My Indian mother with an old man


Hello guys. This is Aditya. The story i am about to narrate is about my lovely mother Nisha and her physical relations with an old man.
We are a north indian family consisting of my dad,mom and me. I was 19 year old at that time. I had just passed to second year of my engineering in Bangalore which was in south India. I used to live in hostel,but later shifted outside college. My mother also accompanied me in setting up of new flat and we left Jaipur. Me and mom stayed in a hotel for a couple of days before finally setting up in a 1 BHK flat near my college itself.

We used to live on top floor and the owner lived on the ground floor of the same building. My owner was comparatively poorer to us as my father was an IAS officer with huge respect in society. My dad,46(then) was a very fair man. my mother was less fair than him. But my mother was taller 5"8'(72 kgs) than my dad 5"7'(65 kgs). Comparatively,our owner Basavaraju,who was a local south Indian was much taller 6"4'(110 kgs) and stronger than my dad. Buthe was bald headed.

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  Basavaraju also had a white moustache and was 64 years of age. Basavaraju had a wife who was a physically and mentally disabled old lady and had a son named Manju who was almost my dad's age. After brief interactions together,we developed nice bonding among us. I used to call manju as uncle and Basavaraju as grandpa.

Day-by-day we all became like a family and started visiting each other's floor for lunch and dinner on a regular basis. Once Basavaraju was financially broken and my mom helped him. She gave a hefty amount to his son Manju and urged them that they can seek her help financially whenever they would like. As my dad was a rich man,he had given mom loads of money to spend with. This even furthur developed friendship between us.

My mother started going out with Manju in his car. They used to go shopping together. They even went for my parents/teachers meet in college. Sometimes even my mother would accompany Basavaraju too during morning walks.

One day manju uncle came to me and told that he wanted a weekend trip to Goa and asked about my plan. After some discussions,my mother agreed and the three of us left for Goa.

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  Two rooms were booked there. Me and my mother didn't drink. I smoked ocassionally. Manju both drank and smoked a hell lot.

On the beach,for the first time in my life, i saw my mom in short clothes. She looked extremely hot at 41 years of age. I knew why manju wanted this trip. To have my mother. Even i didn't mind much as i hated my dad who was extremely strict. He rarely used to have sex with mom and was always busy with office-load. He also used to end up sex with mom very early. My mother was only happy with his status. Not his sexual deeds though. I knew all this but never really talked about it. I mean who does.

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We had dinner and Manju finally told me if he can have some time alone with my mother. He was unmarried black man. They booked a bike and went to a secluded beach. Later they returned around midnight and he went to his room for sleep. Me and mommy came to our room. Mom looked tired and was feeling a bit shy in talking and we went to sleep.

Later on,just after half an hour,our gate opened and my mother left with Manju. They thought i went asleep. I realised what manju wanted,so,left them together with their full privacy. I went to sleep and mom returned in the morning in her nightsuit and was looking very tired. for sure,she had sex with Manju wholenight. Finally she came next to me,kissed me and slept.

We left in the evening and returned Bangalore. I could notice Manju putting his hands on mommy's boobs. They even went to toilet together during the journey.

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  They had sex twice in the train. The coach attended told me he saw my mother naked,sitting on Manju's dick in the toilet. She was moaning too. He also said they were pissing together. Although i had never seen my mother fully naked before.

Once i had a let-off in college and returned home early. But later found that mom wasn't there. She returned at 4 in the afternoon. She said she had gone for shopping with Manju. She looked tired and slept on my legs. Later i covered her with blanket and left her alone. I love my mom very much and i don't care what she does. Afterall its her own life. I had a natural son-mom love and wanted to see her happy. She never looked much happier before.

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  So i gave her full privacy and never indulged.

One night after dinner mom asked me to sleep inside as she wanted to sleep in the drawing room. The weather in Bangalore always remained cloudy and i wanted to smoke freely so went inside. My lights were off completely and mom's room had a faint light on. We went to sleep.

Suddenly there was a knock on the door. My mom in her nightdress slowly opened it. I could see as my gate was not completely closed.

It was Basavaraju(Manju's dad). He was of my grandfather's age. He closed the door and grasped my mother. I was shocked to see this. He opened up my mom's hair and started kissing on her cheek. He was a black tall man with a white moustache and was bald. Slowly my mother also held him and they started lip kissing.

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  Basavaraju removed mom's nightdress. Apprently,she wasn't wearing anything. She was all naked. For the first time in my life i saw my mother completely nude. She was sexier than my class girls. Her boobs were round with purplish tits,ass was bulky with a mark on her left hip and a hairy pussy. My dick also went erect. She was about to have fun with an old man. Basavaraju too removed his clothes. He looked dirty with white hairs all over his body. But had a very big penis. Maybe three times my size. His upper part was completely out and looked ugly. Then Basavaraju put his index finger in my mom's pussy and took her tongue out with his teeth while kissing and began swallowing it. My mom screamed a bit "mmmmmmm,,hmmmmmmmm,thuaaaaaak"with spit coming out from her mouth.

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  Basavaraju was vigorously kissing her. Poor south-Indian old man was having a golden time sucking a rich north Indian lady almost of her daughter's age. Then he took my mom to the kitchen slab,made her lay and put his dick inside her mouth. Mom resisted as it was very big. Basavaraju then slapped mommy's face with his dick and hit it on her head. He again put his dick inside her mouth and began licking her pussy. My mother started moaning"ooopppppp,upppppppp,hoppppp,pchhhhhh". After sometime she cummed on Basavaraju's face who was licking her pussy badly. They slowed and he took his dick out of mom's mouth. He had cummed inside her mouth. His cum was stuck on mommy's lips and was coming out of her mouth too. Basavaraju then pissed a bit on mom's face and they went to toilet together. He actually held mom by her ass and then took her inside toilet.

They came out after a while. Mom then put on her leg laces and her necklace on her naked body.

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  She also wore her gold ear rings. She tied her hairs too. Then Basavaraju made her sit in a dog position on the couch. He then started licking her asshole. Mom also started shaking her ass. All of a sudden he put his dick inside her asshole,started hitting it and mommy yelled loudly "aaaaahhhhhh,mmmmmmmmmm,ohhhhhhhh,maaaaiiiii". Basavaraju then slapped her tightly both on face and her ass and told her to keep quiet. He doubted whether i will wake up. My mom had never taken in the asshole before. Even basavaraju realised it.

He then pulled my mom up. She was shorter than him. She put her hands on his shoulders. Basavaraju then inserted his dick inside my mom's pussy. He also rolled his dirty dick on mommy's cute boobs.

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  He drilled her for 20 minutes when she again cummed,on his dick this time.

My mom was looking tired now with half senses. She had a glass of milk while Basavaraju went to piss. I guess he didn't cum. Mommy then went to sleep with blankets on her nude body.

Basavaraju came out of toilet and saw mom sleeping. He then lighted up his cheap cigar and went to the balcony. I thought they had their sex session and i,myself began masturbating. I masturbated on my mom's drill by a grandpa-aged person.

Basavaraju again came and slept next to my mother. I thought he would leave,but he didn't.

He removed her blanket and started kissing her boobs and more of her ass. My mother was almost asleep,avoided her and told him to leave. It was 3 a. m.

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This time he put his hands on my mom's mouth and covered it so that she doesn't yell. He then inserted his dick completely in her asshole and started banging her. My mother was feeling the pain. She was moving her legs in agony continuosly. But Basavaraju was an old horny man and he didn't stop. He was forcing her this time. I could hear my mother's slow agonising voice"ubbbbb,hooooooo,mmmmmmmm,ahhaaayyyyyy,naiiii,huuuuuuuu".

After a while blood started coming out of mommy's asshole. Basavaraju took his dick out. It was covered with mom's blood and shit. She even had shitted somewhat with pain. He had gone beserk over her. Then he again slapped my mother who finally fell asleep but was screaming in pain. Basavaraju then pissed over my mother's body and finally cummed on her mouth and boobs.


  He licked her lips,tongue,pussy,boobs and navel. He then put his index finger in her pussy and his foot in her mouth. Slapped her badly on her boobs too. My mother was crying with agony. She was raped by an old man. Finally,Basavaraju cleaned up the mess and went back to his room. My mother couldn't move. She was hurt badly.

I masturbated again. Finally,i switched on the lights. I removed her blanket. Upon seeing me,she felt shy on me seeing her nude,but was crying in pain. I held her and told her that i had been noticing everything but didn't object since it was her wish. Mommy laid and i started applying cream in her asshole. She finally slept and told me to sleep next to her since she was feeling cold and needed warmth.

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  I wrapped her with affection and we fell asleep.

Next day,we went to a doctor who recommended fisting and anal surgery for my mother. I sent mom back home with dad. She recovered well.

It has been many years now. My father had his penis issues which doesn't erect anymore. I am 27 now and my mother is 49. Though i never had thought of having sex with mom,i couldn't oppose her in having it with other men. The incident in Bangalore did change her sex life. Often,i have seen her with many uncles. She goes with them in groups also. I had noticed her having sex with two men once in a temple. She even remains absent from home for many days now. She goes outside with older men on vacations. One caretaker of ours said that he saw my mother being drilled by a local policeman near a railway track.

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