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On holiday in Magaluf, husband and I were walking back to the hotel after a night out drinking in the bars. I'd been looking for a guy for a few nights, as husband wanted to share me again. I was wearing a cream minidress and had white matching lace bra and g string underneath.

Walking along the street I saw a hot looking guy and his friend and just put my arms around him, made some small talk and asked if he wanted to come to my room and fuck me. He was well up for it. His name was Ian.

I asked his friend if he wanted to come and they could both fuck me. But he was very drunk and wouldn't have been much use , so his friend told him to go home and he would give me a good seeing to by himself.

As we were walking along I needed to pee, so we walked up a small alley, I hitched up my dress and peeled down my knickers in front of Ian, then sat in a small wall and pissed. He had a good look at my pussy and looked happy.

We got back to the room Ian started undressing immediately, and I pulled my dress over my head, gave him a good view of my white Lacey lingerie, then I took off my knickers and bra then lay back on the bed. Naked Ian got on top of me and started French kissing me and running his hands over my tits.

I pushed him up so he ended up kneeling straight upright, I sat up and grabbed his hrs cock. I started wanking it a little to get it to full hardness, then leaned down and took it in my mouth, I was sucking, licking, wanking his cock, sloppy and wet. He was loving it. Going deep, then sucking on the tip, rubbing his balls.

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   I was giving him a great sloppy blow job.

Then i opened a condom and with my mouth I pushed the condom first overhis throbbing helmet, then tightly rolled the condom down his hard shaft with my lips.

Ian the flipped me over onto my knees and pushed his hard dick straight into my warm wet pussy, grabbed my hips and started fucking me really hard right style. I could feel his hard shaft sliding in and out, and his helmet banging against my cervix, as his dick was about 8 inches in length. He was holding my hips and fucking my pussy hard, then holding my sides and grinding deep into me. I reached under and was playing with his balls as he slammed in and out of me.

As I was bent over pussy and ass up high for his viewing pleasure, I reached under and pulled his cock out of my pussy and pushed it towards my asshole, and said to him "Ian fuck me here, fuck me in my ass"

Eagerly Ian put his helmet to my asshole and stared nudging, pushing, squeezing , trying with difficulty to get his dick inside my ass. Hubby gave us a tub of lube, so Ian worked my ass with a lubed finger and spread lube over his condom. . grabbing my ass cheeks, spreading them, squeezing he still couldn't get in. . so I told him to pull the condom off and see if his bare cock would slide in easier.

Hubby said no bareback ass fucking though, and told Ian to just force his dick into my asshole, push it in harder. So that's what Ian did, he just rammed his Rick hard cock into my puckered asshole and slid it in deep once he had broken through my ring piece.

He started humping my ass, but slow and gentle, as my very tight ring gripped his shaft like a vice.

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   I turned my head around and said to him "Ian fuck me harder, fuck my bass the same as you just fucked my pussy. So he started pumping hard, really thudding into me, destroying my little asshole.

Then husband got in front of me and pushed his fat cock towards my mouth. At this point Ian stood at the foot of the bed whilst I kneeled at the edge, my ass and pussy completely exposed and on display. Hubby lay on his back flat. I took hubbys dick in my mouth as Ian sunk his cock deep into my ass again. I was being pumped in the ass whilst sucking cock at the same time.

After a while hubby went to sit down and Ian pushed me up the bed and got in his knees behind me, again his dick straight into my asshole. He was loving fucking my ass and clearly was capitalizing on the opportunity. Fucking my ass hard I reached under and started rubbing my pussy lips and my clit, eventually I orgasmed hard as my hand rubbed my pussy and Ian's dick hammered in and out of my ass. Even as I came and fell face down on the bed Ian wasn't for taking his cock out, he just kept pumping into my ass regardless.

Then with his dock still in my ass I kneeled upright. So he's deep in my ass and my back is pressed against his front, my hand grabbing the back of his head as he kissed my neck and pumped my little tight ring piece.

Next and through my drunkenness I don't remember well but he put me on my back to fuck me in my pussy. I later learned that he asked hubby if he could bareback me and hubby said yes.

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   He spread my legswide, crawled on top of me and Unbeknown to me he gave me a right good bareback fucking.

He then slid down and stared licking my pussy. Pushing his tongue hard on my clit and sliding , grinding, two fingers in and out my pussy. It was amazing as he licked my my pussy well and really finger fucked me like a pro. I was moaning, squirming writhing, pussy juice everywhere.

Then I heard him say "can I fuck her bare back" I looked at hubby and said can he? As I was throbbing and desperate to feel his raw cock inside me. Hubby said yes and Ian plunged his bare cock into my bare pussy and started fucking me doggy, my pink pussy sliding against his warm hard shaft.

Then he threw me down on my back, claimed on top of me and bareback fucked me missionary.

Ian was exhausted by this point. So As he stood up I kneeled on all fours in the bed and started sucking his cock as he stood at the foot of the bed. As I rubbed his balls, licked n ducked his balls then kissed around his shaft and sucked his helmet , he blew a massive thick warm gooey load of cum into my mouth. As I was swallowing it down his cock was still pumping out cum which started dribbling out the sides of my mouth.

The. He said thanks got dressed and went home






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