Jennifer Lawrence Meets The Fanboys


This is a work of complete fiction. It just popped into my brain so I wrote it down and share it for free and make no money off of it. No one under legal age may read this, if you know what's good for you. No one over legal age should read this for the same reason. All characters used in this story are a parody of any real or fictional person. I don’t know Jennifer Lawrence or have anything to do with her. Comments are always welcome and appreciated and you should feel free to share.

This is a series of loosely connected stories (they all share one character) about actors promoting their projects at a Comic-Con. You don’t have to read any of the other stories to understand any one story. Please to enjoy.

Story Code: M+/F, M/FF, Hand-job, Light Bondage

Jennifer Lawrence Meets The Fanboys
By Muhabba

“No, Mel. No,” Jennifer Lawrence said as she crossed her arms over her chest. She’d worn a plain button up shirt and blue jeans over boots with her blonde hair un-styled and falling in waves around her beautiful face as she stood in front of Mel’s desk.

“I don’t understand the problem, Jennifer,” Mel pleaded with his client. “You’ve done this twice before already. ”He tried not to look at the way her arms squashed her barless 34-C cup tits together to cause an impressive valley of cleavage.

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  “And each time you wound up loving it. ”

“That’s not. . . that’s not the point,” Jennifer stammered as she tried to control her blushing.

Mel walked around his office desk and sat down in the overstuffed chair next to the one Jennifer had been sitting in. “Please. Sit down. Everything is going to be fine,” he said as he patted the arm of the chair meant for Jennifer. He looked up at her with pleading eyes as she stared daggers at him. “Actresses,” he thought to himself. “Every time. ”

Jennifer flung herself down into the chair, her large tits swaying underneath her shirt. “No, Mel. No,” she repeated.

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Mel patted her arm as he spoke soothingly to her, “You can’t tell me you didn’t enjoy the Cons. I know you did because I had to bring in towels and mops. ”He still had the towels as a matter of fact but they were for purely personal reasons.

Jennifer held her face in her hands, trying to hide her embarrassment. He wasn’t lying. Mel had spent hours talking her into her first Con and afterwards her muscles had ached pleasurably for days. And as far as the second Con. . . Well, he wasn’t exaggerating about needing towels and a mop, she had nearly passed out from dehydration. “Not the point, Mel,” she mumbled.

Mel rubbed her back, enjoying the feel of the area where he should have felt a bra but didn’t, reminding him that only one thing was covering her impressive chest. He had a pretty good idea what the problem was but he had to lead her to it and let her say it for herself. “So, tell me the problem. Let’s start with ‘X-Men’.

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“Ha,” Jennifer snorted. “I was rubbing blue scales and paint off myself for days!”

The thought of Jennifer naked in the shower, rubbing her luscious body over and over again with a sudsy sponge flashed through Mel’s brain.

“Plus it got in my mouth,” Jennifer continued. “I had a blue tongue for a week. I had to keep sucking purple suckers as an excuse. ”

Now the image of Jennifer wet, sudsy, and sucking on a lolly-pop flashed through Mel’s brain.

Mel sat up straighter, hoping to hide his roaring erection. “There won’t be any paint this time, I promise,” he reassured Jennifer as he soothingly rubbed her knee. “So what about the second Con?There wasn’t any paint for ‘Hunger Games’. ”

Jennifer arched her back, remembering how badly it had itched after that Con. “Sticks, grass, mud, scratches. . . The woods suck!” she exclaimed, throwing her arms up for effect.

Mel licked his lips as he watched Jennifer’s tits jiggle underneath her top while a sudden image of her naked, covered in mud as she walked through the dark woods flashed through his brain.

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  He could almost smell the grass stuck to her hot body.

“I can take care of that, also,” Mel reassured Jennifer as he soothingly rubbed one of her thick thighs. “But that’s not all, is it Jennifer?”

Jennifer once again glared daggers at her manager. Taking a deep breath that pushed her impressive chest out she threw herself back into her chair and slouched down, pouting. “It’s just. . . just. . . ” she stammered, not wanting to say the embarrassing words.

“Just. . . the loss of.

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  . . ” Mel said, trying to help her say the rest.

“I just lose control!” Jennifer finally blurted out.

An image of a controllable Jennifer Lawrence, completely nude, down on all fours, with a windup toy-key shaped butt plug shoved in her ass and a radio antenna sticking up out of her hair flashed through Mel’s brain. He shook the image out of his head, feeling slightly ashamed at himself for the thought of owning and controlling a toy Jennifer.

“It’s embarrassing,” Jennifer finished.

Mel soothingly rubbed the inside of Jennifer’s warm thigh. “There, there sweetie. It’s OK. ”

Jennifer held her face in her hands again. “No it’s not, Mel. It’s embarrassing. ”

“God, I hope she doesn’t notice my hard-on,” Mel thought to himself. He just couldn’t get over the image of a life sized, wind-up toy Jennifer Lawrence that would do anything he wanted out of his mind.

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  He tried to shake the image out of his head again before speaking, “Tell you what. No paint, no woods and we’ll give you a safe word to use when you start to feel like you’re about to lose control. How’s that sound?”

Jennifer sat up quickly, beaming at Mel and accidentality trapping his hand between her firm thighs. “Oh Mel. You’re great!” she said as she leaned over and hugged him, not noticing his hand was trapped against her warm groin.

“She’s not wearing underwear,” Mel thought as she tried to return Jennifer’s hug one-handed as he licked his lips. The toy Jennifer flashed through his mind again.


Two weeks later Jennifer Lawrence attended ComiCon to promote her upcoming movie, “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire”. After dying her hair brown like her characters she spent the day meeting with fans and attended the panel discussions before heading back to her hotel to get ready for her event. Mel met her in his limo after she had gotten dressed in her hotel room and she put on a long jacket before he introduced her to his dates for the evening, a young blonde girl dressed like Emma Frost and a red-headed girl dressed like Jean Grey from the X-Men. He was wearing red sunglasses with little X’s on the sides and Jennifer punched him playfully in the arm and giggled, “Oh, Mel. ”

They arrived at a small, indoor sporting arena and as they entered Jennifer leaned over and whispered to Mel, “They’re not going to be watching, are they?”

“No, no, Jennifer,” Mel answered. “They want to audition for a part in a movie. ”He turned around and smiled at the girls. “Isn’t that right, girls?”

The girls just giggled.

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The girls stayed in the lobby as Jennifer and Mel entered the dark arena. “Wow, Mel. This is great,” Jennifer said.

“I’m glad you approve,” Mel answered. “I really think I’ve outdone myself this year. ”He pointed to one end of the arena, “The opposing team will start over on that end, and your team from over there,” he said pointing to the opposite side. “Each team has 5 members and will be using LaserTag type guns. Anybody shot is considered ‘dead’ and has to leave the floor, except for you. You’ll be considered ‘captured’. ”

“That actually. . . That actually sounds like fun,” Jennifer said as she grinned. “So I could actually, y’know, win?”

Mel clapped his hands as he laughed, “Yep. Don’t get shot and be the last one standing.

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  It’a a free-for-all after all. Everybody will be wearing vests that blink when they get ‘shot’, except you, and everybody will have a Laser gun, except you,” he said as he twirled back to Jennifer.

Jennifer cocked and inquisitive eyebrow at Mel, “Why not me?”

“Follow me,” Mel said as he led her to her team’s side of the arena. “This is your home base,” he said as they reached Jennifer’s side of the floor. “No other team can enter another team’s base,” he continued.

Jennifer noticed a large, taped off section of the floor, indicating the outline of her home-base. In the middle of the home-base was a long, slim bow. “You’re kidding me,” she said as she grinned.

“Nope,” Mel chuckled. “You’re ‘Katniss Everdeen’ and Katniss Everdeen uses a bow, even if it has a laser sensor on it. Now let’s check out your outfit. ”

Jennifer pulled her brown hair back into a pony tail and then shrugged off her jacket, revealing her outfit to Mel’s greedy eyes.

Jennifer wore beaten combat boots over tight spandex that hugged her shapely legs and thick ass. The spandex came up to barely 2 inches above her groin and showcased her hour-glass figure. Her top was just a black sports bra that held her large tits tightly and created a deep valley of jiggling cleavage.

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  Her sensor hung even with her breasts and clipped to the front of her bra, tugging it down slightly and exposing even more cleavage. The only other thing she wore were black, fingerless gloves.

Mel was very glad he was wearing a overcoat to cover his now throbbing erection. “You look lovely,” he said as he smiled. “Now between here and the other side of the arena are several obstacles you can use for cover or ambush or whatever. You can even capture people and bring them back here to tie to these poles. ”

Jennifer looked around and could make out the outlines of everything through the dark arena. “Perfect. Let’s go,” she said as she bent over at the waist to pick up her bow, giving Mel a wonderful view of her heart-shaped rear-end. “Now about that safe word?” she asked after picking up her bow.

“Wrote it down right here,” Mel said, handing Jennifer a scrape of paper. “I wanted to make sure it wouldn’t be something somebody could say on accident. ”

“Obscurantic?” Jennifer mumbled. “How is that a word?”

“It means ‘to prevent enlightenment’,” Mel said as he walked to the arena’s control room. “Memorize it.

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“Memorize it?I can barely say it,” Jennifer mumbled to her self.

“And lights!” Jennifer heard Mel say enthusiastically over the intercom right before the lights in the arena rose some. It was still dark but she could see the obstacles more easily.

“Actors to the set!” Mel called out and Jennifer saw the Fanboys walk in from where she and Mel had entered. Five of them went to the farside of the arena and she was approached by the last four. “It is so weird meeting people for the first time and knowing their only intention is to find some way to fuck me,” she thought as her team gathered around her. They were everything someone could expect to meet at ComiCon: 2 of them were over-weight but not grossly so, 1 just looked average and the 4th one looked about 5 feet 2 inches tall with wiry red hair and coke bottle glasses. “Hi guys. I’m Jennifer,” she said, trying to act perky instead of weirded out. They all mumbled their names as they leered at her barely covered body.

“And action!” Mell yelled at the top of his lungs, his voice echoing from the speakers and echoing through the arena.

“OK, guys,” Jennifer said as she crouched low to the ground. “We need a plan of attack. ”

“We, ah. .


  . we, ah, already have one,” one of the overweight Fanboys said.

Jennifer stood back up, eager to hear their plan. “Great. OK, what is it?”

All four Fanboys raised their guns and pointed them at Jennifer’s impressive chest.

“Oh, you little shits,” Jennifer mumbled right before they all fired on her.

In less than 5 minutes they had Jennifer tied to one of the poles used for prisoners. They had her arms straight up above her head, pulling her large tits up high on her chest and causing them to almost spill out of her sports bra. Her legs were pulled around to either side of the pole leaving her shapely thighs spread open. It wasn’t a painful position with her weight spread between her arms and wide open feet, but it wasn’t all that comfortable either.

“All. . . all’s fair in. .

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  . in love and The. . . The Hunger Games, ma’am,” the small Fanboy stammered.

“I’m in control,” Jennifer thought to herself as she took a deep breath to steady her nerves, causing her chest to heave and her nipples to nearly poke out of her top. “I agreed that they get a feel and a grope and then I finish them off. Just stay in character and remember the safe word. The safe word means I finish them off and we go home. ”Jennifer released her breath and forced herself to relax. “Please, please no,” she said, trying to get into character. “I have to take care of my sister and mother. Please, no. ”

The average looking Fanboy reached up and caressed Jennifer’s cheek, “Perhaps we can make a deal, Katniss Everdeen,” he hissed, trying to sound menacing.

“Anything, please.

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  I’ll do anything,” Jennifer pleaded. It was a half-hearted plea but she wasn’t trying for a Oscar.

The Fanboy reached over and tentatively stroked one of Jennifer’s barely covered tits. “So be it,” he hissed.

“He needs a mustache to twirl,” Jennifer thought to herself as the Fanboy began pawing at her plump tit. His hand was joined by another Fanboy’s, one of the over weight ones, and both Lovingly stroked her chest. Soon hands from all the Fanboys began crawling over her shapely body; over her abdomen and stomach, over her waist and hips, up and down her spread legs, then over her quickly moistening pussy. Her nipples grew hard and she started panting as four pairs of hands kept working over her bound body and she felt herself becoming more and more turned on and her control already starting to slip. A small moan of pleasure escaped past her lips as her body responded. Mel was right, she really did enjoy this part. It was wonderful to be this adored, this worshiped. She licked her lips and tried not to smile, trying not to break character.

One of the Fanboys pinched one of Jennifer’s hard nipples, breaking her daze. “Oh God,” she panted. Getting back into character she tried to plead with her “captors”, “I.

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  . . I. . . I mean, Oh God, please let me help my sister. ”

One of the overweight Fanboys stepped in front of Jennifer. “First you must help me, Katniss Everdeen,” he said before licking and nuzzling her neck.

“Anything,” Jennifer pleaded. “Anything to help my sister. ”

The overweight Fanboy stepped closer, her body pressed flat to Jennifer’s as he plunged his tongue into her mouth and began to grind his crotch into her hot groin. He was shocked when she began to respond, kissing him back and rolling her hips up and to meet his cloth encased cock. He began to work himself harder against the beautiful actress, dry-humping her heated crotch as he started to slip his hands behind her and squeeze her round ass. His fingers sank into her soft cheeks and he used the new leverage to hump himself harder and faster against her sexy body.

“We shall all get a turn, ha, ha, ha,” the average looking Fanboy announced while stroking his chin and shoving the other Fanboy away from Jennifer’s hot body.

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“Please. Anything,” Jennifer pleaded. In the back of her mind she knew that she had nearly lost control of her body; her heaving tits ached to be touched, her nipples sizzled with need, and her burning cunt was soaking her panties and desperate to be filled. “I’ll do anything to. . . to. . . save. . . ”“I need to finish this,” she thought, “before I do something to embarrassing. ”

All four of her teammates surrounded Jennifer’s panting body and quickly, and more forcibly, filled their hands with her hot flesh again. Fingers danced across her skin, hands kneaded her taunt muscles causing the young starlet to moan in pleasure, her body burning with need.

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  The Fanboys had been told they could feel her up until the safe-word was spoken and they could push their luck until then. Every inch of sweat-slick skin was felt and caressed while the horny star moaned and groaned and tried to push her body into their greedy hands.

One of the Fanboys slid his hands up Jennifer’s taunt stomach, reaching up her torso, up to her heaving chest, under her small sports bra and to her large tits.

“Oh yes,” Jennifer groaned low in her throat as she pressed her firm tits into the Fanboy’s questing hands. “The word. What’s the word?” she thought, trying to remember Mel’s word before something happened. She be even more embarrassed with herself tomorrow if she got to turned on and fucked 4 strangers.

The Fanboy in front of Jennifer licked his lips in nervousness as he squeezed Jennifer’s large, silky tits and began rolling her hard nipples between his fingers. The other Fanboys’ hands slid off the hot actress’s body as they watched their teammate molest her impressive chest. All they could do was watch in stunned silence as the beautiful actress moaned in pleasure as she was felt up by the overweight Fanboy. They were told they could touch her over her clothes and push their luck and then she’d say the safe-word and it would be over. But since she seemed to be enjoying herself so much and hadn’t said the safe-word, why not press their luck and go for broke. After all, Jennifer Lawrence was know for having spectacular tits.

“Ob. .

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  . oblong?” Jennifer panted. “Abra. . . Abercrombie?”But it was no use, she was to horny to think straight. “I’m. . . I’m on. . . on fire,” she groaned as unwanted pleasure coursed through her body.

“Yes!Muwhahahaha,” the average looking Fanboy said as he shoved the overweight Fanboy away. “The Girl on Fire is ours,” he announced as he gripped the front of Jennifer’s sports bra and tugged down hard, ripping it from her body.

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Jennifer’s large tits fell free, wobbling on her chest before coming to a rest. Each firm tit was perfect, a conical tear drop shape topped with hard, brown nipples and covered with a glistening sheen of sweat. Her tits rose and fell with each of her panting breaths, swaying hypnotically as the swayed free, resisting gravity.

The Fanboys all licked their lips, burning the image of Katniss Everdeen’s large tits hanging firm and free in front of them, sweat rolling down the slope of her chest. Then suddenly, on some unsaid cue, they all leapt forward, their hands, lips and tongues dancing on Jennifer’s silky tits.

“Oh God Yes!” Jennifer screamed out in lust. Her pussy throbbed and ached with pleasure as she pressed her naked chest against the horny Fanboys. “Sooo good,” she moaned as she struggled against her bonds, desperate to be free and to hold her fans against her overheated body as they attacked her jiggling tits.

As the Fanboys attacked Jennifer’s heaving chest their hands spilled over her hot body, unknowingly loosening her bonds. Finally free the horny actress fell to her knees and began tugging on her fans’ pants. “Need you. Need all of you,” she gasped as she clawed at their pants.

“This is what happens to those who challenge the Capital City, Katniss Everdeen. Muwhahahaha!” the average looking Fanboy said as he freed his hard cock. He pressed his aching dick into Jennifer’s hot cleavage and wrapped her large breasts around his shaft as he began enthusiastically fucking her sweaty, hot tits.

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Jennifer cooed in pleasure as her arms were yanked up and she felt a hard dick fill each of her palms as her sizzling tits got fucked. She looked up and saw that it was the overweight Fanboys she was jerking-off and smiled lustfully up at them, happy to be getting some form of release. She felt someone pressing against her back and knew that it had to be the last Fanboy, the nerdy looking one. She felt a long, hard, warm shaft pressed between her thick ass-cheeks and groaned in lust as the smallest Fanboy began dry-humping her ass. “Yesss. . . ” she hissed. “So fucking good,” she said as she felt her orgasm begin to rise.

The average looking Fanboy squeezed and kneaded Jennifer’s meaty orbs as he fucked her tits. His tongue lolled out of his mouth as he humped his favorite star with all the enthusiasm of a horny puppy. The two overweight Fanboys ran their hands through the starlets silky hair and caressed her beautiful face with their fingers, gasping as she took their index fingers into her mouth and began sucking at them and lashing them with wet tongue. The skinny Fanboy behind her gripped her wide hips as he dry-humped her round ass and began licking her neck and spine.

Jennifer shuddered in pleasure, a ripple trailing down her body as the nerdy Fanboy titty-fucked her spandex encased ass-cheeks. Her sudden movement caused the skinny fan to lose his rhythm and as his skinny hips pulled back, his cock slid down, below her round ass and, as he thrust forward, his dick rubbed against the horny starlet’s tightly encased, wet, heated cunt.

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“Oh God Yes!” Jennifer shouted as she came. She felt her cum flow out of her and drenched her tights as every muscle in her body sizzled in pleasure.

Jennifer’s orgasm was like a trigger to the Fanboys, their cum shooting out and raining down on her, covering her beautiful face and tits with sperm as the Fanboy behind her managed to aim his cock up and shoot his load over her ass.

As her orgasm washed through her and subsided Jennifer’s mind cleared as little. “Ob. . . Obscurantic!” she shouted as Fanboy cum trailed down her body.

In the control room Mel was reclining in a chair with his pants around his ankles as Jean Grey’s mouth bobbed up and down on his cock and Emma Frost licked Jean’s asshole. As Jennifer’s worried voice shouted out over the intercom his head shot up and he looked at the monitor. There was Jennifer, on her knees, covered in Fanboy sperm. He shoved Jean and Emma away from his lap and muttered, “Dammit,” as he turned on the intercom. “And cut!Good job people,” he announced as he tugged up his pants. He turned to the girls who were now curled up in a 69 and lapping away at each others’ cunts, “Well, uh. .

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  . Good idea. You two keep on with that and I’ll be right back. ”

Mel entered the arena and as immediately greeted by the 5 angry members of Jennifer’s opposing team.

“Hey,” one of the team members said. “We got a bone to pick with you. ”

One of the last things Mel paid attention to on the monitors before getting distracted by the two actresses was Jennifer’s teammates turning on her. So of course the opposing team was upset, they hadn’t gotten a fair chance at meeting Jennifer.

“Gentlemen, gentlemen,” Mel said using his best salesman’s voice. “I understand why you’d be upset. ”

“Yeah?So what are you going to do about it?” the Fanboy asked.

Mel thought it over for a second, remembering his actresses in the monitoring room, and then asked the group of Fanboys, “Do you like the X-Men?”

From the other side of the arena Jennifer Lawrence looked at her cum splattered body and didn’t know if she wanted to yell or laugh as she listened to him dealing with the fans. “Oh Mel,” she chuckled, deciding it was better to own up to her embarrassment than getting angry just because she liked losing control and thinking that afterwards she needed to talk to Mel about a easier safe-word for her next movie.

The End. .







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