Raising the roof



In nothing but my robe I dip my foot in the bubbling jacuzzi to check the temp... Ding dong! Oh no who's that I curse under my breath, I leave the pool room and answer the door, oh my I gasp and there's this drop dead gorgeous guy standing there with his ladder under his arm, hi I'm Charlie he says, I've come to do the roof above the pool, it that right he looks down at his job sheet, oh oh yes sorry I'd forgot it was todaygiving my sexiest smile, but no response from him at all, a woman can normally tell if he fancies you back, oh but no sign at all:(i then show him round the back hoping my robe would slightly come apart and catch his eye, but oh no it won't budge done it up to tight!

I leave him erecting ( I wish! ) his ladder and go back in the pool room, I can see Matt through the glass but sadly he's busy climbing the treads, oh I sigh, removing my dam robe and plunging in, I keep looking but he's totally oblivious that I so want him, Ilook round to see if he's looking but no, he isn't, maybe he's gay I think, oh boy what a waste if he is?

I leave the jacuzzi as feeling so so hot, horny and extremely frustrated!

And decide to have a swim instead take my mind off him, I dive in completely naked as he didn't even flinch!

I swim to the edge if the pool and hang on just floating, then as I look in the mirror oposite the window, I see matt with his phone in his hand pointing over at me, the sneaky git I thought with a big grin on my face!

I turn round and lean back on the edge making sure my breast are exposed and out of the water, and glance again at the mirror, lol I see matt miss his footing and slide a few treads down his ladder, whilst still holding his phone in his hand lol!

Right tease me I thought, lets play hehe!

I slowly, almost in slow motion climb out up the ladder so he can get a full view, pushing my hair back of my face like a Bo derek scene in 10, alm the while watching him watching me, I reach for my moisturiser one leg up in the lounger, making sure to stick my arse out in his direction, sensually rubbing up my lower leg then to my thigh, he's practically up against the glass now lol!

I turn round so he gets a full view and continue rubbing over my shoulders and breasts then between my legs, I hear a crash oh no he's fell hehe!

I see him compose himself and up the ladder he goes, with phone in hand lol,

I lay on the lounger rubbing between my slit and rotating around my clit, god he so bloody sexy and turning me on something rotton!

I caress my breast and wriggle arching my back, he's still looking eyes wide and mouth open, I'm sure I saw saliva dripping from the corner of his sexy lips!

I then decide to turn over and pretend to do some stretches whilst on all fours stretching each leg out for a few seconds, but I can't see him now, but I can feel him still looking :)

I carry on thinking of sexy poses, I then gasp as I feel my legs being yanked backwards and parted, then I feel an enormous hot throbbing cock enter me, oh my god it's Charlie!!

Is this what you want he asks panting, you bet I say now fuck me good and hard!

He slaps my arse several times and thrusts forward going in as deep as he possibly can, ooh! I moan, this is the fucking best.. What a great end to my boring day!

Charlie leans his hot body over mine and finds my clit all slippery and wet he twiddles and rubs it between his fingers umm! Gripping one breast with his other hand pinching my little erect nipple, whilst still pounding away at me so fucking hard!! Do you want this! he demands, oh yeh i want it all! panting each word slowly, my mouth drying out as my heart rate and breathing get more rapid, his too by the sounds he's making, slap! slap! my arse now rosy pink and stinging as he's still thrusting away faster and faster, gyrating his hips as he move in and out, uhh! I'm gonna cum oh yeeees I'm cumming!! My pussy squeezes his cock as I orgasm, oh bliss!

He's about to cum, licking his lips and trying to swallow, urgh! I'm gonna shot my loads he exclaims, I can feel his hot spunk flow inside me dripping out of my fulfilled "literally" pussy, I grab his cock as he pulls out and lick it clean umm he tastes so amazing mixed with my own juices,um uh oh sorry I just came in to ask if ok to finish up tomorrow he says tucking his Cock back in his trousers, you better had I say :)

Can't wait hehe x





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