Me and My Sweet Blonde Neigbour


This story is complete fiction, there is no truth behind it.

Little introduction, This story happened when I was a 18 year old single guy, with brown hair and green eyes. This is a story about how me and my 18 year old neighbour Amelia started experimenting, after her becoming inquisitive.

It was a sunny summers afternoon, and I had just got out of the bath. I was getting dried when the door bell rang. I debated whether to just leave it or wrap my towel around me and actually answer the door.

I could see a small figure standing at the door, and instantly knew it was Amelia.

Her and her two brothers were always playing football in the garden, and the ball was always coming over the garden. Her two brother Joe and Sam were very rude, and I had warned them if the ball comes over again that they weren't having it back.

Amelia was a very pretty girl, about 4ft 2” with long blonde hair and blue eyes. She was always very polite and liked to chat to me when I passed her in the street.

I threw my towel around me and answered the door. “Hi Tom, oh sorry was I disturbing you?” said Amelia with a shocked look on her face. “No don't be silly, everything okay?” “Yeah, it's just the ball has gone over the garden again, I know it annoys you and we are sorry”

Amelia stood there wearing a very short mini skirt and a revealing t-shirt. Even though she was only 18 she was well developed for her age. I replied with a cheeky smile.

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   “ Don't worry about, do you want to go and get it? As you can see I'm not well dressed to go out side” Amelia just nodded and looked very mischievous.

I opened the door a bit more and allowed Amelia to come through. I lead her to the back door and allowed her to go outside. She ran to the ball and bent down, I could see right up her skirt and she was wearing a very skimpy g-string. This sent my mind into overdrive, I could feel my cock growing, this was all I needed when I only had a thin towel covering me. She threw the ball back over the fence to her brothers.

She came back in and at this point my cock was semi-erect. When she came back in she didn't look at me and closed the door. When she turned around she stopped in her tracks and looked down at my crotch. I knew she had seen the outline of my cock, and was in ore. “Sorry for not having much on, I've only just come out of the shower”

Amelia was just in complete shock and started to giggle. “Hey missy what's so funny” “Well it looks like someone is pleased to see me” Amelia replied in a very seductive way.

“I'm so sorry, I can't believe this has happened, it's just when I saw you bending down out there I just happened”

Amelia started to bite her lips, “So I did that? Wow I didn't realise you liked me in that way” The more that she was mind fucking me that harder I was getting, and the more obvious my cock was.

“I think it might be best if you go back and play with you brothers now” Amelia's face immediately went from the erotic and playful way to complete disappointment. “Why the sad face?” I asked her.

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   “Well aren't you at least going to give me a peak of that monster” No sooner that I could think of a reply, Amelia was down on her knees and starting to open my towel, I completely froze it was like something had taken over me.

So there I was letting the hottest 18 year old peer at my cock. Finally Amelia had opened my towel, and staring directly at my 8” cock. “OH MY GOD! That is huge, I've never seen one that big before” “Thanks I guess, haha”

“You have made me so horny now, I can't just leave that cock standing to attention” Yes it was happening, I had thought about Amelia on some many occasions, but I never thought anything would actually happen.

By this point my moral compass had gone out the window “So what are you suggesting then gorgeous?”

She didn't even say anything, she just reached out and grabbed my cock and started jerking it off. I gasped in utter ore, and she started getting faster. “This isn't your first time doing this is it?” I managed to get out, in-between gasping. “Well not really, I've done a lot but I haven't let any guy go all the way with me. . . . . . yet”

If that wasn't an invitation I don't know what was, I was just glad that my parents were out for the rest of the day. “Wow is it just me or is it getting hot in here?” Amelia stopped tossing me off and started to undress herself.

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She pulled her top over her head and was just standing there in her lace bra, then as if she was doing it on purpose she undid the clasp on her bra, and started slowly pulling her bra off her shoulder. Then all of a sudden she released her bra from her hands and it just dropped off her arms, I knew she has big boobs but I didn't realise how big she actually was. She must has been about a D cup and only 14, any guy who goes out with her when she's 18-18 year old will be one hell of a lucky guy.

The day only got better, she flung off her mini-skirt with her feet and was left standing there with just her panties on. After seeing them earlier from the back, the front was even more amazing. They were black and red laced and the front was completely see-through and I could see that she was still bald. Pre-cum started to drip from my cock, and this must have tipped Amelia over the edge.

She yanked down her panties and was standing there butt naked, I had dreamt about this day and now it was happening. I knew what I was about to do was utterley wrong, but I couldn't have cared less.

Amelia licked two of her fingers and spread her pussy wide open, “Now it's time for you to please me, I know you want too. . . . . .

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  . . . . . . . . . . . . .

To be Continued if you want to. .

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  . . .

(Suggestions and Comments will be greatly appreciated, as this is my first attempt at a story)






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