Movie Night 2


Movie Night 2 (Mf, exhibitionist, incest)

Summary - After what happened last week, will things ever be the same between Chad and his hot, young daughter?

Note – This is a work of fiction, make-believe and fantasy. It is not based on real people or actual events. It is OK to have fantasies, but turning a fantasy into reality can destroy lives. Don't be a dick with other people's lives!

Samantha couldn’t wait for the next ‘Movie Night’ with her daddy! She felt so sexy and horny remembering the special night they shared. She remembered the feel of his hard penis against her ass, his hands groping her breasts, and his hot words to her as he orgasmed! “Daddy thinks my tits are amazing,” she recalled. “He could smell my hot pussy juice!” She smiled, feeling a twinge in her little slit.

All week at school she thought about her daddy’s cock. ‘What would it look like? What would it feel like?’ She would stare at the male teachers at school and the boys in her class, looking at their crotches and trying to discern the outlines of their cocks. She felt so naughty! With her new-found insight, she began to notice the effect her body had on the men and boys in school. When she stretched and stuck out her boobs she would pretend to close her eyes and watch them thru her barely opened eyelids.

They would stare openly at her chest! When she would ‘accidentally’ drop her pencil and bend over low to pick it up, she could see them stare at her hot little ass, their mouths hanging open. It was a sexy, teasing game she loved to play. Often, she could see their bulges growing in their pants; their ‘cocks’ getting hard, her ‘pussy’ getting wet!

Her daddy was the focus of all her attention at home. All week, she would take what she learned at school and try it on her dad. Stretching, bending over, pushing her tits together and licking her lips. For some reason, licking a lollipop, or licking and sucking a Popsicle had the same effect!

She had slurped one after dinner, licking it and sucking it deep to get all the sweet, juicy goodness.

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   She didn’t understand why her daddy stared at her so intently? She noticed that the lump in his pants was bigger than normal afterwards; it made a pronounced lump, almost like a tent in his pants!

For Chad’s part, he was determined to not let the incident happen again, even though he struggled to keep his erection down when he was around her. He was feeling guilty about what happened; he had lusted after his daughter, and it went too far. He even tried to talk to Sam about it, catching her alone one night; “Sam, we need to talk,” he started, using his best daddy voice. “What happened Friday…”

“Shhhh, Dad!” she stopped him. She knew her daddy would want to talk about it and she was determined not let him! She did not want their ‘special moments’ ruined.

“Sam, we have to. . . ” he started again.

“Shuush! It’s OK, daddy!” she said, “I’m going to take a bath now and get ready for bed”. She gave him a quick peck on the cheek and walked away, wiggling her ass just a bit for him.

He watched her walk away, and unbidden, he imagined her naked ass stepping into the tub, her legs spreading, her pink slit opening up. . . ‘Shit, I’m in trouble’, Chad thought.

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   His daughter was too hot to resist.

Friday night finally arrived. Chad walked into the house a little later than normal and closed the door softly. He was both dreading and looking forward to tonight.

Samantha was waiting for him and pounced! “Daddy’s home!” she squealed! She jumped up and ran to him. He had no choice but to catch her as she jumped up into his arms, her boobs pressing into his chest.

“Are you ready for another Movie Night, daddy?” she asked softly. She wrapped her legs around him and snuggled against his neck. He felt himself start to stiffen.

“I…, I…,” he began, holding her, smelling her, feeling her softness. “. . . I can’t wait” he said finally, not wanting to hurt her feelings. Her scent was intoxicating! It was clean, with a hint of bubble-gum, berry shampoo and musk! He couldn’t get the smell of her pussy out of his mind and he seemed to smell it as a subtle undertone whenever she was near.

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   She was so innocent, yet full of youthful, sexual eagerness. Pure, yet full of lust! He breathed deeply as he held her against him. She kissed him softly, on the lips. His will was nearly broken. He let her down and she walked into the kitchen. She turned and looked at him as she walked away. He stared at her ass as she batted her eyelashes at him. His perverted thoughts and hardening cock getting the better of his emotions.

Dinner was predictable. His wife polished off a bottle of wine and started a second bottle. They talked about work and school, and the other events in their lives. However, Samantha only had eyes for her daddy. Chad did his best to not stare at her lips, her breasts, her soft hair and her sparkling eyes.

After cleaning up the dishes and wiping the table, they went to their separate bedrooms to change into their nighttime clothes.

Chad followed his wife into the master bathroom.

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   ‘If I could only get laid tonight!’ he thought.

“Honey, are you feeling frisky tonight?” he asked. He rubbed her shoulders, standing behind her looking in the mirror at their reflections. It was his last hope; he gently pulled aside her hair and nuzzled her neck.

“No, not tonight,” Julie said, pulling away coldly, “Actually, I think I’m going to bed early. ” He watched her swallow two sleeping pills. “You guys can watch the movie alone tonight, OK?” She was already slurring her words.

Chad sighed. He stripped down to his boxers and took a leak into the toilet, his chubby dick sticking out thru the front opening of his boxers. He finished pissing and tucked himself back in. He saw his pajama bottoms lying nearby on the chair, and, still angry at his wife, grabbed his thin robe from the hook instead. ‘If my dick pops out, so what?’ he said to himself.

He walked into the kitchen to make some popcorn and waited for Samantha.

Samantha soon came out of her room wearing a pink teddy she had clearly outgrown. Her breasts were accentuated and her fat nipples were clearly visible thru the thin material.

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   It barely covered her ass. Under it, she only wore a pair of panties. She had spent a good amount of time searching for just the right outfit, wanting to make her daddy horny again so they could play together like last week.

Chad heard her walk into the living room from the kitchen. “Pick out whatever you like, Sammie,” he yelled, “Mommy has gone to bed already. ”

“Can I order a sexy movie?” she asked, walking into the kitchen.

Chad looked up and saw his daughter in her chosen outfit. She stood in the doorway; hand on her hip, leaning against the jam. Her teddy was raised up on one side, her hip and panty covered ass partly showing. ‘I have my own sexy movie right here,’ he thought, admiring the beautiful woman she was becoming.

“Sure, anything you want, sweetheart. ” Chad said, quickly looking away.

‘Oh my god, she is gorgeous!’ he thought. Perfect tits, flat stomach, puffy nipples and a nice full ass! In his mind he could still see her nipples peaking out, and her bare flesh flashing from underneath her outfit. He shook his head to clear it and reminded himself to delete the movie before morning.



“You go ahead and get started,” he said. “I’ll bring out the popcorn and sodas in a minute. ” He needed a minute to let his dick soften.

She picked out a typical teenage beach movie, ‘R’ rated. It had lots of bouncing breasts, asses in bikinis and sexy make-out scenes with a lot of kissing and groping. Father and daughter sat on the couch together, sharing the popcorn in a bowl between them and watching the movie. He watched her squirm, wiggling her ass and quickly rubbing her pussy when she thought he wasn’t watching. In reality, he was watching her more than the movie.

“Can I sit on your lap, daddy?” She finally asked. She was getting horny and wanted to play with her daddy again.

“Sam, I don’t…”

“Shhhh! I can’t hear the movie!” She placed the popcorn on the coffee table and climbed into his lap. Chad sighed softly. She had won, he couldn’t resist her anymore. He spread his legs slightly, to make them both more comfortable.

She wiggled her ass on his lap, pressed her back against him, and then pulled his arms around her waist.

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   “Hold me daddy,” she asked. They snuggled softly together. She sighed contentedly. They could hear each other breathe and could smell each other’s scent.

On the large screen TV, the female lead actress was teasing a boy on the beach. The camera focused in on her large breasts.

“Daddy,” she asked worriedly, “Do boys like big titties?” She was concerned that her boobs were too small. “Mine won’t ever get that big, will they?”

“Sam,” he said sincerely. “Some boys like big tits and some like small tits. Yours are perfect, and just the right size. ”

“They are ‘amazing’, right daddy?” She repeated what he said about her breasts the last movie night. They both remembered how he had grabbed her titties as he came on her grinding ass.

“Yes, Sammie, they are amazing…” he added softly, “They are the most amazing breasts I’ve ever felt. ”

She grinned! ‘That meant they were better than mommies!’ she thought proudly. They sat together a while, not speaking.

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Then softly, she purred, “Daddy…?”

“Yes, dear?”

“Play with my titties again…, please daddy?”She pouted, sticking out her lower lip, knowing it might make him give in.

Chad was frozen. He couldn’t move. A thousand thoughts raced thru his brain… He turned to her, eyes wide and pleading!

Sam didn’t wait for an answer. She reached down and took his hand from where it was resting in her lap. She gripped it gently and tugged it upward steadily, toward her soft breasts. Feeling a little resistance from him, she gripped his hand tighter and pulled more firmly. Their hands slowly rose together. They caught on the fabric of her teddy, bunched up in her lap.

She took her other hand and lifted the material up then setting it back down on top of their hands, now under her teddy.

She yearned to feel his strong hands on her titites again, this time against her naked flesh! She wanted him to feel her ‘ass’ too! She ached for his touch on her ‘asshole’ and wanted her ‘hot, fucking pussy’ get all ‘juicy’ for him again!Maybe he would even play with her little pussy? She began to get wetter, just thinking about all the dirty things they might do together. The movie was so hot and her handsome, strong daddy was next to her.

She was feeling so horny!

Chad could feel her naked stomach as she pulled his hand closer and closer to her aching bosom. Holding just three of his fingers now, she slid his hand higher, and higher, until he felt the soft curve of her breast. She pulled their hands over her swollen tit, feeling a pull against her taut nipple as his strong hand slid over it.


   His hand was now on her breast! She pressed her hand onto his, and gently moved it in small circles.
“Ahhhh, it feels so good daddy,” she moaned. “Play with my titties!” she urged breathily, “Oh, please, daddy, play with them!”

Chad was in a state of shock. He hand held his daughter’s soft breast; it filled his cupped palm and she was begging for more! Without thinking, he gripped her firm tit gently, squeezing it, massaging it, admiring it. He ran his thumb over her fat, puffy nipple, feeling it tighten. He pinched it, once then twice. He had to have more!

Samantha moaned, “Ooohhh…, yes…, yes…, oh daddy!” Her breast was on fire. She was tingling with new sensations and her nipple felt alive with pleasure.

Chad slipped his other hand under her teddy and began massaging both of her perfect breasts. So firm, so soft! Samantha began to rock her hips on top of him, wishing she had something to rub her pussy against. She wiggled her ass around, feeling for his cock with her butt cheeks. She quickly found it, and began to grind her ass onto it. “Oooohh, daddy…” she moaned, arching her back, pressing her tits into his hands and grinding his cock with her ass.

“Ahhh,” Chad moaned aloud. “Mmmm, Sammie.

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  . . ” His excitement grew and his cock strained against his boxers. As Samantha ground her ass against him, he maneuvered his hips counterpoint to her actions, adjusting his robe and boxers with each movement. Finally, his cock sprang free! Her panty covered ass cheeks quickly engulf his stiff rod and her full ass cheeks surrounding it. She leaned forward, driving her ass against his cock and imprisoning it between her ass crack and his stomach. She slid her ass up and down gently, milking his throbbing shaft!

She felt so hot, so horny, and so wonderful! She loved the feeling of his hands on her tits, his cock against her ass! Her pussy was tingling!
Suddenly, Samantha stopped…“Daddy, we have a problem…” she paused, serious and thoughtful. She turned to look at him.

Chad’s head was swimming. “Wha…, what, dear?” He was puzzled. He was feeling the sperm building up in his balls. His cock was leaking pre-cum. ’Something was wrong?’ he thought? ‘Yes, of course!’ He tried to come to his senses. He stopped groping her breasts.
They looked at each other - him questioning, her serious, but then quickly grinning!

“We need a new couch, this one is LUMPY!” she began to giggle uncontrollable, so proud of her joke! Samantha humped her ass against his ‘lump’ again and began to wiggle back and forth.



“Hmm, maybe I can fix it?” she said. She just had to feel his cock! She lifted her ass and grabbed for it, reaching deeply between her legs, past her soaking wet panties. Chad jerked to the side. Samantha began to grope for his swollen dick. Her hand managed to hit it once and she felt its hardness before Chad quickly moved away. Samantha reached again, this time deeper! Chad began bouncing her on his lap as he tried to get away. They both began to giggle and laugh out loud.

Chad said “I think the problem is here, there are TWO smaller lumps on the couch!” He grabbed her titties again and squeezed them hard. He thought, ‘I have to keep her away from my cock’! He reasoned that feeling her breasts and her grinding on his cock were somehow OK, but having his daughter holding his cock? That would be crossing the line.

“My titties are NOT small, daddy!” she giggled, grabbing for his cock again. He pinched her fat, swollen nipples again to distract her.

“Or maybe the problem is here?” He started to tickle under her arms, moving his hands down to her ass. He began groping her ass cheeks, one in each hand, pulling her cheeks apart and reveling in the feel of her ass finally in his hands!

Samantha was no match for her father’s strength. He was bouncing her on his lap and keeping her hand away from his hard cock. She had felt it with the back of her hand twice now, and was able to touch it briefly with her fingers, but she was determined to hold it fully in her hands.

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Chad reached between her legs to tickle her between her thighs.

Samantha grew still. . .

“Daddy, STOP!” she ordered loudly.

Chad froze. ‘Did I go too far?’ he thought. ‘Did she think I was trying to play with her pussy?’ He was in trouble now, he was sure of it! He looked to the hallway to make sure his wife was not awake; they had gotten a little too loud. His cock began to soften. His mind raced.

“Shhh!” he said. “What’s wrong, baby?”

Samantha felt his naked cock against her thigh and subtly reached down and grasped it, curling her fingers around the shaft. “Gotcha…” she said softly.

Chad was shocked! His softening dick pulsed and began to harden again. Samantha felt it growing in her hand.

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   She was amazed at how it reacted to her fingers. She squeezed it, feeling its firmness, and then ran her fingers over the head, feeling the wetness there.

“It’s wet,” she said aloud, “Like me. ”

“Ah, oh baby!” Her daddy moaned. His little girl was feeling a cock for the first time. It was his cock, the same one that made her! He was too far gone to care about morality anymore. Nothing mattered but his cock, and the pretty young girl in his lap. His fat cock became engorged again with blood. It got fatter…

“It feels so hot!” she whispered. She smeared his pre-cum over his thick cockhead. She looked down, between their legs, and saw it. Her little fingers holding his thick cock! It was awesome! The shaft was flesh colored, like her fingers, but the head was angry and purple-red. It felt alive in her hand, pulsing and throbbing. She saw a drop of liquid appear at the little slit. She caught it with her finger and pulled her hand away, watching the sticky liquid leave a wet thread from her finger tip to his cock.

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She brought it up to her face and looked at it, rubbing the slimy pre-cum between her fingers. Chad watched as his little girl brought it to her lips and licked it!

“Mmmm, it tastes good. ” she said softly. “Kind of like my pussy juice, but different. ” She looked so serious. “I like it!” she added. She reached down and gripped his cock again, squeezing it gently, running her exploring fingers over it, playing with her new toy.

Time stood still for Chad and he focused on the feelings in his crotch. Feeling his daughter’s little fingers playing with his dick for the first time was something he would always remember.

“Daddy?” Samantha asked, still looking down at her fingers playing with his hard cock. “Can I see it up close, please?”

He hesitated.

“It will be our secret daddy, don’t worry,” she assured him.

Samantha climbed off of his lap and got on her knees before him. Chad couldn’t help himself and scooted closer to the edge of the couch, his hard cock getting closer to his daughters face. It stuck out obscenely thru his boxers like an angry snake.

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   She leaned in close and inspected it. She took her small fingers and lifted it up, then pushed it down, watching it spring back up. She did it again, pushing it down and letting it go, amazed how it bounced back up all by itself. She felt its firmness and her eyes grew wide as another fat drop of pre-cum oozed out. She leaned in, stuck out her tongue and licked it up!

“Mmmm!” she said.

“Oh, baby, ohhhh!” Chad moaned. His daughter had licked his cock! He was so horny, so beyond caring! He desperately wanted to shove his hard cock into her mouth and fuck her throat! But, he couldn’t. He would never hurt his little princess. He knew he had to let her be in control, and not push her – to only go as far as she wanted.

“Can I see your balls, daddy?” she asked, stroking his cock gently. She remembered a boy in school getting hit by a soccer ball, grabbing his crotch and yelling ‘My balls, my balls!” She wanted to see what ‘balls’ looked like. She could glimpse something back under the base of her daddy’s cock, but it was too dark to see them clearly. His boxers were in the way. She wanted to see them up close.

She looked up at him, and saw him nod his head, ‘yes’…

Chad looked down at his daughter, looking into her eyes, his throbbing cock between the two of them.

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   He stood up, letting his robe open wide. They stood there a moment, and then Samantha reached up and grabbed both sides of his boxers. She began to slide them down. His cock bent downward as the cloth pushed against it. It disappeared in the cloth and then became caught in the waistband. Samantha could see his naked hips, his pubic hair and the base of his shaft bending straight down. She gave a sharp tug, and his cock sprang free, bouncing before her innocent, young eyes.

“Wow,” she simply stated.

Samantha stared at her daddy’s nakedness, looking up at him, seeing his rippled chest, firm stomach, and beautiful eyes. She looked at his hard cock leaking more pre-cum and gripped it again. She bent it upward and inspected his swollen balls. She remembered from school that that is where the ‘sperm’ was made. She wondered how much ‘sperm’ her daddy had in his balls? They were certainly big enough! She ran her fingers thru his pubic hair, scratching his nut sack gently. She hefted them with her other hand, cupping them and giving them a squeeze.

“Gently, sweetheart, gently…” he cautioned.


   His cock was the hardest it had ever been. Her gentle fingers moving around on his cock and balls was driving him wild! She squeezed his shaft and another fat drop of pre-cum oozed out, joining the first, and starting to drip towards the floor. She could feel her pussy oozing too, soaking the crotch of her panties.
Samantha gripped his cock again, leaning forward, and licked the thick drop, holding it on her tongue, and then licked the fat head once more.

Chad caught his breath. Samantha heard his reaction. ‘He must like me licking his cock’, she thought. She licked it again, wanting to make him feel even better. She heard her daddy moan and began licking in earnest. She began to lick faster, all around the head, tasting all the salty pre-cum she had smeared over his cock.

‘Hey!’ she thought, ‘This is just like licking a Popsicle!’ She had an idea; she began to lick his cock up and down, pretending it was a thick Popsicle, melting and dripping sweet, sugary juice! She had to get all of the juice before it dripped onto the floor! This was a fun game! She licked the imaginary drips and decided that some must have run down the shaft and soaked into his balls. She began licking and gently sucking his nut sack, determined to get it all!

“Ooooooohhh,” Chad moaned. He was in ecstasy, not believing his good fortune. He didn’t care about tomorrow, only right now, and his daughter’s tongue and lips on his shaft and balls!His cock throbbed. His pre-cum was flowing and he watched his sweet, innocent daughter lick it up!

Samantha had another revelation.

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   She remembered how hard her daddy had gotten at the table, when she was licking, sucking and slurping on her Popsicle the other night. Now she knew why! Girls must do this to guys they have ‘special feelings’ for! She shuddered as she wondered if boys do the same thing to girls. ‘Do boys like to lick all the juice from a pussy?’ she wondered. ‘Would daddy want to lick my tiny slit?’Her pussy began to tingle as she continued to lick her daddy’s cock. She thought about her daddy’s tongue licking her hot, wet pussy! ‘He liked smelling my ‘hot pussy juice’ last week’, she remembered, ‘I bet he WOULD want to lick my pussy juice!’

She decided to slurp her daddy’s Popsicle, to see if she was right about boys liking their penises sucked. She paused, looked at his fat cock, wondering if it would fit into her mouth. She licked another fat drop of ’sweet juice’. ‘Hmm, strawberry!’ she thought to herself and smiled.

Samantha paused, staring at his wet, throbbing cock, her fingers sliding down to the base of his shaft and stopped.

‘Why did she stop?’ Chad wondered. ‘It was feeling so fucking good!’ He looked down at her. Samantha was staring at his throbbing cock, and what? Smiling? Then, not believing what he was seeing, his little girl opened her mouth wide, then wider, licked her lips and slurped his fat cock-head into her mouth!

Samantha began sucking and slurping his cock, imagining his fat dick was the sweet strawberry treat she was devouring! She sucked harder and tried to go down as far as she could! She came back up and went down again! Over and over! The sexy sounds of her slurping his hard cock filled the room. Her saliva and his pre-cum began escaping out of the corners of her mouth. She stopped to lick it up, and then sucked and licked his balls once again! She began to slide her hand up and down his shaft, spreading the imaginary sugary juice, and sucked the head back into her mouth! Sucking, slurping and rubbing his balls! Sucking harder, up, then back down again! His Popsicle was so good; she wanted to get ALL of it into her mouth!

‘Oh my god!’ Chad thought, ‘my fucking daughter is a natural born cocksucker!’ He felt his balls tighten up. He could feel the cum churning in his nut sack.

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   It wouldn’t be long now… “Slurp, slurp, slurp!”

“Oh baby, baby!” he moaned. “I’m gonna cum, Sammie! You are going to make me cum!” He expected her to stop sucking and figured he would have to find somewhere to blast his load, the couch? The floor maybe?

But, she kept sucking! He looked down at her, unable to take his eyes off of the sight of his innocent little princess sucking his cock like an experienced whore!

“Mmmmm,” Samantha moaned - her mouth full of her daddy’s cock. She didn’t want to stop, knowing that she was making her daddy feel so good!

She remembered the cum he shot on her ass last week - the cum that soaked her panties. She remembered feeling it, smelling it, and tasting it once she was alone in her room. It would taste better when it was warm she figured. In her imagination, her daddy’s hot Popsicle-cock was quickly melting! She slurped it up faster and faster, sliding her mouth up and down, feeling his balls tighten under her fingers! He cock swelled in her mouth, her eyes grew wide!

“Oh, oh, I’m cumming!” Chad cried. “Your fucking hot mouth is making me cum! Suck it, suck my cock, Sammie! Suck it!” He stared down at her, watching his throbbing cock swell in her mouth. He thrust his cock forward, deeper into her mouth. She sucked him harder, working her mouth and tongue on his cock. Then, he exploded!

Samantha felt the thick blast of cum hit the back of her throat! She stopped a moment in surprise, and then quickly began sucking again - up and down! ‘How hard he shot his sperm!’ She was amazed and very proud of herself.

Chad was struggling to watch as the massive orgasm washed over him! His knees got weak, but he continued to stare. He watched his daughter suck up her first load of cum from a spurting cock! His cock…

Samantha swallowed his first blast of sweet juice and felt the second one splash heavily on her tongue! The huge gob of sperm swirled around her mouth as his cock thrust in and out of her mouth. She was thrilled to taste it on her tongue, but some began to leak out of the corners of her mouth!

She was determined to get all of his cum, so she pulled his cock out of her mouth, intending to lick up the sweet juice that was escaping.

The third blast hit her above her open lips, making her twitch in surprise.

The cum dripped into her mouth.


   Chad watched as his daughter stuck out her sexy tongue to lick it up, still stroking his cock gently. The fourth blast landed above her left eye, the fifth landed on her right cheek. She popped his spurting cock back into her mouth to keep any more from escaping.

Wave after wave of orgasm rolled over him; he felt another massive spurt erupt into her mouth. He watched her swallow it down after rolling it around with her tongue. ‘My Samantha is a cum-slut,’ he decided. He watched her suck and lick his cock until he was spent.

She kept slurping until no more sweet juice shot from his penis. She took his cock from her mouth and licked it up and down. She gave it another squeeze, and triumphantly licked the last drop of cum leaking from his slit.

“Gently baby, gently” he said softly. “Men are sensitive after they cum. ”

“Did you like it daddy?” she asked, grinning, and looking up at him. "Did you have a nice ‘cum’”?

He looked at her, lovingly, her face covered with his spunk. “Honey,that was the best blowjob I’ve ever had.

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  ” He was sincere, and watched her innocent face break into a huge smile!

Samantha learned a new word, ‘Blowjob’. ‘That is when a girl licks and sucks a boy's cock and eats his cum’, she filed that information away for another day. She liked giving blowjobs, though she wondered why they weren’t called suckjobs! She felt his cum began to drip down her cheek and raised her hand to wipe it up.

“Stop, just a moment sweetheart, hold still!” She stopped, the sperm slowly dripping and cooling on her face. She so wanted to lick up the spunk dripping on her lip! He reached for his smartphone, turning on his camera. He needed a picture of his daughter’s face covered in his cum!

She posed for him, smiling, looking sexy, holding and licking his softening cock. When she began wiping off his cum and eating it, his cock began to swell again. He took picture after picture.

Finally, they sat down on the couch together, his arm around her. The movie had ended; the screen was blank, darkening the room.

“Daddy?” she asked, holding his cock in her hand, not wanting to ever let it go again. She looked up at him, grinning mischievously.

“Yes, dear?” he asked. Knowing that whatever she asked, he would do without question. At this moment, he would do anything for his little girl, his little cum eating cock-slut.


   He thought she looked so cute in the darkened room, his cum stains slowly drying, shining and still visible in the dim light. The light from the electronics bathed her splattered face in red and greens sparkles, making her look like a fairly princess. ‘She is beautiful,’ he thought. ‘I’m so lucky’.

“What do you want sweetheart?” Chad prompted her again, recognizing that she was feeling a little shy about something. “It’s OK, baby, what it is?”

“Daddy,” she whispered softly, batting her eyelashes at him, and feeling the hot, tingling wetness in her panties. “Do you want to see my pussy?”
He looked at her and began to grin. “Hmm, we still have plenty of time for another movie…”

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