I made mom and sisters my website whores!Part 10


Brianna was my next target and she would be home tomorrow from college. My plan was to just bring all the guys over and just quickly just fuck the shit out of her quickly and start being the perfect whore. I was going to make Brianna a bigger whore than mom and Jordan. I wanted to make videos of her as street walking whore.

It was Monday morning 11:00 AM, Mom and Jordan were at Rick’s apartment fucking. Brianna was supposed to be home at 11:30, I called George to bring the guys over about 1:00 PM so we could start her whore training. We were going to fuck her for days until she loves lots of cock and then put her on the street as a street whore.

Brianna walked in and said hello and went to her bedroom. I started monitoring her on my laptop. She took off her clothes and she had a beautiful tight body. I already had it planned, I was going to go to her room and start fucking her. She went into the shower and later came out. She dried herself and still naked fixed her hair and put on makeup. She went over to the dresser and picked out a pair of white panties and put them on. This was my “Q”.

I went into her room and she said, “what are you doing here”? I grabbed her and put her right tit in my mouth and started sucking on it hard.

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   She said “No”, “you are my brother”! I said, I don’t care, I am fucking you and picked her up and threw her on the bed and tore off her panties and started darting my tongue in her pussy, in and out real hard. She said, “NO”, “NO”, we can’t! I said, “we can and we are”! I lifted her legs over and really started eating her pussy real hard and she started squirming and bucking her pussy against my mouth. Brianna closed her eyes and started moving her head from side to side, saying, “we can’t, we can’t”.
I started kissing the inside of her thighs, her stomach, and up to her breasts, while fingering her pussy real hard with three fingers. Brianna was now bucking against my fingers and moaning loud. I asked her, “You like that, don’t you”? She responded quietly in a low moan, “yes”. I went back to eating her pussy real hard and she was real wet, she was ready for fucking!

I dropped my pants and I freed my raging hard cock. This was going to happen and I was not going to waste any time. I quickly sank my huge cock head in Brianna’s pussy and she moaned loud, and with that moan, I sank all my 12 inch cock all the way to my balls. Brianna said, “it’s so big” and started moving her hips upward as I started pumping her pussy. I kept fucking her and 5 minutes later I was slamming her pussy real hard, “THUD”, THUD”, “THUD” and had Brianna screaming. I asked her you like this cock? She said, “I love your huge cock”, “fuck me anytime you want, keep fucking me”. I turned her over doggy-style and held her head down and her ass all the way up in the air. I started pumping her pussy violently and she was screaming, “FUCK ME”, “FUCK ME”, “FUCK THE SHIT OUT ME”! I told Brianna, “I am making you my whore”! She said, “I don’t care, “make me your whore, just keep fucking me”!

I grabbed a bottle of lube I had brought with me and lubed her ass and my cock as I was fucking her pussy. I told her I was going to fuck her in the ass and she said she never had her ass fucked.

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   I told her, “well I am taking your virgin ass”. I started drilling her ass a little bit at a time and she said it was painful, but I told her in few minutes you will be begging for more cock. I started lubing her ass and my cock more as I was pumping her ass. For the next 20 minutes I worked on getting my whole cock up her ass, 30 minutes later I started to slam her ass hard, she started moan sexual sounds, “so big”, “so good”. Brianna started to say “deeper”, “harder” “faster” and started also to pump her ass backwards on my cock, she was really getting into ass fucking. I told her I was going to come and I took my cock out her ass and drilled her pussy and I let out a river of cum and she started coming all over my cock and balls.

I turned her over and put my cock up her mouth and told her to lick me clean. I could tell she was not virgin because she knew licked me clean perfectly and started to give me a blow job and got my cock hard again. When I got hard, grabbed her head and started fucking Brianna’s mouth real hard. I kept driving my cock down Brianna’s throat after 18 minutes, I started coming down Brianna’s throat and she had come rolling down the side of her mouth. Brianna licked me clean again and started to get me hard again and after I got hard and turned her around doggy-style again and started fucking her ass. She was screaming when George and the guys came in. I quietly signaled to George to take my place and he did. George started pumping the hell out of Brianna, he had her screaming and screaming and finally he started coming her ass and the cum starting dripping down her legs. Mike took George’s place and started fucking Brianna and she turned to see me and realized another guy was fucking her, but she was so hot she could stop fucking.

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After 20 minutes Mike also came in her ass and more cum dripped down her legs. Sam took his turn and flipped around and raised her and went for her pussy and he was driving his huge cock in her, Sam kept asking Brianna, “You like this cock whore”? Brianna responded, “yes”, “yes”. Sam turned to me and said, “I love this pussy, I am going to start banging this pussy a lot”, I am going share this pussy with all my friends. Sam turned towards Brianna again and said, “you like that bitch don’t you”? Brianna said, “Yes, keep fucking me” and Sam hit Brianna’s pussy hard, “THUD”, “THUD”, “THUD” Brianna yelled out “HARDER”, “HARDER” and Sam sure hit it harder and harder. About 20 minutes later Sam started coming deep in her pussy and finally withdrew and he yelled, “NEXT”!All the group of guys that was there started passing Brianna around until all twenty had repeatedly fucked her. It was now 8:00 PM, Rick, Mom and Jordan got home. All the guys started fucking Jordan and Mom right along with Brianna. During the week different guys came and went and they all passed Mom, Brianna and Jordan around. Mom, Brianna, Jordan occasionally took breaks, but the guys mostly kept them with their legs spread, they were getting plenty of cock.

I added Brianna’s videos to my website and asked who wants to fuck this whore? She is available for fucking anytime you want, I must be there to video, I am the only one that will take photos or videos. I said Brianna is going to be in the alley by 1st and 15th streets in tiny black leather shorts and short black top, she will be standing by a navy sedan.

We showed up and soon guys started to arrive I told them, the fuck is free. Fuck her anyway you want to, in this ass, her pussy, fuck her mouth, all I want is to take pics and vids. Some guys leaned Brianna over the car and literally fucked the shit out of her, some guys took her in the car and she rode them wildly. She fucked and fucked for hours until 2:00 AM and before we left, I took my turn and fucked her up her ass.

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   Brianna was now turning out to be an easy, easy slut, she sucks off guys in parking lots and movies houses, she loves being a whore for groups of guys.







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