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Hello there! My name is Randy. I’m 19, 6 feet tall, average build, tan, curly brown hair and brown eyes, a virgin. I had always been a bit of a nerd throughout high school. Not the socially awkward type, but finding pleasure through different things than the jocks. One of those past times was a club called Science Olympiad where I met many of my close friends. As I mentioned, I’m not only a virgin, but I’m ashamed to say that after freshman year of college I hadn’t had my first kiss. Throughout high school and college, I had always been the victim of bad timing with girls. The most recent crush was an on and off again friendship culminating in her telling me she liked me, refusing to do long distance, and then sleeping with another guy. It was messy and complicated.

Now that we are all caught up, I’ll jump to the present. It was the summer between freshman and sophomore year of college. My parents were out of town, and I was planning my first albeit small house party. It was a reunion of sorts with about six to eight Science Olympiad folks from my class. Being nerdy high school kids, we had all recently discovered the magic of alcohol and were eager to laugh at each other in drunken stupor.

I coordinated the party with one of my best friends, Alexandra. She had access to older siblings to purchase the alcohol.

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   Alexandra has a pale completion and is about five and a half feet tall with brown hair and eyes. We had been close friends for years since elementary school and I had never really thought of her as anything more than that. While she had claimed the same feelings, I always had strong suspicions that she had a crush on me (my mom revealed she was planning on asking me to prom before I asked someone else). She was also one of the few that didn’t live in the neighborhood (walking distance) from my house, so we decided she’d crash on the couch that night.

The party was great. We played classic games like King’s Cup and had a fun time. We roamed the house including a trip upstairs when Alexandra commented on my bedroom and bathroom. In my tipsy state, I realized something. I was getting hard when this girl flirted with me! This was shocking to me as for the first time I saw her as more than a friend. Maybe it was the alcohol or the strong desire to get laid, but I wasn’t going to fight it. I struggled to conceal my boner straining to break free.

Around 2 am the guests started to trickle out and walk home. I began to make up the couch for Alexandra to spend the night on. I asked her if she needed anything else. She replied “no” and I almost went up the stairs.

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   However, with a gulp in my throat and a twitch of my dick I decided to go for it. “This couch looks mighty uncomfortable, want to join me in the bed?” I asked. She hesitated for a second, then cautiously agreed to follow me upstairs. In a t-shirt and gym shorts, she crawled into bed. I followed her in and snuggled up taking the role of big spoon.

She undoubtedly felt my rock-hard cock digging into her backside. After a couple awkward moments, she timidly asked “mind if I take care of that for you?” I replied “I thought you’d never ask. ” We immediately embraced and kissed (a first for both of us). We began making out- tongues down each other’s throat and the smells of alcohol, perfume, and cologne filling my senses. I pulled her t-shirt off to reveal her bra-less A-cup breasts. Her pale skin glowed beneath me and hastened my pace. I slid off her shorts and panties with one motion to reveal a tight wet pussy between her thighs. As she wasn’t expecting to fuck tonight, there was a fair amount of dark pubic hair around her twat. I didn’t mind one bit, moving my mouth down to her slit. I inhaled the unmistakable smell of a girl in heat and began lapping up the delicious pussy juice.

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   Alexandra moaned as a licked her tight opening and gently massaged her clit.

At this point, my dick was losing feeling it was so constricted in my shorts. I dropped my pants and let my 6. 5” hard sausage bounce up. I was equally as hairy- we’d be going all natural. Alexandra then uttered the two words any teenage dude wants to hear. “Fuck me” she groaned. It was only then I realized I had left my condoms at school not thinking I’d be needing them over break. As she wasn’t sexually active, I knew she wasn’t on the pill and I thought the night was done. “Shit- I’ve got no condoms!” I expelled. “That’s ok- I’m not worried about disease since it’s our first. Just remember to pull out” she replied back. I lined up for the entrance, pausing a little as my dickhead pressed against her outer walls. I slowly pushed my way in to the tight tunnel. She yelped as I gently split her hymen signaling the end of that long phase of both our lives.

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   I began to shift my dick back in forth, riding her in a bit of a missionary position. The warm, wet, tight, pussy enveloped my senses and I could tell by her moans she was in pure ecstasy.

I hastened my pace as we both grew more comfortable with the feeling of me inside her. I massaged her tiny erect nipples and we continued to make out as I pounded her. Sweat dripped off my brow and as I glanced at my pole splitting her open I was in heaven. About five minutes of solid fucking elapsed. Just as I was thinking about how long I had lasted, Alexandra let out a loud moan unlike anything else in the evening. Her warm pussy walls tightened around my dick with a vice grip and I felt that unmistakable feeling in my balls and behind my cock. In the heat of the moment, I forgot all about the baby-making power of my potent young seed. I grunted and shrieked as my shaft swelled. Batter exploded out of the tip of cock deep inside her young vagina coating the walls. At least six shorts of cum sprang from my penis and semen dribbled out long after that. I collapsed on top of her expecting her to be pissed at what I had done. “That was fucking amazing” she said. I pulled out my rapidly deflating cock with a pop and cum dribbled out onto the sheets.

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   In our drunken state, neither of us cared and we snuggled up and finally went to sleep, not thinking the slightest of the potential consequences of our actions.





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