Jenna Fischer Meets The Fanboys



This is a work of complete fiction. It just popped into my brain so I wrote it down and share it for free and make no money off of it. No one under legal age may read this, if you know what's good for you. No one over legal age should read this for the same reason. All characters used in this story are a parody of any real or fictional person. I don’t know Jenna Fischer or have anything to do with her. Comments are always welcome and appreciated and you should feel free to share.

This is a series of loosely connected stories (they all share one character) about actors promoting their projects at a Comic-Con. You don’t have to read any of the other stories to understand any one story. Please to enjoy.

Story Codes: Exhib, M+/F

Jenna Fischer Meets The Fanboys
By Muhabba

"I can't believe it's come to this," Jenna said as she straightened her tight, white blouse. She checked her make-up in the reflection in the glass of a near by, un-exceptional painting before stepping through the office door and finding a supply closet. "What the hell?" she muttered.

After an hour of searching Jenna was running across the parking lot of the large hotel/convention center. "Mel!Mel!" she shouted as she easily caught up to the portly, panting, sweating man as he tried to out run her and failed miserably. "I just want to talk to you," She called out as he doubled over with his hands on his knees, his stack of papers and folders falling to the ground.

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"Why are you running?" Jenna asked as she helped gather up the huffing man's scattered papers.

Panting for his life, Mel looked up at the attractive woman who had ran him down. "You're. . . you're Jenna. . . Jenna Fischer," he huffed, sweat dripping off of his red, flushed face.

"Yeah. And you're Mel, the Comic Con promoter," Jenna said as she held his stack of papers out to him. "Why we're you running away from me?"

"Uh, um, ah. . . exercise?" Mel offered.

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"I certainly doubt that," Jenna said sternly. "We had an appointment scheduled over an hour ago," she told him sternly, "And why's your office a supply closet. "

Mel finally regained his breathe and stood up, taking in the red haired actress. "Well, cleanliness is next to Godliness, my dear," he said as he looked over her modest but tight blackest dress and tight, white blouse. Everything she was wearing perfectly accentuated her curves to frame her tight rear-end and modest sized breasts. Her red hair flowed round her and swayed with the wind, framing her cute face perfectly.

"Whatever," Jenna muttered, struggling to control her temper. She took a deep breathe trying to control her nervousness, her pert breasts. pushing against her highly starched blouse. She wanted to look professional and yet sexy but if she wound losing her cool it would ruin the whole effect. Counting to ten in her mind she tried for a more. calm tone of voice.

"Mr. , ah. .

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  . " Jenna started.

. "Just Mel," He replied, "No need to get personal. What was it you wanted to see me about Me. Fischer?"

Jenna tried for her mist professional voice to try and hide the embarrassment she felt. admitting her troubles to another person. "Well, to be honest, my career has been in a slump lately and I had hoped by attending one of your Meet & Greets that I've heard so much about that it might give me a bit of a. profile boost. "

"You, ah. . . you've heard about the Meet & Greets?" Mel stammered as he looked around worried. "From. .

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  . From who exac. . . exactly?"

"Just 'around'," Jenna assured him.

"Well, ah. . . It's more of a genre thing, really," Mel started to explain. "Fanboys and girls tend to follow their actors around from project to project more than, say, comedy or drama fans you understand. "

"I understand Mr. ah. . . Mel," Jenna replied.

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  "I'm just hoping to cultivate some of those fans. "

Mel thought it over for a moment. "Well, since you don't have any projects currently in the works, I think I've got an idea. "


After a week had gone by, Jenna found herself outside one of the conference rooms housed in the hotel that usually hosted Comic Con. While the. convention was still. some months away there was a constant debate between the fans, how much if the convention to dedicate to comics and how much to dedicate to other media. Mel had organized a round table discussion among some of the fans and she was supposed to be the secretary taking notes. She had wanted to get as far. away from the secretary role as possible but Mel had assured her it was the best place to start and a sleazy used car salesman of a human being or not, he did seem to be good at what he did.

Jenna. went over her outfit: a black. pair of pumps; sheer, black. stockings; a matching sheer black. G-string suck between her pert ass-cheeks; a tight, black, high waisted skirt.

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  that barely allowed her to move, a frilly, white. blouse. that was just barely transparent enough no to show her braless breasts but did reveal tantalizing glimpses of her rosy pink nipples, and her red hair tied up in a tight bun. "Every bit the sexy secretary," she thought with a smirk before confidently entering the conference room.

Jenna took in the nine Fanboys as she made her way to the round table, taking her time and putting an extra. swish in her strep. so that everybody. could get a good look at her body. She was still upset at herself. for putting herself into this situation but if she still. wanted a. career. she could. live with giving a few Fanboys some boners. Mel.

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  had assured her that this wasn't just some kind of prostitution, that nothing happened that the actresses didn't want but she still felt like a hooker as she reached the table.

The Fanboys' talking had quieted as she approached the table but most of them had kept up their debate, ignoring Jenna almost. completely. She had expected it somewhere, after all they were all about. science fiction and fantasy and they probably hadn't even heard of her which pissed her off a little. Not to mention hurt her feelings a little. It was petty, sure, she wasn't a supermodel or anything but she looked sex as hell right now and the least the nerds could do was notice.

"I can't believe I'm letting this get to me," Jenna thought as she rolled her eyes at her own behavior. And it wasn't even her behavior, after all she'd shown more skin than this in roles. and that was exactly what this was, a role that would hopefully lead to better roles. It wasn't like she was prostitution herself, just teasing some, hopefully after today, fans.

Set just off of the table was a beverage cart and Jenna came up with a plan to get the fan's attention. She filled up nine glasses of water, grab two. and shuffled over to the table. Bending at the waist so her pert ass was sticking out, She reached between two of the fans, making sure to rub her unencumbered breasts against their shoulders.

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  and placed the glasses down. They immediately noticed her and her provocative pose and finally shut up, all their attention on her finally. She slid her breasts across their shoulders again as she stood back up as if it was the mist natural thing in the world. and could feel their eyes crawling over her butt as she smirked to herself in pride at distracting them.

She slowly attracted. everybody's attention as she served them. drinks, smiling shyly to herself as she felt her nipples. harden at the friction of rubbing them against the fans. and having them poke out against her gauzy blouse. It was a. petty thing to feel. proud about but she really started enjoying the attention the fans were. giving her knowing that no matter what else, just for this time, she was the center of attention. On 'Re Office' she had been one of an ensemble and in 'Walk Hard' she had starred next to John C. Riely and he of course was the main star but right now she had the spotlight.

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Jenna looked around at all the young men staring unabashedly at her. "Well that should do it. You can get the meeting started and I'll take notes," she said as she returned to the cart and picked up a notebook and pen. It took a couple of minutes for every body to turn their attention to her and get back to the meeting as she pretended to take notes. She circled the table, swinging her hips to distract the Fanboys and then realized that after another ten minutes or so they were fully back into their arguments.

Not wanting to lose their attention all together, Jenna came up with a plan. Well, a simple idea, really bit it should be effective. After all, who didn't have this fantasy for a secretary. It was kind of demeaning, sure, but all was fair in lust and acting. Moving quickly before she changed her mind, she sat down on the lap of the nearest fan, startling him slightly and gaining a few extra eyes watching her.

"Sorry, my feet were killing me," she whispered into the fan's ear as she wiggled. around on his lap. a. little, "You don't mind do you?"When he didn't answered she settled in his lap and could feel him getting harder against her firm ass. It was nearly instantaneous, four layers of clothes between them but the instant she sat down, boom, erection.

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  She tried hard not to giggle at the eager fan as she continued pretending to take notes but it was so cute. She realized that it couldn't be comfortable but she didn't care really, she was just oddly glad to feel hum hard beneath her and slightly proud to gave been the one to cause it.

Jenna's nipples. were still. hard and felt her pussy throb as she enjoyed the feel on the erection she had caused but played it off as just a automatic response, something biological like hunger that just occurred whether she wanted it or not and tried to push it out of her mind. She noticed the next fan staring at her and winked before getting up and settling on his lap. He was already hard and his pants encased prick was pointing up toward his stomach so she had to sit facing away from him with his prick resting between her firm cheeks. She reclined back a little. and heard him gasp as she unconsciously rubbed up and down his length a little before realizing what she was doing and stopping herself. "Well this can get embarrassing rather fast," she thought as she got comfortable, "Better be careful. Just tease, no please. Just like prom. "

The fan's gasp had drawn a dew extra eyes and Jenna felt a shiver go up her spine at the looks of lust she was getting. It was kind of a new experience for her. She knew she was cute, had gotten more than a few lewd looks from men but these Fanboys were staring at her like she was dinner and it was sending strange sensations throbbing through her stomach.


  And in other, lower parts of her body.

The fan slid his hands over her hips and Jenna gave him a playful little shake of her ass before moving to the next fan. She doubted she'd ever admit to anybody else how much she was having right now but she figured. she could at least admit it to herself as she sat on the next fan's lap. She felt powerful as she. sat in his erection making him groan in lust. As far as she and the fan were concerned, that hard prick pushing against her ass was hers. She owned it. She had put it there and it belonged to her. She squirmed her tight ass along the fan's lap, rubbing her lump in his pants. Her hard-on was rest along the inside of the rabbit's thigh and she slid her tightly wrapped. rear-end down and back up it's length, causing the fan to shiver and moan.

Playfully chewing. her bottom lip, Jenna braced her hands on the table as she rubbed against her hard cock more firmly as she grinned wildly. The fan's hands held her hips firmly as.

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  she worked. herself up and down on her hard-on, her pussy throbbing as her skirt and blouse seemed to get tighter and tighter. Her red hair began coming undone and waving around her head as she rubbed herself. harder and faster. against her lump until. she heard the Fanboy grunt underneath of her, cumming and filling his. pants. with his warm seed.

With a sexy smirk and a odd sense of pride, Jenna moved to the next fan who graciously moved his chair out from the table to give her more room. She braced her hands on the table again as she made herself. comfortable on his lap. and as he. gripped. her hips. and moaned.

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  she finally noticed the rest of the Fanboys watching her from around the table. The room was. completely silent. Nobody breathed. They just stared at her in winder and awe. And lust. Nobody moved, they just watched her as she stared back at them. Finally with a. goldfish grin, she began grinding against the fan's pants encased cock.

Jenna made little. panting noises as. she gave the fan a lap dance and continued staring at the Fanboys around the table, daring them not to pay attention to her with her eyes. There was no pretense left, she was enjoying what she was doing to the fan's. Her fans. They were her fans as she ground her tight ass.

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  against her fan's rigid prick, giving him an experience that he'd never forget, that none of them would ever forget. And then with a grunt he came and she could feel his pants become wet as he flooded them with cum.

As. she reclined. back onto the fan's chest, Jenna reached behind her to hold him against her back, enjoying the sensation of him. wet. and still hard in his pants. A shiver of embarrassment slide through her as she wiggled against him a little. But is was a small shiver and the feel if him throbbing against her quickly killed. it. This was between her and them and nothing would happen. unless she. want it to and she knew that Heywood do anything she wanted. They were her's. Them and the erections she gave them.

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Jenna stood up slowly, letting the Fanboys enjoy the sight of her as she sat on the next lap. The fact that everybody knew. what she was doing but couldn't see her doing it beneath the table turned. her on, exciting her and spurring her on to be more daring.

As she made. herself. more. comfortable on the new fan's lap. she sat. sideways to him, sitting almost on his knees, leaving her plenty. of room to reach. between them. The excitement coursing through her was new, she had never been this bold before bit something in the air had possessed her to be more daring, to act out. in ways that she had never even fantasized about before. As she began fastening the Fanboy"s pants beneath the table she realized that.

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  before. today she. never would have ever thought of. owning a room full of hard dick.

When Jenna reached into the fan's pants and released his hard cock she realized that she felt like she was high, a euphoric high unlike anything she had felt before As she began slowly tugging on the Fanboy's dick. Everybody surrounding her was staring in lust at what they knew she was doing but couldn't see below the table and it was. all because of her. As she jerked off the Fanboy beneath the table, in full view of everybody but without them being able to see she realized that this was the sexiest she had ever felt. Her nipples felt like they were electric with desire and her hot, gooey pussy ached with lust as her fan came, covering her hand and her skirt with his sticky, white load.

Jenna smeared the white cum across her lap, fascinated by it as it soaked into her tight, black skirt. She chewed her bottom. lip playfully before jumping off of her Fanboy's lap. and exclaiming, "Oh no!I've gotten my clothes all sticky, whatever shall I do?"She stared leachously around the table at all the lustful stares, the silence echoing and her pulse huddling in her ears. Suddenly a knock came at the door but not a single fan paid attention to it,all they cared about was her.

Giggling Jenna said, "Lunch is here gentlemen," before.

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  sauntering towards the door. On her way she removed her blouse and let it fall the the floor, her graceful back perfectly bare without a bra. With her. top on the floor she released the clasps of her skirt and let it fall to the floor next to reveal her matching black stockings, garter and thong showcasing her ass for her new found fans as she reached the door. Opening the door wide, not caring who was on the other side, wanting the whole world to look at her the way her Fanboys were, she nonchalantly grabbed the cart and wheeled it in, giggling at the look of surprise on Mel's face.

"Should'a set up a camera," Mel mumbled to himself. "Just goes to show you never can tell. "

Wheeling the cart to the table, Jenna's firm breasts juggled and she knew without a doubt what her fans would like to put in their mouths other than the sandwiches. She repeated with the sandwiches what she had done with the water, served them like nothing strange was going on as everyone stared at her while she rubbed her heated body against them. She could swear she felt a trickle of wetness sliding down the inside of her thighs as she finished placing the sandwich. and stood up straighter, letting everyone marvel. at her near naked body. She twirled around to push the sandwich. cart next to the water cart before twirling around again and thinking, "They look like lust carved statues. "She giggled at her choice of words, apparently lust had turned her into a.

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Sitting on the next fan's lap. she grabbed her ink pen. and held it high for a moment before dropping it to the floor. "Oops, dropped my pen," she said in a breathless, husky. voice before sliding out of the Fanboy's lap between his legs. With deft hands she quickly released his prick and looked. around under the table and just as she thought all of her new found fans were bent down trying to look. at her. With a coy smile she licked up one side of her fan's cock and down the other. She twirled her warm, wet tongue around his ball. until his sack gleamed. before slowly licking up the big vein until she reached the top. and swirled her tongue around the soft tip, making him groan in desire that sent a sharp. shiver of pleasure through her body.

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The fan sitting next. to them had his dick out jerking in it as. he watched. her so Jenna reached over and gave him a hand. as she sucked in the first few inches of the first fan's prick. She switched over to the second Fanboy, licking along his length as she jerked the. first one off until the second fan's prick and balls shine with her saliva. Switching again She hungrily blew the first fan as she fondled the balls of the second until she switched again. She took careful pains to keep the attention spread equally. among both fans, going back and forth. with her hands and mouth until both dicks were practically vibrating with desire, the simple desire for her to let them cum.

Jenna had never felt such control or power over another human being before and her tiny panties. were practically dripping wet with the pleasure she got from it. She held both pricks in her mouth as she swirled her tongue around their sensitive tips until the came at the same time, flooding her mouth with their cum. She groaned in lust as she swallowed their seed, living the way their workload slid down her throat and filled her quivering stomach.

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  She released her fans still hard cocks and hooked. her thumbs into the elastic if her panties and pulled them down as. she stood. up, baring her pale, pert ass to the whole room.

Slide around the two fans, she reached down and grabbed the bulge in the pants. of the next fan. As she squeezes his cloth encased prick and looked him dead in the eyes. "Who does this belong to?" she asked, daring him not to answer.

"Y. . . you. . . .

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   It's, ah. . . it's yours?Ma'am," the Fanboy stammered.

"Good answer," Jenna said with a. confidence she had never felt before. She undid his pants. and yanked them halfway down his thighs, her pretty prick sitting in his lap pointing straight up at her, almost like it knew who it's master was. She straddled. the. fan's lap. and gripped the. base of her cock, keeping it steady as she lowered herself down slowly, her hot, horny pussy slowly enveloping the thick shaft. Her slick juices coated. her fan's balls and soaked into the chair as she took in the last inch of hard cock and sat still for a moment, relishing the way it felt inside of her, filling her, making her shudder in pleasure.



Jenna began rolling her hips. and raising herself up. and down on her prick. slowly, simply. enjoying the feel of it. as. it. stretched her tightly. The. fan's hands began to. wander over her heated, sweat slick body and she allowed it as she began going faster, harder on her stiff cock. She pulled the Fanboy's head to her chest and let him suck excitedly at her tits, her nipples. hard as. stones as. his tongue lashed the erect nubs and his lips sucked hungrily.

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  His hands squeezed her pert ass. as. she rode him faster, already feeling her self rising up to. an orgasm. "I am pure sex," she gasped. out to herself. as she wrapped her legs. around the fan and the chair and rubbed her hard, little clit against the fan's groin.

Throwing her head back, Jenna came, her red hair cascading down her gracefully back as her cunt squeezes down on her cock, triggering it to cut with with and fill her with it's thick, creamy load. She. moaned in pleasure along with her fan, their voices echoing through the room as the chair squealed, threatening to buckle underneath them as they both came down from their orgasmic highs.

Jenna looked down at her new fan and giggled. at the look of awe on his face before remembering that she was in a room full of strangers who had just watched her screw another complete stranger. She looked. around.

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  slowly as everybody stared at her and she. became even more turned on then she had been before. She stood up slowly, the mixture of her and the Fanboy's cum dripping on the floor as she reclined. on the table, arching her back. and thrusting out her chest. "Enough teasing. Who wants to fuck me," she announced, laughing as. the Fanboys flew out of their chairs and formed a. line between her spread legs.

The first fan held the throbbing tip of his prickly the entrance to Jenna's wet cunt at stared at her expectantly. It took her a moment to figure out what he was waiting for before she grinned and said, "You may fuck me now. "She groaned in pleasure as the Fanboy's cock slowly stretched and parted her cunt, her hot juices sliding down her ass-cheeks to puddle on the table. He held her pale thighs open wide to stare in wonder. as. his.

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  cock slowly entered. her tight cunt, meeting above her as he slowly filled. her until he was balls. deep inside of her flushed body. He held himself still for a. moment to enjoy the feel of. her wrapped. around him as she squirmed underneath him, her hands wandering to her chest to play. with her tits and you with her hard nipples.

As the Fanboy slowly started fucking her, Jenna looked. around at all the rest, the hard cocks in their hands as the stared. at. her in lust and wonder. The sight of. a crowd.

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  of. horny fans staring at her as she. was fucked turned her on like nothing before and she suddenly came, squealing in pleasure. as. her slick juices gushed from her cunt. Her sudden orgasm trigger the Fanboy inside of her and he came as well, filling her tightly clenching cunt with his thick, hot load.

As the fan emptied. his. load and slowly pulled it, Jenna looked. around at every body fisting their cocks, staring at her,"Don't just stand there," She ordered. as. she slide one hand down from her chest to the gooey juncture of her spread thighs, "You're going to waste it. "In a flash, the her horny fans claimed up on the table, kneeling reverently. as they. pointed.

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  their throbbing cocks at her sweat slick body. A load of cum splashed onto. one of her thighs and triggered the rest until cum was raining down on her pale, quivering body, covering her from. hair to toe. She came again, her juiciest splashing onto the table as she enjoyed the feel if so much cum covering her body and she yelled out. in pleasure and triumph.

As the rain of fun slowly subsided and the fans fell. back exhausted, Jenna looked. over her cum stained body and giggled. She. now had her new. fan's and they would follow what ever project she did from now on, just like good Fanboys should.

The End. .





Read Jenna Fischer Meets The Fanboys to enjoy enticing twists from our creative writers

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