New uncle, submissive aunt part8


I came home from Dallas exhausted,as I'm sure we all were. It was another busy day of traveling. I eas glad to be home, but in a way I wasn't. I feared I wouldn't get the royal treatment the way I gotit in Dallas. And the worst was that I had to go out of town with the family the following weekend, and I ttied my best to get out of it, bit it wasn't happening. I spent the weekendcamping and all I could think about was Kathy, I couldn't tell you how many times I jerked off in the woods.

A couple of days after we get home, Kathy made her regular visit and there was pretty interesting conversation. My mom and Kathy was talking about Dallas and Kathy said " oh, we were glad to have him, it was a pleasure. "My mom asked me if I behavedand I said ofcourse I did. I remember I said " I got to see Toby Keith live, wow. " And Kathy smiled because I had told them a million times how I'm not really a fan of that kind of music. But it all turned out good, and it turned me on having these wierd, secretive conversations.

Anyway, skipping ahead a little bit. It was close to wheb school started but just before, I went over to Kathy and Todds on Friday night and was super bummed because they had company. It was a guy Todd worked with and they were drinking and laughing hysterically, he didn't pay me much attention at all. I knew I wasn't going to have any fun with him there.

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  So I say quietly in the kitchen and watched the little tv they had in there. Kathy was her quiet self and was running back and forth getting stuff for Todd and his friend. At about 9 o'clock, I was sitting there and blurted out to Kathy " is this mother fucker going to leave?"And she busted out laughing. Todd heard it and yelled " what the fuck is so funny in there?"She straightened up a little and said nothing, it was a joke. I was bumming extremely wanting to play, bit things got worse.

Todd called for Kathy " get your sweet ass in here". I didn't pay any mind, I sat there watching this little tv, hoping their little party would end soon. And it got quiet for so long that I stood up to go see what was going on. I turned the corner and was crushed. This friend of Todds, a fat old guy with grey hair and beard was sitting on a recliner, with his back to me, and Aunt Kathy was on her knees in front of him. I wanted to fucking scream, I was jealous and hurt. Todd was sitting there drinking and no watching like he watched her with me. I felt myself start to cry a little but I toughed it out. I looked away, walked away, started to leave, bit I just couldn't. I watched, from a far while Kathy sucked his dick.

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  He almost acted like he was asleep while she did it.

I heard him say something quietly like he was going to cum, and then he said " put your tongue out young lady. " As he jerked it onto her tongue, which I really didn't see because my view was blocked by the bsck of his chair. Shortly after that, Kathy walked passed me and down the hall without saying anything and the old guy stood up and said, " well I better get home before the wife starts to wonder about me. "I sat back down in the kitchen and he walked passed me and slapped my shoulder hard and said " you have a good night young man, haha. "I wanted to punch that fat fucker so bad.

I didn't walk into the living room after he let himself out, I just sat there, fuming and trying to make some sort of sense of this, bit it wasn't working. Finally after about 20 minutes, I looked around the corner and Todd was asleep on the couch. I was selfish, all I could think was that my night and life was ruined now. I say around a few more minutes, and then did something I'd never done, I tip toed down the hall to Kathy's room and quietly opened the door.

I walked in and it was dark,but the bathroom was lit and the door was partially open, so I walked in there and opened the door. Kathy was sitting on the toilet,,painting her toe nails. She just looked up as I walked in, and then kept painting, she wasn't upset by me being there. She said " well?" And I said " what the fuck is going on?"She turned her head and said " which part?" I said the old guy?She said " Todd makes me do alot of things I don't want to do honey. " As she calmly closed her nail polish.


  My next question was going to be did she want to play with me, but I didn't ask it, because I already knew Todd was the culprit.

I unzipped my pants and she looked up real quick and asked where Todd was. I told her he was passed out on the couch. So she folded her arms and watched as I dropped my pants and underwear and stepped closer to her with my boner. I repeated the words of the old man and I whispered " stick your tongue out young lady. "She said giggled and said your as creepy as the old guy. "The she held her tongue out andI bounced my cock on it several times snd loved the way it felt. Then I decided I was going to rub it on her cheek, so I did and I could see her makeup get all messed up, I rubbed it on the other cheek, across her chin,,I suppose it was my way of making my territory, it was hot and she let me do it. I knew exactly what I wanted to do, I wanted to cum on her face just like in the movies.

I rubbed my cock in her nose and between her eyes and pressed my balls against her lips,and she started licking them and it felt so good. I let her lick my balls as I started stroking it and I told her " I'm going to cum all over your fucking face. " She just kept licking. I jerked while she licked for a few minutes til I knew I was ready and I stepped back and jerked it until I shot. It didn't go as intended, some went up her nose, some in her hair. I was panting and cussing calling her a bitch.

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  After I was done, I took a good look at her face,and she looked st me, as if to show me. Then I walked out, and heard her start the shower. I went to the spare bedroom and went to bed. . . . .





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