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To be honest, I felt cheated, and was bitter. In hindsight, I should have just overlooked what had happened and tried to carry on. In my young mind though, both Todd and Kathy did me wrong. And it got me thinking. How many guys did she mess with since she'd been with Todd? Todd had nephews that lI've out of state, was she doing them too? I still made my friday visits, but I grew leary of Todds motives.

School had started and I was starting the year off with a bang. I didn't get in trouble in school, but I gave up any attempt to learn because my mind was focused solely on Kathy. My parents, in an attempt to get me to snap out of this funk, tried everything. They took away my gaming systems, which at that point I didn't care. Then they hit the nail on the head and told me no more Friday night stay overs until I get my act together. We'll that did it, I got my act together just enough to not lose this privilege.

I had a few things going on around this time. In October, Homecoming was a big deal now, and a buddy of mine arranged me a date with a cute blonde from a different school (a friend of his date. ) I remember him saying " bro, she puts out. " This excited me, especially now that I was " seasoned. " What bummed me out was that homecoming was on Friday night.

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   I won't go into it much, because it's off topic but let's just say the seasoning I had achieved did not help me with girls my age. Things didn't move quick enough, and I quickly became impatient. I made out with her in the back of the van we rode in, and everytime I would try to put my hand up her dress she would stop me, tell me to slow down, and so forth. So I gave up, wishing I had skipped homecoming all together. I earned the reputation of being a major asshole from the way I treated my date. I really couldn't help it. Ironically enough, that girl made a habit of calling me all the time after that.

That week, I sat through another visit from Kathy at my parents. I heard mentioning of my improvement in school and so forth, and Kathy had a painted on smile, she always played it off real good. All I could do is sit and undress her in my mind, I wanted to take her off to my room but I knew that wasn't really feasible. At this point, I realized I did enjoy getting her away from Todd.

I remember it was close to Halloween, I went over there on a Friday evening shortly after school. Todd and Kathy were going to a Halloween party that evening, but was going to stay anyway. When I got there, Kathy was alone, and looking fine in what she had wore to work. She had on a purple blouse and a black skirt with dark pantyhose.

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  I sat with her in the kitchen and Todd came in shortly after. He had me help move some stuff boxes from the basement to the garage. A couple of gouse later, they got into their costumes ( ride and groom zombies)and I just hung out.

Before they left, Todd put out a bottle (a little less than half) of Jack Daniels, and told me to help myself to some beer. Indeed I did. And while they were gone, I did something I hadn't brought myself to do yet. I went in their room and went through every drawer in the dressers, and every box in the closet, being snoopy. Probably my most interesting find was a cardboard box in the closet floor. It was full of sex toys, and porn dvd's. I watched some and then just hung out, and had alot to drink. I even fell asleep on the couch myself, but still woke up long before they came back.

So about 230 am, I heard them pull into the garage, but they didn't come in right away, so after a few minutes, I opened the door that leads to the garage to check it out. It appeared someone had drove them home, this guy saw me and said " hey, they are wasted, so I drove them home, csn you make sure they get in the house ok?"I said yeah, sure thing thank you. He ran down the driveway and got into the passenger seat of another car and they took off.

I looked in the car, Todd was in the front seat, being a stereotypical drunk, I couldn't undertake a word he was saying, Kathy was in the back, nearly asleep and quiet, so I opened the back door and asked of she needed help, she took my hand and got out of the car, but was stumbling everywhere.


  Todd nearly fell as he got out, and I think it took like 18 minutes to get these 2 in the house and shut the door. It was pretty comical, because they still had costumes and makeup on. They really looked like zombies:).

We got inside, Kathy is walking down the hall, holding herself against the wall with one hand, as Todd flipped down on the couch, with another drink of all things. I watched Kathy slowly move down the hall and Todd yelled to me " do you wanna fuck my wife? "I just looked at him, I was unsure of his motives. He said " I asked of you want to fuck her?" So I said " uh, yeah. "And he laughed hysterically, I didn't think it was that funny. I looked back and Kathy had made it to her room. Todd said " I want to see you fuck her too. " Then started nodding and biting his lips. He was wasted!She probably wasn't as bad as he was.

I sat down on a stool in the kitchen, so I could keep my eye down the hall, and on Todd. He was mumbling on about everything. After 18 minutes or so he screamed " Kathy, where the fuck are you?"She screamed back, " I'm washing my fucking face'" . I'd never heard anything like that out of her.

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   So I smirked, and he looked super pissed, then he laughed. He said, let's go in there, as he tried to get up, I almost had to help him. So I follow him down the hall, he gets in the room and sits on the bed and then lays back, still in full costume and makeup, I don't even think he noticed how stupid he looked.

Kathy walked out of the bathroom and looked real suprised to see us both in there. She washed the makeup from her face and it was a rare occasion to see her not made up, her hair was a little wet from the water. She was wearing a tank top and a pair of those legging pants,apparently what she wore under her costume. Todd said " are you ready to fuck?"She said " really?"And todd said " yes really, you fucking bitch!"She just rolled her eyes and looked upset. I just stood there, it was kind of awkward. So she went and took her costume dress off the floor, opened up the closet door, threw it in there, and slammed the door shut super hard. I just knew a fight was about to ensue.

After she did that, she walked up to me and grabbed my crotch and said " are you ready?"I was shocked and said " um yeah. So she put her arm around me and kissed me, I mean deeply and she out her hand in my shorts and grabbed my dick. Like she was either super horny, or putting on a display for Todd, or Both. Todd didn't say anything, I kept one eye on him, he just laid there. She squatted down, and pulled down my shorts and underwear and sucked it, so I naturally grabbed a handful of her hair.

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  She got super into it, not like usual, and even looked up at me a few times. It made me so rock hard, and she knew it. I tried to make her stop, but she wouldn't,I knew I was about to cum. And cum I did, I filled her mouth once again.

Todd said " dammit,,just give it a few and then fuck her. "But a few minutes later, Todd was asleep, and I was ready for bed too. Looking back, I knew why she got like she did, to make Todd stop, and but time for him to go to sleep. I had all sorts of things planned, and those thoughts very well contributed to me cumming after that blowjob.

After that night, things somewhat went bsck to they way they started for a while. .





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