Personal Services Pt. 3


Chapter 3

    Mary did not get called into "work" the next day, nor the day after that. She dressed as Beck had commanded--short skirts, stockings and garter-belt, no panties--and  stayed home, jumping every time the phone rang, butterflies in her stomach until she learned it was not the dreaded Amber calling her into "service". And after each false alarm, she was hit with a curious let-down, almost disappointment. She felt vaguely depressed until the next time the phone would ring and her heart would jump with the strange feeling of excited dread that one felt when nearing the top of a rollercoaster, knowing the big drop-off was coming. But it never came.
    She was in the kitchen, preparing dinner after that second long day of up-and-down emotions, feeling at least partially relaxed knowing that the danger was over for another day, when she heard Walter come in the front door. She was surprised that he was this early. He had not made it home before she and the children were in bed since that first day when she had been forced into being his boss's personal sex-slave. He had preferred sitting in a bar getting sloppy-drunk to facing her wrath, she knew.
    She turned angrily toward the doorway as he came into the kitchen, stumbling drunkenly and muttering a hello. The disgusted retort died on her lips, her blood turning to ice as Roderick Beck himself followed Walter into the kitchen. He flashed her a wicked grin as she stood in shocked silence, mouth hanging open dumbly.
    The moment seemed to last an eternity with Mary frozen in place, unable to speak as Beck continued to mock her with his wolfish grin, his eyes roaming over her sexy attire, obviously revelling in the fact that she had been ready to be called to the office. Thankfully she was saved at just that instant as all three kids came clamoring into the kitchen, John and Nikki arguing between themselves and Susan trailing behind, rolling her eyes disgustedly at her younger siblings behavior. they all came to an abrupt halt as they noticed the stranger's presence.
    "Uh, honey.

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  . . Mr. Beck came for dinner," Walter slurred into the silence, shifting uneasily.
    "Come on Walt, we're not at work now. . . Call me Rod," he slapped Walter jovially on the back as he brushed past him. Coming up to Mary he held a bottle of wine out to her, saying, "Hello again Mary. Walt and I went out for a drink after work and he invited me to supper. I hope it's not too much of an inconvenience. "
    A glance at the cowering Walter told Mary clearly enough just who had done the inviting. Her hand was trembling as she took the proferred bottle.
    Beck gave her a wink then turned and held out his hand toward her son. "Rod Beck," he introduced himself.

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    "Uh. . . I'm John. " At 16, John was already as tall as his father, with an athletic build and just the beginning of the cocky attitude of a budding jock. With his handsome features, curly black hair from his father, and his mother's piercing green eyes, he was on the verge of becoming a teenage heart-throb, Mary knew.
    "John," Beck confirmed. "Good to finally meet you. Your dad tells me you're a hell of a football player. " John grinned at the compliment as Beck turned toward Susan.
    The shy, demure 18 year-old timidly held her hand out as Beck reached for it. "Susan," she said, voice barely above a whisper. She was an inch taller than her mother at five-foot-nine, with long legs, slender waist, tiny little butt that Mary would kill for, and generous 34-C breasts that she tended to keep hidden under loose fitting clothes. With her milky-white skin and long black hair, she had grown into a beautiful young woman, yet remained as shy and quiet as a church mouse.
    "Ah yes, the beautiful Susan," Beck turned on the charm, lifting her delicate hand to his lips to kiss the back of it elegantly.

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   "You can call me Rod," he added, gazing directly into her deep blue eyes. Susan blushed profusely but couldn't tear her eyes away from his intense stare. Finally, he released her hand and turned toward the last Conley child.
    The complete opposite of her older sister, Nikki was outgoing, talkative, excitable, and utterly fearless. Standing just over five-feet, with green eyes and shoulder-length, reddish-brown hair streaked with bleached highlights, she had a cute, mischievious face and a smattering of freckles across her nose. Although just past her 14th birthday and barely out of her training bra, she was already a terrible flirt and an inexorable tease, wearing tight shorts or tiny little skirts and tight t-shirts or halters that showed off her developing bust.
    "Hi Rod, I'm Nikki," she smiled coquettishly, holding her hand up to be kissed like her sister's and even batting her eyelashes at him.
    An amused twinkle in his eye, Rod took her hand and bowed formally. "Delighted to meet such a lovely young woman," he said, giving her hand a formal kiss, eliciting a giggle and an entirely different sort of blush than Susan's had been. One look at the wild look in her daughter's eyes told Mary that the precocious girl was hopelessly smitten by the handsome stranger.
    "Um, dinner is ready," Mary interrupted.
    Nikki led Beck by the hand to the dining room, where she insisted on sitting next to him, her chair pulled close to his side. John and Susan sat on the opposite side, with Walter taking his seat at the head of the table, bringing a hastily poured drink with him. A few minutes later, a dazed Mary was sitting at the other end, having somehow gotten the food to the table without any mishaps.
    Beck poured everyone a glass of the wine he brought, insisting that even young Nikki have a taste.

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   Nikki of course loved it, or pretended to, drinking it up in a few minutes then begging and flirting until Beck relented and poured her a second glass. Mary made no protest, gratefully accepting a second glass herself after gulping down the first. Susan took one sip of hers and set it aside with a disgusted wrinkle of her nose while John managed to finish his off, trying to look more mature even though it was obvious to Mary that he didn't like it. For his part, Walter ignored the wine completely, steadily downing his scotch.
    Finally, Mary was able to relax somewhat, the wine calming her nerves as dinner proceeded. Rod ate with gusto, complimenting Mary on her cooking when he could squeeze a word in between Nikki's constant chatter. John wolfed his food down in typical teenage boy fashion, rarely stopping to speak. Susan sat demurely, eating her food primly without saying a word. Walter, having finished his drink and never touched his food, now seemed in imminent danger of passing out in his plate, head drooping low much to John and Nikki's amusement.
    And then Mary's relative calm was shattered when Beck's hand touched her thigh under the table. She sat rigidly, trying not to react visibly as the hand crept relentlessly higher, sliding under her short skirt, over the top of her stocking to touch her bare skin. Mary kept her thighs together as the hand reached ever higher, but a hard pinch on her inner thigh made her jump, bringing curious looks from the kids, so she relented and spread her legs, giving Beck access to her pantieless crotch. His fingers wasted no time in finding her exposed pussy.
    Once again her wanton cunt betrayed her, becoming instantly wet. She gasped as Beck's finger slid into her, bringing more looks her way.

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   She tried to cover by faking a cough, and hastily moved to pour herself another glass of wine, rattling the bottle against the glass so much that Susan took it out of her hand and poured it for her. Mary hastily gulped down half the glass then nodded to her concerned daughter that she was alright. She tried to follow the conversation, but Beck's finger was sliding in and out of her and tracing little wet circles around her distended clitoris, so she sat back in her chair, holding her wine glass in both hands before her face, pretending to be enjoying the wine to cover her reactions. She barely even noticed when Nikki dropped her fork and had to reach under the table to get it.
    Mary could not help herself. In spite of the presence of her children, she found herself getting incredibly turned on by the lascivious finger-fuck. Perhaps it was the danger of getting caught, the sheer nerve of the forceful Rod Beck, letting her know that she was still his little whore, or just the depravity of getting fingered at the family dinner table. Her eyes closed and the conversation faded into the background as her entire being focused on her approaching orgasm. When it came, she held her breath and steeled herself against moving or crying out, which only seemed to make her cum harder. An uncontrollable shudder that went through her body and her white-knuckled grip on the quivering wineglass were the only outwardly visible signs that anything out of the ordinary was happening.
    Finally, the finger pulled away from her grasping, slobbering pussy, leaving a wet trail across her thigh as Beck withdrew his uninvited hand. Mary opened her eyes slowly, afraid that she had been caught as she gradually became aware that all talk around the table had come to an end. But when her eyes focused, she saw that no one was looking at her after all. Walter, of course, was virtually unconscious. Beck had picked up his own wine and was sipping it casually.

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   And Susan and John were both staring at Nikki. Mary followed their gazes to her youngest daughter, who was curiously quiet for a change.
    Nikki's eyes were closed, her brow furrowed as if she were in pain. She was biting her lower lip, and her hands were gripping the edge of the table tightly. Suddenly her body stiffened and a gasp escaped her clenched teeth. Only then did Mary notice that Beck's other hand was beneath the table. Comprehension suddenly hit her: Nikki was having an orgasm herself! Beck must have been fingering them both at the same time!
    Mary couldn't believe it. Her mouth opened, but nothing came out. She could only mutely stare as her baby's body shuddered in orgasm just as her own had only moments before. And for the same reason. Nikki finally gave a huge sigh, her entire body relaxing back into her chair and a satisfied smile coming to her flushed face. She opened her eyes and looked around the table with a mischievous grin, obviously not at all embarrassed at being the center of attention. Then she looked at Mary, smugly pleased with herself.
    "What's for dessert?" she giggled.
    Mary was speechless.

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   She didn't know what to do. Should she be pitching a fit right now, screaming with outrage that her baby had just been molested? But Nikki had obviously liked it. Did that matter? Should she just ignore it? Could she do anything even if she wanted to? Beck still held the fate of her family in his hands. A glance at his hawk-like face reminded her just how ruthless he could be. In the end all she could think to say was, "Ice cream. "
    Nikki clapped her hands in delight as Mary climbed shakily to her feet.
    "Why don't you come help me dish it out?" Mary said to her daughter.
    She led Nikki out to the kitchen. When the door swung shut behind them, Mary turned to her youngest. "Are you alright, honey?"
    "Yep," Nikki answered with a grin. She giggled at her mother's lost expression. "It's ok Mama. I just wanted a little of what you were getting. "
    "Wha. .

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  . . " Mary gaped at her in shock. "What do you mean?"
    "Oh come on, Momma!" Nikki laughed. "I looked under the table. I saw him finger-fucking you. I was jealous! I wanted him to do me, too. So I just grabbed his other hand. "
    "You what?" Mary couldn't believe her ears. That Nikki even knew what finger-fucking meant, let alone the fact that she'd wanted it from this total stranger. Then again, it was Nikki after all. She shouldn't really be all that surprised. She was well on her way to being a nymphomaniac.
    "Actually, I slipped my panties off and dropped them in his lap first," Nikki giggled, brazenly lifting her little skirt. She had barely any pubic hair, just a few wispy little light-brown curls that did nothing to hide her precocious little vagina.

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   Mary could see her daughter's labia slightly protruding, still moist and swollen. "Then I took his hand and put it here. . . " She touched herself, her fingers sliding right over her little pussy.
    Nikki held the pose for a long moment, not the least bit modest, showing her mother her recently molested pussy. Then she dropped her skirt, laughing at Mary's startled blush at having been caught staring. "Now, how about that ice cream?"
    In a daze, Mary helped Nikki as she scooped ice cream into bowls and carried them back into the dining room. As usual, the kids took their dessert into the living room to eat in front of the TV, Nikki following her brother and sister with a sly look over her shoulder at Rod as she swung her little ass on the way out, leaving Mary alone with the grinning Beck and Walter snoring in his chair.
    Beck turned his wolfish grin at her, staring insolently into her eyes, almost daring her to say anything. Mary shivered, dropping her eyes to her bowl as she toyed with her spoon nervously. Her mind was spinning, unable to hold a coherent thought, keenly aware of Beck's ruthless eyes on her. She knew she should do something, but could not think what. She lifted a tiny spoonful of ice cream to her mouth, then jumped, dropping her spoon as Beck suddenly stood so fast his chair slid back into the wall.
    She looked up, trembling as Beck towered over her, a hungry look in his intense stare.

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   He unzipped his fly and pulled out his massive prick, stroking it to full hardness before her wide eyes. Reaching down, he picked up Mary's bowl of ice cream and jammed his tumescent cock right into it. Mary couldn't tear her eyes away from the huge cock as he pulled it out of the bowl, dripping with ice cream. Then Beck grabbed her by the hair and shoved the messy thing right into her mouth.
    Mary gasped, her mouth filled with cold, sweet ice cream and hot, hard cock. After only a moment's hesitation, she began to suck, moaning low in her throat at the depravity of it all. She was sitting at her own dinner table, her husband passed out only a few feet away, kids in the next room and apt to walk in at any moment, giving an enthusiastic blowjob to the stranger who had just molested her and her baby at the same time. And her pussy was drooling all over the dining room chair, once again revelling in her depraved wantoness. Unthinking, she spread her legs and began fingering herself.
    Three fingers filled her cunt, sliding in and out rapidly as she continued to suck Rod's massive cock, letting it slide down her throat as melted ice cream dripped down her chin. In mere moments she was cumming again, gasping out her climax even as Rod yanked his giant cock out of her mouth, quickly dipped into the ice cream, and shoved it back into her mouth in one smooth motion, just in time to shoot a massive gout of hot cum into her slurping mouth. The shock of the cold, sweet ice cream and the hot, salty semen was unlike anything she had ever before experienced. She gulped down the heady mixture as Rod pumped his pulsing prick in and out of her mouth, causing more melted ice cream and slippery cum to spill out around her wantonly slurping lips and down her chin to drip onto her blouse.
    She shuddered in ecstasy, squeezing her thighs tightly around the hand in her crotch, three fingers buried deep in her spasming pussy, still cumming as Rod pulled his spent cock out of her mouth. Her eyes tightly closed, she was only dimly aware of the sound of him zipping up his fly, having put away his deflated member.


   She kept them closed in shame as Beck chuckled arrogantly.
    "Now that's what I call hospitality," he chortled, giving her a condescending pat on the head. "But now you must excuse me, I have to be going. Work in the morning you know. Good night, Mrs. Conley," he said in mocking politeness. "And good night to you, lovely lady. "
    "Good night, Rod. "
    Mary's eyes snapped open in alarm as she heard Nikki's voice. She jerked her hand out of her crotch, sitting upright quickly, trying to compose herself even as her eyes swung around to see her young daughter standing at the side of the table. Her hopes that Nikki had entered too late too see anything were quickly dashed as she saw the huge grin on the 18 year-old's face and the wild look in her eye.
    Mary sat stiffly, mortified with shame as Beck swaggered out the door. She couldn't speak, couldn't even bring herself to move as Nikki continued to grin at her. They could hear the muffled voices from the living room as he said good night to John and Susan, then the front door closing as he left. Mary's scalp was prickling and her face felt like it was on fire, she was blushing so profusely.

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    Then Nikki came toward her, bent down and kissed her on the mouth, lingering just a little too long and with a quick dart of tongue touching Mary's lips. She came away licking a gooey mess from her own lips. Only then did Mary realize that the ice cream/cum mixture was still coating her lips and chin. She grabbed up her napkin and began hastily wiping her mouth. But before she could think of anything to say, Nikki picked up the nearly-full bowl of half-melted ice cream into which Beck had dipped his cock, dug a spoonful out, and popped it into her mouth, closing her eyes and moaning as she slowly pulled the spoon from between her lips. Giving her mother one last mocking grin, she carried the bowl out to the living room.
    Mary sat woodenly, staring after her young daughter long after she was gone, until a loud snore from Walter snapped her out of her reverie. For some unknown reason, a great calm overtook her as she watched her husband drunkenly snoring away at the other end of the table. All the fury she had been fostering toward him was gone. She reached for the wine bottle and poured the last of it into her glass. She continued to stare at Walter's sad form as she finished off the wine, letting her mind wander as it would in her curiously detatched state. Finally, she roused herself from her chair, dragged Walter up and led him stumbling back to their bedroom where she undressed him and put him to bed. .





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