There i was in class my blouse loose so you could see the top of my bra, sat next to my boyfriend snogging him in class. "Alisha get off him and stay behind" mr. Clark shouted.

The class left and was just me and mr. Clark i mean mr. Clark was pretty fly for an older guy, i noticed he watched me alot. As he came towards me i bent over, he stared down at my chest and couldn't take his eyes off my tits.

"Mr. clark is this why you wanted me alone" i say stroking my tits and slowky swueezing them.

"Oh no Alisha, i gave you detention for your behaviour" he says as his cock begins to rise in his pants.
I slowly begin to unbutton my blouse, mr clark telling me to stop it now this isnt right. I go upto mr. Clark and kiss him. He tries to turn away and i tell him to fuckin kiss me or il scream rape. He starts to kisss me and pushes me pnto his desk.
"Scream rape you dirty bitch il show you who the boss is" he says.

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He rips my top off start to lick my tits and puts his fingers in my mouth deep in my throat, he rips my tights, puts his hand under my skirt and forces gis fingers in my pussy.

'Ah slow down mr. clark' i say in fear. I only wanted a few kisses
He bites my nipples as he fingers me
'Oh yh mr. clark, im such a filthy bitch' i scream.
He gets his cock ouy and tells me 'work your magic slut'.
I get on my knees and wrap ny mouth round it.
He forces me onto his cock deep throating me. Im choking he pushes harder.
I suck and choke.
As he pull my mouth off his cock he grabs my hair pulls me up and tells me sit quietly. He puts an apple in my mouth and tells me 'me a good student and dont make a noise'.
He gently opens my mouth and licks my pussy i want to moan so badly but i cant, my body moving pushing against his mouth. I take apple out and moan.
'You naughty girl couldnt listen to me huh'.

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   He slaps my pussy.

Im going to punish you, his cock at thw tip of my pussyopening. He forces his nig thick cock inside me. Fuck i scream and moan my pussy so wet.
'You naughty bitch want more huh'.

'Please sir give me more' i scream.
He fucks me harder. . . . .






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