My Home Holiday


I waited at the front window, it was raining outside. My husband and the kids had gone to a family reunion for the Memorial Day weekend, and they had left this morning for a seven hour drive and would be gone three days. It was now Saturday evening and a heavy system of thunderstorms had moved into our area.

I stood there in nothing but a shear red nighty, with my long cinnamon colored legs exposed to where my pubic bush was just visible from underneath. I was looking down the long drive in the front of our house which from the road I could barely be seen as an outline against the wet window. Then he drove into the drive, it was Randall, a guy I had been flirting with at work. My heart jumped a little as I was pleasantly surprised to see that he had actually taken me up on my offer. Randall delivered packages to my office where I was the administrative assistant to one of the V. P. s and we had developed this little flirtatious relationship. We had gotten to know each other a little bit more by the time I had met him for lunch a couple of times in a cafeteria nearby the office, and our flirtations had moved us to a point where I got up the nerve to proposition him for an evening of fucking. Which he accepted.

With us both being married, we had to find a time when it could happen. He didn’t want to meet at a motel, because the charges would show up on his card or mine, and that would raise suspicions. So, when my husband and children decided to go to my husband’s family reunion out of state, I jumped at the chance of letting Randall know that the house would be available for a rendezvous, and that he would have to find an excuse to tell his wife about an afternoon’s absence.

Randall was tall and muscular, what we call back home as a mulatto, a mixture of white and black with fair caramel colored skin with curly dark hair and green eyes.

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   And my being a tall slender Native American-mix myself, with a full set of 34DD ta-ta’s intrigued him enough so that he wanted to fuck me. And fuck me bad.

As his car came to a stop and he got out, I opened the front door and held the storm door open with my out stretched arm exposing my near naked body to him, as he hurriedly ran into the foyer of my home. After I closed the door I turned around to embrace him around the neck and kiss him, then I offered him a seat on the sofa that faced the large front room window. He then sat down and I sat down next to him. We chatted for a couple of minutes, just some small talk, and then he told me that I looked delicious and I thanked him as I reached over and unbuttoned his wet shirt and threw it over onto the tile of the foyer. Exposing his chest, I worked my hands down his body while he reached and began touching my thighs then moving his hands up to my breasts still under the nighty. We kissed some more.

He reached around underneath my garment and worked his hands way down to my ass cheeks as we stayed kissing. I then began rubbing his thighs as he pulled my nighty up over my head, exposing my nudity to him, where he remarked at how “fucking sexy,” I was. Then he grasped my large brown teats and their black nipples with his large hands and began feasting on them. Mmmmmmm ……. . I loved it.

Soon, I could feel his reaction and I stood up in front of him, and then stood him up, where I unbuckled his pants and unzipped his now hardened tool.

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   It was beautiful, caramel, uncircumcised and large. I dropped to my knees on the carpet floor in front of him and with my hands and my mouth began sucking it hungrily. Hummmmmm I moaned as I worked on its head, giving him vibrations through his long shaft as he grabbed my long black wavy hair. I grabbed his ass and started slowly pumping his hips back and forth so his delicious cock fucked in and out of my wet mouth. I slobbered all over it, causing it to glisten with my saliva in the filtered light of the dimly lit room. He mouth fucked me for a time before stopping to lift me up and I then led him to the master bedroom.
Once there I slid ass down on the comforter reaching my arms up towards the head board and spread my legs telling him to eat me before we did anything else. Randall then crawled over to my exposed all natural and unshaven cunt and began fingering me, first slowly with one, then two ever probing digits, as with his tongue he began licking and then nibbling on my clit. Do you like it hairy I asked? And he responded that he did. After a few minutes, I was starting to get “juicy” and Randall then stopped and pulled himself up over me as I reached down to guide his still stiff long Mulatto cock into my waiting and steamy pussy. At first, I let him just put the head in and he began to fuck my pussy and my hand simultaneously so that it would give my vagina time to adjust to the intrusion. Then I removed my hand and let him pump slowly a little deeper with each stroke.

This wasn’t my first rodeo, though my husband was white, this wasn’t the first black cock his little naughty Mama had taken. A few years ago, my husband and I had been separated for few months and before we got back together, I had dated and fucked a couple of well-endowed black guys, as well as a couple of white guys. Not to mention that I screwed a couple of black dudes in the parking lot of a dance club before, separate times of course.

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   Being part black myself with those long dark and very skinny calved legs, black guys where always hitting on me it seems.
Soon, as I was lying on my back. I wrapped my legs around my married lover’s waste as he started pumping me harder and a little faster. It was feeling so good, I didn’t want it to stop too soon, so I asked him to stop and let me sit on him for a while, which he obliged. And then I climbed over him and slid my cunt down onto his wet and waiting hard cock, and began pumping up and down on him. I leaned over and slapped him in the face with my teats and asked do you like them? Huh, do you? And he reached up and grabbed them, squeezing them and began sucking on them really hard. I could tell he loved it.

Then I pushed him back and laid totally on him in order to facilitate rubbing my clit against his pelvis bone and he grabbed my ass as we fucked like that for a while. I soon could feel the pressure of my orgasm building up and I began grinding on him harder and faster, pulling my lover ever so much more into me. Not too long afterwards, the excitement in my clit grew and my orgasm began erupting all through my body. Auuuuuughhhhhhh!!!!! I screamed. Then I gasped about a dozen times as I came on his hard dick, with my body convulsing in electrical tremors with each wave as they hit me. ………. I fell over in a heap.

As I rested on my side, I pulled Randall closer to me from behind and lifted up my leg reaching for his cock and pointed it in the right direction.

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   He responded and began by fucking me from behind like that for a while. As I regained my composure I looked down and watched his shaft go in and out of my cunt, feeling his balls slap the front of it as it his cock hit bottom with each stroke. I could feel that he was wanting to cum. I teased him a little, “you know that I could get pregnant from this. ” I said. “Would you like that? Would you like to breed a very … married … Hot …. Bitch, like me? Huh, would you?…. His cock began to swell inside me and I told him that it was alright, go ahead cum in your cheating Mama. He grasped my arms and held them back as he began shooting in torrents deep inside my bowels. He cried out in anguish and relief all at the same time. I thought he was going to split me open, and I whimpered as his load began filling me up.

As he pulled his long receding cock out me, his cum started to rush out onto my thigh and the sheets. “God you gave me so much”, I said. But he just collapsed on his side barely able to move. So I got up to clean off in the bathroom.

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   …… While there, I could hear the rain still falling outside as I washed my lover’s seed off of me.

Afterwards, he was still lying there on the bed when I came back with a towel and cleaned him off. Then I went to the kitchen to get us some refreshments. I told him take some time and rebuild, and so when I got back, we talked as we sat there together on the bed. You could smell the sex in the air. “Do you have time for some more”, I asked? And he said yes that he did. His wife was still in town, but he had used the excuse of having to make Saturday deliveries and she understood. Then he asked me if I could really get pregnant, so I had to let him off the hook and tell him no. After four kids and a cancer scare, I had had a hysterectomy a few years earlier and that factory was closed down for good. He needn’t worry.

A little later I began playing with his dick and asked what would he like to do? I scooted over and began sucking on his cock again, working on it and licking out his pre-cum as it started to ooze out of the tip opening. He pulled me up to the head of the bed and rolled over on top of me. Then he spread my legs. “You sure have one hairy box Baby”, he said.
“Is that good or bad,” I replied.

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“It’s not bad,” he said, “just not used to seeing or having my face in so much hair. ”

I laughed, “I’ve always been one to grow a lot of pubic hair and my husband loves it, and won’t let me shave it,” I told him, “and if that’s the way he likes it, that’s’ the way it stays. Besides, there’s less maintenance this way. ” …. . He smiled.

Randall then placed a pillow under my ass, slapped my cunt and clit a few times with his hardening member. I was so open now, and it was easy for Randall to slip his long cock back inside me. We began kissing while he slowly began to fuck my gapping love canal again. Deeper and deeper until he was all the way back inside me. He buried it too the balls and held the thrust there for what seemed a small eternity. I grabbed his ass and grimaced, trying to prove to him that I could take it all. God it hurt and felt good at the same time.

He fucked me like that for some time when he asked if he could try my ass. “My ass,” I said? “Yes” he replied. gay escort erito.girls ellen saint escort slovak beauties escort elite rome escorts escorts girls escort russia veronica carso independent escort girls 

   And reluctantly I replied “We can try. ” So he pulled out, sat up and pressed the head of his cock against my anus. “Wait,” I said, “there’s some lubricant in the side table top drawer. ” And Randall reached over and found it, then put a generous amount on his dick, then my anal opening. Fingering it in until it was slick. Then he placed his cock back to my anus and began, slowly pushing it in. I grasped him and told him give it time to adjust. Then I rested and waited for the pain to subside. Then I gave him the okay to proceed. He had a few inches in and told him that was far enough and that he should start pumping very slowly when pulling back. Which he began to do. My legs he had lifted up on his chest as I held my strong hands on his thighs making sure he didn’t go in too deep. He fucked me that for a while before I felt confident that I was loosening up enough and allowed him to pump a little further. I rolled to reach into my side table drawer and pull out a small vibrator and turned it on. I then moved it down and began stimulating my clit as Randall fucked my ass with his long cock.

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   I started to get really into it and Randall grabbed me by the ankles and fucked me harder and a little deeper as the little vibe worked its magic. I began to breathe heavier and heavier as I could feel another climax coming on. ……. . Shhhhhhiiiiitttt! I screamed as I began spasming with the waves of another orgasm and squirting my juices all over Randall and myself. Which was too much for him as he swelled in my hole, stiffened his body and shot another hot load of cum into me. This time in my ass!

This fuck would take my ass days to recover from and Randall would keep “dripping” out of me every time I would go to the bathroom. Even after my husband returned home and fucking him. I was such a cheating slut.

After we cleaned up, we went to the back den to watch a little T. V. and snack on something. We sat there together talking, me in my nighty and Randall with his pants back on, but with the fly open. We both knew we probably wouldn’t get a chance like this again, at least for a while any ways, and neither of us wanted to lose our spouses over this either, so I laid my head into his lap and pulled his cock out again and began sucking on it. Soon it got hard again, and then I straddled over Randall, in my nighty facing away from him as he sat there on the sofa.

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   I reached underneath me and grabbed his cock and slowly sat down on it with my feet on the floor and began fucking him. “Can you cum one more time before you go”, I asked? He said that he would try, but his balls felt tender inside and didn’t know if he could. I bounced up and down on him for a very long time, hoping to receive some more of that hot seed. “Don’t be saving it for that little white wife of yours,” I told him, “It’s all mine today. ” And I turned around on him and he then laid me down, face up on the sofa, still inside me with my legs raised in the air and began fucking me as hard as he could. …. . God I love fucking.

We had worked up a good sweat when I looked up at the clock on the wall, and noticed that we had been going at it, like this for a good twenty minutes or more. I was becoming dry down there and still no more man juices from my Mulatto lover. But I was beginning to feel another rush of orgasm overtaking my own body. I pulled him in closer and tighter and soon I began to shiver and cumin all over his long cock. He froze in place waiting for my spasms to subside. Good boy. ….

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  . Exhausted, we both pulled apart and his tool receded back to normal, all used up. Still …… no more cum.

After that he had to leave, so he took a quick shower, got dressed and left to go back home to his wife. …. . The rain had stopped for now.





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