Moms Little Sissy - Part 2


Watching my mother lick my sperm of from her feet and toes was the most exciting thing I had ever experienced. She took it nice and slow and stretched out here tongue to reach in between her toes and to lick the soles of her feet, my cum spilling over onto her face and lips. I sat up from the bed and moved in closer and started helping her lick her clean, our tongues touching as they moved over her wet, sticky feet.
Her mouth was filled with my load and her lips foamy as she grabbed my neck and pulled me towards her. She pressed her lips against mine then opened her mouth and started kissing me. Our tongues swirling around together, mixed with saliva and my warm cum. I closed my eyes as the kiss got more intense, our mouths fully opened and pressed hard against each other not spilling a drop.
My mother pulled back and showed me her open sperm filled mouth, closed it, swallowed and the licked her lips.

- Time to start dinner! she said and winked at me as she got up and walked out the room.

After a quick shower I went downstairs and found that my sister Emily had come home.
We didn't really get along all that well and she loved to tease me and make fun of me every chance she'd get. She was sixteen and I guess she just thought of me a a dweeby little kid.

Like every normal evening we all sat down to watch TV but something was very different tonight, at least for me and my mom. I kept glancing over at her feet and she noticed. She slid them closer to me, and then under the blanket over my legs and she slowly put her feet under it so that my sister wouldn't notice. I gently started rubbing her feet, massaging her cute toes and the fact that Emily was in the room made it all the more exciting.

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The following day it all kind of felt like a dream and I could tell that mom was a bit ashamed so I decided not to mention it. I was sad and I thought that it was just a one time thing and as the days flew by I realized that I would never play with mom again, but then something wonderful happened.
My sister was staying over at a friends house and mom had gone to the mall. After a few hours she came home and knocked on my door.

- Come in mom! I answered

She opened the door and she looked amazing.

- Look what I got! A new pair of strappy high heel sandals and a tube dress. Do you like it?

I loved it, she was wearing suntan colored stockings and red nail polish and the dress was open in the back and had transparent long arms with lace. The sandals were silver with just one big strap over the foot, showing her beautiful toes, and a strap around the ankle. She looked so hot!
She had a bunch of shopping bags with her and she entered the room.

- I need your advice and I know you have good taste so do you mind if I try a few things on and you can tell me what you think.

- No mom, of course not, I'd love to.

- Great honey!
She took of her dress and underneath she had a garter belt, black lace panties and a black, transparent lace bra. She turned around and as she bent down to pick up another dress from one of the bags I got a full view of her gorgeous ass. The g-string disappearing between her cheeks and I had to fight the urge to just put my face in her ass and start licking.
She tried on a few different dresses, twirled around and laughed when I told her that she was the prettiest mom in the whole universe.

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- You are so kind honey, but now for the big finally!

She stripped down completely and then she pulled a red lace body from one of the bags, she slowly put it on and sat down to put on a pair of stay-up stockings. Black fishnet with a red lace border. She slowly pulled the stocking over her feet as she pointed her toes. Her hands caressing her feet and legs as she put them on and I knew she was trying to get me excited and it worked big time!
She put the sandals back on, stood up and started to do a sexy little dance while touching her body.

- So babe, do I look like one of those sexy girls in your magazines?

- Oh mom! You are so much hotter! Your body is perfect, your long legs, your long black hair, you round firm ass…. . everything!

- Well, then lets see what you look like! You don't think I would go shopping and not bring you anything did you?

She grabbed a bag and handed me a pair of lace panties and a corset with garters.
- Well, put it on! She said and smiled at me. Take of your jeans and your sweater and show me what you look like in lingerie.

I tore of my clothes and there I was, completely naked in font of my own mother. I grabbed the panties and put them on and it felt amazing. The back was string but the front was all black lace and you could see my cock through the fabric. They had a cute bow on top and my mother told me to turn a little.

- Wow, what a great ass you have! Any woman would be jealous of you! She said. Now, put on these stockings I got for you and then I'll give you a surprise.

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As always I had my toenails painted and when I put on my black stockings the color showed through the thin nylon.

- I know you are my son but I can't help it, you have really sexy legs and feet, they are so feminine and beautiful.

She sat down on her knees in front of me and grabbed my left foot. She lifted it towards her then pressed her nose against it. She breathed deeply.

- Mmmmmm, I just love your feet baby.

She stuck out her tongue and licked the sole of my foot from the heal all the way up to my toes, up and down and her saliva moistened the nylon and my skin. She grabbed my foot with both hands and started sucking on my toes, one by one and then she put all of them inside her mouth and started moving her head up and down as if she was giving them a blow job.
My cock was throbbing and my panties could barely contain it as it got harder and harder. Mom grabbed my other foot as well and started licking both of them franticly, drowning them with her saliva. She glanced over at my hard cock.

- Oh my! It seems that those panties have something really interesting inside!

- Oh mom, I don't think I've ever been this horny. My dick has gotten so hard and big. I don't think I've ever seen it this big.

- Well take it out and let me see it! She said still holding my feet in front of her mouth.

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I pushed the panties aside and took out my pulsating cock.

- Oh wow! What an amazing cock you have darling! I want to watch you play with it while I lick your feet.

I grabbed my cock and started stroking it. My wet toes inside my mothers hungry mouth. I couldn't believe it! I was wearing sexy lingerie and masturbating while my mother was watching, and not only that, she was licking my feet. I grabbed my cock tighter and started to jerk of faster and faster looking my mother in the eye. She stopped licking, put my feet on the floor and separated my legs and moved in closer.

- Let me do that! She said and grabbed a firm hold of my penis.

Slowly, slowly she started jerking me off while staring in to my eyes.

- Let's make this last! She said and her strokes were slow and gentle.

For at least fifteen minutes we were looking in to each others eyes while she was caressing my hard cock and I had never felt so close to anyone before. I was about to cum and I think she could tell. She swiped her hair to one side and leaned in over my dick. The sensation when she closed her lips and kissed the tip off my penis was more than I could handle and I exploded. What felt like a gallon of warm, juicy sperm rocketed out all over my mothers face.

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   It splashed onto her hair, her eyes, her neck, her tits, everywhere.

- Mmmm, I guess you really needed that! I've never seen a load like that! Hahaha.

She wiped her face with her hand and then swallowed the cum from her palm.

- C'mon darling, let's take a shower and then I'll show you what else I got you.

After the shower mom gave me a few of the shopping bags.

- I bought you some cute clothes, some lingerie and of course your favorite - pantyhose, that you can wear around the house whenever your sister is not around. Get changed and I'll see you downstairs.

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