My hung roommate trained me to be his bitch. Part 1.


First off, my fetish is sucking, I never knew I was a size queen till I had a BBC, it was fucking jaw dropping and head numbing. I loved it.

I first met Darriel in college, we both had the same classes together, and he stank of weed, so we definitely hit it off. We'd go to my car or his in between breaks. Before the year was over, I started wearing more girl clothes, because I was year in my transition and I was already plenty passable. My hair was a short bob, but I wanted it a bit longer to match this blonde wig I had. My body was filling out and I had tiny b cup tits to go with my huge butt, wide hips and small waist.

I was wearing a crop top hoodie with some short shorts and leggings when Darriel asked if I wanted to smoke a shatter at his place. The dorms I was living in prohibited indoor smoking. He lived in a 2 bedroom adjoining condo, and I immediately took to chilling on the couch.

"You can take off your sweater, the bong gets kind hot" As he takes off his shirt. And. there he was, just shirtless now. I can see a huge bulge in his shorts, definitely almost rock hard. I bite my lip, and he makes me inch closer.

"I thought we came here to smoke huh?"

"Yeah, but I want to you swallow my nut after.

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  " He pulls me in for a kiss, he sucks my big lips, and I suck his lower lip, and bite.

He pulls me away, lights up the bong, and takes a hit. He passes it to me, and we hit it a couple times. He turns on the TV, cause we've just been hugging for a minute and I'm just stroking his bulge. It must be 9 or 10" but the girth was crazy. . .

He stands up, and towers over me, I'm still sitting as I look up at him wanting, as he takes off his shorts. He plops his big black cock on my face, and it covers me, from chin to hair, he makes me sniff it. He tells me "You know you want to" so I build up some spit and kiss his head, I could barely make it to the halfway point, my jaw was numb and my eyes were rolling. His smell was so fucking strong, I start stroking the shaft, but always lick the whole thing.

He's rock hard now and tells me to suck his balls hard while sniffing his shaft. He tells me to stand up for him, he puts on some music and tells me to give him a lap dance, I take off my shorts, and grind on him in only my panties. I twerk and bounce my ass, he grabs both my cheeks and starts biting and sucking and tells me to suffocate him with my booty. I sit on his lap now and I find his big cock between my thick thighs almost half of it out as I jerk it.

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He grabs my neck and pulls back for a hard kiss, while I stroke his cock and balls. He slaps my ass when I stop grinding, he squeezes my waist as I dry hump him.

"I've been waiting to cum on this pretty face for awhile now. "

He grabs my hair and brings me to my knees, and tells me to suck the head hard. He strokes his long dick as he's about to nut while grabbing my hand, tells me to remember how he likes it gripped.

"Get ready bitch, swallow it all. "

He busts his load, and I gulp and gulp but some drop to my chest and the side of my mouth, it was so much.

He sat down, and I just laid my head on his lap, still sucking and stroking his big dick. His hand inside my panties, as he fingers the entrance of my hole while we watch some movie.

"Open that black plastic bag over there. "

"Okay. "

"That's yes daddy from now on. " He said sternly.

". .

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  . yes daddy. "

Inside the bag was a metal butt plug. and said to take his dick properly I need to loosen my tight hole until I can't take it anymore I have to wear it all day, and not remove it unless he's dumping his load in me. I am to live with him now, rent free, but in exchange I am his personal fuck toy. I'm not his girlfriend, or anything, just soon to be favorite hole. I have to suck his dick on command, before he wakes up, whenever wherever.


I wrote this wearing this: www. gfycat. com/belatedvaluabledwarfrabbit
my email for feedback/comments: whatuprose93@gmail

--other than the description of myself this is all fiction-- thanks for reading.






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