reunion at the island retreat


"Jimmy. . . JIMmy!. . For FUCK Sakes Jimmy, wake the hell up". The voice was male, very deep, and familiar.
"Yea Jimmy. Come on. Git up. You don't wanna miss the reunion now do ya"? This voice, shrill yet somewhat sweet, brought me to semi-consciousness.
It was the voice I had heard whispering in my ear since I was a kid. It belonged to my cousin Paully.
I rolled towards it, onto my back and half-opened one eye. Yep. It was Paully alright.

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  My sweet cousin Paully. My fist love. . .
. . . or rather. . . my fist lust, and not much had changed with Paully it appeared, for through the half opened eye,I noticed right off,
that she was staring with twinkling eyes, at the outline of my morning wood, beneath the satin sheet covering me.
I groaned, and covered my eyes with my forearm, not bothering to hide my stiffness, for I knew that Paully LOVED my stiffness.
"What time is it" I asked. and again that deep voice, that rolled from his barrel chest like thunder in the distance, Ed answered me.
"It's already 2:00 Jimmy-boy", replied Paullys' latest.

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  . . conquest. "And the hardy-party starts at 3:00 so get your ass in gear boy".
Paullys' latest, was a bit of a blowhard. A bully of sorts. He was a very large man, 6'3 or 4", 230 lbs. ,ripped like a wrestler, and was a local cop.
He pulled the pillow from beneath my head, and tossed it over my hardness, saying. . "and do something about that fucking thing will ya?
before Paully here starts gettin all goofy. Ya know how SHE is". He grabbed the pillow, and smacked me full on the face with it. Why?. .

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I wasn't sure, considering that he was just trying to make me hide my cock from Paullys' prying eyes, and his pillow poofing, had Paully staring again,
and licking her lips.
"Fuck off Ed"I said , a tad perturbed, at this asshole. "Do something useful for a change, and make some coffee or something".
"Alright dip-shit, but get your fucking ass out of that bed", he answered, then turning to Paully, who was still staring, and biting her lip. . .
"You heard the man bitch. make some coffee".
I sat up, and swung my legs off of the bed, as they made there way out of my bedroom, and downstairs towards the kitchen.
"Where the hell does she find these idiots", I mumbled to myself, as I groped my stiff meat-stick, with my large strong hand.
Paully,(Paulette actually), one of my gorgeous identical twin cousins, always seemed to pick the winners. There was Ron, the rodeo clown,who she dated for a while,
when we were still in junior-high, who had been a bull rider, until one threw him,and stomped on him a few times, ending his career.
I called him "Brokeback", because I was certain that he was gay. The only guy I had seen, who was still limp as a dew-worm,
after receiving the attentions of Paullys' considerable hand and mouth skills. But who seemed to stiffen considerably, when my then girlfriend Debbie,
dragged my dick from my jeans and began to force it down her throat.

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Then there was Bob. . again we were still in junior-high,a man more than thrice her age, had a beer belly, a balding head, but drove a caddy.
He vanished, when I broke his nose, after discovering from Pam,(Pamela,the second twin), that he had slapped Paully around some.
Tyrone, the crack dealer, who ended up in some bushes, behind a strip-joint. Found with one of those decorative broad-swords jammed up his ass,
and out through his stomach, after selling bad coke to some of the strippers at that club he was found behind.
Then there was John, your basic biker thug wanna be, who she dated in senior high. He ended up in prison for life, for raping and killing a pre-pubesent girl.
These are just a few of Paullys'. . . love interests that she had over the years, and though varying, they all did have one thing in common.
Even brokeback, had a large cock, (when it actually did get hard). Now she was with this idiot, who no doubt, also possessed a sizable shlong.
I made my way to the shower, turned it on,adjusted the heat to spagetti-cooking-hot,then pushed my hardness down towards the toilette bowl,
relieving myself, with a long powerful stream of piss.

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The thunder in the bowl, made me wonder if Aunt Ada was going to be at the reunion. Aunty Ada, the piss-slut. Even at her age,(50+), she was still hot.
I was going to spank out a load into a towel, but decided to refrain, so that the first load that was teased from my cock, at the reunion,
would be memorable for whoever did the teasing. That is, providing I could fend off my date, long enough to make it to the gathering.
I was bringing Starla,(Janice ),this year, a young ,delicious blond, blue-eyed goddess, who despite her young age, was an exotic dancer, and part time porn star.
She had a habit of performing road-head,("because it always made her pussy drip"), which I doubted. I think that she. . Like Paully,and many others,
who would be in attendance, was just a cock slut. In her defense however,. . she WAS a VERY good one.
This year the reunion was being hostd by my Uncle Tony, a rather well off Croation, whom my Aunt Mary had married several years prior. The man was a crook.

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Plain and simple, but a very rich one, who had his hands in various pies. He owned a couple strip clubs, in Montreal, as well as in Ontario,
had real estate deals all over the world,which included, fly in fishing camps,deep in the Canadian wilderness,
andhigh end estates in Italy, Belgium, Slovenia, Romania, and of course, Croatia. He was filthy rich, and as a result, when combined with his perversions,
always put on a grand spectacle, when it came to hosting reunions. Apparently, he was flying in a couple of his sisters, and their kids this year.
I had heard stories of a couple of his sisters, and if they were to be believed,(and I had no doubt as totheir authenticity),I looked forward to meeting them.
I slid into a baggy pair of Nike shorts, and a tee-shirt to match, the shorts being the sort, that had the net-like liner, that would help contain my cock.
Not that it worked, but did help. Not much outside ofa strap to hold it tightly to my thigh, could hide, ten wrist-thick inches of man-meat,
that when hard, was. . "stiff enough to do chin-ups off of" to quote one sweet young lady. I towel-dried, and tossled my hair, which is longish, andcurly,
Shaved my face, trimmed my moustach, and was ready for coffee, a teeth brushing, and on to the festivities.
I could smell the brew as soon as I opened the bathroom door, and followed the aroma, down into the kitchen, pouring myself one in a large double sized cup.
I didn;t at first notice either Ed, nor Paully, but as I made my way towards the french doors, and the back deck, seen Officer-Ed feeding Dolly-Paully,
her first load of the day. One ,I was certain, of many. .

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  . and I was right with my assumption. Ed was rather well hung. At least, if not longer than my own,
but nowhere near as thick in girth, . . nor was he as stiff. More like my own was, when semi stiff. I grabbed my cell-phone, and called Janice to make sure she was ready,
while sipping the delicious coffee, and watching my cousin, devour Eds long dick
She assured me she was ready, willing and waiting patiently.
as I clicked the end button, I noticed Ed grabbing Paully by her ponytail,thrusting deep into her mouth, while arching his back and tossing his head back.
I waited a few more moments, to give Paully the time necessary, for draining Eds cock, then stepped out onto the deck and into the sunshine.
"It's about fucking time Dork" Said Ed, looking rather weak-kneed,"I thought I was going to have to give it to Paully here again before you'd show up".
Paully,wiping remnants of cum, and spittle from her full lips responded. "RIGHt! Dream on Eddy. That would be a first that I would definitely like to see ".
She winked at me and chuckled.

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  I couldn't help thinking that Ed, was headed for some rude awakenings, if he stumbled into the wrong group at the party.
Paddy, for example. . my sister Carols' husband, was a man half Eds' size and weight, but who I had seen blacken the eyes of a man as big as he was.
Actually, just to be sure he humbled the guy, heforced the fellow to kiss hisass(with tongue), and his dick also,I guessed to be sure of his sincerity.
"You ready to go now Dick-Wad", asked Eddy, in his boisterous manner. . . I spoke not a word, turned gulping down the last of my java,
and made my way to the downstairs washroom, in order to brush my teeth. I could hear Paully as I went, scolding Ed, and warning him, as to his behavior while at the reunion.

To Be continued. . . .