Olivia Benson Meets Kate Beckett


This is a work of complete fiction. It just popped into my brain so I wrote it down and share it for free and make no money off of it. No one under legal age may read this, if you know what's good for you. No one over legal age should read this for the same reason. All characters used in this story are a parody of any real or fictional person. I do not own Law And Order: SVU, Castle, or the characters from them. Comments are always welcome and appreciated so you should feel free to share.

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Olivia Benson Meets Kate Beckett
By Muhabba

It had been a dark and stormy night. The rain had finally stopped trying to wash the city clean and the puddles on the dark ground reflected the neon lights of the strip club across the street. Green, red, and blue pulsed in the air like a sickly heart-beat turning the filthy puddles into pathetic rainbows as the perp's body cooled in the night air. The puddle of his blood in the puddles reflected the face of the beautiful woman who shot him as she looked down at him, her gun smoking with discharge. Her arm felt sore from the recoil caused by the odd angle she had shot from and she held her piece lightly at her side on the off chance the dead man wasn't really dead. Yet.

"It was a clean kill," the voice of her recent partner said as she stepped up next to the strange couple, cop and killer, killer and victim. Who could tell which was which on a night like this. "He nearly had a bead on me, you saved my life.

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Detective Kate Beckett looked up from her lifeless perp at the curvy officer that had joined her on this hellish night. “When is death ever clean?” Kate wondered. "Yeah, I guess," she said solemnly, "Just wish we could have taken him alive, tried to question him, figure out why he was killing those women. "Puffs of steam slid over her lips with each word, joining with the smoke of her cooling gun, dissipating into the night, lost to the sirens of the police cars.

"Guys like him always have a reason for doing what they do," Detective Olivia Benson said stoically as she stowed her service piece in her belt holster. She noticed that Kate still had her piece out at her side like the recently deceased scum bag could jump up and try to run for it again but she could tell the only place he'd be running to was hell. "Maybe it was the voices, maybe his mother didn't love him enough, maybe his dad loved him to much. It best not to think about it," she continued as she touched Kate's elbow and felt the officer jump.

"Sorry," Kate said with a shudder as she finally stowed her piece, "Always get kinda jumpy afterwards, y'know?"

"Happens to everybody," Olivia said as she placed a hand lightly on Kate's shoulder, feeling the other woman jump slightly at her soft touch. She looked at her partner and felt like she was seeing the woman for the first time. She had long legs that went all the way up, a slim build that looked like she'd be wiry with muscle but still curvy enough not to be considered butch. The attractive detective had a small chest with just a hint of her apple sized breasts beneath her plain clothes, and her hair flowed around her like a chestnut halo, reflecting the lights of the police cars and strip clubs surrounding them like unwanted witnesses, judging them somehow.

Olivia shook her head to get off her train of thought. There was no doubt Beckett was attractive as well as being built in almost the complete opposite of herself. Where Beckett was slender she had more curves.

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  Where Beckett had a smaller chest her own chest struggled to be contained in her sports bra. And where Beckett had long, wavy brown hair, her's was short and straight. She patted Beckett once on her shoulder before turning, not sure why she was staring at her partner like she had been as she walked back to their undercover car. "We better get back to the station. We got a hell of a lot of paperwork to get through. "

Beckett took one last look at her dead perpetrator, killer of strippers and hookers and young college girls. "Better you than them," she muttered under her breath at the corpse, as if it could somehow absolve her of his death, before turning and joining Olivia at the car, the sound of her stylish but sensible boots echoing away from the true dead killer.

A long hour later at the police station, the two beautiful detectives were only half-way through the paper work making it legal to kill a man. Every time they would look up at the clock it seemed to go slower, trudging along at a snail's pace, slow and getting slower. Report after report, single sheet of paper after single sheet of paper began stacking up, turning a man’s messy death to a neat pile. Files instead of flies, stacks instead of splatter, order instead of chaos, life was messy but death was supposed to be neat as a pin.

“I can’t believe it's nearly midnight,” Kate groaned in frustration as she stretched in her chair, her slight chest out-thrust.

Olivia looked up at the clock and then back down at her growing stack of papers. “I think that clock is broken, possibly going backwards. Maybe you should shoot it to keep it from torturing us like this,” she complained as she stretched her back also, her impressive chest pushing out and drawing Kate’s eye for a moment.

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“Been enough torture and death for one night,” Kate grumbled back as she scrutinized Detective Benson’s large chest, the shitty florescent lighting doing nothing to obscure the other woman’s impressive body. Changing the subject from murders and the other woman’s body, she closed the last of her folders, “Didn’t you have a partner?Wasn’t he the one that first started tracking our perp?”

Olivia closed one of the last of her file folders and started on another one, the sickening buzz of the overhead lights filling her brain and not for the first time. “Vacation. I told him I’d keep up on this one and he’d owe me when he got back. Sort of regretting it now,” she said with a chuckle she didn’t mean but wanted to. The fake it ‘til you make it approach to feeling positive about the last few horrible days of death and blood.

The humming of the bad florescent lighting was giving Kate a headache as well, like a hive of bees struggling to escape the inside of her head. “How ‘bout we hit the bar when we’re done here. I need to let off some steam before I crash,” she said as she looked over at her short-term partner, “First round’s on me. ”

“Sounds good to me,” Olivia said with a sigh of much needed relief, “Let’s get this done and then I’ll drive. I know a bar right by my apartment. ”

Twenty minutes later, Kate downed her second shot of tequila and let out a deep belly laugh. “You’re kidding,” she chuckled, “No pants and just running around Central Park?”

Olivia nodded enthusiastically, pulling a draw from her cold long neck. “I swear. And the whole time he’s shouting, ‘God above has decreed that all women are whores!’”

The dark of the bar was broken up intermittently by the flickering, gaudy colored florescent lights scattered around.

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  The slurred voices of the drunk patrons echoed through the room, desperate to be heard over the den of a aged jukebox still playing scratched, vinyl records, drowning out the two women as they continued swapping stories of working in the NYPD.

Kate nodded at the bartender to get her another beer. “So what’d you do?” she giggled.

“What any good officer would do,” Olivia said with a sly grin, “Kicked him in the balls and punched him in the nose. ”

Kate laughed out again, her knee accidentally knocking the bottom of the dirty table and nearly spilling their drinks. “Bet swallowing all that blood made it kinda hard to screech out about God’s plan,” she said as she straightened out their bottles.

The waitress brought the women their bottles over and took Olivia’s crumpled money. “Last round, bar’s closing,” she said curtly before walking away, her dirty, denim skirt barely covering her non-exsistant ass.

“Speaking of God’s whore,” Kate muttered under her breath making Olivia snort out her beer. “I’m feeling too good to head home," she added, "How ‘bout you?”

Olivia thought it over for a moment before answering. “How ‘bout I offer you my couch and you buy the wine,” she offered, “I know a good liquor store close by. ”

Now it was Kate’s turn to think for a moment. “Sounds good to me but I’m not sharing my wine with you so I’m buying two bottles,” she said with a slight slur.

“Sounds like a plan,” Olivia agreed with a similar slur, “Let’s go. ”

Thirty minutes later the two women found themselves back at Olivia’s apartment on her couch, a open bottle of wine on the coffee table nearly half empty already.

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  They each nursed the wine in their glasses as they talked, enjoying the company of a fellow police woman. They talked for another hour about their jobs, the never-ending crime on the streets, the countless victims, the ones they couldn’t save, and eventually more intimate details of their lives, the weight of the last few days being slowly relieved. The pressure they had lived under was being replaced with a warmth and comfort they couldn’t even remember having felt in what felt like ages.

“So the mayor is really going to stick you with some writer?” Olivia asked before she blurted out obviously drunken laughter.

"I can't believe it either," Kate laughed as well, "But he was helpful once so maybe I can do something with him. "

"Hang him from a fishing hook maybe?" Olivia asked before both women broke out into bales of laughter. As their voices quieted down there was a moment of silence. It wasn't an awkward silence that demanded to be filled with whatever inane chatter happened to cross past someone's lips, it was still, comfortable, as each woman looked softly at the other. "I love your hair," Olivia whispered breathlessly as she trailed a strand of Kate's hair through her fingers.

"Thanks," Kate whispered back, her eyes locked onto Olivia's lovely eyes.

Olivia looked deep into Kate's twinkling eyes for a moment before leaning forward. Their lips met, easily pressing against the others, soft and moist. Olivia pressed herself closer, rubbing her shoulder against Kate's, asking silently for the other woman to respond. She moved her lips against the slimmer police woman's, lightly brushing against her's as she caressed the seal of Kate's mouth with her tongue. Her tongue slightly parted the other woman's mouth, just barely dipping in hopefully for moment.

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  When she didn't feel Kate respond, Olivia quickly pulled back and blushed in embarrassment.

"I'm. . . I'm sorry," Olivia blurted out, "I just. . . Sorry if I read that wrong. I don't usually. . . "

"No, no. It's. . .

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   It's okay," Kate interrupted. "You didn't. . . I mean, I didn't. . . You just, kinda, took me by surprise," she babbled.

"No, no, it's my fault," Olivia insisted. "To much to drink and not enough. . . Well, it's been a while," she admitted.

"No, it's not your fault," Kate consoled her, "It's just been a while here too. Plus, well, haven't really had.

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  . . you know, with a woman. . . "

"Me either," Olivia blurted out, "Well, since college but that. . . "

"That's what college is there for," Kate finished with a chuckle.

"You too?" Olivia asked as she hesitantly, hopefully, began to recover from her embarrassment.

"The academy, actually," Kate admitted, "Maybe a girlfriend here and there to be honest. "

"Me too," Olivia agreed. "Sometimes it's just easier to connect with a woman, y'know," she said with a sigh, "Like I said, sorry if I read that one wrong. "

"It's not. .

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  . " Kate stammered, "Listen, you just took me by surprise is all. Okay?"

Olivia looked back at Kate's beautiful face. "It took me by surprise too but, right then, right there, I had to kiss you," she said wistfully.

Kate bent forward and cupped Olivia's lovely face. The beautiful woman pressed herself against Kate's hand, rubbing against her palm as Kate smiled. "I didn't say that I didn't like surprises," Kate said breathlessly as she moved in closer until their lips touched again. The kiss was more firm than the last, their mouths pressed together as they opened, their tongues searching each other out.

The two police women’s bodies melded together, hip to hip, chest to chest as they moaned in one another's warm, moist mouths. Their arms wrapped around each other, holding the other police woman close, their lips and tongues caressing as they passionately kissed.

Olivia broke the kiss and looked deep into Kate's eyes.

Kate smiled at the other woman. "I hope I'm not the one that read that wrong this time," she said with a slightly nervous grin.

Olivia took Kate's hand and stood up. "I think we're finally reading the same book," she said as she pulled Kate to her feet and began leading her to her bedroom.

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"I just hope it's not another police department regulation manual," Kate said in a nervous tone of voice just before the two woman reached Olivia's bed.

"I don't think this is covered," Olivia said as she turned back to Kate. Each woman automatically wrapped their arms around each other as they kissed again, quickly before they could lose their nerve. Their firm bodies meshed together surprising them at how easily it was, their hands sliding up and down their backs as they thoroughly explored one another's mouths. Olivia reached up between their bodies and began unbuttoning Kate's blouse as Kate began to do the same to her. Olivia reached the bottom of Kate's blouse first and the more slender police woman tugged her top out of her pants as the more rounded woman finished unbuttoning her plain, functional top.

Kate took over from Olivia's hands, spreading the other woman's top open to expose her bra encased breasts. She licked her lips at the sight of the more voluptuous woman's large breasts captured inside of her plain sports bra. "Police issue lingerie," she giggled as her hands slipped down to Olivia's impressive chest and cupped her large breasts through her bra.

Olivia chuckled at Kate's joke before moaning in appreciation as the more slender woman cupped her and began kissing lightly at the tops of her breasts above her bra. She let her top slide down her arms to fall to silently to the floor as Kate kissed up from her quivering chest to her neck. Her nipples were hard and sizzled with need as the other woman kissed back up to her mouth. She pulled the other cop's blouse open as they pressed their bodies together, kissing deeply as they began to lightly rub against one another.

Pulling Kate's blouse off of her angular shoulders, Olivia began kissing down her graceful neck. The slender detective moaned in appreciation as the curvier woman kissed across her collar bone to the hollow of her neck and licked back up.


  Olivia kissed the quickening pulse in her neck before licking back up and kissing Kate again with more passion.

Their hands slid sensually up and down their backs, reaching the clasps of one another's bras at the same time as their flushed bodies began to sync together in desire. Their nimble fingers quickly did away with the small hooks, the elastic snapping open as the two women's hands traveled up to their shoulders. They never broke their passionate kiss as they both grabbed the thin material of their bra straps and pulled them down their shoulders. In perfect unison they pulled down their bras, slipping them off of their chests to fall to the floor between them as both police woman pressed their naked, flushed flesh together. Olivia's larger breasts enveloped Kate's smaller, firmer tits, their hard nipples scrapping against their smooth, heated skin.

Kate began moaning louder, nearly growling as she licked hungrily down to Olivia's chest. Her hands slid from the other woman's back to her sides, up her sides to her chest, and to her large, firm breasts sitting high and firm. She cupped the curvier detective's breasts, lifting them up, licking the silky skin and drawing one of her hard nipples into her soft mouth. She eagerly nursed at Olivia's tits causing the other woman to moan lustfully and wrap her arms around Kate's head to keep her at her chest.

Holding Kate tightly to her chest, Olivia gasped out loudly as the more slender woman feasted like a king at her chest. She thrust her chest out, smothering the other detective's face in her abundant flesh, holding her firmly as Kate licked and sucked at her breasts like a hungry calf.

Keeping a tight hold on Olivia's hips, rubbing herself against her, Kate latched onto one of the other woman's hard nipples, sucking hard at the erect nub. She slid her hands down to the top of the other detective's slacks, hurriedly undoing the belt and unfastening the clasp before forcefully pushing down Olivia's slacks, over her wide hips, and halfway down her firm thighs. Both women moaning and groaning, eager to rid each other of their far to restrictive clothing, clothing designed to do nothing but keep them naked, keeping them from gazing on the other’s flush, naked body.

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Olivia pulled Kate away from her chest and pulled her up straight before kissing her in fiery need. She licked down to the other woman's chest, sucking hungrily at her small, pointed tits and her hands began unfastening Kate's slacks. Feverishly she tugged the slacks down the other detective's long legs, kneeling on the floor in front of Kate, her body nearly naked and open to her. She pushed the other woman down on the bed and smiled wickedly as the other detective squealed out in surprise, her small tits momentarily jiggling enticingly. Olivia nibbled around Kate's plain panties as she knelt down and forcefully pushed the woman down flat on her backs.

Grabbing the elastic of Kate's panties, Olivia pulled them down her legs and threw them over her shoulder before spreading the other woman's slender legs wide open. The clothes were wrong, oppressive, they needed to be free of them, symbols of their weekend of death and madness and she had just freed Kate of the yolk holding them back. This was what they needed to be and she was now where she was supposed to be. She crawled into her bed, sliding her hands up the insides of the female detective's legs and pressed firmly on Kate's toned thighs until the other woman spread herself wide and wrapped her legs around Olivia's head. Olivia never lost the wicked smile on her face as she wrapped her arms around the female detective's slender thighs and peered up the length of her naked body at Kate's smiling face.

Kate held herself up on her elbows as she looked down at Olivia from between small breasts and down between her obscenely spread thighs. She could see the smile on the other woman's face with a gleam in her eye as she nuzzled against the burning juncture between her legs. She gasped as the detective delicately licked at her moist labia, teasing her with her tongue and she felt a odd sense of relief mixed with desire and knew without a doubt that they were both where they needed to be. Kate rolled her hips up to meet Olivia's knowledgeable tongue and groaned from deep in her slender, heaving chest. She her hands up her sweat slick body and palmed her small tits, squeezing them tight at the female detective lightly split her dewy pussy-lips with her tongue.

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  She tried to push her boiling groin forward into the other woman's face but Olivia gripped her thighs tighter to keep her from moving. She groaned in lust and need, never breaking eye contact with her short term partner, trusting her to see to her needs.

As her tongue darted between Kate's lust swollen labia, Olivia gathered the other police woman's tart juices, savoring the taste of her as she growled in animalistic need. She needed to taste her partner, to hear her partner moan in pleasure, needed to be the one to give her pleasure, to see her writing above her. She never broke eye contact with her partner and her partner never broke eye contact with her, there was nothing else in the world but them. No killers, no rapists, no madmen, just them here and now. She enjoyed the faces Kate made with every stroke of her tongue, a sense of pride filling her as she pushed her tongue deeper into the other woman's tasty pussy. She opened the other detective's pink pussy-lips with her fingers, baring her partner finally and completely to her.

"S- s- s- shittt. . . " Kate stuttered as Olivia pleasured her. Her hips bucked uncontrollably as her short term partner licked at the sensitive bit of flesh between her puckered asshole and horny pussy. She gasped as the other woman circled the tight, wet entrance to her pussy, teasing her again before trailing her tongue up and licking around her hard, sizzling clit. Kate struggled to keep eye contact with her, her eyes fluttering as Olivia drew her clit between her lips, sucking it like a tiny prick, appreciating it like a tiny pearl.

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  Her hips bucked uncontrollably again as she tried to hump up against her partner's mouth but the other detective held her thighs firmly, trapping her against her face. And she could see the wicked smile in her partner’s eyes as they looked up the length of her panting body.

Olivia licked down Kate's dripping pussy and nibbled her sensitive taint before circling the dripping entrance to the slender officer's pussy again. She rolled her tongue up into a small, pink tube and slipped it inside her partner's hot hole, sliding it suddenly in and out, tongue-fucking her with it, making her body violently shake and shiver. Kate's cunt started to gush and she happily and eagerly lapped up her juices as the more slender officer came for her.

"Swe- e- e- t Jesus!" Kate cried out as her orgasm rolled through her like the thunder through the city during the storm. She somehow managed to keep eye contact with Olivia as her entire body trembled and twitched, her eyes glazing in lust, her vision blurring in senseless pleasure. She squeezed her small tits as hard as she could, her nipples scrapping against her palms as she cried out in lust, Olivia’s blurred face still nestled between her slender thighs. Her body felt like it was melting into the mattress as she rode out her orgasm, her bones seeming to become rubber as she collapsed into the bed, finally breaking eye contact as her eyes rolled back into her head and her eye lids fluttered.

Lapping up the last of Kate's tart cum, Olivia wiped her chin with the back of her hand as her impressive chest swelled in pride at a job well done. She had helped take a killer off the streets tonight, helped find justices for the murdered women, helped save any future victims but this was what she felt pride in the most tonight. The pleasure she had given, not the life she had helped take. She released her hold on the other woman's slender, trembling thighs and crawled up and over her naked, panting, sated body. She laid down beside her partner and drew her into her arms, lovingly holding her to her as Kate slowly came down from her orgasm. She held the more slender detective to her abundant chest, softly stroking her long hair as the more slender woman's twitching and shuddering began to slow.

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Kate nuzzled against Olivia's chest as she slowly began to relax, softly stroking the short-haired woman's flat stomach. She looked up at the voluptuous detective as her eyes began to focus again and smiled as her beautiful face began to take shape. "That felt soooo good," she murmured as Olivia slipped her arm around her more slender shoulders. It was a stupid and small thing to say, in no way encompassing what she had felt, the way her partner had made her feel but it was all her bliss wracked brain to come up with at the moment. The other detective smiled down at her and Kate could see that Olivia didn't really know how to respond to her half-assed compliment so she leaned up and kissed her, tasting her tart juices on the other woman's tongue. She kissed down to the other detective's jaw and then down her graceful neck, her hands sliding over her gleaming body.

Olivia moaned in anticipation as Kate kissed down from her shoulders to her large breasts. The more slender woman crawled on top of her before cupping her wobbling tits, giving a quick peck to each hard nipple before nuzzling her face between the firm orbs. She gasped out as the longer-haired woman ran her thumbs over her hard nipples, circling the erect nubs as she licked over from between her breasts. She was actually impressed by how quickly Kate had moved down from her chest earlier, far to used to her beauty and worth as a desirable woman being dependent on her breast size but now she felt that the other woman could spend the rest of the night there, pleasuring her with her hands and mouth.

Moaning in appreciation, Kate luxuriated in the feel of Olivia's soft but firm, silky smooth tits wrapped around her head. Her tongue left a warm, wet trail from between her breasts to the top of her large tit before circling around her aureole and she could feel the curvier woman shudder in pleasure as she finally took her nipple between her lips. Trapping the hard piece of flesh she lashed it with her tongue much more forcefully than Olivia had been with her, grinning around her face full of tit as Olivia gasped out in sudden pleasure. She nibbled over her new partner's chest to her other large tit and began running her hands down her sides to her hips, holding her panting body firmly.

Writhing in pleasure, Olivia panted and moaned in lust, her boiling cunt fluttering in anticipation as Kate began licking down the length of her body.

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  She wound the other woman's long hair through her fingers, using it to guide her as Kate moved down from her chest to her flat stomach. She eagerly spread her legs wide, letting the more slender woman make her way between her trembling thighs, wanting her down in her hot, burning juncture, needing it. . A surge of pleasure shot through her as Kate licked her bellybutton, teasing her with what was about to come, what she was going to do to her next.

Smiling widely at the reactions she was causing in Olivia's body, Kate's eyes crawled up the length of the other woman's panting naked body and felt a surge of pride at the look on the voluptuous woman's face. Olivia's head was thrown back, her eyes closed, her mouth open, gasping for breath as Kate ran the back of her tongue down to just above her heated pubic mound. Releasing her hold on Olivia's large, wobbling breasts, Kate slid her hands down her sides, wrapping her arms around her thighs, her partner's heated cunt dripping wet and flush with desire as she writhed in her arms.

"Yes, yes, yes. . . " Olivia chanted, her body burning in pleasure and need as Kate made herself comfortable between her widely spread legs. She used her grip on her partners hair to steer her down between her legs, trying to drag her face to her hungry pussy as she rolled her hips up and down desperately trying to him the other officer’s face. She mewled pitifully in need, her lower body throbbing in lust and desire, sweat running down her flush, heated flesh and soaking into her bed. She panted lustfully through her gritted teeth as she rolled her hips up as high as she could, presenting herself completely to her partner, needing to feel Kate’s warm tongue working between her thighs.

Kate smiled wickedly at Olivia panting above her, teasing the other woman, working her curvy body up to the point of boiling over without even touching her streaming cunt.

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  She held her partner's thighs firmly, refusing to let her movie, her face a scant inch from the short-haired woman's heated groin. She let her breath flow out across Olivia's heated flesh, fascinated as her juices dripped from her pussy, down over her wrinkled little taint, and between the crack of her thick, compacted ass. When the other officer began mewling pitifully, almost like a hungry kitten, she decided that there had been enough teasing and the other woman deserved the reward they had both deserved.

Using her thumbs, Kate parted Olivia's dewy pussy-lips revealing the glistening pink treasure inside. Her clit was fully engorged, gleaming like a little pink pearl and she found her mouth watering at the sight between her partner's trembling thighs. She nudged the more voluptuous woman's hard clit with her nose, causing Olivia to gasp out with the simple touch before extending her tongue. She circled around the woman's hot hole, savoring the taste of her, before licking up to her clit, tracing it wetly and making Olivia tug on her hair trying to drag her closer. She gave her partner what she wanted, what she obviously needed, and slipped her tongue inside of her, spearing her gooey, churning cunt.

Olivia cried out in pleasure as Kate began fucking her with her tongue. She ground the burning juncture of her thighs against her partner's face as the slender woman's tongue wiggled inside of her. She groaned out in pleasure, her abundant chest heaving as she struggled to breath, her heart pounding in her chest. Burning pleasure coursed through her like lava, boiling over and exploding like a volcano. As she came she wrapped her legs around Kate's head, her twitching muscles overpowering the other detective’s hands and arms, her toes curling, her hands balling into fists holding her partner's hair, her chest out thrust, her back arched, her head thrown back as she yelled out in desire.

As her partner came, Kate struggled between her thighs, holding onto the other woman’s thighs tightly as she tried to breath. She was almost reverently amazed by how stunning Olivia's body looked as she came, her eyes crawling over her partner’s flushed flesh.

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  The woman was attractive on her own but with her sweat slick flesh gleaming in the early morning dawn she was a complete vision as her muscles seized and she thrashed around on her bed. Kate could see the muscles in Olivia's abdomen flutter before slowly relaxing, her thighs releasing her head so she could breath again. She released her hold on her partner's legs and crawled up her body, chest to chest, abdomen to abdomen, hip to hip, groin to groin.

As she felt Kate's lips on her's, Olivia opened her eyes as she began kissing her back, tasting herself in her partner's mouth. She wrapped one arm around the slender woman's neck and the other around her back as they kissed softly. Their bodies slid wetly together, their hard nipples pressed against the sensitive flesh of their chests as Olivia slid her arm around Kate's waist, lower down her body. She squeezed her partner's taunt ass playfully as she opened her legs again, wrapping them around the other woman and locking her ankles around her calves. Her hand slipped between their flush bodies, between their groins, and cupped Kate's wet pussy mound.

Kate moaned into Olivia's mouth as the other woman squeezed her pussy. She slid one of her own hands between their bodies, following her partner's arm between their legs, her fingers finding the more voluptuous woman's warm, wet, pulsing pussy.

In perfect unison both women slid their fingers into each other, both moaning out into one another's mouths. Their fingers moved in perfect sync, their bodies moving together, their pants and moans of pleasure mixing and echoing through the bedroom. Their fingers became soaked with one another's juices as they gushed out, sliding over their hands, soaking each other's groins, and dripping into the mattress.

As their cries of lust grew louder, Kate slid her fingers as deeply into Olivia's pussy as she could. She stroked along the other woman's G-string as she circled her clit with her thumb.

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  Their bodies moved in perfect rhythm, their lips and tongue never breaking apart as they moaned lustfully into one another's mouths.

Olivia held tightly to Kate's neck as their bodies rocked together, their chests rubbing against one another, their hips rolling to meet their hands, their fingers working between their hot, needy cunts. As she felt her second orgasm begin to crest it didn't surprise her at all to feel Kate's slender body starting to tense up with her own orgasm, they work together both professional and private in perfect sync.

Crying out in pleasure, both women came at nearly the same time, their bodies shuddering together, their lips locked as they moaned. Kate broke the kiss as they continued to cum, her eyes peering deep into Olivia's as they panted. Their flush skin glowed in the light of the dawn sun, their muscles twitching occasionally as they relaxed into one another's arms.

As her orgasm began to subside, Olivia held Kate tightly, possessively to her, bending up and giving her a lingering kiss as the more slender relaxed into her. She ran her hands up and down her partner's back, murmuring into her ear as they lay perfectly still together just enjoying the feel of each other as they began getting their breath back. Kate slowly rolled off of her, cuddling up to her side, wrapping her arms around her as they snuggled up.

"Mmmm, so good," Kate murmured into Olivia's ear.

Olivia giggled. "You said that all ready," she said as she snuggled up with Kate, "I can see why they need to team you up with a writer. "

With one arm wrapped around Olivia's shoulder, Kate used her free hand to lazily trace circled around Olivia's chest. "It's the police reports, writing the same thing over and over again," she chuckled.

Olivia laughed out at that.

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  "Ha!That's the truth," she agreed. She looked into Kate's eyes before giving her a quick peck on her lips. Lips that she decided she needed to know better. "Sun's up," she said, afraid of asking the question she needed the answer to.

"Yeah," Kate agreed as she watched the dawn slowly spread across the New York skyline. Then she looked longingly into Olivia's eyes. And then she smiled. "Good thing I've got night shift tonight. "

The nervous knot in her chest broke and Olivia smiled in relief. "Good. Me too," she said before giving Kate a passionate kiss.

Kate kissed Olivia back, enjoying the feel of the other woman against her body. She broke the kiss before giving one of her partner's large breasts a playful squeeze. "Rest first," she said with a wide smile, "Then we have to find someplace that delivers breakfast. "

"Good," Olivia said as she wiggled around to get comfortable in the sheets, "I could use a lazy day in bed.

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"Not to lazy," Kate added.

"Yes, officer," Olivia said playfully.

The End. .





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