Me and mom alone in bed oooo


Me and mom alone in bed oooo

This is a short story

I was 18 years old just hitting puberty, I was small build black hair blue eyes. My mother was young in her early thirties. She was hot brown hair body shaped like an hour glass with 34c breasts.

My father had just left for a week on a business trip. Every now and then he would go away for business. It was school holidays so I was going to be at home whole week. It was a cold Saturday night and it was just me and mom at home. We decided to watch movies and have pizza that night. Because it was cold we decided to watch the movie in my parent’s room in bed. I was wearing my boxer only because I would get hot under the blankets and my mother was wearing her nightie. it was a short nightie and just covered her undies. I never thought of her in a sexual way as I was still young and never thought much about girls.
We watched the movie and had pizza. It was cold so we were under the blankets. The movie ended and we were tired so mom said I could sleep next to her because dad wasn’t there and she didn’t want to sleep alone. I was so tired also I didn’t want to get up to go to my bed.

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   We cuddled up and started falling asleep. I woke up a bit later in the middle of the night and noticed that I was holding mom tight from behind because of the cold our bodies were tight together she was fast asleep. My penis was against here ass and I started to feel something, it started to get hard. I didn’t know what to do, as it was growing it rubbed against her back. I started moving and rubbing against her my arms were wrapped around her and I could feel her breast. They were nice and soft, I squeezed a little just to know what it feels like. I heard a soft moan coming from her, she was till fast asleep.

I started rubbing more against her back I was so horny. I just kept moving my hips up and down rubbing against her back. The movement lifted her nightie and I was rubbing against her bare back. My penis was so hard it started coming out of my shorts until it slipped all the way off from my movements. Now my penis was against her back and panties. I moved a little down and my dick went in between her legs. I continued to thrust back and forth against her panties and pussy. She started breathing heavier but was still fast asleep.

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   She starting moaning a little again. I could feel her panties getting wet. I kept thrusting slowly I didn’t want to wake her. I squeezed and played with her breasts a little still rubbing my dick against her pussy. When I couldn’t hold it anymore and suddenly started Cumming in between her legs, it felt so good. I was so tired I pulled my dick out and fell asleep immediately.

The next morning mom woke up first she suddenly felt that her panties were wet, she put her hand in between her legs and felt it there was cum all over, she was shocked and just laid there under the blankets. I woke up then, I realized what had happened the night and I was still naked under the blanket. I thought she was still asleep so I got up quietly and put on my boxers then went to my room. Eventually mom got up went to shower and called me down for breakfast. She didn’t say anything about the cum. We just acted normal for the rest of the day, I was so scared that she was going to say something.

The night came mom asked me if I wanted to watch another movie that night because there was no school and she said she enjoyed the movie the night before so much. I got into bed with her again with only my boxers. She said she was feeling cold so she same to hold me tight.

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   I remembered the night before and started getting horny my dick started to grow again. We continued to watch the movie, I didn’t know what movie it was mom chose it. It looked like an action movie it started off so cool. Then it got better all of a sudden there man and the women in the movie started to get intermit and it turned into a sex seen. I started getting red and blushing. My mom noticed and said ‘don’t worry this is normal, this is what a man and a women does when they in love’. My dick was so hard especially because she was holding me I could feel her boobs against me. Then she said ‘you are getting older and you will start to learn about these things. You are now going through puberty don’t worry it is normal, your body will go through some changes. ’ I was shocked about what she was talking about I didn’t know what to say. ‘Sometimes you will have urges and things will start to happen, some nights you will wake up and your bed will be wet, don’t worry its normal it’s not pee its semen. The same like what happened last night’ I was shocked I didn’t move didn’t know what to say. ‘when a man gets horny, his penis gets hard and when he gets really excited he starts to ejaculate, that’s what happened last night. ’. We continued to watch the movie.

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I watched as the man and the women were completely naked and started kissing. I could see his huge dick and it was growing mine wasn’t that big. Mom could see that I was looking at it she said ‘you are still young don’t worry it will grow bigger’. When suddenly her hand went under the blanket and against my leg she rubbed it. My dick got even harder, then her hand moved up over my shorts and I could feel her touching my dick she smiled. Then her hand went into my boxers and she held my hard dick. ‘See you getting hard already’ said mom. She started stroking it up and down. I couldn’t believe it. As we watched the man grabbed the women and put his penis inside her she was so hot I could see her huge boobs and her nipples. Mom could see that I was staring at the women’s boobs when she said ‘would you like to see them in real life?’ I got so excited. She slipped off her nightie and I could see her huge boobs. Her nipples were pointing out. She pulled down my pants and continued to stroke it and sked ‘would you like to play with them’ I didn’t wait I grabbed her boobs and started squeezing them. I saw the man on the movie licking the ladies nipples I also wanted to try it.

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   I started licking them and squeezing them, I licked around her nipples it was hard I sucked on them ‘oooohh’ she let out a moan. ‘Keep doing that my baby mommy likes it’ she kept stroking my dick up and down. Then she took my hand and put it on her panty ‘rub my pussy baby’. My hand touched her panty it was wet ‘you making mommy so wet rub it’ I started rubbing my mother’s wet pussy over her panty. I could feel the slit of her pussy. I kept rubbing it my finger started poking into her pussy hole. She couldn’t take it she pulled her panty one side ‘put your finger in me baby’. My finger slid into her hot wet pussy it felt so good she moaned ‘oh baby that’s it keep fingering me ooooooh’ I kept fingering as she kept stroking me. In and out while sucking on her nipples. She moaned even loader ‘that’s it baby that’s it oooooooh god’ I could feel something happen she started stroking faster and faster. I exploded my cum went all over her hand. I continued to finger her, her hips were moving she moaned louder ‘O OOOOOOH OOOOOOH AAAAH!!! OOOOH GOD YES’. My hand was so wet from her pussy juices. We laid down and she hugged me so tight and thanked me, we stayed like that for a while. She took off her soaking wet panty and we got under the blankets both naked.

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She held me for long our bodies were touching tight together. She turned around and we were spooning. Holding my arms around her. My hands were holding her boobs, squeezing them softly. My dick began to harden again. She felt it against her back ‘ooh baby you hard already’ she said. As she took my dick with her hand and put it between my legs ‘do what you did last night’ she said. I didn’t wait I started thrusting my dick between her legs rubbing it against her pussy. It still felt very wet. I kept thrusting she started thrusting back. Then she said ‘how would you like to see mommy’s pussy’ I answered immediately ‘yes please’ with a big smile on my face. She laid on her back and spread her legs showing me her pussy, I stared at it and asked ‘can I touch it’ she ‘yes let’s try something else, put your tongue on it and lick me baby’ I shoved my face in her pussy and licked it. It was still so wet I put my tongue in her pussy and licked it all over. She grabbed my hand and put it on her breast. I squeezed it and played with her nipples as I licked her pussy ‘ooooooh yeeeaah baby yes’ she moaned her pussy juices continues to flow, her whole body was jerking as I gave my mother an orgasm.

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   She asked ‘now how would you like to put your dick in my pussy like the guy in the movie did’ she turned me over onto my back, sat up over my and grabbed my dick then she guided it into her pussy. First slowly in, it felt so warm and wet. Then she started moving up and down moving a little fast every time. A grabbed her nipples and played with it twisting it a little ‘ooooh yes baby that’s it’ she said. She started going faster and faster. She twisted over and put me on top and said ‘your turn big boy’ I trustedmy dick into her pussy in and out fast and faster as she moaned ‘yes baby that’s it harder harder oooooh haaaarder’ I kept thrusting we both started breathing heavily. i could feel that I was going to cum again I told her ‘ it’s happening again I’m going to explode’ she pulled me off and said ‘wait I want your cum all over me’ she made me stand up and grabbed my dick and put it in her mouth all the way in and out she continued to suck me. I could feel it coming. She pulled back and said ‘cum on me baby come all over me’ I couldn’t hold it I exploded, my cum went all over her face and boobs she licked my dick and swallowed the rest of the cum. ‘mmmm that tastes good’ she said. She got up and went to clean herself off then got back into bed with me. Then she said ‘this will be our little secret, I’m so excited we have a whole week alone before your father gets back’, I smiled and said ‘I can’t wait for tomorrow.






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