My first time......


Hi, Please bare with me, this is my first time writing a story, anycomments afterwards are welcome.

To start I need to lead up to it, so here goes. . . .

Id been single for a while and enjoying playing the field, and still living at home with my mom, had been meeting a larger Ginger Irish girl (fuck buddy) for a while, u know what they say about bigger girls more willing to please, this was true with her, really got off on her licking my ass and fingering me, kinda getting off point here.

Whenever I wasnt meeting her I was playing with my cock, and my ass and fantasising about meeting a guy for the first time.

Id been using a text site for a while and been chatting to a few guys, always older guys as thats all I was interested in.

I had been chatting to a few guys for a little while, and had really hit it off with one of them, his name was david, I was pretty shy and kept putting of meeting him.

Then one afternoon I was feeling pretty hungover from going out with my mates the night before and started messaging him, to my surprise he agreed to come meet me and pick me up, to my surprise even more I agreed, I was so nervous, we agreed a time and a place for him to pick me up.

We met at 3pm as we agreed, I was so nervous when he pulled up, I climbed in the car and looked him up and down, nothing special, late 40s with a bit of a big belly, long messy hair and wore glasses, didnt think to myself he was hot or anything like that.

He made small talk with me and put my mind at ease a little before asking if I was still up for it, I shyly agreed and he said he was going to take me to his sandwich shop.

We drove to his shop which was around 5-10mins away, when we got there he opened the shutters and closed them behind us again as we went inside, he had a sofa in the back of the shop, the shop was quite small, in a little place called North Shields.

Once in the back of the shop he asked me to sit down and asked if I was ok before putting his hand on my leg.

He asked me to stand up, and told me to remove my clothes slowly, I shyly did as he asked me too, not before long I was standing in front of him with just my boxers on, with a little bulge.

He asked if he was turning me on I said yes, as my bulge had already given me away.

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He then told me to remove my boxers and sit down on the sofa, the sofa was a little cold so got a shock wen I sat my now bare ass on it.

He asked if I was still feeling nervous I said yes, and he asked if I still wanted to continue, I was hungover and horny and thought that I might not go this far again so thought why not.

He then said good, now relax, before he wrapped his mouth around my cock, I have to say it took some getting used to an old ugly guy sucking on my cock but the longer he did the more I enjoyed, he obviously had a lot of practice as he was better than any girl id ever been with, after probably 5-10mins of me being very close to cumming he told me to stand on the sofa and turn around.

After that I felt him part my bum cheeks, before feeling his great tongue probing my asshole, his tongue felt so good, he knew what he was doing, no woman had ever made me feel like that.

After wat seemed like ages he finally stopped, he waited a few mins before telling me to turn around, when I did he was completely naked, was the first time id ever seen an old mans cock close up, after fantasising about it for years.

His cock was slightly longer than mine, but quite a bit fatter and his balls were huge and hairy, couldnt help but stare at it.

He told me to sit my sexy arse down before he sat next to me, he asked me if I wanted to feel it, I hesitantly said yes, before I knew it he had grabbed my hand and put it on his now semi hard cock.

He asked me how it felt, I told him it felt good, he made me stroke it slowly, I could feel it getting harder in my hand.

He then looked at me and said uve had ur fun now its my turn, I suddenly felt shy again and wasnt sure I wanted to go further, he said u know you want to, just look at your cock, I looked and my dick was nearly fully erect.

I thought about and started moving my head and mouth closer to his cock, the closer I got the more I could smell it, the smell was quite off putting, he just kept being patient with me, saying you don’t have to, we can wait, him making that comment and being so nice about it made me more willing to
please him.

I moved my hand onto his sweaty balls and pointed his dick towards my face before slowly licking the tip of his ever increasing dick, I then got my first taste of another guys pre cum, it tasted nice but a little salty if that’s the word, I then took the head of his dick in my mouth, I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to keep going as his dick tasted so sweaty and not very nice, like he could do with a good wash, I persevered, and took more of his dick in my mouth before feeling his hands on the back of my head.

He kept holding my head down on his fat dick, I gagged many times as wasn’t used to it yet and I wasn’t very good yet.

I might have been inexperienced and not very good but it didn’t seem to bother him as his dick was rock hard in my mouth.

I just kept sucking the best I could, id even gotten used to the taste, must have been sucking for nearly 10mins before he took his hands off the back of my head and removed his dick from my now eager and willing mouth.

He then asked if I had a condom with me, which I didn’t as this meet wasn’t planned in advance.

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To my annoyance he said he didn’t have one either, but things were to get worse, he said he wouldn’t fuck my ass without one, by this time I was hungover horny and ready, so I bent over myself over the sofa and told him to fuck me anyway but he still said no.

He apologised and said he was always careful and hoped I understood, before quickly telling me to get between his legs and make him cum.

I did as he asked and after about 5 minutes he cum in my mouth, straight after he started getting his clothes back on, before telling me to do the same. He dropped me back off after but didn’t say much.

Hope everyone liked, next chapter soon xxx.





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