Pantyhose lifestyle


My wife Liz and I have worn pantyhose since our first date.
A few years after we married we settled in subdivision. Our routine was the same, Liz is always up at 6:00AM, puts on her pantyhose and a tee shirt then drinks coffee and reads. I get up around 9:AM put on my pantyhose go to the kitchen for coffee and as always to see my beautiful wife wearing hose.
One morning I woke up at 7:20AM put on my pantyhose headed to the kitchen. She wasn't in there so I poured my coffee walked into the living room. Looking out the side window I see Liz standing in the neighbors driveway talkingto him, I thought it was odd, she was wearing black pumps, tan hose, black shorts, white tank top, no bra, I could clearly see her nipples from about 30 feet.

I watched with excitement and horror then she leaned in for a kiss, he kissed her then got in his car, went to work. . I watched as she walked back to our house, I went to the garage door to wait for her to come in. As she opened the door I could see the surprise on her face, 
She never thought I would be up that early. She said good morning honey your up early, I said yeah surprising what can be seen waking up earlier than usual. Without giving her a chance to say anything I ask what were you doing over at Dale's house and why did you two kiss? I said I want to know everything!  She was silent for several seconds then told me this.
About 3 months prior she had gotten up at her usual time, put on her hose then made coffee, she looked out the window seen Dale trimming his hedges. He was wearing tight white shorts and could see the outline of his cock. She said she couldn't stop looking, so she grabbed a garbage bag, headed outside.

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   She said good morning he answered. She kept walking towards him making small talk. He said he loved her pantyhose as she starred at his dick. He ask if she saw something she liked, she said yes so he lead her into his garage. He put her hand on his cock she began rubbing him. She said he got hard immediately. Then he pushed her head down, she pulled his cock out of his shorts and started stroking him licking his balls. She said she worked her way up to the head of his dick then slowly sucking him. She says he kept shoving his cock deeper down her throat with her sucking him faster. After a few minutes he shoots his wad in her mouth and of course she swallowed.
So thats when the deal was made she'd come suck him off in the mornings before he went to work while I was still asleep.
I made her get on her knees and suck me off thru my pantyhose.
After she'd licked off all  my cum
She said she would stop seeing Dale, I said no keep doing it but you must bring him to our garage so I can watch.
I did ask her how many times a week she would blow him, I was ver surprised when she said 3 to 5 times a week.
This is a true story and there are more like this.

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