Quick nasty meet up in midtown detroit


I'll recount a quick one for my first submission, it was late on a Thursday night I think, 2007 or 2008, I met a guy on Craigslist who was only a few blocks away. I head over, I'm 6' 180 pretty average, my new friend was 6'3 290 and built like a super hero.

Anyway he let's me in and says I can get comfortable (he was just wearing a thin open-crotch jock and a t-shirt). I took my shoes off, and my pants and underwear. He rubbed me for a minute and then we went to the TV and satellite for a minute and smoked, each of us playing with our cocks, his easily being 10" (although thin [which I like] and a little bowed)out of nowhere he asks if he can eat my ass, haha like I'd go "hmmm lemme think about it". He led me into another room where he layed on the floor and told me to squat over his face. I took my shirt off but left on my socks as I got into position. I crouched down and he slowly started teasing my funk hole, I couldn't help but moan out loud "ahhh yeah".

Before I knew it he was tongue-fucking my shift hole while I jacked my cock. My balls were brushing across his forhead, I could tell he loved it.

I turned around to face his feet but still so he could clean my hole and I was surprised to see him jacking his cock with his legs spread. I leaned forward and grabbed ahold of his huge smooth shaft and started jacking. By now I was on my knees with his head up still tounguing my crack, so I was able to to lick a finger and get it in his hole while I stroked. He moaned at this, and I started to wiggle my finger back and forth when he said he was going to nut. He wanted me to catch it all with my mouth but instead I just sort of looked over and it sprayed all over, only a little on my face. He said I needed to come too so I laid on the floor and he watched me while I raised my legs and started jacking.

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  He started to rub the tip of his cock against my hole. I lost it, moaning and thrashing while I pumped cum into the air. He called me a "good little bitch" and then told me to leave :).





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