I made mom and sisters my website whores!Part 9


Mom went to take a shower and my friends arrived. Well guys, I have been banging mom since I last talked to you. I said she had cum all over her so she went to take a shower and the guys high fived me. The plan is to keep banging her as much as we can after she gets out of the shower. I don’t know what she will say when see you guys, but I really don’t care, my plan is to make her our cock loving whore. OK with you guys? They said, “HELL YES”, “We both have always wanted to fuck that whore”. I showed them my laptop and mom’s videos in pink panties and when I started fucking her. Rick said, wow, your mom is hot whore. Rick and George were also football players in high school and they both packed huge 12” cocks about, but thicker than mine so they destroyed a few pussies in high school.

We saw mom on the mini-cam come out of the shower naked and Rick said look at those tits. I can’t wait to suck on those. Mom put on a pair of tiny black panties and a white skirt with a black top, no bra and black heels. I said, “hey Rick don’t she look hot”? Rick answered, “sure does, I am fucking that pussy all night”. I said she has a hot pussy and real tight ass, she never had it fucked, until I fucked a little while ago. I said I will go in to her bedroom and start getting her real hot. After I get her going, I will hold thumbs up with my right hand than you guys can come in.

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  If she doesn’t want to fuck we will fuck the shit out of her anyway.

I went in mom’s bedroom and she was sitting on the bed. I sat beside her and started French kissing her. I took her top off and her tits were in full view and I started sucking on them. She started moaning and we both fell back on the bed facing each other French kissing. I went for her skirt and raised it to her waist and started fingering her pussy. Mom was laying on her back and I took off her panties and started eating her pussy and also darting my tongue up her pussy. Mom was going wild. She closed her eyes and moved her head from side to side and kept moaning. Mom said, I am so hot!

I quickly gave Rick and George the thumbs up. They came in very quiet and naked. They had was a bottle of lube and was lubricating their huge cocks. Mom still had her eyes closed and was moving her head from side to side. I kept eating her pussy as I was moving to one side and Rick was getting ready to quickly take my place. I moved back and Rick was now darting his tongue in mom’s pussy.

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   He started driving her crazy. He quickly grabbed mom by the hips and raised her legs and spread them and Rick quickly entered mom and started fucking her. Mom was surprised it was not me, and Rick immediately started sinking all his cock 12 inch in mom’s pussy. Rick’s cock wider than a beer can. Mom never got a chance to say anything she just started yelling out loud, “OH SHIT”, “OH SHIT”, you’re too big for me. Mom was screaming loud AAAAHHH, AAAAHHH, AAAHHH! Rick didn’t care he kept sinking his huge monster in mom’s pussy until he reached bottom. He was finally in mom’s pussy all the way to his balls and he started pumping her pussy hard, THUD, THUD, THUD, THUD. Rick said, your mom does have a tight pussy. I replied, yes I know, I fucked her. He kept pouring lube on his huge wide cock as he was fucking mom. Mom was starting to get into it and she started to buck her hips with every downward thrust. He stopped thrusting downward and mom was pushing her hips wanting to put more of his cock in her pussy. He took mom and turned her around doggy-style and he quickly entered her pussy and started fucking her pussy with fury. Mom was really getting into the wild fuck. She started yelling, “FUCK ME”,“FUCK ME” and Rick sure was fucking her.

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George said, Hey Rick, let her ride you and I will fuck her ass. Rick said a DP? Let’s do it. Rick sat mom on his huge cock and mom was wildly riding his monster. He fell back on the bed and George went for mom’s ass. George asked mom, you ever done this? She was so hot, she could hard answer “no”. They started to rock her hard. They got her in rhythm. Rick and George ramming her ass and pussy at the same time and were making her go crazy. They fucked her so powerful, I think she passed out for a minute.

Mom was moaning really loud and I told her, I hope she liked to fuck like this, because she was going to do a lot of fucking for me. Mom, I am going to make you whore for my friends and me to use and fuck how we wanted. Mom said, please no, and suddenly both guys started coming in her ass and pussy at the same time and mom was going crazy. Rick told mom lick my cock and balls clean. Mom just looked at the huge cock and started licking it and Rick said, see already you’re learning to be a good whore. Rick told mom, I want you to go to my apartment at 11:00 AM on Mondays.

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   I will be calling my buddies on Mondays so we can take turns fucking you fucking all day. My friends and I will be using all your holes quite often, so plan on a lot fucking. Mom looked at me and I said you heard him, you are going to be his Monday whore!

There was a knock on the door and our group of guys came in, It was about 20 guys. I told them you know why you’re here so go for it. The process of making mom a whore had just started. From Friday evening to Wednesday night about 11:00 PM we took turns fucking mom every which we could. Through the whole weekends some guys left and other guys came and we just fucked her, fucked her and fucked her. We stopped only to eat and sleep a little and take showers, then we would go back to fucking her.
When we got done with her, anyone would say give me a blowjob and she would start the blowjob right away without asking. She could take huge cocks down her throat and up her ass easily, her pussy was always on fire. We didn’t have ask her to fuck, she asked us to fuck her. She wanted hard cock up her pussy and ass all the time.

I started adding the video, making a mom a total whore video on my website and I started getting lots of hits and lots of hits meant lots of money. I was starting to have a huge following.

Through my buddies I sent word to their young brothers in mom’s class room to meet me at the announcement booth at the high school stadium on Sunday.

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   It was on the 3rd floor of the stadium. All my buddy’s brothers were graduating and were already 18, it was 8 young men. I told them I was going to give them a graduation present. I had just finished fucking mom for the last 2 hours and she was still hot. I had her dress in a short white skirt, heels, tiny sheer white panties, sexy top, and no bra.

We went to the stadium, and went to the empty announcement office. It was all very simple, but she did not know yet that 8 of her graduating students were going to fuck her. When we walked in the office she saw all her students and said what is going on. I told her you are their graduation present and they will be fucking you. She said, “NO” and I grabbed her, picked her up and laid on couch that was in the announcement office and raised her skirt and she was squirming around and I told the group to hold her down and I pulled her panties off. I unbutton her top and her breast were in full view. Come guys start sucking her tits and start fucking her. It didn’t take long, all the guys were around her fingering her pussy and sucking her tits and after a while she started moaning, she was getting ready to take plenty of young cock.

I told the group what are you waiting for, you always wanted to fuck her, start taking turns fucking her. One tall black kid dropped his pants and out jumped a huge cock.

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   The kid picked up mom and she wrapped her legs around his hips and he inserted his huge cock all the way and he started picking her up and dropping her on his huge cock hard. Mom started screaming, “HARDER”, “HARDER”, “FASTER”, she was lost in her total fuck. The kid suddenly began coming a river of cum deep in mom’s pussy and he sat her down on the couch. The next guy grabbed mom and lifted her legs and bent them over and he started drilling her pussy. Mom started yelling and screaming and one of the guys started drilling her mouth and kept her quiet. I was taking pictures and making videos of the whole gangbang.

She is whore, she will let any guy fuck her. As she was being fucked, I asked mom, isn’t that right whore? Mom answered, shakily “yes” and I said, “see”. You guys can make your whore teacher. I told the guys you only have 30 days left in school and if you keep your mouths shut you can fuck every day until you leave. All I want is for you all to take videos and pictures and they are exclusively mine.

After that day mom was fucked after school by her graduating students, sometimes all of them sometimes one, but she was fucked every day, at the end of the day after classes were done for the day, students went to her classroom and closed the window blinds and locked the door. The young men took turns fucking her on the teacher’s desk. Mom loved to fuck and she was my total whore! On the guys last day, they all fucked her on graduation day and left several mini-cams hidden in her classroom and I got a lot of video. I started making lots of money off my whore mom’s videos.

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At home I started sleeping in Mom’s California king bed with Mom and Jordan and took turns fucking them. My friends came over and fucked them both quite often. On Mondays as Rick told mom, went to his apartment and he and his friends that he invited over took turns fucking her all day, sometimes Jordan and Gena went with her. Mom, Jordan and Gena really loved lots of hard huge cock.

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