My Love Life With My Aunt Chapter 1


My aunt she always walked around her house naked when no one was home with her. She also cheated on her husband plenty of times, and they said that she was caught kissing her half sister. my school was about a three mile walk to her house. I decided to skip school and walk to her house, I stop by the Walgreens and get some water, and a pack of starburst. I was about 2 miles away from her house now. It was about 88 degrees so I took my school shirt off and keep walking with no shirt on, I then start to recall my aunt always touching my body and rubbing my legs. I am now about 2 blocks from her house. I start to imagine what she could be doing in her house by herself, she always made jokes about her watching porn and masturbating. I pick up my pace, and starts to power walk. My girlfriend texts me saying " Why didn't you come to school today?" I reply saying " I don't feel good" she texts back saying " okay bye love you ttyl" I reply " I love you to" So I arrive at my aunts house, thinking if i should knock on her door or sneak in her house. I decide to hop the fence and sneak in through the back door. I hear the shower running so I run into her room and starts searching her room for dildos or things she use to masturbate. I found a vibrator, anal beads, and a dildo that was recently used. I want to taste her juices so bad so I get my finger and wipes the juices off her toys and begins to lick it. It's a strange flavor. I hear the water turn off so I hurry out of her room and goes outside I then begin knocking on her door.

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   I can see her figure through the window on the door. My aunt is curvy, sexy, busty, big ass, and voluptuous. She came to the door with her towel wrapped around her body, but her breast squeezing out of her towel, and The towel couldn't even wrap around her entire body. She invites me in and gives me a glass of lemonade, she then starts questioning me about why aren't I at school. I lie and tell her that there wasn't any school today. She sits down on the couch in front of me, I try not to stare at her too much. When she sits down I notice her towel start to slip, I don't say anything nor did she try to stop it. She stands up but her towel got stuck on the zipper of the couch and the towel falls off completely. I feel my boner rising, She doesn't have any shame she didn't even try to cover up her body. She sits back on the couch with her legs folded. She notices my boner and she tells me " Oh so I see that you're getting hard from seeing your aunt naked. " I blush and cover it up, she comes and sits by me, she says " no need to cover it up I like it" I stare into her eyes as her hands runs down my lap gently touching my dick. I try to do the same by gently rubbing her clit, she stands up and walks me to her room. She lays on the bed, I spread her legs open and I stare at her pink pussy, I then hugs her thighs and begins to eat her out. She begins to moan, I start to think to myself that she's moaning because of me.

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   Her pussy starts to pulse on my tongue, so I begin to finger her asshole slowly while sucking on her clit. I lay on the bed and pulls her over me, she slowly puts her tongue on the tip of my Dick,I push my tongue deeper into her pussy while fingering her ass faster. She gets off of me and I grab her green dildo and I rub some lube on the tip and I rub some on her asshole. I gently push the tip of the dildo in her ass, she moans loudly. I am laying on the bed while she stands at the bottom of the bed, she falls down and sits in my legs, I begin to grab her ass, wanting her to ride, she squats over my dick and slowly let it go inside her. I gasp feeling her warm and moist pussy squeeze my Dick. I thrust my cock into her wet dripping pussy, she moans loudly while grabbing her breast. I wrap my arms around her waist, and places my hands on her ass, I slam her pussy onto my dick faster and harder. She leans closer into me and I began kissing her, in my head I was said " Wow I am having sex with my aunt and I am kissing her. ". "Aunt, I really love you. " She kisses me again then moans into my mouth, " I love you to" I pound her pussy harder while holding her dildo in her ass. I then get her off of me and brings her to the edge of the bed with her butt sticking off the edge and her knees on the ground. I really want to put it in her ass, so I bend over a little and makes my aunt spread her ass open. I see her pretty asshole, I stroke my dick and slap the tip against her asshole.

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   I grab my Dick and forces it into her asshole. she screams and buries her face into the bed. I pound her harder and faster feeling her pussy juices run down her thighs. I lean down and begins to kiss her neck then I kiss her lips while sliding my tongue inside her mouth with our tongues intertwined together. I hear the noise of my legs slapping against her ass and my balls slap against her clit. I gasp and moan softly into her ear. I moan and pant while releasing cum into her asshole. I pant louder feeling her pant, I slowly pull my Cock out and I stare watching her pussy drip warm cum. I grab my hand and let her push the cum out of her ass, I quickly bring it to her mouth and I watch as she greedily swallows it. I couldn't stop thinking about what we just did, we committed a sin. We performed the act of incest. I kept thinking about what we've done for weeks. Then summer time had just begun, and I go to sleep over by my aunt for a week, my aunt was pleased to see me. I set my bags down by the guest room and I go to the bathroom to pee. I noticed the bathroom has two doors one to the hallway one to the guest room, my aunt opens the door while I was peeing and she grabs me from behind and holds my dick and waits until I'm finished peeing, she turns me to her and gets on her knees and begins stroking my dick attempting to get it hard, I ask her to stop but she wouldn't stop.

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   She licks the tip, and begins forces it deeper into her mouth. I moan softly while holding onto her head. I gasp feeling her tongue swirl around my dick. She pulls back and asks me if I like it. I moan softly and says yes
. She then puts my balls in her mouth and begins to suck on them vigorously. I lift her up and she begins to wrap her legs around my waist I hold her up against the wall and gently slides my dick into her pussy,she moans into my ear as I slide my dick deeper into her pussy. She attempts to tighten up her pussy but she couldn't. I thrust deeper into her forcing my dick as far as it can go, my aunt moans louder and louder. I hear the door open and her husband says "Hey bae I'm home. " I covers my aunt mouth but she begins to start bouncing up and down on my Dick I try not to moan so I bite my lip . I holds her on my Dick and walks to the guest room and gently falls back onto the bed with her on my dick. I pound her harder trying to cum fast. I lean her back with her balancing her entire body on her neck, I lean her up against the bed with her head and neck on the floor. I squat down and puts my dick in her mouth making her clean it.

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   I stand back up and slides my dick into her pussy and humps her fast I feel glad that the cum flows into her pussy quickly filling her up. She says my name softly and says " Well this is a lot of mess, you're going to need to clean it up. " I get down on my knees and begins licking her clit and then I slurp on the hole of her pussy sucking my cum out of her. I lean down and kisses her and shares my cum with her and laughs when she swallows it. I run across the room and goes into the bathroom and gets into the shower and cleans up. My aunt goes to her room and jumps in the shower, she gets a glass buttplug and slides it in. She leaves her door open and talks to her husband asking him why he's home so early. He replies " I wanted to surprise you. " So I just realized what I've done, I sit down in the tub and stare at the wall. I say to myself, " I just came inside my aunt, what if she gets pregnant. " My aunt rushes her husband out the house telling him to go to the store. I get out the shower and I get dressed and goes to the living room waiting for my aunt to address what we've done. She doesn't say anything, I clear my throat and says, " What if your pregnant?" She simply says, " Yeah that wouldn't be good. " Deep down in my heart I want her to be pregnant so we can live my dream. My aunt she still looks horny, so I jokingly say to her you are hard to please.

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   She kneels on the couch with her butt facing me she starts shaking her ass taunting me, I place my hands in her ass and starts squeezing it. " Eat my ass as if it was my pussy" She says. I stare at her because I've never given a girl a rim job. She rest her head on the back of the couch and she spreads her legs wide, she grabs her ass cheeks and spreads it open showing her beautiful gaping ass. I play with this butt plug, twisting it around inside her. She moans and laughs softly. I smack her ass hard and squeezes it. I go to the kitchen and gets some fruits. I put the strawberries, peaches, mango, banana, kiwi, and tropical fruit juice In the blender and start it. I wait a few minutes and goes back by her. I walk over and pulls the buttplug out and I lick her gaping asshole and slides my tongue inside of her. She moans loudly, I pull my tongue out and I pour a little of the smoothie in her ass. She shivers cause the coldness, I then begins to lick the smoothie inside her ass. I open my mouth wide and covers her asshole with my mouth, she pushes all the smoothie out of her asshole. I quickly swallows it, and I pour more into her asshole.

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   She begins to laugh, as she laughs the smoothie forces itself out of her ass. I grab a straw and begins drinking the smoothie. I drink all of it happily. I force her ass down a little, and slides my dick into her ass. I immediately begin thrusting into her ass, deeper and faster. She moans loudly. I pull out and pours more smoothie inside her ass. Her husband opens the door and finds us both naked and me pouring smoothie inside her on the couch. We both stare at him, and he stares at us. He runs overs towards me and tries to hit me. I swing left hitting him in his face. He falls down to the ground, my aunt quickly gets up and tries to stop, but the smoothie begins squirting out of her ass. She falls on the ground and the smoothie continues to squirt out. Her husband sits up and begins crying. I quickly pull my pants up.

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