Saving her from herself - Chapter 7


The rest of the drive was pleasant enough. Kayla’s near constant chatter about trivial topics allowed his mind to focus on something other than how enticing she looked in those little black shorts and sapphire tank top. Each time there was a lull in the conversation his thoughts began to drift and he would find himself wondering what was beneath them. He immediately speculated that she was braless since those thin straps of the tank would not conceal bra straps. Not to mention the fact that he caught a glimpse of her hard nipples through the thin fabric before he reached over and turned down the AC. The time flew and before he knew it they were approaching the exit they needed to take. Kayla called their mom’s phone to see how far away they still were since they lingered at the diner much longer than the two of them had. Since they were still a good 30 minutes behind they decided that some lunch was in order and pulled off at a small local restaurant.


The moment they pulled into the parking lot Nate noticed several teen boys gathered around a beat up old blue pickup truck. He glanced over at his sister who paid them no mind. She was too preoccupied with her phone to notice them. Her brother however saw how they stared at her as she got out of the car. They plainly wanted her and that caused his temper to flair. There were several of them and he was on his own, so confronting them was also out of the question. He shot them an angry glance and escorted her quickly inside. He easily could have greeted the situation with the same open hostility that she had displayed earlier when the tables were turned but he refrained from making a scene.

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Kayla continued to blather on during lunch as he watched the boys outside out of the corner of his eye. There was just something about them that he didn’t trust. Perhaps it was just him being an overprotective brother. Nate quickly wolfed down his food and prodded Kayla to get done with hers as well so they could leave. He just had a bad feeling about what would happen if they stayed too long.  


Once they were back in the car he felt much better, but his sister picked up on his tension. He was still a little too preoccupied to notice the smile she wore.  The drive went smoothly. It did not take them very long to find the winding road that led to the church. When they finally arrived there were a couple dozen people milling about. Many of them were just there to drop off items for the yard sale. Nate quickly jumped in, helping unload the heavy items and carrying the large boxes of clothing over to where Kayla and two other girls were sorting through them. It wasn’t long before the heat started to get to Nate and on one of his many trips to their table he slid off the sweat soaked shirt he was wearing tossed it to her so he wouldn’t forget it. The other girls were quite jealous until she finally admitted that she was his sister. She also made a point of telling them he was already involved with someone else.

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   They still flirted though every time he dropped off another box which he simply ignored to Kayla’s delight. Soon after they hit their stride the van pulled in. Nate hurried over to help his father unpack what they had brought while his mother, always the social butterfly, made the rounds saying hello to all the local women before checking on Kayla.


The hours flew by quickly after that. It was nearly dark by the time that Kayla and her mother left in hopes of making it to the small grocery store in town before it closed. The men stayed behind for a while longer to help get everything inside before they finished for the night. She was less than pleased to see how the girls who had been drooling over him all day lingered in hopes of getting somewhere with Nate. All of that would soon be forgotten when she arrived at the cabin and was tasked with putting away the groceries while her mother started getting things in order in the rest of the house. Her mother insisted that they wait for the men to get home before they attempted to start dinner and Kayla had no choice but to agree.


 By the time that they finished unpacking and got the bedrooms in order Kayla was ready for a swim. She promised that the moment the van pulled in she would hurry in to help make dinner so her mother reluctantly agreed. She hadn’t been in the water more than 18 minutes when her dad and brother pulled up. After a few minutes she looked up and saw her brother approaching.  


“Mom wants you in the house. ” He yelled to her.

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He kept telling himself to turn away but he couldn’t bring himself to do it. Instead his eyes remained glued to her as she climbed out of the water. The cold water had made her nipples harden under the thin fabric of her top and as she got closer he swore he could make out the outline of her areolas as well. He turned and hurried ahead of her so that she wouldn’t notice his staring. Once inside he noticed his father was in the shower, so he would have to wait for a chance to escape her. He poured himself a glass of iced tea and went outside to clear his head.


As he sat down and started staring off at the dusky purple sky he started to feel the warm drowsiness overtaking him. He hadn’t slept much the night before and after all that work at the church he was beat. It wasn’t long before he was dragged back into that perfect world of dreams where he did not need to fight his urges.


This time he was in his own bed, watching television when he heard the door open.   At first all he could see was the outline of a silhouette standing in the doorway but he knew instantly that it was his sister. She was wearing a lacy pink panties and matching fly away baby doll held closed in the front by a cute little pink ribbon tied in a bow. She didn’t say a word; she just closed the door behind her and walked toward him.

“What… what are you doing Kayla?” He stammered.


A sultry smile formed on her pink glossy lips as she stepped closer to his bed.

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   “I’ve been a bad girl Nate. I accidentally broke your IPod. ” She bit her lower lip playfully as her stared into his eyes. “Mom and dad aren’t home so I guess you have to punish me for it. ”


Nate swallowed hard as he sat up.   “I guess this means you need a spanking. ” He answered a little timidly. “Get over here and lay across my lap. ”


He watched in awe as his baby sister crawled onto the bed and lay across his lap. For a moment all he could do was stare at her perfect panty clad ass.   He had fantasized about it so many times he never imagined that he would have it there, waiting for him to spank it. He drew back his hand and brought it down rather gently on her firm cheeks. He gave another couple of swats before his sister began to giggle. Her thighs were parted just enough that he could see the small wet spot forming on the gusset of her panties. His cock twitched as he slapped her harder this time.

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   Instead of giggling this time, she gasped loudly. The small spot was growing with each blow which only fed his confidence that she was enjoying this much too much to be any sort of punishment.


“You are being such a naughty girl Kayla. ” He said sternly as he ran his hand over them. He made sure to press them firmly against her wetness to gather more of it on them. “You’re getting those pretty little panties all wet. You need to remove them like a good girl or I am going to have to punish you much more. ”


He was amazed at how quickly she removed them without fully getting up. Her body wriggled against him, causing his cock to further harden. When she lied back down her legs parted further to allow him an even better view. His hand crashed down harder than before, leaving a slightly pink print on her creamy flesh. This time she moaned softly. The sound of her voice was making it hard for him to concentrate. All he wanted to do was push her off his lap and enter her as quickly as he could but he knew he had to control himself. He reached over and grabbed the panties off the bed.

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   Without hesitation he held them in front of her face. Without prompting she parted her lips and allowed him to push the honey drenched fabric into her mouth. His attention quickly returned to behind. He began to slap it hard as he watched her squirm. The panties only partially muffled the sweet moans that he was coaxing out of her.


“It looks like you are enjoying this a little too much. ” He said as he slid his hand down between her legs. She parted them wider for him. “Maybe this will make you behave. ” He drew back and gave her wet lips a slap. The tone of her moan changed slightly which made him smile.


His fingers were becoming slick with her juices from each slap. He occasionally dragged the tip of one between her lips, pushing only deep enough to drive her wild. She tried to beg but the cloth in her mouth made it a garbled mess. He said nothing, only smiled wickedly as he unexpectedly forced two fingers into her wet little honey pot.


   She immediately started to grind against his hand but before she could get much pleasure from it he pulled them out. He stared at the wetness that coated them as he began to press the tips of the two fingers against her puckered little hole.


Her body stiffened slightly but the sounds she made were making it very clear that she wanted him to continue. He pushed very slowly, watching them sink into her inch by inch. Once they were fully inside her tight little pucker he began to work them in and out slowly. She was moaning and writhing in his lap as he fingered her at an excruciatingly slow pace. Every time she would try to push back or control his pace, he would pull away and give her a very hard smack on the rear.


His cock felt like it would explode if it did not get the attention it craved and quickly. He reached up and pulled the panties from his sister’s mouth and wiped his fingers off on them before tossing them on the floor. “You just can’t be a good girl can you? You need to learn to behave. Now get up and straddle my cock like a good girl. ”


His sister obediently followed his orders and straddled his groin. She wasted no time in wrapping her fingers around his thick shaft to guide it inside of her. Before she could fully lower herself onto his manhood he stopped her. “Only the head.

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She looked very disappointed but obeyed his wishes. After a few minutes the tip of his cock was slick with her sweetness. He gently grabbed her hips while she still held onto his pulsing member. He moved her forward just enough to have the tip of his cock pressing against her recently vacated pucker. Her eyes widened as she realized what he wanted to do. Kayla bit her lower lip as she began to lower her hips. He watched her grimace as she slowly forced the head of his cock into her tiny hole. He was amazed by how determined she was to take all of his aching cock inside her.


Nate threw his head back and moaned as she slid down his swollen member. He wanted to let loose and give her a good, deep fucking but he allowed her to control the pace for a minute or two so that she could get used to the feeling of his fat cock inside stretching her snug opening. His hands then went to work on untying the ribbon on her nightie. The second it was unknotted the delicate pink garment fell open and revealed her two perfect breasts. He licked his lips as he stared at them and then looked up at her.


She whimpered as his lips closed around her pert left nipple. He began to nip and suck the tiny pink bud, flicking his tongue against it at varying intervals.

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   The sensation was clearly overwhelming his sister as she began to drive herself down on him harder and faster than before. He moaned against her flesh as he continued to suckle. He could not believe that how expertly she was riding his sizeable cock. He was just about to lose control when the sound of his father’s voice broke through the hazy fantasy. His hands immediately moved to cover the bulge in his shorts as he jerked awake.


“Dinner’s almost ready. If you want to get a quick shower in before you eat, you better get to it. ” He said.


Nate mumbled a reply and nodded. He waited until he heard his father retreat back into the house. He knew that if he didn’t get some relief soon he’d be in real trouble. The shower was the perfect place for him to take care of the issue without risk of his sister catching him in the middle of something. He quickly locked the door behind him and turned on the water. It took him a moment to get the water cool enough to feel good on his sunburnt flesh. Even the chilly liquid did not hinder his libido.

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   As he stood there letting the water rain down on his body he wrapped his fingers around his turgid shaft and began to stroke it while thinking about Kayla once again.


He tried to pick up where the dream left off, with her riding his thick cock. He pictured how her breasts bounced in front of his face as he gripped her hips and controlled her frenzied pace. More than anything Nate wanted to explode inside her. The more he thought about how tightly her muscles would clench around him the harder it was for him to keep from losing control. Within a couple of minutes he felt the familiar tightening before he shot a fresh load onto the shower floor. He groaned loudly as he milked out every drop. As he stood there with one hand on the wall as he panted, there was a soft rapping on the door.


“Dinner’s ready, Nate. ” His sister said barely loud enough for him to hear her.

He quickly washed up and when he finished he grabbed a fresh towel from the shelf. It was then that he realized that he hadn’t thought about what he would wear after the shower. He barely toweled off before he wrapped the towel around he threw on the same shorts he had been wearing, but left the shirt off. He was about to run out to the van to grab his bag but his mother quickly ushered him to the table, knowing that her son had to be famished after all that hard work.


Nate did his best to ignore Kayla as he ate.


   He didn’t want those thoughts creeping back in so quickly this time since he knew it would be a while before he could do anything to rid himself of them. His mother however was more concerned with his sunburn.


“Honey, you really need to remember to wear sunscreen. You don’t want to end up getting skin cancer when you get older. Tomorrow I will run into town and pick up some of that aloe gel for you to put on it. ” She said as she stared at the red flesh.


“I got some Mom. ” His sister added. “I can help you put it on your back after dinner. ”


Nate quickly shoved a forkful of salad into his mouth and gave a slight nod. He assumed it was meant innocently but on some level he could not help but hope that it would lead to something more. The conversation was sparse during the rest of the meal. He hoped that his parents would forgo the usual game night festivities after the long day he and his father had put in at the church. Luckily, they were as tired as he was. After they finished eating his mother and sister cleared the table while he and his father carried in the rest of the bags from the car.

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   He busied himself with unpacking his clothing and changing into a pair of baggy black shorts while the women finished up in the kitchen.


He had just finished up and was about to check on what everyone else was doing his phone chimed. He had left it on the bed so he didn’t bother going back to get it at the moment. He knew it wouldn’t be anything important. He walked into the kitchen and grabbed a cold soda from the fridge as he watched his sister putting away the last of the dishes. “Where did mom and dad go?” He asked.


“They are out on the porch. ” She said as she passed him. “Give me a second and I’ll get the aloe gel for you. ”


“Ok. I’ll be in the bedroom. ” He took a swig of his soda and walked back into the other room. He picked his up and laughed to himself when he saw that it was another drunken text from Claire. Normally she was not the clingy tight but lately she had been particularly horny and was bugging him to swing by quite often to take care of it. Just as he was about to read it Kayla entered the room.

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She made him sit on the edge of the bed and crawled up behind him so she could apply the gel. Nate instantly started to feel nervous as his sister popped the top of the bottle open and squirted a large glob of gel into her hand. He could hear her rubbing her hands together behind him before she placed her small warm hands against his flesh. He let out a slight moan as she started to work the cooling gel into his skin. The tender way that she caressed his sensitive flesh was making it hard for him to concentrate on anything but his desires. In an effort to distract himself he picked up the phone and opened the text that Clair had sent him.


He was shocked to see that she had attached a photo of herself with her legs spread and fingers pushing into her juicy pussy. He tried to scroll past it quickly but Kayla caught a glimpse of what he was looking at. Her demeanor changed almost instantly as she began to rub harder and faster to get the aloe applied. Once she had smeared a sufficient amount on him she tossed the bottle next to him and got up.


“You can do the rest. ” She said before stomping off.


Nate was mortified. He wasn’t too sure why his sister was so upset but he knew it wasn’t good. He immediately deleted the message and hurried out to see where she had gone.

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   His father had just stepped inside just as Nate came out of the bedroom.


“What are you two fighting about now?” He said with an exhausted look on his face.


“Nothing. She’s been like that most of the day before we got to the church. ” He replied nervously.


“Well, get it settled. I won’t have the two of you at each other’s throat all weekend. Your mother and I are going to bed. ”


“Night dad. See ya in the morning. ” He replied. He knew had to find out what the hell was going on before things got any worse.








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