New Uncle Submissive AuntPart 7 Dallas


So it was my last day in Dallas, the next day we would be getting up early for the flight home. I woke up at about 930 Am, and Todd and Kathy were already gone. I couldn't peel myself out of bed until after 10. Breakfast was iver, so I walked over to mcdonalds and got something to eat, then went back to the room and watched tv and just layed around until Todd and Kathy got back.

It was supposed to be a quick day, so at about 2pm, I knocked on their door to see if they were back,and Kathy opened the door. I said " oh, I didn't know of you guys were back yet or not, I was just checking. Kathy said " yeah the convention is overit Todd was hanging out with some people he works with. "She then said " I was super tired so I came back. I said " yeaj, I've been tired today too. "So then we both stand there not saying anything for a minute. I said " do you want to come over,or can I come in?"She said " honey, I'm super tired, bit you can come in if you want. "So she moved back as I let myself in. One half of the bed was a mess with bags and stuff on it, so I sat in the chair, and she walked into the bathroom.

I sat out there for 18 minutes or more and she never walked out. The bathroom door was open,I didn't know what she could be doing in there. So I got this big idea to take my shorts off.

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   I was wearing a pair of gym shorts,it was easy enough, the ice had been broken, I just want it. So I slipped my shorts and underwear off and sat back down, just wearing a tshirt and socks. I was hard already, but I started stroking it to make sure it looked good wheb she walked in.

She finally walked out, wearing different clothes, she was now in shorts and a tshirt. She looked over at me and quickly looked away. She said " what are you doing?"I said " I was just waiting for you. " She said " honey,I told you I'm tired. "I had no doubt she was tired, she looked it. These few days had been tiring to me and I didn't have to go to a convention. But I didn't care, so I came up with an ultimatum. I said " just suck it, and I'll go back to my room, I promise. "So she sighed and took a deep breathe and like a smart ass said " ok then. "

She got on the floor in front of me, on her knees. Rubbed my thighs a little then licked it, her head sideways. I had a handful of her hair, so I could watch it.

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  The whole time her eyes was closed. She didn't have alchohol to help her today. She kept lick it up and down and I remembered some of the things that Todd had told her the night before. As she started to suck it, and move her head up and down, I quietly whispered " suck it bitch. " To which she paused very briefly then kept sucking. I then pushed her head down hard with my hand and spread my legs apart more and said " oh yeah, suck that dick bitch. And she sucked even harder. After a minute I could tell one hand had moved into her shorts, and it turned me on immensely to talk to her lIke this.

I said " are you playing with that pussy? " She said " yes, and went back to sucking it. I said " oh, it feels so good bitch. "As I pushed her head onto it. It didn't take very long until I started twitching ready to explode. I thought of all the the thing so could do, bit didn't get the chance, I exploded in her mouth so hard, that it choked her and she coughed up cum all over the floor. I felt horrible, so I left.

That was it for our Texas trip, we did go out to eat later that evening, bit for the most part stayed in our rooms, resting.

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  The next day we got up early and spent another day connecting home. I will never forget Dallas, and the fun I had there, and what it led to after. .