Married with Children


Married With Children Ch. 1
by Kip Carson

*** The following is a parody, and is not associated in any way with the original television series or its characters. ***

Today was a normal day for Bud Bundy. He had snagged his Dad's latest issue of "BIGUNS" and was lying on his bed with the centerfold opened widely. He was stroking his thick cock. He imagined what it would be like to slide his cock between those big massive melons. As he stroked himself closer to orgasm, his bedroom door flung open. "Bud, what are you doing?" his mother, Peg asked. As she watched him stroke his hard cock she felt her pussy moisten with desire. "Bud, let mommy help you with that" she said. Peg tossed the magazine to the floor. She removed her tight sweater and bra. Peg wrapped her large breasts around her son's hard throbbing cock.

"Now, doesn't that feel better than your hand?" she asked. "Oh yes mother" Bud moaned. Peg's large white breasts felt so soft and smooth.

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   Bud's hot precum worked as a lotion, and he slid his cock between her beautiful tits. He looked at her erect pink nipples. Peg moaned as she watched her son's large, thick cock slide between her titties. She leaned her head down, and slid her hot wet tongue across the head of his pulsating cock. "Let mommy have a taste" she moaned. Bud softly moaned as his cock head slid into her hot mouth.

"Oh, mother that is incredible" Bud moaned. Peg hungrily sucked Bud's young cock deeper into her mouth. He was thrusting between her large breasts, and the entire head of his cock slammed into Peg's wet mouth. Bud began rubbing Peg between her legs. Her pussy felt hot, and wet thru the material of her stretch pants. "Mmm, yes" she moaned. Peg reached down and slid her pants downward. She tossed the stretch pants and her wet panties to the floor. Bud looked at the patch of red hair between his mother's legs.

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   He could smell her excitement. Her clit was large, wet and throbbing. Bud began to touch her hot clit with his finger.

Peg moaned and rubbed her pussy against her son's hand. Bud's finger easily slid into her hot pussy. "Oh, Bud, yes" she moaned. Bud was thrusting his cock with great speed between her breasts as he finger fucked his mother. "Oh GOD, yes" Peg yelled. She climaxed with great force. She thrust herself against his probing finger. Bud grunted and his cum erupted across his mother's chest. Peg looked down and watched as the white sticky fluid squirted from his beautiful cock head. "Yes, give it to Mommy" she moaned. Bud's cum sprayed across her pretty breasts. Peg's tongue hungrily lapped at the white droplets as they continued erupting from his young cock.

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   "You taste so good" Peg moaned.

She rubbed her breasts up and down his pulsating cock, milking the last drops of his hot cum from him. "Oh, mommy" he moaned. Bud's cock remained rock hard. Peg pushed him to his back. Bud looked up at his mother as she climbed on top of him. Her pussy felt so hot and wet as she began to slide her wet slit across his aching cock. Peg wiggled her hips slightly and Bud's cock head entered her tight wet pussy. "Oh, Yes" Peg moaned. She began pushing downward, taking all of Bud's 8 inches deep inside of her hot pussy. "Mmm, yes, fuck me Mommy" Bud moaned. Peg began gyrating her hips moving his hard thick cock around inside of her wet pussy. "Oh, Baby" Peg moaned. She was riding his hard cock like a woman possessed. Bud moaned as his mother slid her tight pussy up and down the length of his hard cock.

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   Peg pressed her erect pink nipples against her son's mouth. "Suck em for Mama" she moaned. Bud eagerly accepted the pink nipple into his mouth. He sucked passionately on each nipple. They became even harder. Peg grunted as her climax neared. Bud could feel her pussy as it tightened around his hard cock. "Mmm, Mommy's gonna cum" she yelled. As she came, she moaned loudly. Her pussy squeezed his cock like a vise. "Oh, yes, Mommy" Bud moaned. His cock erupted inside of her pussy. Peg grunted as she felt his hot cum squirt deeply inside of her. She felt the thick liquid as it splashed against the inner walls of her spasming pussy. Peg came again.

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   She pressed her mouth against Buds. Her tongue thrust into his mouth. They passionately kissed as his cock continued spraying cum into her.

Her mouth felt cold. Bud hungrily sucked his mother's tongue. Peg's body shook wildly as she came again. "OH, baby" she yelled. Bud's cock squirted it's remaining cum into her. Peg slid off of her son, and kissed him once more. "Now, isn't that better than your wet fist, and a copy of "BIGUNS?" she asked. "Oh, yes Mommy" he moaned. Peg stood beside her son's bed naked, cum was dripping from her hot pussy. As she bent down to pick up her clothes from the floor, she heard Kelly coming down the hall. Kelly peered into the room. She saw her naked mother standing beside Bud's bed.

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   Kelly looked at her brother on the bed. His hard 8 inch cock still standing proud. "You guys, what the hell's going on around here?" Kelly asked.

Peg felt her face turn red from embarrassment. "Uh, gee honey, Bud was. . . . . . "Aw, never mind, Kelly interrupted. She continued staring at her brother's hard cock. Kelly walked towards the bed. She bent forward and took her brother deep into her mouth. Bud watched as his cock disappeared between Kelly's beautiful lips.

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   Kelly was quite the cock sucker. She hungrily took every inch of Bud's hard 8 inches into her mouth. Bud could feel his cock head as it slid into her throat. Kelly's tongue worked around the shaft of his cock wonderfully. Peg watched as her daughter gave a blowjob that would make Linda Lovelace envious. Bud moaned loudly as Kelly's hot mouth worked his excited cock. "God Kelly" her mother exclaimed. Kelly looked up at Bud watching him as she sucked his cock. "Bud began thrusting his hips.

His cock slid deeper into her throat. Kelly moved her head up and down quicker as she sensed her brother's orgasm. Bud grunted, and his cock exploded inside of her mouth. Kelly hungrily swallowed her brother's cum, she made soft grunting noises as the hot cum squirted into her throat. "Oh God, mmm, " Bud moaned. Kelly continued to suck his cock.

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   She greedily milked the last drops from his aching cock. Bud pushed her away from his very sensitive cock. "No more, I can't take it" he moaned. Kelly looked at her mother standing there with a dazed look on her face. "Top that, mother" Kelly said to her. Peg just stood there, dumbfounded. "I don't think anyone could" Peg said. Bud's young cock was worn out. He had cum 3 times, and couldn't possibly take anymore. Peg looked at Kelly and said, "your brother's quite tired, why don't we let him rest, and maybe you can teach me how you do that, later" Bud smiled. "Ok, Mother, I'll teach you later" Kelly said. Peg picked up her clothing, and her and Kelly exited Bud's room.

Bud dozed off, totally satisfied. He couldn't believe how his luck had changed. His cock was sore, and he was tired, but he was happy.


  . . .