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I had just got off work and was standing in front of the door. I worked the night shift so the sun was just coming up. there was a small brown box on the doorstep addressed to me . "hmm I don't think I ordered anything. " I picked up the box and took it inside. I sat it down on my kitchen table. I had just moved out of my mom's house a few days ago. I opened the fridge and grabbed a soda. "just what I needed. " I sat down at the table and popped the can open.

I reached into my pocket and pulled out my box cutter. "ok what we got . " I cut the tape and opened the flaps. "o awesome bubble wrap. " I pulled out the first layer and started popping it . "god it never gets old.

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  " I sighed to myself and looked in the box. "an old oil lamp the fuck?" I pulled it out and looked it over in my hand. I looked back in the box and found a note. "rub and play. " I laughed.

"o god in such a perv. " under that note was another note. it read, "I know you don't know me john that's cause you family does not want you to. I'm you uncle dug. I have chosen you to inherit my lucky lamp. we are both a lot alike so I hope you like the joke I left you on the other note. anyway, this lamp is very special do not lose it. if you have any questions simply wish for me to be there. I would love to meet you in person. " I put the note down and looked at the lamp.

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   I picked up my phone and called my mom. "hey john how are you?" she asked. "I'm good, but I got a box today the note on it said it was from an uncle dug. "

my mom gasped. "john does not open that box you get rid of it right now dug is not a good person he did all kinds of satanic things. " I had a very dark side and whenever anyone said someone or something was satanic or demonic it only made me want to learn more about it. "o gosh I'm getting rid of it right now . " I lied . "ok good if he sends you anything else just get rid of it. " I hung up the phone and rubbed the lamp.

it got warm to the touch. I quickly sat it on the table and backed up in case it exploded. blue and purple smoke came out of the spout. "o I could so jizz my pants right now. " I said with a huge smiled forming on my face.

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   the smoke hung to the table and started to take form. first feet then legs and so forth. soon two beautiful girls sat on my table. they wore belly dancer clothing. they hopped down and got on their knees. "hello master . " the said speaking as one. "sup. " they kept their heads to the ground . "so my uncle dug sent me a genie lamp with two genie inside it. " I said to myself. they both suddenly got off their knees and sat back on the table. "thank goodness it's you might have been anyone . " said the right one . "look he is so happy to see us.

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  " said the one on the left.

I looked them both up and down. the one on the left had purple hair in a ponytail. her skin was a bit pale but not like dead pale. her eyes glowed purple actually glowed. the one on the right had blue hair in a ponytail. she had the same kind of skin and her eyes glowed blue. I could not get the big ass smile off my face. "so master. " I held up my hand and stopped her. "don't do that I don't like being called that sir or john will do just fine. " they smiled at me showing perfect white teeth and slightly large canines.

"ok sir ," said the blue one, "since you have finally left that stupid women's house you uncle has sent us to you we are yours to do with what you wish " she laughed , "literally" we all three said. we all started laughing, "that was too perfect" I said wiping away a fake tear, " ok now it's your turn to give us names," said the purple one. I looked at them both.

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   "really I get to name you?" they nodded . " ok give me a second. . . . . . how about your sapphire. " I pointed to the blue one. "and your emma . " I pointed at the purple one. "ok then that was easy it took your uncle an hour to name us good job. " said emma.

"sir may I change my clothes I always hated wearing this stuff?" asked emma, "go ahead but do it in" she winked at me and her clothes changed, "never mind," she was now wearing a black T-shirt and short denim skirt. very short skirt it stopped mid thigh.

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   her lips were covered in black lipstick and her nails were painted dark purple. she had black fishnet gloves on her hands and combat boots on her feet. "god damn. " I whispered under my breath. " so are we just gonna have to sit on this table all day or what?" she asked. " I pulled myself out of my perverted thoughts.

" o yea we can talk in my living room," I said going to in. it was connected to my kitchen anyway I lived in a small trailer alone. they got off the table and followed me into the living room. "I plopped myself down on my futon couch, "god ok i know I only get like three or well maybe six wishes so first one is I want a better tv. " emma and sapphire sat down on both sides of me emma on my right and sapphire on my left," sure thing" said sapphire . she clicked her tongue and the instead of the fat ass tv it was now a wide flat screen, "o don't worry about the whole limited wishes thing we are not that kind of genie ," said sapphire.

they both moved closer to me and put their arms behind my back snuggling into my sides . "is this ok sir?" asked emma. I nodded my head .

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   this was the best day ever I had two super hot girls snuggling up to me . "so what kind of genie are you two?" I asked putting my arms over their shoulders. "we are family genie we get passed down the line from person to person. you uncle wanted to pass us down to you cause he knew you had an open mind and would not think of us as evil like everyone else in your family did. "

I remembered the other note I had read. "o yea I wish my uncle dug was here. " sapphire clicked her tongue and my uncle slowly materialized into the room. "its about time you wished me here gosh . " I was expecting an old man or someone, not my age. instead it was someone that just a few years older than me. "you my uncle dug?" she smiled at me. he was white with brown flat hair. he was very well built. his eyes were green. "yep.

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   I wished to look young forever but I'm actually forty-three. " he walked into the kitchen and grabbed a chair from the table. he put it down in front of me backward and sat down.

"im glad i was right about you john the rest of our family think those two are demons and that i sold my soul to the devil. " i laughed at the stupidity of it. " they are just so close minded they think anything not go is a demon or evil. " i nodded my head smiling i was happy to meet someone who understood.

" i know right my mom is so horrible . " he nodded his head. "well anyway have they told you the rules of wish making yet?" o shook my head. " ok first you cant make someone fall in love with you. " i shrugged . "i guessed that already. " he smiled . " two you cant bring people from the dead the magic of a genie does not work in the void. shemale germany rendez vous escort sweetest pussies escots ascort dubai shemale escorts 

   three you cant wish for immorality you can wish to be healed but when you time to die comes the genie magic will not work on you how ever there is a way around that you can make wishes before your time comes to avoid it extending your like . "

he stopped to breath. "four you can not i mean can not let humanity know about genies a friend or two yea but don't let it start spreading around if you do they . " he pointed at the to girls . "will be relocated to another family. " he took a deep breath. " ok that it now if you could wish me back home i was in the middle of something. " i smiled at the look in his eye when he said something. "i wish you were back home. " he vanished. " well those rules are easy to work with. "

"hey emma i wish i had a sweet sound system over there in the corner. " "sure think sir" a high quality stereo system appeared in the corner. " and here is the remote. " it appeared in my hand.

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   "sweetness. " "sir is there anything else. " asked emma. her hand was on my chest and slowly moving down. i saw the lust in her eyes. "emma come on really its the first day and you already want to sleep with him you such a slut. " my head turned to sapphire . "but hes hot and i have been in that lamp for over a week in smoke form . " sapphire got up shaking her head. "what ever im gonna get something to eat. what you guess want. i gave her funny look as she opened the door and turned to me. "what ?"

"well you a genie cant you just make food out of nothing. " a loud smack made me turn to emma. "i knew dug was forgetting something.


   we cant use our powers for our own gain only our masters. " i turned back to sapphire. "um pizza sounds good meat lovers . " i turned to sapphire . " that sounds awesome. " she said. sapphire closed the door. it was just me an emma now. "now where were we. " she got down on her knees and jerked by belt buckle open . lets get this cock out. " my dick had gotten hard just from seeing her on her knees. " hey whats up with sapphire does she not like sex or something?" emma had my dick out and in her hands. "no its not that she likes girls . " " o.

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  . . . o wow that's amazing. " i looked down at emma who had my cock in her mouth and was sucking it like a animal.

"fucking shit your really good this. " she had the whole thing in her mouth all eight inches. "thanks a lot of past masters have wished for a lot of sexual acts you name it i have done it. " i decided to test this. "ok have oooo lord. " she put my dick back in her mouth . " have you ever gotten double anal. " she nodded her head without taking out my dick. "mmm" she moaned on my dick sending vibrations through it i could tell she was using her magic . " i thought you could only use your magic for my gain.

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  " she pulled her mouth of my dick but kept pumping it with her hand. "i am using it for you gain duh. " she got up and pushed her skirt to her ankles and stepped out of it .

she was not wearing panties. "do you do this to everyone who rubs your lamp?" she straddled my lap and put her pussy above my dick. "sometimes they have to wish it but if there hot like you i do it myself. " she put her right hand on the back of the couch and held my dick with the other. "god tell you what you the biggest dick i have had without wish making. " she slowly lowered herself onto me. "god that's my fucking jam!" once the head was inside her she let herself fall onto it the rest of the way. " o fuck yea. " her pussy was super tight and she had perfect control over her vaginal muscles . "god damn this a good pussy. " she started to bounce herself on it. " o o fuck you dick is so fucking hard.

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   " i grabbed her tight ass and squeezed it. "o i like that. " she said showing her beautiful teeth. "then your gonna love this. " i pushed my index finger into her ass.

"O GOD JOHN !" she bit down on my shoulder sending pleasure filled pain into my body. "o yes you like to get rough don't you. " she nodded her head not taking her mouth off my neck. i started thrusting as she came down and moving my finger in and out of her ass. " mmmm fuck john i gonna cum . " i felt her pussy tighten on my cock and grow very hot. " o fuck you pussy loves this dick don't it. " she bit down harder as her orgasm shot through her. i felt her break skin but my hormones turned the pain to pleasure .

she stopped bouncing and rested with my dick berried in her pussy.

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   she was shaking from her orgasm. when she finally took her teeth off my neck her mouth had my blood on it. " sorry john i did not. AAAAH!" i flipped us over so that i was her and she was laying with her back on the couch. " that is so damn sexy. " i picked her legs up and held them together in the air. i started to thrust hard into her pussy. " o god john i just came im o fuck fuck deeper please deeper!" she reached up and held her legs allowing me to grab her hips and put more force into my thrusts .

i pulled my dick out and replaced it with my finger. i finger fucked her pussy good and deep lubing up my finger. "o fuck john you fingers are so damn good don't stop im gonna cum don't stop!" i pulled my fingers out of her before she could. "why did you O SHIT MY ASS!" i shoved two fingers into her ass and spread them around making it loosen up a bit. i pulled my finger out and positioned my cock at her ass. without warning or any control over myself o thrust my full length into her asshole. "O MY GOD MY ASS FUCK IT HARD LEAVE ME SORE !" she screamed.

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   i pounded into her ass hard and fast as i could . it felt amazing .

i could feel myself close to cumming . " O JOHN JOHN JOHN SPANK ME PLEASE I NEED TO BE PUNISHED FOR BEING A SLUT !" i was more then happy to do it . i smack her ass hard leaving pink making her scream and leaving pink hand prints. " O US IM YOU SLUT PUNISH YOUR SLUT !" her words were to much i pulled my cock out of her ass slammed it as deep into her cunt as i could and blew my loud. " O GOD JOHN IM CUUUUUUUUMMMING!!" i had never had such a strong orgasm. ropes of cum just kept shooting out of my cock. when my balls finally became empty she spread her legs and i collapsed on top of her.

"aww he's all tuckered out. " she said. i felt myself falling asleep. .





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