive, and her pussy is warm and wet.

She falls back onto the bed and pulls up the garment top. She grabs her big boobs, gently at first, and then she really yanks on them, imagining herself in the shower too, her mouth on her companion’s dripping wet cunt. Her hand travels down her body to her pink pussy and she begins to play with herself.

She lifts the garment to her nose one more time to get her companion’s scent, then she stuffs the sacred garment in her mouth to muffle the sounds of pleasure coming out of her.

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   She’s rubbing her pussy hard and fast now, imagining that her hand is actually her companion’s face. She pictures her companion licking and sucking on her clit, pushing her ever closer to the line of orgasm. She arches her back and moans. Her hand is soaked with her own juices.

As she pictures her companion finger banging her in the shower, she cums loudly and bites down on the garment. As her body relaxes and the warmth spreads through her limbs, she pulls the garment from her mouth, and puts her own garments on her companion’s bed to replace the ones she has just made filthy.

If only there were some way to make her dream of fucking her companion come true. . . .





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