I made mom and sisters my website whores!Part 8


I made mom and sisters my website whores!Part 8

It was Friday evening and mom got home. We said hello and she said she was tired and was going to take a shower and relax. I went to my laptop and saw her go in her room and she took off her skirt and she revealed very tiny black sexy panties. She started removing her top and she had no bra, she had beautiful tits. She finally took her panties off and she had a beautiful body and very shapely ass. I thought to myself, how I would love to drill that ass.

She showered and dressed up in pink sheer bra and panties, put on a short denim skirt and blue top. Unknowingly to mom, I had put several small hidden mini-cams videoing upwards so I could get underskirt shots when she or Jordan came down the stairs.

Mom came downstairs and got some wine and sat down. Her legs were so long and beautiful, I just wanted to grab her and take to the basement and fuck the shit out of her. Mom had polished off a bottle of wine and was feeling no pain and fell asleep on the couch. While she was sleeping, I raised her skirt and opened her top and took pictures and video of her. I blurred her face and quickly put the pictures on my site, with a caption, “who would like to fuck this slut, make her your whore tonight”. Immediately I got hits and inquiries how they could contact her. I answered, “hold tight, soon she will be available for fucking”. I buttoned her up and opened another bottle of wine and served another glass and left it by her side on the table.

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Mom woke up and started drinking the glass of wine I put beside her. She was quite tipsy to the point of a little drunk. She drank two more glasses and was going upstairs, but could hardly walk, so picked her up and put her over my right shoulder and carried her. She passed out because she finally was quite drunk. She did not feel my left hand raise her skirt all the way to her waist revealing her skimpy panties. As I was carrying her I held her skirt in place with my right hand and quickly started fingering her pussy with my left hand. Mom moaned and she was quickly getting very wet.

We got to her room and I laid her in bed, with her skirt raised to her waist and all between me and her pussy were her panties. I started taking her panties off until they were on the floor. There was my mother with the beautiful pussy I always wanted to fuck. I don’t what was going to happen, but no matter what I was going to tear up my mom’s pussy tonight. I started fingering her pussy very slowly until she started to slowly move against my finger and began to moan. At the same time, I texted Rick and George, my old high school buddies and sent them a picture of what I was doing, without telling them who it was. They responded, “I sure would like to fuck that whore”. I said she is not a whore yet, but let’s make her one, just like Jordan and Gena.

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   They asked, “Who is that gorgeous slut”? I said the school teacher both of you wanted to fuck in high school. What! Your mom? Well, are you ready to make mom our whore just like Jordan and Gena? They both said, they will be at my house in 45 minutes, they lived further away.

I had started fingering mom a little faster and mom was enjoying, now she was real wet. She was so wet I knew I would have no problem sinking my whole 12” easily. I said fuck it, I took my clothes off and I had a raging hard cock. I leaned down and started to slowly dart my tongue in her pussy. Mom started to respond, she was starting to buck her pussy against my tongue, and moaned oooooh, oooooh, aaaaaaah, aaaaaaah! I mercilessly started eating her pussy and mom started bucking her hips hard up at my mouth. I started to dart my tongue in her pussy real fast and mom was going bananas, swinging her head from side to side, I was getting ready to start drilling that pussy. The time had come, I did not want to make any hasty movements and screw myself up. I finally had my cock close to mom’s pussy and placed my cock on her vagina.

Mom suddenly woke up, said out loud, “NO”, WE CAN’T DO THIS”, I did not care, I quickly inserted my huge cockhead in her pussy and mom again said “NO”, “NO”, we can’t. She was screaming “WE CAN’T”, but her pussy was quickly betraying her. As she was saying no, her hips started to buck upwards and mom started to get real wet and started to cream all over my cock. I took advantage of her extremely wet pussy and went for the kill.

With one quick thrust I drilled all my 12-inch cock in my mother’s pussy, until I hit bottom.

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  Finally, the greatest sexual conquest ever, my mother’s hot pussy was mine! It was an incredible feeling, her pussy felt very hot, silky and wet. Our eyes met and I told her, I have been wanting to fuck you for a long time and now I’m going fuck the shit out of you! I started slowly thrusting in and out of her pussy, leaving my cockhead in, I thrust downward all the way, until I was hitting bottom and my balls laid on her ass. Mom started to lightly moan, oooaah, oooaah, she was still being reluctant, but, her pussy was quickly betraying her. She slowly started to buck her hips so her pussy could meet my cock’s slow downward thrusts. I looked again directly into her eyes, she said, I don’t believe this is happening, it shouldn’t be happening, I’m your mother. I replied, oh it’s happening, I always wondered how it would feel to fuck your pussy. You have great pussy and I’m going to fucking it a lot.

Mom kept saying, it’s so big, so huge, so good. I started pumping mom’s pussy slowly and when I went in she bucked hips so her pussy would meet my thrust. About 5 minutes later I started picking up speed, faster, faster, faster and now harder and harder. Mom was crying out, oooaah, oooaah. I was now drilling her pussy real hard. I was drilling her pussy so hard she couldn’t buck upwards anymore because I was making her ass sink in the bed with every downward thrust, all that could be heard was my balls hitting her ass, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, my dream had come true, I was finally fucking the shit out my mother. I finally was making my mom, my whore!

I turned mom’s hips sideways and lifted her left leg giving better access to her pussy. I wanted to finish tearing up her hot silky pussy.

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   I was fucking mom, real hard. My huge cock was going all the way in to where you could hear our bodies slapped when they collided, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP. Mom had the greatest pussy, it was as good as I always thought it would be and better. I had my mother screaming her head off, AAAAAAAAAAH, AAAAAAAAAAH, AAAAAAAAAAH, AAAAAAAAAAH, she suddenly started creaming all over my cock. I yelled out, SEE HOW MUCH YOU LIKE IT, YOU CAME ALL OVER MY COCK. I GOING TO COME DEEP YOUR HOT PUSSY. I finally did one huge thrust and held my cock all the way deep in mom’s pussy and I started blasting a river cum. After I came, I kept pumping her pussy and mom kept moaning and moaning. As I was pumping, cum started flowing out of her pussy.

She again said we shouldn’t be doing this, I didn’t listen and said, “I am going to fuck your mouth” and I started working my cock slowly into her mouth. She would gag at times and I would pull back and went in again. I started to drill her mouth while inserting more of my cock each time I went in, she again gagged and I told her that is O. K. , soon I will have you taking lots of cock down your throat.

I picked her up and sat her on the edge of the bed.

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   I held her head stationary and I started fucking her mouth. Mom started to breath real heavy, she was getting real hot. Mom started to jack me off with two hands and started to suck my cock real hard, mom sure knows how to suck cock. What I wanted to do is fuck her mouth so I told her just relax your throat so I can fuck your mouth. I started to drive as much cock as she could take down her throat. I did this several times, until I got half of cock down her throat and held it until she started gagging and choking and I withdrew. I went deep again as much as she could take until she started gagging again and I withdrew, each time I would go deeper and deeper. When I was pretty much 8 inches or better down her throat, I started ramming her mouth repeatedly hard. I kept fucking her mouth, driving my cock down her throat as deep as I could. I About 18 minutes later, I grabbed her head and rammed my cock down her throat as deep as I could get it and started dumping cum deep down her throat. Mom couldn’t take all my huge amounts of cum that it started coming out of the corners of her mouth.

I was still real hard, it could be because I was finally fucking the shit out of my mother. This definitely is a lewd fuck. She told me she had to go the bathroom. I watched her as she walked to the bathroom, she had cum rolling down her legs.

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   I stared at her beautiful heart shaped ass that I was going to drill next. I have always wanted to gap my mother ass and I was going to do it. While she was in the bathroom, I lubed my cock well.

Mom came back and said, I won’t pretend I didn’t like it, because I did, but this is wrong and we should stop. I said, “I DON’T CARE IF IT’S WRONG, I’M GOING TO KEEP FUCKING YOU, YOU’RE MY WHORE”! “LET ME SHOW YOU WHORE”, I picked her up and sat her ass on the edge of the bed and flipped her legs over. I wanted to full access to her ass. I placed my huge cockhead on her asshole and she said “No, not there”, you’re too big, it will hurt”. I have never had anyone there! I thought, a virgin ass, even better. I said, I DON’T CARE IF IT HURTS, I’ FUCKING YOUR ASS WHORE, I sank my cockhead in her ass. Mom started squirming under me, it hurts, it hurts. I said, I am sure it does and here goes more and sank in few more inches. I started pumping her asshole until she was comfortably taking 8 inches in her ass. I took another stab at mom’s ass and I sank in 2 more inches and she cried out again, but I could tell it was getting easier for her to take it. I started pumping her ass and she said “NO”, “NO”, as started roughly ramming her ass, In a loud voice I said, “COME ON SLUT, TAKE IT, TAKE IT”, “TAKE IT ALL THE WAY UP YOUR ASS, WHORE”, I had all my 12-inch cock in her ass. I told her, soon you will be taking lots of cock up your fine ass.

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   I held my cock in her ass for about 5 minutes and slowly grinded on her ass while she squirmed under me. I started to pump slowly for about 5 minutes and then started to go faster and harder. As I started ramming mom’s ass real hard and she started make a low moan every time I drilled down in her ass. I withdrew and placed her doggy-style and quickly drilled her ass again. I started to really hit her ass hard, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP. You have a sweet ass, you’re, going to be doing lots of ass fucking. For the next twenty minutes I kept ramming her ass, I would withdraw my cock to see how big a had gapped her ass. About thirty minutes of fucking her ass, I stopped thrusting my cock and she started to thrust her ass against my cock, she was so hot, I could see cum dripping from pussy. Mom started screaming, FUCK ME, FUCK ME, FUCK MY ASS HARD, I really had her going.

I withdrew and laid by mom and I started French kissing her and she was responding well. I told her I am making you my slut, she asked, what do you mean by that? I am going to be sharing you with all my friends, I am going to make you my whore. She said, even you fucked me, I am still your mother, I have a say so. I looked at her and said, let me show you the only “say so” you’re going to have, I rolled over on top of her and started drilling her pussy again and she started moaning, I picked up the pace and began pounding her pussy real hard, and told her, your “say so” is just fuck when or whom I tell you to fuck. I lifted her left leg high and started pounding her pussy real hard. I was almost withdrawing all my 12-inch cock and slamming down in her pussy over and over and very hard.

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   Mom started screaming, “OH FUCK”, “OH FUCK”, “FUCK ME”, “FUCK ME”, “KEEP FUCKING ME”. Then I started alternating fucking her in the ass also. I was driving mom bananas ramming both her ass and pussy. I finally drove my cock all the way in her ass and started dumping cum deep in her ass. As I was dumping cum, mom started moaning, squirming and grinding her ass under me. I looked at her in the eyes as she squirmed and told her, oh yeah, you’re going to be getting plenty of cock, you’re going to be a good whore me.

Continued……. .





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