Missing u TextMsg43


Txt msg.
Hi hey how yu d baby
Im not here
I want u to come kiss my nipple
Baby i have some work to do
Sad im crying
Baby y yu crying you dont like my appreciation ?
Baby i love u thats y
Ohh i see baby play w.

Those for me
I need toooo
Just do them quickly
Oh no i messed up myself
Shit . ill be home later can u wait so i can clean u
Ok baby ill stay right here
Ok baby dry a little bit leave some for me to clean
Baby im sad u taking advantage
Baby yu take advantage bacc
Aww im sorry
Take me away on a boat ride when the sun dawns
Ahh baby can u feel the breeze
Yes i feel thr breeze
Oh shit baby lets have sex on the dec u over the railz while the sun is even past dawn
Baby why u finished so fast
Baby i just came so much im sensitive crying
Im sad baby hooooooooooooooooo
Dny wrry five mins ok
Uhg okkk . babe just hold me
Ahhhhhhhhhhh im sad i wanted to penatrate
Baby now u make me horney again
Ohhh im so ready now
Ahhh baby ohh yea oh yesss yessss
Ahh uhg oooo ooo jeezuusss
No no no no nono ono ononono
Oh baby oh bay oh yeaaaaa
Jeazus baby i feel the rhthm
Ah yea yea like this baby
Yess yess oh my whoa my bra fell in to the sea
Ohh oh oh damn fuckkk shittttt ohh.. Its right there right
Yess ohh baby?? U like how my titties look
Yess lemme get a nipple . mmmm
Hahaha HA ... HA. HAAA ! :D
Jeeze ur such a fool . ttyl i hVe to dream of u .
Ok darlinggg see u tonight .





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