my first sexual exprience with my cousin


Sometimes we experience unexpected situations that come as a surprise and fully enjoy them.

My dad sent me to spent a few days at my grandfathers house and after a busy day, eating dinner, and taking a shower, I was to share my cousins bed. He was a few years older than my 18 years of age. I quickly went to sleep in my pjs, but once everyone else was asleep i was awaken by my cousin pulling down my pjs below my naked ass. He started rubbing my ass cheeks very slowly, as I pretended to be sleeping. I didn't know how to feel about the situation but i was enjoying his touches.

After a few minutes, he whispered in my ear, "are you awake. " To which I didn't answer and turned my head away from him. He quickly started rubbing my dick, pulling on it gently, until he moved down and started giving me a blow job. He kept it up until he got my dick hard and wet. I was feeling a bit excited but for some reason i kept acting like if i was still sleeping. Once he got my dick up, he slipped out of his sleeping shorts and moved up the bed until he put his dick right next to me face. He took hit finger and opened my mouth and stuck his dick into it. he kept it in there for a little while until he realized that I wasn't going to suck his dick like he sucked mine. He laid next me and while he stroked his hard cock he kept rubbing mine slowly and quietly since he didn't want to wake up his older on the other side of the shared bedroom.

He carefully turned me on the side facing him, and when he had me exactly how he wanted me he turned his body and scooted his ass towards my dick.

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  He kept rubbing his ass on my dick trying to put it in but since i was pretending to be out he wasn't able to get my cock in his ass. He rested for a few minutes and pushed me onto my back and rolled me onto my other side, now he had my young virgin ass right where he wanted it. He squeezed a bit of cream that he had under his pillow and rubbed it on his hard prick. He moved closer to my ass and very slowly and carefully pushed it into me ass, while he used his hand to spread my ass cheeks wide. He made sure that he fucked me slowly and softly, but he made sure he stuck his complete dick into my young ass. It felt really good and i just kept breathing slowly to make him think that I was still sleeping.





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