I've been patrolling the solar system now for 2yrs checking other planets for life, it can get pretty boring but it pays well and I only have 2weeks left, we do 6 weeks on and 6 weeks off. I've never discovered life in all the time I've been out here, god I'd love to if only just for the company I only have my boss check in every now and then so basically you're left to it.
Today was just like any other but something just didn't feel right I could see occasional flashes of light that only lite for a millie second, I had to be sure before I investigated, after watching for an hour eyes sore as tried not to blink much through fear of missing anything, I made the decision to land and check it out, I had butterflies in my stomach, not with nerves but pure excitement! could this be the day I report back with the find of the day!

I make my decent and to be honest looks pretty much like any other planet nothing unusual. I grab my equipment and leave my ship, I'd been searching for hours and came across the edge of a very large grater, I climbed up to the top and looked down, wow oh fucking wow!!! There were dozens of men dancing about a fire dressed in only skimpy loin cloths, very well endowed men from what I could see:) this is amazing I'll get a great bonus reporting this! I thought. As I edged forward trying to get a closer look, the edge crumbled and collapsed sending me crashing down the other side heading right in the center of all these barely dressed hunks:)

As I landed I must have blacked out momentarily I remember coming round in a sort of harem looking cave place draped in beautiful fabrics and flame lamps shadows dancing on the walls flickering shadows across the ceiling,
are you ok the man leaning over me says, um yeh yep I think so, who are you people how have you kept from being found by our patrols, we have only just settled here we had to wait until it had been checked and marked as "no life" reported before leaving our smaller planet which is slowly dying out, we are called Helmetons. Where are all the females I ask, they are on there way and will be arriving this evening he says, oh that's just bloody great I think :(

We will be preparing for there arrival, tonight is our "release" night, will you be our guest it's important that we release or we will begin to die, yes I say thinking it will be like an AA meeting or something everyone releasing fears, anxieties etc,
I'm taken where I'm told to have a long soak in a lovely bath that's actually a natural crater with a natural hot spring running through it, it felt so amazing! Id only had wipes in the ship for weeks, so this was a pure indulgence, Everywhere smelt so fresh! I smelt fresh! this made me feel so womanly and very very horny , was it just me? or was it this planet?

2 Helmetons came to escort me to the "boring" meeting telling me I have to wear this customary gown made especially for the releasing ceremony, it was very black and very sheer and didn't leave much to the imagination;) all the men were very pleased to see me, over the top pleased actually, chanting and laying petals in front of me as I walked towards what looked like some sort of elaborate examining table with 2 huge fire lamps either side almost throne like I guess, I was gently gripped by both arms a Helmeton on each and gently laid down, I could hear the other men chanting and thumping there feet and more fires being lite.

It wasn't scary at all it was like a good happy party vibe. As I lay there naked except the gown draping to my sides a Helmeton leaned over me and started kissing my neck oh boy those erogenous zones where certainly firing up:) I felt his hands all over my body god he was like an octopus, I slowly opened my eyes and realised that there were several men all around me hot hands caressing every inch of my body the sensations were awesome! the mind can't quite cope with nerve ending being touched all at the same time it's a rare feeling:)

My legs were being rubbed gently, my arms, my breasts;))) I could feel my nipples hard and erect, my clit enlarging, and pussy swelling even tho I hadn't even been touched there! I was wet too :) Release one Helmeton shouted I need to release then he came all over my breasts it was bright blue hot and soapy, then all the others cheered! Wtf! was that all about then I realised what I'd agreed to, they wanted to cum "release" on me!
Well. . . I wouldn't want their race to die out would I now :)
Then several others with cocks throbbing in hand and faces contauting blew their loads all over me, then another few did exactly the same, it was strange the blue cum that minutes ago was dripping from my body was evaporating into the air like led neon beads of light.

Thank you the leader said to me, now my men have cum there life source has been replenished, you're welcome I said thinking is that it :(
I was so wet but I knew mine wasn't going to bloody evaporate! I was horny and disappointed to say the least, I laid there for awhile feeling super frustrated and eventually found myself feeling very sleepy, it was quite you could only hear the crackle of the fires burning, all the men had gone off to rest,
Except 2 very tall Helmetons with the deepest voices I've ever heard, you have done us a great service we shall now reward you we have looked in to your mind and know exactly what you want, hearing this was like taking an upper I was all ears and wide awake wasn't gonna miss a thing:)

They carried me to a massive round bed and laid me down I'd never had so much attention! the first one laid beside me caressing my breast the 2nd one held up my leg and started kissing and licking it moving slowly up my calf then knee the further up he went the more turned on I was, the first one still fondling my breast then started tonguing around my areola flicking across my hard nipple, hand rubbing the outside of my thigh, I was getting even wetter by now:) then I felt a hot tongue licking up my inner thigh, warm breaths as he went, I felt warm lips kissing my neck by no. 1 his hands squeezing my other breast and pinching my nipple, the sensations were incredible I'd never had a 3some before!

No. 2 had now reached my well engorged clit and became rotating his tongue around the whole area then on my clit then my outer lips it was amazing whilst still having even now hotter breath by no. 1 on my neck and now my lips tongues intertwining like a snake dance everything feeling more intense, no. 2 had now entered me with his tongue it was hot and sensual he poked it in and out then sucking my clit Inbetween with light pressure then heavier pressure sucking so lightly just skimming the hood of my clit it's an incredible feeling barely touching;) being totally relaxed and open, no.


  1 now slides underneath me rubbing his throbbing cock against my arse slipping it between my cheeks whilst no. 2 still engrossed in my pussy moves in the same rhythm, wow this is what a 3some feels like:)

No. 1's hands pushing my breast together kissing the croak of neck with that hot breath doing me wonders!
No. 2 then lifts my arse so no. 1 can sandwich his throbbing cock between my cheeks and tease my arse into opening up for him, he slowly adds inch by inch until I can take every singe bit, no. 2 sucking on my clit faster and 1,2, no 3 fingers moving inside me god this feels soooo good, my arse is being slowly pounded by no. 1 and he's settling in nicely, still kissing my neck and exploring me with his hands, no. 2 now faster with his hands and lips my clit doing cartwheels I'm over loaded with feelings;))
No. 2 then decides he can't wait any longer and moves his body up along mine ( I'm now a Helmeton sandwich) kissing me so passionatelydeeply penetrating with his eyes,i go off in a dream state as sensual kissing does that to me:)

He grabs his very erect cock and rubs it against my pussy teasing me by not putting it in, but skimming past my clit and lips, no. 1 is really getting going now and for once I'm not in pain my arse seems to like it tonight:)
Gulp no. 2 has just thrust his cock deep inside me and going hell for leather I can feel both cocks pushing against each other, no. 1 pounding me hard his hands still all over me, uh fuck me I scream and feeling real naughty, fuck me! fuck me! ram it harder! I can feel the powerful creeping hands of pleasure working it's way up my body, clit on fire both going for it harder faster, my clit pulsating draining every bit of energy in me an explosion of blue everywhere and me contracting and dripping, proudly:)
They both cuddle up to me hands stroking me tenderly which I wasn't expecting:) and bringing my orgasm slowly to a blissful end:(

Kissing me gently oh blisss!
Im rudely interrupted by a gruff old voice shouting patroller 88 come in are you ok? I then realise I'm in my space ship well off course! Um yeh I'm more than ok I say with a big grin on my face:))).





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