Shocked by gay boyfriend cheating


This is a true story but names have been changed for obvious reasons. . .

I am a 29 year old guy called Tony and I would describe myself as a guy who likes to work hard but play harder. I have a boyfriend called Dan who is a little older than me (by 8 months to be precise) and we have been together for five and a half years. To say he is the settling down type is an understatement.

Throughout our relationship, I am always the one who likes to go out partying and if I'm honest with myself, I probably do have somewhat of a drinking problem as I would always want to get wrecked but really feel I am just trying to escape my boring routine. My boyfriend enjoys a good night out but always wants to go after five drinks as he struggles with really bad hangovers if not.

It was our friend's birthday and we were invited to a night out at the birdcage in Manchester to celebrate her 30th birthday. Both Dan and I agreed to go but neither of us was looking forward to it as it wasn't our scene. Don't get me wrong, we're both gay but we are very much straight acting guys and the thought of watching a drag show all night with extra camp music was just so boring.

We arrived at the club at 9am and attempted to enjoy the festivities with our friends and the drinks were helping us to partly enjoy ourselves. At around 10. 30ish Dan went to the toilet and my eyes started to wonder around the club. Around 18 feet away from me stood an absolutely gorgeous guy, with short dark hair styled to perfection, wearing a tightly fitted trendy tee-shirt showing off every bump and groove of his finely toned torso. He was wearing tight trousers revealing a proud and prominent outline of what looked to be a descent size cock, hanging down his left leg.

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   The guy must have only been about 20 years of age and I can honestly say that this is not normally my type as I normally go for the older rugged sort of guy but I couldn't take my eyes off him.

Dan returned from the toilet and asked if I wanted a drink, I said yes and thought that this would allow me more time to admire this fine specimen of a boy without my boyfriend noticing and it potentially causing a scene.

As Dan walked passed the guy to go to the bar, I noticed that the young guys head started to follow my boyfriends arse and it was obvious that he was giving my boyfriend a good undressing with his eyes as he didn't take his eyes off his arse for a long time. With this my heart sank, I had mixed feelings, mostly of jealousy and then of confusion as I had always felt that I was the better looking one out of the two of us and then finely I started to get a little excited and tingly in the cock department thinking of this as an opportunity to explore my deepest voyeurist tendencies that had had never been allowed to surface in my dull and what can only be described as vanilla relationship.

The night carried on and I kept noticing this guy staring at my boyfriend and occasionally at me but I think that was only to question who I was in the scheme of things and seeing me as a potential block to him receiving sexual gratification from my boyfriend.

As the night progressed and the drinks were flowing more, I had to admit that I actually started to get into the atmosphere of the place as it appeared Dan was too and there was lots of dancing, jumping around, acting foolish and laughing profusely. As much as I was getting more drunk, the same could be said of my level of hornyness.

After a couple of hours I noticed that the cute guy was also getting merrier and acting slightly more foolish with his band of friends who appeared to be an eclectic group of people, all of whom, in my mind, didn't deserve to be in the company of such a stud, godly type creature.

As the dancing got crazier people from different groups starting dancing with members of other groups and our social circle appeared to expand. I noticed at one point my boyfriend was dancing with this guy but as much as the guy appeared to be flirting, Dan just seemed to be oblivious and was just treating him like another pissed up party goer. It was then I noticed that this guy brushed his hand passed my guys arse and this was definitely deliberate as his arm movement seemed to slow down as he did this. I just stared and was a little sickened but the pervert in me took over and I didn't say anything in the hope that another confrontation would occur.

I decided to do a little research and asked my friend if she knew this guy and she said "yes of course, he works with Dan and he has been out with the group before". I was shocked by this as I knew that there had been nights where I couldn't make it due to my shift work but felt like I had been kept in the dark about this gorgeous specimen of a man. As time went on I mustered up the courage to ask Dan if he knew this guy and Dan's initial reaction seemed a little strange and he answered the question in a slightly panicked voice and didn't give me eye contact as he said "yeah, I've told you about Chris, he's worked in my office for around three months now, he's the guy who is accident prone".

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   My memory immediately pin pointed the occasion he referred to this accident prone guy and it was when he told me a new office guy spilt coffee all over his case file and I was under the impression he was an older, average/boring guy who seemed to annoy my boyfriend at work. I was a little panicky thinking all sorts of things and getting extremely insecure and unsettled at the thought of them two working together over the last three months and also more worried about their future together, especially now registering that this Chris has a 'thing' for my guy.

Enough was enough, the booze had gone to my head and I asked Dan if we could go home now as I wasn't feeling great. I tried my best to hide my jealousy and upset and felt I should have won an Oscar for my acting as if not had concerned me in the slightest. Dan agreed to come home with me and we didn't even mention Chris on our travels home. We arrived home and Dan told me that he was glad we came home when we did as he too was tired.

We both got into bed after having a hot drink and brushing our teeth and we both tried to sleep. It seemed like no time before Dan was in the land of nod and I could hear his gentle snoring but I couldn't sleep, it was racing around my mind all the possibilities of what may have occurred between my boyfriend and Chris or at least what could occur especially when I was on night shifts at work.

I tried to empty my mind and was starting to drift of when I heard my boyfriends phone signal that he had just received a text message. Now I was never the sort to check his phone and in all honesty, never had reason to as I never thought he could be the guy who I thought would ever look at another guy but suspicion had now entered my head and as my boyfriend seemed to be in a deep sleep I knew I just had to check his phone.

I creeped out of bed slowly, enough so that the usual creek in the mattress was kept to a minimum and instead of walking to Dan's side of the bed I felt it safer to crawl as this appeared to keep our uneven floor boards from making their usual racket, I got to Dan's trousers that were thrown on the floor and entered his pocket and pulled out his phone.

I decided it was best to crawl out of the bedroom so he didn't wake to me checking his phone. I went into the bathroom and locked the door. I sat on the toilet with the lid shut and proceeded to check his text. To my shock, it was from a person listed in his phone simply labelled as 'work'.

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   The text read "You looked so fit tonight, I deserve a medal from keeping my hands off you in front of your boyfriend. Text me when you can and can't wait to see you Monday".

My world had been torn apart there and then. I was absolutely in disbelief, especially knowing Dan's boring character and also at the fact that I had previously thought that if anybody was likely to cheat, it would be me. I just knew it at this point that something had definitely gone on between the two of them. As I delved further into his phone I couldn't find anymore evidence to incriminate Dan as he seemed to do a good job of hiding everything on his phone and had an app called 'Clean Master' that wiped all sorts from Internet files, texts and allsorts. I went through all his 'WhatsApp' and 'Facebook' messages and couldn't believe that they were all clean and again nothing to catch Dan out. That was until I stumbled across 'Dropbox' that he seemed to use to back up all his pictures. I opened up his images and was immediately greeted by a picture of Chris giving my boyfriend a good old cocksucking which my boyfriend must have captured. I came across several images of them sucking, fucking and interacting with each other on various occasions, in different places (mostly their office) and as they both were wearing different shifts and pants, it appeared to have happened on several occasions. I then came across a picture of Chris lying butt naked on our bed and Dan had his cock positioned in between his arse cheeks and it looked like he was ready to fuck him.

I was in a shaken state, my heart was pounding so fast but at the same time my cock was throbbing and I was really getting off on this. I couldn't help it and I immediately got my cock out and starting wanking fureously at their 20 plus photos and was really getting off on this. I started to picture their activities and sneakiness and the was the most turned on I had felt in a long-time. I immediately shot my load all over Dan's phone as I was that turned on.

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After I had climaxed the feelings of jealousy got the better of me and I was sat in the bathroom for around ten minutes contemplating my next move.

My heart beat started to calm and I began to settle.

I decided to just clean up Dan's phone of my cum and erase my tracks so that he had no idea I had checked his phone. I also managed to make it look like his text message hadn't been read.

I sneaked back into the bedroom and put Dan's phone back in his pocket, checked he was still fast asleep which he was and creeped back into bed.

The next morning I had already made up my mind that I wasn't going to say anything but that I would now enjoy my future investigations.

If you enjoyed this story let me know and I will write again.





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