Purge, The; Hollywood, Hour 05 Victoria Justice


This is a work of complete fiction. It just popped into my brain so I wrote it down and share it for free and make no money off of it. No one under legal age may read this, if you know what's good for you. No one over legal age should read this for the same reason. All characters used in this story are a parody of any real or fictional person. I do not own The Purge or the characters from it. I do not know Victoria Justice or have anything to do with her. Comments are always welcome and appreciated so you should feel free to share.

Story Code: M/F, Rape, Exhib, Voyeur

The Purge: Hollywood Hour 05: Victoria Justice
By Muhabba

"I may just have to sit this one out," Kevin thought as he sat in the back of his A1 Security van. "I'm getting a bit too old to carry on like I used to. "He looked over his bank if security monitors set to one side of his van at the party that was going on inside the next celebrity on his list's house. It wasn't that his next celebrity was unattractive but he had absolutely no idea who Victoria Justice was and she had only made it onto his list because she lived so close to his last celebrity, Natalie Portman. He could have easily spent the rest of Purge Night inside of Natalie's ass, she was his favorite celebrity after all, but he had decided to fuck a celebrity an hour for each of the twelve hours that Purge Night lasted and once he set his mind to something it got done. Besides, the Purge only happened once a year so he'd have to wait until next year to be able to do anything he wanted to any celebrity he wanted since all crime was legal.

Kevin looked over the security monitors again. “Who the hell throws a party on Purge Night?” he wondered as he watched Victoria entertaining her guests behind the safety of the A1 Security system his company had installed, making the house nearly impregnable unless you were an A1 Security system employee like him with access the the security codes.

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  He was about ready to say screw it and take a nap when he noticed one of Victoria’s guests, a young man, following her around holding her glass or plate or anything she just happened to have in her hand. “A boyfriend?” he wondered as he watched the couple. “Nah, that boy’s squarely in the ‘Friendzone’,” he muttered as he noticed the young man staring at Victoria whenever her back was turned. “Looks like I can rest and still hit everyone on my list,” he thought happily as he secured his A1 Security sidearm, exited the van, and sneaked into the house.

Hitting the kitchen first Kevin practically dove into the snacks, filling a couple of empty sacks he had found under the counter since he had forgotten to add in time for food during the 12 hours of celebrity fucking. He got a few strange or dirty looks from guests as they milled in and out but he didn’t care much since they’d be looking at him differently in a few minutes. He piled up a plate with food, balancing it in one hand as he drew his gun in the other and made his way into the main room. “Puth ur ‘ands ut,” he ordered through a mouth full of shrimp cocktail and waved his gun in the air. All of the guests froze and a few of them screamed as he held his gun up. He swallowed his mouth full of food and spoke again, “Sorry, mouth was full. I said, everybody put your hands up or I start shootin’!”

The guests looked at each other with fear in their eyes for a few moments before slowly raising their arms. “You and you,” Kevin said pointing the gun at Victoria and her friend, “Where’s your safe room?”

“Wha. . . I don’t.

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  . . ” Victoria began to stammer.

“Don’t try to fool me, Miss,” Kevin said trying to look intimidating and mostly failing because of the crumbs around his mouth except for the gun in his hand. “I’ve seen the work logs for this place so I know you got a safe room, now where is it?”

Victoria pointed a trembling hand towards the staircase off of the living room.

“Excellent,” Kevin beamed. “You and your friend there. . . ” he began. “Hey, kid, what’s your name?” he asked politely to Victoria’s friend.

“Dustin,” the young man answered meekly.

“Dustin, pleased to meet you,” Kevin said cheerfully, his father having taught him to use a person’s name immediately after being introduced as a way to remember it better. “Victoria, you and Dustin get everybody in the safe room and nobody gets hurt, got it?”

Victoria and Dustin both nodded their hands and then began shuffling everyone through the hidden door under the stairs. When everyone was through except for Victoria and Dustin, Kevin stepped in and reset the password to the door before locking all the guests in.

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  He stood alone with his two upcoming victims with a plate of expensive food in one hand and his gun in the other as he looked around. “Right. Good. Back into the living room,” he ordered and followed the two people, motioning for them to sit on the couch as he got comfortable in a matching chair opposite them. He took a moment to admire Victoria: dark brown hair; wide dark eyes; medium sized breasts; and dark skin under a simple, black, spaghetti strap evening dress. Dustin looked like a generic California type with artfully mussed hair, tan skin, and a tuxedo.

“So, you two a couple?” Kevin asked before taking a bite of what he thought was quiche and thinking that rich people ate awfully strange food.

“We’re just friends,” Victoria answered quickly, not noticing the strange look that Kevin gave her.

“Heh,” Kevin chuckled. “That so, Dustin?Well, I got a proposition for you both. Wanna hear it?”

Victoria and Dustin both nodded their heads in unison.

“Now, I’m not gonna touch you and I’m not gonna pop you with my gun,” Kevin began as both of his hostages nodded enthusiastically, “. . . but you gotta do what I say.

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  Got it?”He smiled as they both nodded even more enthusiastically. “Good. Now kiss. ”

Victoria and Dustin both stopped nodding at the same time and asked, “What?” in unison, Dustin looking slightly excited.

Kevin took a quick swallow out of the nearest champagne glass. “You heard me. Kiss,” he answered as he wiggled his gun.

Victoria looked at Dustin for a strange second before quickly leaning over and giving him a slight peck on the cheek. She sat back up and looked at the gunman, hoping that the short kiss would be enough but already knowing that it wouldn’t be.

“Heh,” Kevin chuckled again. “You know better than that, Miss Justice. Dustin, lean over and give Victoria a real kiss,” he said. He knew the look of someone in the Friendzone, having been there plenty of times himself, and had decided to use this hour to hopefully help Dustin out. After all, he had been raised to help those in need.

Dustin leaned hesitantly over towards his friend.

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  “I’m sorry, Victoria,” he whispered, “. . . but we better do what he says. ”It was true that he had a burning crush on her, had one for years as a matter of fact, and now felt like an ass for enjoying this moment but he had dreamed about this since first meeting her. And finally, after what seemed a lifetime of waiting, he finally pressed his lips to hers.

Victoria leaned into her friend’s kiss and couldn’t help but wonder if he had somehow planned this. She knew how Dustin felt about her but had always ignored it hoping he’d get bored and find someone else to crush on and yet here she was being forced to kiss her friend and not being able to help but feel that he was happy to be kissing her despite the circumstances and despite knowing she didn’t feel the same way about him.

“Very good, Dustin,” Kevin said gleefully, wondering if this was what all those Hollywood directors felt like. “Now, Victoria, lean into it more, start using your hands and stuff. Make me feel it. ”

Victoria rolled her eyes at the gunman’s enthusiasm but did what he wanted, leaning in closer to Dustin, chest to chest as she started running her hands up and down his arms as he started sliding his hands up and down her back.

Dustin ran his tongue through Victoria’s warm, wet mouth, moaning a little as his hands slid up and down the silky flesh of her back.

“Oh yeah. You’re gonna thank me for this later, Dustin,” Kevin almost cheered.

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  “Victoria, take Dustin’s jacket off,” he ordered, not even caring about the detached, almost robotic way she complied. “Dustin, run your hand up and down her thigh. ”

Dustin eagerly complied with the gunman’s direction, stroking Victoria’s smooth thigh, his fingers dancing just underneath the hem of her dress, pushing it up slightly with each pass of his hand. He kissed her deeper, his tongue wrestling against hers and barely noticed her lack of participation as he continued slowly pushing her dress up, revealing more and more of the golden skin of her legs.

Kevin had to keep himself from clapping as he said, “Victoria, get that tie off, start undoing his shirt. ”“This has to be exactly what Steven Spielberg feels like,” he thought as Victoria obediently complied. “Dustin, get that hand up, start working on her chest. Oh, oh!First, pull one of her dress straps down, nuzzle her neck. ”

Happy for the direction Dustin broke the kiss and began nuzzling and licking down Victoria’s graceful neck, remembering the details of every encounter she had shared with him about other men she had been with, other men that weren’t him, remembering everything she had said she enjoyed as he slid the thin strap off of her shoulder. After baring her slender shoulder he slid his hand across to her chest, still remembering every detail she had ever shared about what she had liked for other men to do to her breasts, other men who had never been him.

Victoria moaned despite herself at the unexpected pleasure Dustin was giving her whether she wanted it or not. “I knew I was over sharing with him,” she thought, remembering all the late night conversations she had shared with him as his hand and fingers toyed with her tit, her nipple hardening and her breathing increasing. “I bet he was even keeping notes,” she thought angrily. But whatever the reason he was touching her she couldn’t help but admit to starting to feel herself beginning to respond to his unwanted attention.

Kevin grinned like a maniacal child.

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  “This is great,” he giggled. “Dustin, pull that dress down, lets see those titties. ”

Dustin remembered, “The Fappening,” when a great deal of celebrity nudes were hacked from various celebrities’ Cloud accounts and then uploaded onto the net, including Victoria’s. Hell, he had taken most of them himself for her on one drunken night. It was the only time he had ever seen her small, firm tits and he had masturbated for two days straight afterwards and now he was going to see her perfect little breasts again. And more. He peeled down the top of her dress revealing both of her golden tits topped with hard, brown nipples and didn’t even wait for instructions, he immediately began sucking hungrily on her rubbery nubs.

“Oh God,” Victoria gasped out in spite of herself and quickly slammed her lips shut. She refused to give the gunman, and yes Dustin as well, the satisfaction of knowing she was actually starting to enjoy the forced attention. Her eyes fluttered as she tried not to moan with the pleasure Dustin was giving her while she started to think that maybe it wasn’t such a bad idea to have shared such intimate details with her friend after all.

Licking his lips Kevin stared hungrily at the couple making out on the couch with Victoria’s tits fully exposed. “Think I’m actually starting to get a stiffy,” he thought. He had never watched much porn in his life, he just didn’t understand the idea of only watching sex but now this couple was giving him a new appreciation for being a voyeur. “Dustin, stand up. Get your shirt and pants off,” he said helpfully.

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Dustin gave Victoria’s tits a last lick and squeeze, enjoying the sounds she was making while she was trying not to moan out at what he was doing to her, before standing up and shucking off his shirt. He quickly slipped off his shoes as he undid his pants, something he had also dreamed about for years. He gripped the waistband of his pants and underwear, sliding them down his legs before standing up again and presenting Victoria with something he had wanted to give to her for years.

“Holy shit,” Victoria and the gunman gasped out at the same time. Dustin was huge. Like, porn sized huge. His prick had to be over seven inches long, thick with veins running along the impressive length of his sizable shaft. He had severe tan lines, dark brown from about two inches below his navel up and from his mid-thigh down, stark white from wearing his shorts at the beach. Except for his cock. His cock was a bluish, reddish color except for the tip which was closer to purple, and throbbing. “It looks angry,” she thought, amazed that she had never noticed her friend’s hidden talent.

“Well, so much for a 3-way,” Kevin thought. “I ain’t exactly small but I sure as heck don’t measure up to that. ”He shook his head and then looked at Victoria’s shocked, wide-eyed face. “Miss Justice, I think you know what to do,” he said, concentrating on the topless starlet rather than her well-hung friend.

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  “I guess they’ll both wanna thank me afterwards. ”

The topless Victoria reached up with a tentative hand, her chest heaving as she made contact with Dustin’s angry prick, barely hearing the gunman’s order, her body acting of it’s own accord. She soothingly stroked the throbbing cock, her dainty fingers barely able to reach around the girth as she slowly pulled it towards her and opened her mouth. In a hypnotic daze she licked the tip, her friend’s pre-cum seeming to burn it’s taste onto her wet tongue as she slowly circled the purple tip. She ran her tongue up and down the first few inches like it was a warm ice cream cone, amazed at the taste of it as she circled the head again before wrapping her lips around it. His shaft stretched her lips tightly, barely leaving any room in her mouth to move her tongue as she began bobbing her head back and forth, having to content herself with simply resting it on her tongue and sucking hungrily.

Slowly rocking his hips Dustin knew that Victoria would never be able to take the whole of him, and despite eagerly taking advantage of the situation to finally be able to have sex with his friend, he’d never be able to bring himself to hurt her in any way, gunman or no gunman. He controlled the tempo of his hips, fighting the urge to simply slam-fuck her face, instead leaving it to her to set the pace.

“O. k. , so less like Steven Spielberg and more like Axel Braun,” Kevin thought to himself. “Dustin, you wanna move to the side please?Thanks. And Victoria, you wanna start stroking however much dick you can’t get in your mouth?Thanks, doll,” Kevin directed, his hostages complying without a moments hesitation. Victoria could barely fit more than a few inches of Dustin’s prick into her mouth and that gave her a lot of shaft to play with as she wrapped both of her hands, one in front of the other, around her friend’s monster cock and began jerking on it. The first few inches of Dustin’s shaft was gleaming with her saliva which she used as lube to jack him off into her mouth while Kevin massaged the semi-hard lump in his pants.

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Kevin enjoyed the view for a few minutes before giving his next direction, “O. k. , kids, switch it up. Victoria, get that dress off and Dustin, get down between her legs. ”It took the couple a few moments before they complied with his orders but they eventually got down to it. Victoria continued bobbing her head on Dustin’s prick while she pulled her dress down, lifting her ass up to slid it down before opening her legs and giving Kevin a quick peek of her pantie-less, glistening pink pussy. His view was quickly blocked as Dustin removed his prick from Victoria’s mouth and knelt between her wide open thighs.

“There it is,” Dustin thought as he got his first look since the Fappening at what he thought surely must be heaven between her thighs. Her pussy-lips were plump and wet with her arousal and her small square of pubic hair was matted with her juices. His mouth was watering as he slung her legs over his shoulders and began kissing up her legs to the hot juncture of her legs.

“Oh, oh, oh God, Dustin,” Victoria moaned as Dustin licked and nibbled around her lust swollen pussy, suddenly so very happy she had shared all those intimate details on her sex life with him. His tongue was magic, hitting all the right places, all the special places she had told him about, unwittingly giving him a detailed blueprint of all the best ways to work her body.

“I can’t see a damn thing,” Kevin muttered. He could see several things in fact: Victoria’s lust flushed face, her heaving tits, her chocolate brown nipples, and Dustin’s pale white, up-thrust ass. “O.


  k. Kids, on to the next step,” he announced.

“Not. . . not yet. . . yet. . . ” Victoria gasped as she held on to Dustin’s head and humped herself up against his talented mouth.

“Not to put too fine a point on it or kill the mood or anything,” Kevin said, “. . .

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  but I got the gun and that makes me the Director. Now Dustin, sit up and fuck your friend. ”It seemed that neither one of them had a problem with that order as Victoria slid her legs off of Dustin’s shoulders and Dustin shot up straighter.

“Oh God, Victoria,” Dustin gasped as he held his dick by the base and placed the tip at the entrance to Victoria’s dripping pussy. He gently pushed his cock-head into her tight cunt, not wanting to rush, wanting to savor the moment and also not to hurt her. He knew the effect his giant penis could have on a girl, hurting them if he wasn’t careful so he pushed just the first inch of his shaft into her before pulling back out again and then pushing just a bit more of himself in than the first time. He had dreamed about simply slam-fucking her over and over again but this was reality and in reality he wouldn’t hurt her for the life of him so he contented himself to simply enjoying the feel of her beautiful pussy parting slowly around him and squeezing him tight.

“Oh God, Dustin,” Victoria moaned as her pussy slowly opened to her friend’s wonderful cock. It was easily the largest prick she had ever taken and she was amazed at how full she felt, how stuffed, filled with Dustin’s wonderful cock.

“How can people just watch this shit?” Kevin wondered as Dustin slowly fucked Victoria. His vision was filled with Dustin’s lily white ass, puckered asshole, taint, and balls as the young man finally managed to fit his giant dick all of the way into the young starlet. “At least I think he’s in, he could be fucking the couch cushion for all I can see. ”“O. k. , change of direction, kiddos,” he announced.

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“Not. . . not yet. . . ” Victoria gasped again.

“Hey, who’s the Director here?” Kevin said sternly. “The guy with the gun, that’s who. Dustin, sit on the couch. Victoria, sit on Dustin. ”

Dustin slowly pulled his long prick out of Victoria’s tightly stretched cunt, her juices escaping out and sliding over her tan, compacted ass-cheeks and soaking into the couch. He helped Victoria stand up and they shuffled around a bit before he sat on the couch, his mammoth prick pointing straight up as Victoria began to straddle his lap facing away from the gunman.

“Nope, hunny,” Kevin interrupted, “Facing me. ”

Victoria glared at the gunman from over her shoulder for a moment, tired of him interrupting her and Dustin, not even recognizing the fact that it was because of him threatening her that she and Dustin were having sex.

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  “Whatever,” she muttered under her breath as she stuck her hair behind her ear and re-straddled her friend’s lap in a reverse cowgirl. She knew that her entire body would be on humiliating display to the gunman but she refused to let that stop her, if the strange perv wanted to watch then, well, fuck him.

"You may now fuck," Kevin said magnanimously.

Victoria rolled her eyes again in disgust at the gunman as she grasped the base if Justin's spectacular shaft and lowered herself down. All thoughts about the gunman disappeared the instant her delicate little pussy touched her friend's prick causing her to coo in pleasure. She released her hold on his cock as her hungry hole slowly began to swallow inch after inch of the long, thick pole and she had to use his knees as hand holds to brace herself. His hands began to run up and down her back and sides, slowly circling her until they reached up to her chest and cupped her firm, golden tits. He squeezed her small breasts and then lightly began pinching her hard nipples, exactly like she had once told her she liked best, as she slowly took his thick, heavenly dick inside of her horny body.

"Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck," Dustin chanted inside his head as Victoria slowly impaled herself on his dick. "Don't cum, don't cum, don't cum. . . " he told himself as she finally took his entire length while he continued playing with her tits and nipples. He tried to will his thoughts to the gunman, "Thank you, thank you, thank you. .

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  . " as Victoria slowly began riding him. Her pussy was as hot, wet, and tight as he had dreamed it would be as she lifted herself up and then let herself slide slowly down the length of him, her graceful back and her heart shaped ass filling his vision.

"Now this is the type of porn I would pay to see," Kevin thought as he rubbed his semi-hard prick and thought about taking one of his boner pills. "Nah, better save them for later. I got a long night ahead of me. "Victoria's body was a uniform tan and whether it was because of heritage or nude tanning he didn't know, all he cared about was the way her sweat gleamed as it rolled down her slender, fucking form.

"Oh God, oh God, oh God. . . " Victoria and Justin chanted in unison as she rode his magical dick faster and harder. "Yes, Dustin. Yes, yes, yes. . .

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  " she moaned with all thoughts of the lewd show she was giving the gunman pushed out of her head by Dustin's prick throbbing inside of her. "So good, so good, so good. . . " she panted as she leaned back onto Dustin's chest and he began thrusting his hips up and down, fucking in and out of her as she reclined against him, one of his hands still playing with her tits as the other flowed over her sweaty body.

"Oh God, I'm gonna. . . " Dustin started to shout before wondering if the gunman was ready for that and then it was to late. He suddenly came like a shotgun, slamming his prick up balls deep into Victoria's tight pussy and shooting years of pent-up, desperate cum into her tight cunt, filling her to overflowing.

"Oh God, Dustin!" Victoria shouted as she felt him filling her pussy with his scalding hot cum, triggering her own orgasm. Her already tight cunt clamped down on his spewing dick, milking the length of him of his thick seed as she thrashed around on his lap, his cock holding her to him.

Kevin watched the stunning young starlet cum and then collapse against her friend's chest, twitching occasionally as she basked in her orgasmic high. "And that's my hour. You kids have yourself a nice Purge Night," he announced as he stood up.

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  He dropped a folded piece of paper with the new security password for the panic room in the sticky mess of the young couples laps and left as they cuddled on the couch.

In the panic room the party guests watched the gunman leave, interrupting their impromptu orgy that had started as they watched Victoria and Dustin having sex on the security monitor in the room. They took a moment to stare around at themselves for a moment, not saying anything to each other and then, when neither Victoria or Dustin made a move to let them out, the orgy simply picked up where it had left off.

To be continued. . . .





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